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Thread: Advanceshipping General Discussion: Where Ash and May ADVANCE together ;D

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    Quote Originally Posted by asuna07neros View Post
    Sounds fun. I'll start an ADV drabble:

    Poke High, 8:45 am, 15 minutes before class starts. There have been plenty of students in front of the schoold gate, this includes two individuals, a brunette girl and a raven-haired boy. The brunette wasn't in hurry at all, in fact she wouldn't mind getting late. Behind her, the messy black-haired boy seemed to be in conflict inside his head.

    "Haru-chan?" The girl heard his voice but still continued to walk and ignored him.

    "Err, Haru-chan. You wouldn't mind me copying your homework again, right?"

    "I won't let you." was her only response.

    "C'mon don't be like that. I'll do whatever you want"

    "Do your homework every night then"

    The boy scrathed the back of his head while looking sweaty, sign that he doesn't approve of the deal.

    "Eh, you know that every night is my training, right? How about I just treat you at Moon Bucks during weekends?"

    "I always go there with Kasu-san, Hika-chan, Ai-chan and Sere-chan. No deal, bub."


    "Bursyamo does that for me every time"

    He had no choice, he has to do it. He has to use his ace up his sleeves, even though it would mean disaster for him. He walked past her and stopped in front of her.


    Suddenly, he took something out of his pocket and showed it to her.

    "Here, I'll let you see this movie with me."

    (They were surrounded by pink clouds with lens flares or something like that)






    "......Pervert" The girl just continued on walking, leaving the boy lying on the ground with a huge lump on his head.

    "I thought 40 shades of Pink is a hit movie for girls these days....... I wonder what topic Shigeru will bring up in the corridor today?"

    Ahh beat me to it >.<
    But good start, Asuna.
    Lol, gotta love the franchices.

    Anywho, Now that I'm back with mah laptop, I'll share my first drabble.

    Time Management

    Ketchum residence, Ash is playing Super Bash Sis. on his newly bought console, Mintendo ViiU. He was enjoying his game until May interupted him by pulling off the power cord.

    "Waaaah!!! May, what the heck!? I was so close at beating that Giant Giga Man!" Ash was hysterical while May was looking at him furiously, arms crossed and her left foot tapping the floor.

    "Do you know, what day it is?" May asked.

    "Err, no?"

    May sigh in disappointment.

    Ash, you are suppose to go grocery shopping today. It's your turn, remember?

    Ash was dumbfounded but he doesn't want to argue with his partner, especially since he doesn't want May to unleash her dark side.

    "Geez, ever since we bought that console, you have lost track of the time. Don't blame me if you end up getting fat and ugly."

    "Alright, alright, I'm going."

    May smiled and clasped her hands happily and gave Ash the lists of things that they needed.

    "Uhh May? Do we really need all these?"

    "Oh, of course. Now you better get going before sunset." Now don't forget my Pocky or else."

    Ash sweat drops at her statement. "Yeah, I don't want to fight against a beast for the next 8 hours."

    "What was that?"

    "Nothing. I'm going."

    "'kay see you later! <3 Hi hi hi!"

    Ash felt something strange but he wasn't sure what it was and ignored it.

    -4 hours later-

    Ash is now carrying all the things listed on the shopping list, including May's remedy to her mood swings (I'm talking about the Pocky Sticks).

    "Man, I can finally go back at playing. Stupid May. Had to ruin my game just to remind me that it was my turn to go grocery shopping today.....Wait a minute......WAAAAHH!!"

    Ash had a sudden realization that today was Saturday and May was in charge of the shopping.


    Ash was now at home, breathing heavily due to his hyper speed sprinting. He knew May took advantage of his situation.

    "Oh, you're back."

    May is now in front of the console, playing Super Dash Sis. What's even worse is that she had beaten his record, 5 times in a row.

    *facepalm* "This is what happens when I try to ignore the time."

    And now an important question, my fellow Advancers

    What keeps you being an Advanceshipper? May has been long gone but what still keeps you glued on to this ship?
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    He's been running for a while now. No sense of direction. No guarantee where he'll be going. His mind is confused but his heart tells him to run. His body doesn't seemed to be tired. He's been running for almost an hour now. Where is he going. Why? Why was he running? It all began when he took out a half ribbon on his backpack. He knew that it was a precious treasure. It reminds him of someone. When he touched it, he felt something. It's like something, no, someone is calling at him. It's been a while since he felt the power of Aura. That wave of energy felt something close and now it's asking him to run. He still has no idea why. But it doesn't matter, because he knew that the Aura inside him never failed him once. He trusted his senses. It may seem pointless, but nonetheless, he has to run. His legs began to move slowly, he is nearby. There in front of him is a mini garden. It was a beautiful sight. fountains, spring flowers and cherry blossom trees welcomed him inside. He began to walk around. He wasn't there for sight seeing. He was there because there's someone calling for him. But who? He went in further until he met the end of what seemed to be a maze garden, surrounded by the Sakura trees. Right in front of him, there stands a girl with her back facing him. He wasn't sure who it was but he felt like he knew her. The girl turned slowly and faced him. She was wearing a red top dress, a biker short and a big ribbon on her head. Despite her outfit being new to his sight, he knew who the girl was.



