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Thread: Pokemon (Fire) Red & (Leaf) Green remake?

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    Default Pokemon (Fire) Red & (Leaf) Green remake?


    I am new to the forum so excuse me for asking a question that has most likely been asked many times before.

    I was wondering whether there is any news on a remake of Pokemon (Fire) Red & (Leaf) Green?

    Don't get me wrong another remake of a remake would no doubt offend some people as Nintendo and GameFreak milk the cash cow further. But with the graphical enhancements and the 'new' 3-D style graphical interface it would be amazing to see the classic game in a style that so many people have always wanted to see.

    Being one of those fans who started when they where a child and continued through with the francise. A dream for me even as a kid was to play the original game in the style that the current games are in now.

    We can't exactly quibble about new games either because there have been so many great games. I obviously want the francise to continue to evolve with new games but a remake would be great. It's crazy that the remake was 11 years ago.

    If there isn't any news I would still love to hear your opinion on the potential of a remake.

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    As far as I know there is nothing planned for a Kanto remake, but we'll see in the future, we never know.
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    No remake discussion, please.

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