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    now that I am rewriting my story I have a question.

    I was going to have at one point in my story that there would be a couple that talks about teaching each other special attacks. It's my characters Gallade and Hariyama (should I mention that Hariyama is a girl?) and they are primary users of special attacks in this story. To keep short, Palkia witnessing Gallade teach Hariyama how to perfect vaccum wave is what prompted her to have Dialga help her with her own powers. How could something like this work?

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    Teaching powers? Perhaps powers can only be shared through a bond (think mega evolution) and an item is required (you can play around with TM and HMs and the idea of Mega Evolution to come up with an idea).

    Another idea is to make it exclusive to Psychic pokemon (as far as TEACHING the move, not being the recipient). Perhaps when a Psychic Pokemon has a strong bond with another person / Pokemon, they can share their powers, mentally working them through it.

    And perhaps Palkia and Dailga can bypass this type thing because they're legendary / space / time / Deus Ex Shenanigans.

    Once again, I hope this helps ;__;

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    I don't quite understand

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    Do you mean how would Palkia have Dialga do it or do you mean what Gallade and Hariyama doing this would look like?

    For the former, I'd imagine she'd try to mimic the way she saw Gallade and Hariyama do it as best she can, possibly to humorous results if Palkia is also new to this concept.

    For the latter, I'd imagine the process is a lot like a human trying to teach a martial arts move or a strategy to another: show an example performance, then talk the other person through doing it one step at a time (helping to adjust their posture, get them into the right mindset etc. as necessary) until they get the move right, then have them practice doing it without handholding while still supervising them so they don't hurt themselves or somebody else. Possibly have a spar after they've got the hang of it to see if they can pull it off when pressure is on.

    That being said, this is the kind of question where you'd probably get the best results if you sat down and tried to think out a method for yourself first. I or any other person can come and give you our version of how we would go about it, but ultimately we all have our own writing tendencies and ideas about what the situation is like, so to get things written in a way that feels right for your story, it's usually best if the starting idea of it comes directly from yourself. If you're concerned about whether or not other people find your way convincing, you can post it here for feedback and such, but this question as-is is pretty open-ended so you'll most likely get responses that don't really fit the particular situation and setting you have envisioned.

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