    There was a moment of silence between them. The wind blew and the cherry blossom leaves began to fly around them.

    The girl's sapphire eyes where shining despite the shade coming from the trees that blocks them. It was a magnificent sight for the raven-haired boy. It surpassed the sights that he saw earlier. He noticed something on her right hand. The other half of his precious ribbon. The other half that became her lucky charm. The thing that kept her from moving onward and a reminder for her that everything will be alright. The ribbon that reminds her of a precious friend, who was now standing right in front of her.

    She then smiled.

    "It's been a while"

    "Yeah. But why?"

    "I've been wanting to meet you again. Don't you... want to see me?"

    "Of course, I do."

    "I thought so. I'm glad I came here."

    "Were you calling out for me?"

    "I knew you'd hear me. I knew you'd come"

    The boy approached her. He doesn't want to let go of her anymore now that she's in front of him. He stretched his arms forward, offering his hands to her while the girl gladly accepted it. She knew what it meant. They had the same words in mind and in chorus, they spoke:

    "Let's travel together once more"

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    Quote Originally Posted by asuna07neros View Post
    Asuna, Fanart + Mini-story......Wow, I don't have a word on this. May's expression, her smile, that blue eyes, her half ribbon, the story. I don't know, man. Just marvelous. If I had thousands of arms, I'd have them do a thumbs up for you and for this. *W*

    Anywho, to keep things more livelier, aside from your own drabble, I'd like you guys to create a mini scenario out of the screenshots/fanarts that I'll be posting instead of captioning them.

    I'll start this one with this:

    Ash and May are now going to say their vow at each other. May began to relive all of their adventures together, from that time when Ash took her under his wings to that time when they stopped Team Rocket together, along with their friends. May started to tear up. "May, what's wrong? Are you not happy to marry me?" Ash asked. "No silly" May replied while wiping the tears on her face. "I'm just happy that we're finally at this point." She added. The ceremony went on until the point where they said "I do" to each other and the priest tells Ash to kiss his beautiful wife. End.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Setsuna F Seiei View Post
    I'll start this one with this:

    Thanks, I appreciate that.

    Now for the story:
    Haruka and Satoshi are now in the finals of the Wallace cup. They looked determined but deep inside, they were nervous. It was Satoshi's first contest and it was Haruka's first in Sinnoh so she has no one out there that can root for her. But she was wrong. "Haruka, let's do our best out there." Said Satoshi, who despite being nervous was trying his best to cheer his friend up. Haruka had an ease in her mind, knowing that she had her friend's encouragement. "Yeah! I know we can do this." Haruka replied even though she was also getting nervous. "Haruka, I just want you to know, win or lose, I'll always be here for you." Satoshi's words surprised the brunette. She had a slight blush on her cheek. She then proceeded on to hugging him which surprised Ash and making him blush as well. "Thanks, I'm glad that you're here with me." Haruka added.

    What keeps you being an Advanceshipper? May has been long gone but what still keeps you glued on to this ship?
    What can I say? This ship has been my ship for like a very very long time. SatoHaru is still the cutest pairing out there in Pokeverse. The ship also had its own top quality of hints and it's not a crack pairing. And there's also those fanarts and fanfics that gives me more reason to love this ship.

    BTW, Does anyone have any long-shot fanfic to suggest? I'd prefer it if it's already completed or at least, nearly finished. I'd appreciate your suggestions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by asuna07neros View Post
    BTW, Does anyone have any long-shot fanfic to suggest? I'd prefer it if it's already completed or at least, nearly finished. I'd appreciate your suggestions.
    Have you seen Pokemon Heroes yet? It's a really long fanfic that contains 6 seasons (according to the writer) at the moment and includes movies as well (Well, fanfic movie). It's really awesome like seriously, the story can really be adopted into an anime (ehh, except for the cursing and stuff, haha). I just love Ash and May's personality in this fic! Seriously, I consider this to be a canon Pokemon story.

    Anyway, I'll answer my own question, though I think I have the same reason as you do, Asuna. ^_^;

    advanceshipping has always been my OTP. I mean sure, amour is beating it into pulp but still, this ship is as strong as it is for me and I do believe that deep inside, Ash and May has a thing for each other.

    Hmm, I'm almost done with my 2nd drabble. I'll add it up maybe later or by tomorrow. Not sure but it won't take long.
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    I came home and found that my ADV one shot was deleted from my laptop…(Which made me just want to shop some more) But then I came to find THIS!!!!!

