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    Who are they?


    The female playable character in the first Black and White games from the fifth generation. She traveled around the Unova region while collecting gym badges to challenge the Unova Elite 4 and Champion.

    Natural Harmonia Gropius/N:

    N was the puppet leader of Team Plasma in Pokémon Black and White and aspired to create separate worlds for humans and Pokémon. In BW2 he returns to help save Kyurem from Ghetsis. N is also able to understand Pokemon when they speak.


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    Topic Questions:

    What do you like about Ferriswheelshipping and what is your reasoning for shipping N and Hilda?
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    I like this Pairing its probably my second favorite right next to Pearlshipping. The fanart is EXTREMELY cute.
    I'd really wish we had seen Hilda in BW2 to see her interacting with N
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    They work really well. I think I put a long and lengthy rant in my shipping list about this ship. If platonic origin didn't exist then this would probably be my OTP, along with Marisson and LiveCaster. You can tell that despite fighting against her N deeply respects her, and basically claims a bit of his love at one point; "I actually kind of liked you a little." Plus the N's farewell scene, which makes it yet more emotional and shippable. Then you realise in B2W2 Hilda left her mum aged 14 to look for him. Yeah, that's a thing. Plus the fact that it is shown by the dragons that you two are the heroes of Unova. People never really understand that. But Hilda and N both then proceeded to do a hero's piece of work; Hilda showed N the right way, and N saved Rosa/Nate's life in B2W2. This wouldn't have happened if N hadn't chosen Hilda as his rival. I ship it. Hardcore.

    And now I think I might know why they didn't add Hilda in B2W2.

    Hilda was 16 in that game.

    I think we all know what that age is *insert lennyface*.
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    Oh dang. I remember this pairing! They were a hit back in the days.

    N is so sweet towards Hilda. Their relationship is so sweet and pretty angsty (when he leaves.)
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    The ending of White did it for me, something about it was cute enough to make me ship them right then and there.

    I've saved a frickton of fanart to my computer, and read a few fanfics of them.
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    Omg they are my favorite paring of the games, along with hoennchampionshipping, ironwillshipping and soulsilvershipping

    I love and how the bw main character shakes N's world and how they develop together. I love the teasing when he says in bw2 he needs to meet the main character to show how he feels and the yin yang references. I think they have one of the most beautiful stories in pokemon, even if it's bittersweet.

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    Ah, what a coincidence! I just finished replaying Pokémon Black and decided to check back in on the Forums after a while.

    I love this ship mainly because of their interactions in Pokémon Black and White. N started off as someone who looked down on Hilda, but eventually grew to see her as his equal. I really don't know why I started or like this ship. It's just one of those unexplainable things.

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    What do you like about Ferriswheelshipping and what is your reasoning for shipping N and Hilda?
    For me I found there interactions cute in B1W1 and when N wanted to try to find Hilda in B2W2. I like how both seemed to like and get along with each other but also at the same time are against each other since N was the king of Team Plasma and Hilda was the one trying to stop them. It made for an excellent story imo. I also read this fanfic on called Eden where Hilda lost the final battle against N and was taken captive as he ruled the world and did Team plasma's dirty work as their puppet while believing that he was doing the right thing.
    Apparently Serena sucks, smh -_-
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