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    Default Rain(AdvanceShipping friendship)

    The wonderful, and weird, characters of Pokemon is not mine, or anyone else's, but Nintendo. This story will not be set on the Pokemon universe, and is based on a true story.
    Like my previous story, this will be rated G.


    At the exact time of dismissal of a private high school, a storm starts to pour. This received an echo of groans from all the students lining up to get through the school gate.

    "Aw, man, not now!" shouted one student. "I've got to head back as fast as I can to home!"

    Dozens of students started pushing against each other toward the gate. The guard, however, easily blocked their way. "Sorry, kids, but you'll have to wait. I already called the jeepneys from the Stop nearby, so it won't be much long."

    This news doesn't fit well for the student body. Today's Friday, and the only obstacle between their weekend of freedom is the stupid rain.

    However, the first of five jeepneys arrived in outside the gate at that very moment. The jeepney driver jumped out of his seat, and helped the guard in heralding the students single file into his vehicle.

    "This will be taking too long," a raven-haired high school senior near the back of the line said. "It's better if I walk home."

    "In this weather, Ash?" his companion, a fellow senior, asked. "Are you crazy?"

    "My new dorm is not very far from here, remember, Richie? I can stand a little rain. Once the line is clear, I'll just walk on home."

    Richie rolled his eyes. If Brock or Misty could be here right now, he thought. They can talk some sense into him...

    Unknown to the two, someone behind them unintentionally heard their conversation. She is a high school freshman, approximately four years junior to Ash and Richie. She is of short stature, has sky blue eyes and brown hair.

    The line moved, and so did Ash. He snuck through the throng of students, but the commotion that ensued easily caught the attention of the guard. He grabbed Ash by the scruff of his neck.

    "Ever the troublemaker, eh, Ash? Back to the end of the line and wait your turn, or I'll have to report you!"

    Mumbling under his breath, Ash returned to beside Richie. "Why did you do just that?" Richie asked.

    "None of your business," Ash hissed.

    The line continued moving, and the jeepneys filled up with most of the students. When the guard turned his attention to Ash and Richie, who are, by now, up front, he said, "Well, now that's better, waiting your turn, than ruining everyone else's, doesn't it?"

    Ash ignored him, and followed Richie in walking straight through the school gate. Richie walked up the ramp to the seat of the jeep, but that's where Ash stopped.

    "I'll see you later," he said to Richie, tipping his hat in his friend's direction.

    "Hey!" the guard exclaimed from within. "Where are you going?!"

    "Home. And you can't boss me around when I'm off school grounds, sir!" Ash ran across the wet sidewalk, and into the storm.

    True, Ash's new dorm, found on a small college village, is just a few yards from the school. In between is a dense wood, with road asphalt in the middle. However, anyone would be crazy to walk the distance between the two locations in that weather. Yet, why does Ash feel that someone else is following in his footsteps, literally?

    A good twenty feet from his starting point, Ash whirled around to find his quarry. However, the rainwater stung his eyes, making eyesight very weak. He could see the outline of someone with an umbrella a few feet behind.

    "Hey! Who are you?" Ash shouted, just as thunder sounded overhead.

    The figure didn't answer. When Ash got a clear vision, he found the one to be the freshman behind him earlier.

    "And I thought I was the crazy one," Ash muttered. Out loud, he said, "What are you doing walking in this weather?"

    "I was about to ask you the same thing. Especially since you don't have any protective gear for the rain." Finally catching up, the girl's umbrella now has Ash underneath it.

    "You were behind me earlier, weren't you? Then you heard me: I live close by. I won't let a little rain stop me."

    "But still-"

    Ash didn't listen, and instead walked away again, but the girl followed, trying to get him back under her umbrella. After a few minutes:

    "Why are you following me?"

    "I'm not. It's just that I live close by, too..." Ash's speed slackened so the girl caught up with him again. "If you stay in the rain like this, you're going to get sick..."

    "Who are you, my mother? I'll be fine." Conveniently, this was followed by a sneeze.

    Even if Ash was annoyed, he didn't mind being under the umbrella for a while. Ash rubbed his eyes to get the water off from them. When his normal vision returned, he found that the girl kept looking straight forward, as if trying to avoid his eyes.

    Soon, they reached the archway that acted like a gateway to the village. Coincidentally, the rain at this point has also toned down abit.

    After walking a few more streets, the two reach a fork. The downpour is a mere shower now.

    "I'll be turning right here," the girl suddenly said. "What about you?"

    "Still a bit ways ahead," was Ash's answer.

    A moment's hesitation, then... "Here. Take my umbrella. My house is not far from this point now, and you need it more than I do."

    Baffled, Ash reluctantly took the umbrella from the girl. "Thanks, I think," he said in a low whisper. "I'll return it-"

    "On school Monday," the girl suggested.

    Ash thought for a moment. "I have a better idea. I'll take you to your home, then borrow the umbrella on my own way home."

    "Well, uh-" The girl hesitated for a moment, before finally saying, "Yes. That would be, um, great..."

    Ash doesn't know why, yet he is, walking a complete stranger to her home. That part of the village is host for families well over middle class, with houses being easily compared to mansions.

    The two teenagers stopped in front of a wrought-iron gate. Beyond that, is the house with the largest lot in the neighborhood. Ash was in awe at the estate. "You live here?" he asked.

    "Yes." The girl pressed an intercom device at the side of the gate, and it immediately swung open. "Well, this is goodbye. And-" She looked up at the sky. It was not raining anymore, but it's still full of storm clouds. "It might still rain, so you can keep my umbrella. Thank you," she added, a little bit timidly.

    "Yeah, and, erm, thanks for the umbrella." Ash turned in his heel, but he stopped for a second. "By the way, I didn't get your name. And-"

    "Maybel. Maybeline Maple."

    "May, huh? Oh, and my name's Ash..." Without another word, Ash turned around again and left. However, there seems to be something occupied in his mind about the name.

    May, however, still stayed by the gate. "Ash..."

    The End

    -This is my first solo story, but -He- gave me a certain pattern in naming the characters. Please review.

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    A great one-shot from you agein It's so adorable

    You have a very similar ending as to what Dryuu has on his one-shots
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    Aww, this is adorable! I love the way Ash is a bit rebellious and how May so sweet. This is a great shipping fic, and it's just so cute! This is a really awesome fic!

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    Aww, this is adorable! I love the way Ash is a bit rebellious and how May so sweet. This is a great shipping fic, and it's just so cute! This is a really awesome fic!

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    Very nice. May sure has a long name.It's still nice that you kept the characters personalnailty in this story .anyway nice fic.

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