    Asuna I am SOO glad that you're back, and this art peace/story is absolutely breath taking…Seriously your art skills seem to get better and better with each peace you reveal. Her eyes are honestly brilliant.
    But now you are showing your writing skills…NOT FAIR!! JUST NOT FAIR ASUNA!!!!

    LOL but seriously…beautiful.

    And if you are looking for a well written, almost completed ADV fanfic I would definitely recommend Love & Basketball»

    And of course anything I've ever written of course

    Let me know if you like it

    Quote Originally Posted by Setsuna F Seiei View Post
    And now an important question, my fellow Advancers

    What keeps you being an Advanceshipper? May has been long gone but what still keeps you glued on to this ship?

    I adore your story, simply hilarious Setsuna <3

    And this question is Devine<3

    And I guess my answer is basically the same as your own and Asuna's…

    ADV was my first ever ship, even before Zutara, and I will never be able to get over them. They not only look perfect together, but they have hints and clues that I think are unique from the rest because it is basically even. Between Ash's jealousy over Drew, and May's dependency on his teachings…They were just so adorable. And I also think that Advanced Generation portrayed the best development for both Ash and the Lead. May, obviously, has had the greatest amount of development out of the poke-girls in my opinion, but we also saw a shift in Ash from being a rookey to a teacher to a sassy newbie…And with their separate growth, we saw them grow as a pair. Which is why it was so beautiful to see their interactions in Sinnoh, and how Ash seemed to be so impressed of her.

    Okay, I'll stop because I'm rambling, but basically these two show this pure and true love where they start off as each others best friends, and slowly realize, with out even being aware, they fell in love. Basically like all my other OTPs…Brucas, Staroline, Dair…Alll of which are also true soul mates.

    LOL…I'm gonna try and find one of my dumb drabbels saved on my computer and post it as soon as I can <3

    In the words of Emily Dickinson, "Forever is Composed of nows." So Live each moment the way you breathe. One instant at a time
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    BabyBlueEyes23, Thanks for the kind words and thanks for the recommendation, I'll look on to that.

    Setsuna, I already saw Pokemon Heroes and yeah, it's one of the best ADV long shots that I've seen so far. Well, okay, this and May's crush are the only long shots that I've seen so far. Oh yeah, and there's 50 shades of May

    Inspired by true events:

    *scribble scribble scribble* "There all done! *streches arms*" Satoshi is now looking at his own drawing.

    "Man, this is really good! If I compare this to my older drawings, I can just see how much improvement I've made."

    He has never been so proud of his artistic skills. Surely enough, all his practicing for the last 5 years had helped him through rough times. It sure paid off.

    "Maybe I'll just play Nokemon for relaxation." Satoshi grabbed onto his 5DS and started playing for the next 2 hours.

    "Sato-kun!" Haruka rushed in to where her boyfriend was lying.

    "Sato-kun, thanks for teaching me how to draw. I was able to make this!" Haruka showed Satoshi her own drawing (It was a sketch of Satoshi half naked with six-pack....even though it's not really what Sato's body looked like).

    "Woah, this is good! You really did it, Haru-chan!" Praised Sato.

    "*giggle* thanks!"

    Now Sato was curious. "Haruka, how log did you made this?"

    Haruka was now sitting on the bench watching Game of Drones.

    "Huh? Oh 20 minutes."

    There was silence.


    "20 minutes. Well 15 minutes if we exclude my five minutes break."

    Satoshi now has a gloomy look on his face. He looked like a zombie walking towards his drawing. He compared both drawings. He kept looking at his left and right, back and forth.

    "This took me 7 hours and she made this one within 15 minutes only?"

    "Sato-kun? Will you teach me more techniques? I need to sharpen my skills"

    "Haru-chan.........Just focus on writing...."
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    Hey guys long time lurker first time poster. Those dribbles are hilarious. The artwork is amazing. I am advanceshipper since I started shipping characters since 2007.

    Why I like Ash and May together. One he was a great role model and teacher to her. They have good chemistry together. They both improve themselves as trainers. Plus they have the personalities where they can goof off and be silly with each other. Also may may sometimes be a girly girl(nothing wrong with that) but she is very clear and expressive with her emotions. Plus they both are selfless to a fault looking to put each other's needs away to help each other out. Also you have a master Pokémon trainer and a master coordinator together!

    Lastly they are so cute and adorable together. That and I like brunettes lol

    Does anyone know what happened to PikamasterADV?(this may have been asked a million times) I checked his serebii account and fanfiction account and they haven't been updated since 2008. I just finished his May's crush fic and am on May's Crush Final Frontier. I notice he still has finished it in 7 years. If he is done for good(unfortunately likely) he should tell the fans why, or of on hiatus, life, losing interest, fear of quality chapters, etc. It's just be is so close to finishing it!

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    Oh, I love seeing this thread being active!!

    @BabyBlueEyes23, Thanks! I look forward to your dribbles! I really want to see more mini Advanceshipping moments.

