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Thread: Black Hearts (Ikarishipping)

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    Default Black Hearts (Ikarishipping)

    eh...PG-13 why not?

    Here’s my oneshot for Ikarishipping day. (that’s june 28th). It’s called ‘Black Hearts’ because I’m wearing a shirt with black hearts on it. I couldn’t think of anything else.

    Anyway…this was my first fic with japenese names, I like them better then the English names when it comes to Dawn and Paul.

    Thank you for reading! -^.^- I luv u guyz!!!

    Happy Ikarishipping day!

    oh, and here's the version if ya wanna be realy nice and leave a review there, too!


    “Hi Shinji!” Hikari burst when he opened the front door.
    “Hello.” He stepped aside, allowing her to step into his house.
    “Do you know what day it is today?” She asked him eagerly.
    She giggled. “Yes, it’s Saturday, but today is a special Saturday!”
    “What makes today different?” Shinji asked his girlfriend as they walked to the living room and sat down on the couch.
    “Because today is June twenty-eighth!” She smiled at him brightly.
    “Hikari, its just a Saturday.”
    Her smile disappeared. “You really don’t know what June twenty-eighth is?!” She asked, surprised.
    “Should I?”
    “Yes! You should!”
    “Too bad, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
    “Think about it.”
    “Hikari, just tell me.”
    “Today’s the one-year anniversary of when we got together!” She explained.
    Shinji looked at the ceiling. “Oh…”
    “Did you seriously forget our anniversary?” She asked him, getting slightly angry.
    “I didn’t forget it…I just didn’t know it was today. I thought it was tomorrow.” He said slowly.
    “Shinji! How could you forget our one-year anniversary! I can’t believe you! I guess I won’t give you my present after all.”
    He turned his attention from the ceiling to her. “Present?”
    “Yes, I got you something, but I’m not giving it to you!” She crossed her arms and looked away from him.
    “What if I got something for you?”
    “I bet you didn’t!”
    “I didn’t go out and buy it, but I still think you’ll like it.”
    She uncrossed her arms and stared at him. He turned to face her, placing his arm around her neck. His other hand rested behind her head. Hikari closed her eyes as he pressed his lips to hers. They gently kissed for a few moments, then broke away.
    “There.” Shinji said. “Happy?”
    “Yes!” Hikari exclaimed as she launched into him, wrapping her arms around him. He ended up falling backwards, Hikari landing on top of him. She laughed wile he just blushed slightly and glared at her.
    “Okay, I guess I can give you my present now.” She said to him.
    She placed her hands behind his neck and kissed him passionately. He fastened his arms around her back and pulled her to him.
    “I know you won’t say it Shinji, but I know you love me.” Hikari said quietly.
    “I know you love me back.” She nuzzled his neck.
    “Okay…I do.”
    Hikari looked up at him, grinning. “You what?”
    “I do.”
    “Do what?”
    “You just want me to say it.”
    She giggled. “Yup.”
    “Please, Shinji?” She gave him a peck on the cheek. “For me?”
    He sighed. “Fine.” He muttered. “I love you.”
    Hikari smiled ear to ear and dug her nose into his neck. “I love you, too, Shinji!”
    “Okay.” He began playing with her hair.
    “And Shinji?”
    “Happy Hikari and Shinji day!”


    yeey! Fluffy-nesss xDDD Sorry it was so short. I tried my best! I love writing Shinji. I tried my best to keep him in-character!!! Tell me how I did with that! I hate OOC-ness!

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    Well that went by quite well and I say good job on the effort of keeping Shinji in character since it's more easier keeping Hikari in character you know
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    Thank you! :3 Yes, it is MUCH easier keeping Hikari in-character than it is Shinji! Thankx for the review! -^.^- tell your friends!


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