Okay this is pokemon ranger and if you ever played that game if your a girl the boy is Lunick and if your a boy the girl is Solana well here goes

It was a beautiful day at Ringtown and Ranger Base leader Spenser called the two greatest rangers so far Solana and Lunick. There mission is stop the Go Rock Squad from capturing the two eon pokemon Latios and Latias.

"Okay Lunick and Solana ever since that Rayquaza was almost captured by the Go Rock Squad it seems they are after Latios and Latias the eon pokemon and they are hard to find just as they are to capture they flee the instant they see humans" Spenser explained to the rangers.

"So where are they sighted" Solana asked.

"I believe they are in Lyra forest by the huge tree" Spenser said.

"Well Solana looks like we have a mission to do together" Lunick said. *Maybe I will tell her how I feel about her* he thought.

"Mi minun mi minun" Minun whispered to Plusle. Translation: Lunick's been waiting for mission with Solana and he's in love with her you know.

"Plus plusle plus plusle plus plusle plusle plus" Plusle whispered to Minun. Tanslation: Yeah Minun I know that and Solana feels the same and besides she always gave Lunick that I'm going to miss you look when ever he leaves. Then the two do their styler pose you know the catch and the twirl pose.

After they headed to Lyra Forest. Lunick held Solana's hand in case she might get held hostage by one of the grunts. Solana waws blushing a dark red. "Mi mi" Minun said. Translation: What did I tell you Plusle.

"Plus plus" Plusle replied. Translation: Solana seems to be liking it though.

A pokemon cry was heard in the distance. "Latios" it sounded like. Translation: Help!!

Then another "Latias" it sounded only different then the first. Translation: Let us go you bad people.

"Solana let's go I hear them screaming" Lunick said to Solana which he did notice was blushing. *I'll tell her after* Lunick thought. They raced towards the scene with Plusle and Mimun right behind. "Mi minun minun" Minun said happily. Translation: This is always my favorite part of the missions!

"Plus plusle plus plus plusle plusle plus plus" Plusle replied. Translation: Yeah I know the bad guys telling the good guys the plans the good guys saying no you can't do that to the poor pokemon then bam capture time I hope they use our Discharge assist because mine's at the top.

"These two are noisy" a grunt said.

"Duh stupid most pokemon wouldn't come along quietly when confronting us so let's get this over with before rangers come" another one said.

"Not so fast Go Rock Squad" a voice said.

"Plus plus" a plusle said. Then Solana,Lunick,Plusle, and Minun appeared.

"You two I thought you wouldn't find us after what you did to Gordor at Fiore Temple" the second grunt said.


"Well since I have Entei,Suicune, and Raikou what are you going to do now rangers" an old man asked. His name was Gordor and he use to be the boss of the Go Rock Squad and father of the Go Rock Quads.

"You may have them Gordor but you won't keep them" Lunick yelled.

"Minun minun" Minun said. Translation: Yeah you're going down along with your machine!

"As rangers we keep pokemon safe especialy from bad people like you" Solana yelled.

"Plusle plusle" Plusle said. Translation: Yeah pokemon are our friends!

Gordor sent Raikou out first. Lunick captured it and let it go. Then Suicune was up next. Solana used Plusle's discharge assist, captured it, and set it free. After Gordor explained how strong Entei was since the for challenges were cleared and it was set free but Plusle and Minun were jumping on the machine and broke it. Entei turned wild again but fortunately Lunick captured it and after that was cleared Solana hugged him. So Lunick then kissed her on her cheek.

End of Flashback...

"So what sre you two a couple now" the first one sneered. Solana and Lunick blushed and didn't look at each other but then turned back at them. "Let's do this" Solana said pulling out her styler.

"Right behind you and you two will help right" Lunick asked.

"Plus" Plusle said running to Solana's side. Translation: You bet!

"Minun" Minun said and hopped to Lunick's side. Translation: I'm up for the challenge

The grunts send out their pokemon. The first one was Meganuim,Typlosion, and Feraligatr they were sent at Lunick. The second one was Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise they were sent at Solana.

"Capture On" they both yell at the same time and throw out their capture discs. Plusle and Minun both did their Discharge and that helped a lot. Soon the two rangers captured the pokemon and set them free.

"Well you won't stand a chance against Latios and Latias" the two grunts yelled and ran off soon to be caught by the rangers of Ringtown's Ranger Base. Latios and Latias looked mad but fortunately Solana captured to Pikachu earlier and used them to charge the rangers' stylers and now they are ready.

"I'll go for Latios you go for Latias" Lunick whispered.

"Okay" Solana said.

"Capture On" They both yell and throw their discs. After a little help from Plusle and Minun the two were caught and set free. "Latios" Latios said happily. Translation: Thank you rangers.

"Latias" Latias said in agreement. Translation: You two are really strong.

Soon they flew off after playing with Plusle and Minun. They also promised they'll be back someday. Lunick pulled Solana closer to him. "Solana there's been something I've been wanting to tell you" he whispered.

"What was it Lunick" Solana asked.

"I love you so much" he whispered.

"You mean more than a friend" Solana asked.

"Yes and do you love me back" Lunick asked. Solana nodded her head yes.

"Yes I love you too so can we do more traveling together" Solana asked.

"I'm sure we can if we ask the ranger leaders first" Lunick said with a laugh. The two headed back to Ringtown acting as friends but now they both know how they feel about one another. Besides Plusle and Minun can be a duo now yay!

Okay so it may be a bit bad but I'm a sixth grader so what do you think of it