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Thread: RDRAM ecc continuity on Intel 850 motherboard

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    Default RDRAM ecc continuity on Intel 850 motherboard

    I have a computer with the Intel 850 chipset that uses RDRAM. Two of the four sockets are occupied, and I recently found a third RDRAM module that I can use. The third module is ecc-capable. However, when shopping for a fourth module to be used in the same bank, do I have to buy one that is ecc-compatible or just one with the same capacity?

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    Most of the time the manual which came with your motherboard already specifies which modules are supported. The size of the memory on every module doesn't really matter, although I've never worked with Rambus Direct RAM (RDRAM). I do think however that for the memory size matter it doesn't deviate from normal DDR RAM. I think you should be looking at the memory timers from every module. Although RDRAM hasn't been supported on motherbords younger than 2000 or around that date, I think that if you want an all-round answer, which I tried to give, the serebii forums aren't your best help.

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