    Asuna, lol, I assume Ash represents you (the artist) and maybe May represents someone you know? Anyway, that was funny!

    And of course,

    Quote Originally Posted by Blastoys View Post
    Hey guys long time lurker first time poster. Those dribbles are hilarious. The artwork is amazing. I am advanceshipper since I started shipping characters since 2007.

    Why I like Ash and May together. One he was a great role model and teacher to her. They have good chemistry together. They both improve themselves as trainers. Plus they have the personalities where they can goof off and be silly with each other. Also may may sometimes be a girly girl(nothing wrong with that) but she is very clear and expressive with her emotions. Plus they both are selfless to a fault looking to put each other's needs away to help each other out. Also you have a master Pokémon trainer and a master coordinator together!

    Lastly they are so cute and adorable together. That and I like brunettes lol

    Does anyone know what happened to PikamasterADV?(this may have been asked a million times) I checked his serebii account and fanfiction account and they haven't been updated since 2008. I just finished his May's crush fic and am on May's Crush Final Frontier. I notice he still has finished it in 7 years. If he is done for good(unfortunately likely) he should tell the fans why, or of on hiatus, life, losing interest, fear of quality chapters, etc. It's just be is so close to finishing it!
    Welcome to the club, It's really nice to see more Advanceshipper in this thread!

    I agree, Ash and May's influence for each other just simply stands out. IMO, they have a lot in common, which makes them the perfect soul mates.

    As for PikamasterADV, I'm not sure what actually happened but I do hope he comes back. If not maybe some kind advancer out there could volunteer and continue the story.

    Woah, I promised I would put my 2nd dribble, forgive me, I had a lot of distractions earlier. TT_TT
    But not to worry since I'll make sure I post it before the day ends.

    EDIT: My 2nd Dribble! Hope you guys like it.

    -=Why can't you be this romantic?=-

    While watching Hoenn got Talent on TV, Ash is cuddling with his partner, May. Until....

    "Hey, Ash? Can you get me some Juice in the kitchen?"

    Being a dear to her, Ash stood up and did what she asked.

    The following night

    "Argh, my back hurts" May complains

    "Here, let me massage you." Ash says.

    "Ahh, you just hit the spot" Says May with a relaxed face

    The following night

    "Brrr, it's so cold" >.< Says May who was hugging herself due to low temperature.

    "Here, put this thick jacket on" Says Ash who despite being cold, still gave his partner his own jacket.

    The following night.

    After watching a horror movie, Pokenormal Pranktivity (Staring the 3 Ghost Pokemon Ghastly, Haunter and Gengar), May wasn't able to go to sleep since she was so scared to death.

    "Ash, I can't sleep. I think that movie we saw will haunt me for a week."

    "Don't worry, May. I'll hug you every night until you forget that dumb movie (This is the last time I'll let May pick a movie to watch ^_^')".

    The following night, Ash and May are now watching a chick flick starring Orlando Gloom and Paras Hilton.



    "....I wish you were this romantic...."


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    That's a pretty funny and cute drabble there Setsuna. Well guys I was going to post a first of a two part story of Ash and May where Ash takes the role of Link, May the role of Zelda in a Link to the Past. I typed it up for two hours in a post but it autologs out and only auto sAved the first paragraph. Ugh! I will type it in word on my computer later. I will say you guys can probably guess who takes the role of the king of Hyrule and who Agnanim and Ganon. I know storyline in the game Aganim was a bunshin of Ganon but in this version the character who takes Aganim's role is a pawn. Can any of you guys make an artwork of Ash cosplaying as Link and May as Zelda? Years ago I found an artwork of it but it was a pearlshipping one. bonus points if it has one of the team villains as Ganondorf! =D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blastoys View Post
    That's a pretty funny and cute drabble there Setsuna. Well guys I was going to post a first of a two part story of Ash and May where Ash takes the role of Link, May the role of Zelda in a Link to the Past. I typed it up for two hours in a post but it autologs out and only auto sAved the first paragraph. Ugh! I will type it in word on my computer later. I will say you guys can probably guess who takes the role of the king of Hyrule and who Agnanim and Ganon. I know storyline in the game Aganim was a bunshin of Ganon but in this version the character who takes Aganim's role is a pawn. Can any of you guys make an artwork of Ash cosplaying as Link and May as Zelda? Years ago I found an artwork of it but it was a pearlshipping one. bonus points if it has one of the team villains as Ganondorf! =D
    Thanks, mate! Glad you like the story!
    I'll look forward to that Legend of May story, lol! XD

    I think Asuna can help you with the artwork.

    Anywho, question time, Advancers
    What pickup lines do you think Ash will say to May in order to win her heart? They can be as cheesy as possible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Setsuna F Seiei View Post
    Anywho, question time, Advancers
    What pickup lines do you think Ash will say to May in order to win her heart? They can be as cheesy as possible.
    "Haruka, Are you a pikachu? Because you are shockingly beautiful."

