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    Welcome to The Graphics Club. While previous clubs created by Azure Wolf and §Suicune§ did not last, I hope for this one to.This club is dedicated to those who spend their time creating computer graphics to improve their art skills. In this club, we create different banners, avatars, and userbars, and then show them to the other members to recieve comments and constructive criticism to help us improve for our future graphics. While everyone has their own style, you can show your style and improve on it. We will also have banner competitions where your banner skills can really come into use.If you think my first post is bad, such as the setup of it or anything else that you don't like, just tell me, give me suggestions, and I'll do what I can.

    [•]Club Rules[•]
    ~All SPPf Rules Apply
    ~To join, you must have any kind of graphics program with image editting effects (in other words, anything BUT Paint)
    ~No bashing any graphics of a member; Constructive Criticism is allowed
    ~To join, you must also be able to create either a banner, avatar, or a userbar which must be decent in terms of image effects
    ~This club is for graphic artwork and nothing more
    ~Respect the rank you are sorted in; your rank determines your skill level
    ~Any extremely large images must be only click able links
    ~No one line posters
    ~Type in proper grammar and language
    ~Use the form below when joining

    [•]Joining Form[•]

    HTML Code:
    §-Image Editing Program:
    §-How long you've been creating graphics:
    §-Your skill level opinion:
    §-Shop Owned:
    §-Three Examples:
    [•]Basic Details on Joining Form[•]

    §-Image Editing Program: What graphics program you use: Gimp; Photoshop; Paint.Net
    §-How long you've been creating graphics: From the time you started, how long have you been making graphics: One year, two months, seven weeks.
    §-Your skill level opinion: Where you think you are among skill levels: See below for details
    §-Shop Owned: Do you own a shop here on SPPf and attend to your requesters?
    §-Three Examples: Show some examples of your graphic artwork that you've made (make it recent)

    [•]Skill Levels[•]

    1-4: Poor
    5-6: Decent
    7-8: Skilled
    9-10: Talented

        Spoiler:- [•]Member List[•]:

    [•]Graphic Extras[•]
    -Digital Media Section-This is the forum on SPPf where you can create threads to show your graphics and get C & C for them.
    -Graphics Tutorial Thread-Courtesy of Azure Wolf, you can learn to create banners already made to help other members practice their graphic skills. Members may also summit their own tutorials in this thread.
    -DeviantArt-This is a great sight where you can find brushes for image editing programs such as Photoshop and GIMP. Just type in what brushes you're looking for, click on the catagory below the brush and once you've found a brush that you like, look for the download button on the left side of the screen to download the brush to your image editing program's brush folder (or where ever you save your brushes)

        Spoiler:- [•]Club Competition[•]:

        Spoiler:- [•]Club Banners[•]:
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