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Thread: Crack Shippings General Discussion - V 2.0

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    Default Crack Shippings General Discussion - V 2.0

    Hello everyone. The old crack shippings discussion sadly died so I'm bringing it back and this has been approved by the lovely xEryChan.

    You may be asking what a crack shipping is? Well, a ship that seems inplausible and unlikely to happen but you still cannot helpt but support it anyways is considered to be a crack ship. Here you can discuss your favorite crack ships, why you support them, and all that good stuff.


    1. All SPPF and Shippers Community Rules apply.
    2. Stay on Topic - this thread is meant to discuss crack ships, not mainstream ones so try to avoid going off topic.
    3. Absolutely NO Bashing or Flaming other members or ships - this goes without saying, doesn't it? This will not be tolerated and will be reported directly to the mods.
    4. Respect Each Other - do I even need to add on to that?

    Now lets get to the fun stuff, shall we? I'm gonna start this discussion of with a topic.

    What are some of your favorite crack ships and why?

    Have fun, everyone! ~

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    It happened again

    Whoo doggy! I'll just jump right in <3<3<3

    My favorite crack ship as many of you know is Othelloshipping, which is Ash and Hilda!

    Dare I say it? Ash and Hilda are perfect for each other above all else! They are energetic Pokemon-League bound trainers who travel the region collecting the badges. They are both Chosen Ones of Legendary Pokemon! They both share a love of battles. It is canonically proven that Ash bonds with, and interacts so well with other League bound trainers, so him and Hilda would be no different. They both care deeply for Pokemon. So many things in common. It just means that



    Othelloshipping is the greatest shipping EVER!!!!!
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    Just a few reasons why Ash and Hilda are perfect for each other.

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    ^ I love Othelloshipping and I couldn't agree more to everything you just said. Othelloshipping is LIFE!

    I really like Brunetteshipping (Gary x May) and seeing as they haven't met yet in the anime, I would say that it counts as a crack ship, don't you agree?

    NovelShipping (Paul x Misty) is a ship I find very interesting and I honestly cannot help but to support this pairing. We all know how Paul was in the anime and I can definitely see Misty despising Paul and that's one thing that really turned me on to this ship.

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    My two favorite crack pairings are the ones that I named in the "What's This Ship Called?" Thread: ArtsyShipping (Tracey Sketchit x Shauntal) and RattyShipping (Youngster Joey x Yellow). Both these ships are really, really crack because the characters haven't interacted at all and probably never will, lol. These two pairings were born out of a very old fanfiction project that never took off, in which I took Pokemon characters that had never met and threw them all together in a reality show. So yeah, that's how I started supporting those two aforementioned pairings.

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    I want to see some mom x mom yuri shipping, for example Delia x Grace, etc. Obviously this will never happen, but hey, at least one can dream.

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    ^Yooooooooooo, I LOVE the Delia/Grace ship sooooo much, and I'm so excited to finally meet another shipper of it!!!

    And hey, upon dropping their kids off/picking them up at the same camp, I think it is TOTALLY POSSIBLE for them to have met! ;P Man, I just see their personalities as meshing incredibly well together? Ahhh, I'll ride off into the crack momlove yuri sunset along with you!!! XD
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    These aren't strong ships do to fact these people to my knowledge have never met. Also not main characters. The first on is GaryxSakura(the girl with the espeon). Gary has an umbreon she has an espeon how like totally cute. The socnd one is theoretical due to fact if you think about it they are twisted clone of Ash and Misty. That being RitchiexDuplica(derpy dito and tiny diito isn't coincidental). I just figure if they ever met they would be so cute together. I like the idea of RudyxMelody both are bit self righteous and like the water and make presumptions.
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