    "Groudon is red, Kyogre is blue, if you were a Pokémon, I'd choose you."

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    -=I spy with my little eye=-

    "I'm bored" Says Ash.

    "Want to play a game?" Says May.

    "Do I!? *starts up Bay Station 4 and puts in Ball of Duty*"

    May just rolled her eyes. She knew her partner is a hardcore Gamer.

    "No, silly. Something that's good for our mind."

    "Oh, okay."

    May puts her hands under her chin and starts to think of a game. An idea pops up into her mind.

    "Let's play I spy."

    "Heh, I'm a pro in this game" boasts Ash.

    "Oh, yeah? Then go first."

    "You bet! Let's see....." Ash's eyes wander the room for a moment. "Got it! I spy with my little eye.......Something yellow!"

    May sweat drops and already had an idea what it was. "Pikachu"

    "Oh wow, are you a psychic? You've guessed it in just a second!"

    ^_^; "Right. My turn~ I spy with my little eye...." May now has a small grin in her face. "Something sweet and soft!"

    Ash started to think and roam around the room.

    "Uhh, this pillow?"

    *sweatdrops* "Ash, pillows doesn't taste sweet"

    "You already tasted one?"

    *faceplam* "Just keep on guessing, genius."

    "Hmmm, Oh, this doughnut!"

    "Hihihi, Nope"


    "Nah Da"

    Ash now just lifts a Pokemon.

    "Mfff! Th-this Slurpuff?"

    "Ash, we don't taste Pokemon."

    "(I ate a Spoink once and its bacon tastes awesome) Bah, I give up. What is it that you saw that's sweet and soft anyway?"

    May stood up and then~

    *smooch* "Your lips."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blastoys View Post
    This is a pretty good fanfic and adaptation of LoZ. Do you plan on adding more chapter?

    And a question to keep things more interactive.

    What Anime show do you see Satoshi and Haruka starring in? Put a spoiler if you want to elaborate.

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    Blastoys, I agree with Asuna. This was a good Legend of Zelda adaptation!

    Quote Originally Posted by asuna07neros View Post
    This is a pretty good fanfic and adaptation of LoZ. Do you plan on adding more chapter?

    And a question to keep things more interactive.

    What Anime show do you see Satoshi and Haruka starring in? Put a spoiler if you want to elaborate.
    Ha! I love this question.

    I'm really thinking of SAO and even though Serena looked like a good candidate for Asuna, I think May has the most potential since she and Asuna has the same personality.

    So it's like this for me:

    Kirito: Ash
    Asuna: May
    Lizbeth: Misty
    Leafa: Serena
    Sinon: Dawn
    Klein: Brock
    Yui: Bonnie
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    Quote Originally Posted by asuna07neros View Post
    This is a pretty good fanfic and adaptation of LoZ. Do you plan on adding more chapter?

    What Anime show do you see Satoshi and Haruka starring in? Put a spoiler if you want to elaborate.
    Haha thanks asuna Yes I plan on adding two chapters to wrap up Link to the Past. I have some interesting plot twists coming up. Plus the Pokegirls are going to appear as the maidens.

    If you by starring you mean take the place of other characers then I would have Ash be Erren from Attack on Titan and May be Mikasa.
    If by star you mean be be a guest star, oh boy I have no idea. It be funny to see Ash and May appear in Yugioh and Ash challenges Yugi to a match and loses and sends out Charizard to destroy the Duel- disk. While May and Teia(dont know how to spell her name) talk about why boys are so dense and care more about training than romance.

    EDIT: Sorry Setsuna I did not see your post til after I replied. Glad you enjoyed. Funny story was I proposed this idea for fun with Gazmof back in 2008 in IM. He really liked the idea. That right there is the first ever attempt I did at a fanfic. I am glad it turned out well. :-)
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    Cool The Legend of May: An Ash to the Past Chapter 2

    hope a double post in this one instance is okay. I remember years ago lurking here people would whine about it. I personally feel this chapters is not as good as the first one. I tried to change up the formula. Ash had some developing moments in the first chapter, here we see that his strategies he sometimes improvises may not work out as he has planned. I tried to put some humor into this. Please tell me guys what you think. I also made it where Ash is not "completely" incompetent when it comes to romantic love. I can't wait to write next chapter tomorrow because there will be more shippiness in it.

    The Legend of May an Ash to the Past
    Ash was thankful to leave the Pyramid of Power while in the Dark World. He felt a very sinister aura while there and did not want to tempt whatever it was to reach him now. After leaping off the Pyramid he surveyed the land. The moat(if you could even call it that) wrapped around most of the Pyramid of Power. It gave off a stench to it due to the water not flowing, and it was very polluted.

