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Thread: What is your favorite Yaoi pairing of Pokemon?

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    Default What is your favorite Yaoi pairing of Pokemon?

    Yaoi I know is pretty popular with the Pokemon fandom. I' curious, up to date with the XY series now which Yaoi pairing every one likes the best.

    Going by the previous series too, Ash X Paul will always be my favorite
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    I'm a fan of Ash X Paul as well. I really like rival pairings in general, but this has to be my favorite one involving Ash.

    I know it's technically a yuri pairing, but I also really like Dawn X Zoey. I like how Dawn and Zoey were rivals, yet they got along so well, and they both had a passion for contests that I think complements them both.
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    Ash x Paul cuz of their tension during the Dp saga and how Ash kept trying to befriend and understand Paul. I dunno, I just found them to be adorable and I thought that the ship had more clues than most hetero ships. ^^

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    Ash and Gary I like best. Just liked how Gary always got under ash's skin even if he wasn't there, and how Gary teased him. But in the end they both respected each other and had each other's back.

    Clemont & ash is a good second, as they both are just too cute around each other as clemont gets ash into science and ash inspires him to be more brave.
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    Brendan and Noland for sure.

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    For me, it's Ash x Paul. I always liked this pairing, especially during DP. They had a lot of tension and it was pretty obvious that no matter how they tried, they could not ignore each other.

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    It's funny how much I like Lysandre/Sycamore considering that on their own I was lukewarm to them. Yet together it's just ridiculous how much I like it.

    Also Archie/Maxie though in ORAS I thought it was diminished (it seemed to be going more with them with their top officers).
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    I not have a lot of yaoi couples (I prefer yuri XD) but my favourite is Preciousmetalshipping (goldxsilver)

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