In XD, I recently lost to gorgian rematch 3 times somehow, while trying to get his two shadows (two of the losses I had already caught poliwrath). That may have had something to do with how I wasted time trying to keep larion alive (and having participated enough) so it would gain a level and evolve into aggron at the end of THAT battle, which would be cool since he was using an aggron himself...but eventually I gave up on that and evolved it a bit later . I did beat him and get the two shadow pokemon. I also added ardos' swellow to my team (which now overall consists of 9 pokemon...well really eight because mightyena is ten levels lower then my lowest main team member now and I may not be using it again soon, idk. Also there is one even newer member, eldes' salamence, which I might use...right now I'm test-purifying it in the chamber to find its nature, though when I plan on using a shadow pokemon (as was the case with swellow), I only purify it by using it in battle (and using colognes on it), not in the purify chamber. Also, just for fun/sentimental reasons, when I purified swellow I made a special purification "set" in the chamber out of my main team members to give it a good/cool ceremony lol. Though speaking of purifying swellow, I had exp share on it while I battle- purifiied it (and simultaneously used it in battle frequently), and clearly lost track of time/how much I used it.....because when I purified it, it gained TWELVE LEVELS! And it was at level 43 before, now level 55 thanks only to pre-purification experience. Which put it ten levels AHEAD of my, at the time, highest level pokemon. As shocking and great as that was, it still is not that great for two reasons- one I will be reluctant to use it as my other team members will need battling more, and 2 it clearly means I could have been giving my other team members a LOT more experience while I was training swellow! Suffice to say I yanked that exp share from it afterwards yelling "OMG give me that!" lol. Should have NOT been using that before, lol.

Oh and one last really cool but sorta unfortunate thing- last night I jokingly started the battle with greevil's lugia even though I didn't have close to enough time to beat him, so I was going to try to beat lugia for fun...but then an ice beam actually froze it when it had yellow h.p., so I decided to see if it could catch it- and I actually caught it with my first ultra ball!!! lol that was so crazy, since it is so hard to catch, and I couldn't even keep it since I had to stop playing shortly after (as I expected). I'll still try to weaken it and non-masterball catch it again for fun when I battle greevil for real, but I may just end up using the masterball, don't want to run out of ultra balls for greevil's other pokemon, though! But now before that, I'm doing mt battle for fun, though I'm at area 6 which is a big leap from 5, with the pokemon being a lot higher than my main team (but only few levels higher then swellow now ha ha).