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Thread: Official "What Game(s) Should I Get?" Topic

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlolaSherwood View Post
    So, I'm trying to branch out from just Pokémon games on the 3DS I got late last year. Aside from Inazuma Eleven and Super Mario Bros. The other four games I have both virtual console and physical are PokéGames.

    So, I was wondering.... Should I try Youkai Watch and the sequels? Maybe see about ordering Animal Crossing: New Leaf? Is Hatsune Miku Mirai games fun?
    I love animal crossing new leaf. It is my favorite game of all time but it isn't for everyone. I would suggest looking at a let's play of it on youtube. Chuggaaconnroy did one a couple of years ago and Marriland has a stream archive of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Void Ventus View Post
    I personally don't have it yet, but from reviews and general consensus, yes RE7 is an absolutely return to form to a more scary atmosphere and gameplay than RE4-6. If you have a PSVR, it's even better as people have said it greatly enhances the scare factor. If you only have a PC however, you'll have to wait until 2018 as the VR feature is exclusive to PSVR until then.
    Right, that's good - I like the older gameplay so I'll definitely consider picking RE7 up now. Thanks for the response!
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