    Off in the distance he saw trees in a smoky greyish green color. Not only that but they had creepy faces on them. Ash shuddered to think what it would be like to be trapped in the Dark World living as a tree. As Ash looked further down he saw two Conkledurr roaming around the Pyramid. They were each 8 feet in height. Even though they were in the distance Ash could feel a faint tremor wherever they patrolled.

    To think that mother and father destroyed many of these monsters while on “vacation” here. That has to be a testament to their combat prowess. Ash thought amazed to himself. He then decided to climb up a normal tree(thankfully with no eyeballs) and sniped the two Conkledurrs in the distance. To make sure they did not spot him. Ash would wear the Magical Cape. After 6 hits each he laughed when he saw the Conkledurrs enraged take each other out.

    I wish May was here, she would get a kick out of this. As fun as this is I need to get a move on and find the other maidens.

    After travelling east, Ash fought many creatures in the way. Giant flowers turned out to be sentient trying to eat him(they are Victrebel’s in this fic). He encountered flying Tentacool that drop explosive flammable sludge bomb goo, most surprising of all was when he encountered a talking Aipom!

    “I will lead you the way to the Temple of Darkness for 50 rupees. Ei Ei”

    “No thanks I can see it in the distance.”

    “Grr I meant lead you through the Maze. Dimwit.”

    For insulting Ash’s intelligence, Ash took out his Fire Rod firing(pun intended) a flame stream at the forest Maze burning it down. Aipom’s mouth hit the ground and not wanting to get anymore on Ash’s bad side decided to open the Palace of Darkness to the hero free of charge and left him alone. (Author’s note, that little Monkey in the game deserved it, seriously charging 100 Rupees to enter a temple! What the heck! Monkeys don’t need money in the dark world seriously! )

    Ash smiled approvingly(LIKE A BOSS) and headed inside.
    While most of the dungeon was uneventful(Author’s note: I am going to skipping most dungeons and what happens, They are fun to play in Zelda but are boring to write out). However in one room, Ash noted a certain tile on the wall. Normally Ash would ignore it because it would usually be Ralamuel giving him obvious advice or complaining about his back aches. Ash took a chance and channeled his energy into it.
    “Hello is anyone there?” Ash was certainly in for a surprise at who answered
    “A..A.Ash” a feminine voice said shyly and weakly, “is that you?” Her voice strengthened up a little.

    “Princess May! Boy am I glad to see you!” Ash exclaimed excitedly but Ash heard her giggling in response
    “Hey! What’s so funny!” Ash said slightly annoyed
    “You said you were glad to see me but you can’t see me at the moment” May continued to giggle to herself.
    Ash blushed in embarrassment at the realization of his goof. He nervously laughed at his mistake
    After May stifled her giggling, she continued, “It’s good to hear you again Ash, I thought I sensed your presence faintly in this world and I am glad that wasn’t me imagining things or being deceived. ”
    “Same here Princess, well about getting to hear you again. You know I ain’t good at the sensing stuff. Ralamuel told me you and the maidens were still alive. how are feeling, are you hurt?” Ash asked her?
    “ Hee hee, yeah I know, it was always funny sneaking up on you in the castle scaring you when you least expected it. I am not hurt physically anymore, just exhausted from a lack of energy. How did your battle with Hargnahim go?”
    Ash told her the recollected events after she was “sacrificed”. She took the news hard that Haragahnim killed her father. Ash comforted her telling her that when they get the Triforce they can undo all of what he did. She cheered up believing with all her might that Ash would succeed. He then told her about the battle he and the sorcerer had.

    “Wow, Ash that was amazing! You sure gave that wizard a sound smashing didn’t you? I am also glad you find my gift useful. Because of the retelling of your heroics if I was with you right now I would give you…” she trailed off .
    “Give me what?” Ash inquiried, “ Please May, I’m dying to know!”
    May grinned slyly to herself, she was thankful Ash couldn’t see her, she was blushing a deep shade of crimson, “Sorry Ash but that is for me to know and for you to find out!”
    Groaning Ash responded “Come on May! You already know and I can find out if you just spill it already”
    May was shocked at Ash’s cunning in finding a loophole, however she wasn’t know for her wisdom for nothing. “Yes Ash, but it is a surprise. You will find out about your surprise later.” (Author’s note: It is not sex. May may not[pun intended] have an entirely innocent mind but her motives are pure. Even if May were willing to do that, Ash would not do that out of respect for May (and not wanting to be castrated by King Norman) Since Zelda takes place in a medieval cultural setting sex doesn’t happen til Marriage Plus in this fanfic they are 13.)
    Ash groaned at the Princess and her wise comeback and choice of words. Ash knew he was getting nowhere so he decided to change the subject. “So where are you at right now?”
    “Hmm, I believe I am at turtle rock, which is located on Death Mountain. Unfortunately, Drewnondorf put a barrier here so you won’t be able to come here until you rescue the 6 maidens first.”
    “Don’t worry May, I will be there to rescue you before you know it!”
    “I know you will Ash, just don’t get too hotheaded or reckless. Promise me?”
    “Yes May, I promise.”
    “Thanks Ash, I will be waiting patiently for you... my hero” May said the last two words calmly and in an angelic soft tone. It gave Ash a warm tingly feeling inside.

