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    Five Nights at Freddys, 1, 2 and 3. A horror game made by Scott Cawthon where you have to survive 5 nights of animaltronics trying to kill you, while you just sit in your office the whole time looking at cameras.

    What is YOUR opinion of the 3 games? We're they good? Should there be a Five Nights at Freddys 4? Was it terrible? Was it unbelievable that this game is so popular? Opinions are your opinions so time to post them.
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    I haven't played it myself per se (I normally don't play indie games), but I have seen a bunch of LPs on YouTube. I thought the first two (especially the first one) was scary the first time I saw them. The third one was okay, but the death jump scare gets kind of old because it's the only one that can kill you. Therefore, the third one wasn't as scary IMO.

    When the first game came out, I thought it was pretty innovative. I never did like the Chuck E Cheese animatronics when I was younger... Scared the crap out of me. says the girl who used to work at one of the restaurants back in high school/

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