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Thread: The Official FR/LG Recent Happenings Thread - Fresh Edition

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    I'm doing a ''1st Evo'' run, my team for the first round of the E4 was:
    -Nidoran (M)
    -Clefairy <-this guys DESTROYED Lance
    -Moltres <-Ik, it's kind of cheating but I choose the bird with the worst typing compatibility with the E4

    After I gained acess to the 7th Island I rushed there to get a Larvitar, and so my team was complete. Now I finally caught Mewtwo and Raikou, as well as the other birds, and started grinding for the second round of the E4 which...... is not going well, I've been practically going up against Lorelei and defeating 4 of her pokemons before being defeated and my highest level at the moment is Moltres at 63 while the lowest are both Nidoran and Larvitar at 60. I'm starting to think it would be better to grind on Mewtwo's cave sincerely....

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    I took the Seagallop ferry to Five Island after chatting with Lorelei at her house at Four Island. I arrived there quickly and I visited the nearby Pokemon Center and I swapped Pokemon on the PC inside. I decided to visit the Five Isle Meadow afterwards, so I walked around the tall grass and I battled wild Pokemon and caught a Sentret. I found the Rocket Warehouse hidden in the tress in the southern area of the island, but I couldn't access it without passwords. I headed out to the little islands at Memorial Pillar and I slayed trainers. I visited the shrine and then I headed back to Five Island. I Surfed north to Resort Gorgeous and I battled some trainers there as well. I decided to save before going to the Lost Cave.

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