    After navigating the rest of the Palace, Ash managed to make it lair of the boss. Standing on all fours before him was a masked Rhyperior with a spike ended tail. The creature roared at its intruder and immediately spit out three fire balls. Ash got out his Ice Rod and froze the three fire balls into cooled Rock. Rhyperior was not pleased and swung his tail smacking Ash into the eastern wall of the room.

    In retaliation, Ash threw 5 bombs at the creature and shot an arrow at them making them explode simultaneously. With the mask broken off Rhyperior was furious and started charging at Ash in the cramped room. Ash running to avoid being smacked in the tail, burnt and being trampled had to act quick. An idea came upon him and he pulled out his ice Rod freezing the path Rhyperior was chasing him. Rhyperior immediately lost its tracking and crashed into the wall and landed sideways. Ash start slashing the creatures glowing green gem on its forehead repeatedly.

    The monster roared in pain and headbutted Ash thankfully he had his shield in front of him to take the hit. Unfortunately Ash smacked into the wall again. Because Ash was dizzy he pulled out his magical cape until he got his balance back which only took a few moments. This confused Rhyperior for a few moments before Ash snipped it’s green gem with an arrow. Stunned, Ash leapt into the air performing his Spin Attack defeating the boss. It exploded into a harmless smoke.

    A blue crystal materialized from the ceiling and fell down. Ash caught it and inside was light complected tomboyish girl with Red hair wearing a yellow dress. Ash inwardly groaned knowing how this was going to go.
    “Seriously, you’re the chosen hero!? Please say it ain’t so because if so this is a nightmare.”
    “Well excuuuuse me, Misty. Sorry I am not your precious Gary now am I? I think a thank you is in order.”
    “At least he is a soldier in training, unlike you, peasant.”
    “I was trained by Silver and how does it feel that this amateur peasant rescued you? Hmm.” Check and mate ash thought to himself smugly.

    Ash did not hate Misty but he at best he tolerated her. She was very arrogant and full of herself because her dad is the minister to King Norman. She also did not think Ash and his family was worthy of the title knight. After all, if his dad was so skilled why did he go missing? Next off to her, Gary was the complete deal when it came to a man. He was part of nobility, he was also smart, strong, handsome, charming, and most of all romantic.
    To her Ash was just some backwashed country bumpkin who was tainting the castle with his uncouth immaturity and stupidity. She always tried to boss him to do chores because of her social standing, however Ash would outsmart her and May would end up bossing her around to do the chores instead. She would complain to her dad to talk to Norman about it, but Norman loved his sweet precious Princess May and would ignore the request altogether. This irritated her to no end!

    After all soldiers are just mindless drones, to willing accept any order the nobles give them without question. Almost anyone can apply to be a soldier. So very few soldiers were part of nobility. You were not supposed to move yourself into nobility! That's just taboo. Not only that, but Kings and princesses are obligated to take their advice seriously or ask other advisors for an alternative solution, not flat out ignore them and make up their own decisions on the fly.

    It did not help matters that Ash was really close with May. She was jealous that he was “winning” in his befriending May while Gary did not seem interested in her at all. He was content in just remaining formal acquaintance. In a way, she was jealous of Ash. He turned the workings of the world upside down! He actually had a legit shot at becoming King of Hyrule! She would someday have to serve under a peasant turned King! The horror!

    “Grrr, enough Ash, at least he is nobility unlike you,” she sighed, “Thank you for saving me” She said the last part as sourly as possible.
    Ash knew that was the best he was going to get out of this now. He got his licks in anyway.
    “It was pleasure my lady” Ash responded sourly in kind. “May you please mark the locations of the other maidens on my map?”

    Misty sighed in relief and marked the locations of the other maidens on Ash’s map. She was glad she was done having to deal with Ash for the time being. He left the dungeon and looked at his map. He noticed she did not label turtle rock or indicate May was there.

    “Oh well, May and I are just going to have to payback Misty for her omission later.” He snickered devilishly at the possible ideas he and May would come up with. In their respective lairs, Princess May and Misty sneezed.

    Ash went on his way to Swamp Palace, but after a temporary impasse, he left, used the Magic Mirror to return to the Light World. He was outside swamp Palace. He entered inside there and had a strong desire to pull the switch. After doing so, he returned back to Swamp Palace. The impasse was gone and Ash was free to proceed. Ash was excited that this was a water themed area. He though he would have a relaxing swim in between puzzles and enemy battling. How wrong he was!

    He dreaded any room that had water in it. This was because he would be would see these cute water dropped shaped creatures the size of his head come at him(these are Castform in rain form) and they would ram into him. In deeper water even on land, these Remoraid would home in on him and try to bite him. Ash was getting tired of being a fish toy and fish food and used his Ether Medallion to flash freeze the monsters.

