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Thread: your favorite video game glitches

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    Default your favorite video game glitches

    as the title states, post here your favorite video game glitches

    all sppf rules apply

    mine are:

    the extremely rare character distortion glitch in super smash bros wii u
    the puff up glitch in super smash bros brawl
    the crooked cartridge glitch in the legend of zelda: majora's mask and ocarina of time (nintendo 64 only), it works with other nintendo 64 games as well
    basically any glitch from pokemon RBY
    the rupee glitch from hyrule warriors
    the minus world

    if you want you can look these up on google

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    The RBY games are a treasure trove for these.

    For me, the Mew glitch from those games is my favorite, because I always love illegitimately catching Mew and other Pokémon using it. I like the Cut glitch and a few others also, including the Missingno glitch.
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    - The glitches from Gen 1 of Pokemon. (Too many to name)
    - A glitch in Kirby's Adventure that I don't remember the name of. Most videos I found of it only show that you can reach the credits early, but it can do other things including delete the save data and seems very random when I do it myself.
    - Infinite UFO ability glitch in Kirby's adventure
    - Pomeg Berry glitch in Pokemon Emerald
    - Cloning glitch in Pokemon Emerald
    - The Minus World glitch in Super Mario Bros.
    - I used to have fun with glitches in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but right now I can't remember my favorites and I only remember the Giga Jigglypuff glitch.
    - I might have other favorite glitches that I can't remember

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    That weird glitch in Ocarina of Time that lets you fight Ganondorf as a child and beat the game in 20 minutes. It also has other weird uses that let you warp around the game.

    Go watch some speedruns of OoT. It's insane.
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    Oh where do I start?

    There was a Shadowshot glitch in Destiny when you have quiver equipped. Allowed you infinite super usage. It was awesome.
    Not sure if it was a glitch or not, but in Skyrim using certain magic spells on Dragon skeletons made them skyrocket. Also, getting killed by giants made your body go flying into the sky. XD
    I was also playing ARK the other day and stepped on the dead body of a Parasaur and next thing I knew I was falling from the sky. Randomly. It was pretty hilarious!
    Cloning glitch in Emerald was the best! (:
    All the Gen 1 glitches, you can't have a favorite there!

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