    “Where’s your god now! Huh, yeah that’s right, nowhere cuz I own you!” Ash taunted them. He started to see the Ice quake and unfreeze, so rather than take his chances he went into the next room. He was glad he did because he opened up the large treasure chest. He then held out the item in front of him exclaiming, “Alright, I got a hookshot!” Out of nowhere Ash though her heard Ralamuel groaning and muttering “wrong series!” Ash did not know if he was hearing things or going crazy from being in the palace for too long. Before being creeped out overthinking it and not wanting to know Ash decided to go to the next room.

    The hookshot made dealing with those water “things” much easier. Ash would fire it a block or chest across the room and the hookshot would latch onto the object and pull him over to it. He then tested it on a Lanturn and it would latch onto it and pull it over to him. Ash swung the Master Sword fiercely knocking it against the wall.

    Man this thing is handy! What other things could this be used for? Ash started fantasizing about other uses for the hookshot.

    (fantasy sequence)
    It is a hot summer day at Hyrule Castle. Ash and May are in the royal pool. Ash and May are reclining on a soft floating tanning chair that has room for both to recline on. May is to Ash's right laying beside him. May pulls up her sunhat looking up to Ash.

    "Oh Ash" May cooed, "could you be a hero and get me some delicious fruit. I will share it with you my darling"

    "Sure anything for you Princess" Ash pulled out the hookshot from the hoister on the bottom of the left side arm of the chair.

    "Ash, what are you doing? Aren't you going to get up and go get those fruit for me?" May asked this in a baffled manner.

    "My beautiful Princess May, you know my every desire is to please you and to do it with haste! Would you rather be satisfied now, or later?

    May put her finger on her chin. "I suppose that it would be better to be satisfied now. Because this way we can keep cuddling next to each other enjoying the wonderful summer sun!"

    "Exactly my bright and intelligent May! Now do you see that fruit cart over there with all those sweet oranges, lemons, strawberries, pineapples, and grapes?" May nodded. "What would you say to me if I told you I get 1 of each of those and bring them to you without leaving this spot?"

    "I would say you that you have lost your mind!" May made a giggle at the end of that statement.

    "Well May, watch and observe!" Ash pointed the hookshot that at the fruit cart that was 30 feet from their current location. He fired it 5 times. One for each fruit. The hookshot clipped and zipped every fruit that May wanted back seamlessly. May cuddle up closer to Ash as they were about to enjoy their fruit feast.

    "Now who has lost their mind?"
    May chuckled at that remark, "Oh Ash"
    May rested her head on Ash's ripped pecs. Ash then wrapped his huge muscled right arm gently around May's midsection as he stretched his ripped left arm out before laying it down on his left side besides his six pack. May not only fed herself the "haul" of fruit the had but she then started feeding Ash as well.

    (end of flashbacK)

    "Yeah, that's more like it!" Ash spoke gently to himself while he was fantasizing. "Wait, WHAT!, I mean I understand the hookshot would be great at retrieving items far away. Especially, since you don't want to walk up to them and grab them, but where did THAT come from?" Ash shook his head in disbelief. "Either this watery environment is getting to me or May's romance novels she keeps telling me about are rubbing off on me."

    Back at Turtle Rock May sneezed again. "Gosh, I hope I am not coming down with a cold at a time like this."

    He eventually made it to this boss chamber. Ash wanted this battle finished as soon as possible. When he arrived he saw a Tentacool in the center of the room being mostly covered by levitating Tentacool on all sides. He used his hand hookshot to pull in and smach the tentacool with his sword. The were all going down in one hit. He noticed the Tentacool begin to stay station and building up energy. Using the hookshot he aimed for a block in the corner of the room and after the hookshot connected to it, it zipped Ash safely out of harm’s way.

    Not much longer the boss was defeated. After all the Tentacool were gone and all the Tentacruel did was move rapidly around the move trying to body slam Ash repeatedly. A crystal materialized up in the ceiling and came down. Ash caught it and it revealed a girl wearing an orange dress with Pinkish crimson hair inside the crystal.

    Ash recognized that she was Solidad one of May’s best female friends. Ash was on good terms with her himself. She was the social organizer for party events, and other social events around the castle. She was the one who helped Ash learn how to dance so he would not embarrass Princess May at the Hylian Ball that happens every year.

    “Nice seeing you here Ash. I was starting to become bored here. Normally if that happens and there is not much going on I can nap, but it seems these crystals that Hargahnim put us in prevents that from happening”.

    “It is nice seeing you again as well Solidad”. Ash bowed before her before like she does on stage at the end of introducing plays at the Kakariko theater. “You were starting to get bored. Ha! I would have been bored right from the start of being in that Crystal”.

    “Heh, that doesn’t surprise me Ash. If there is anyone with a short attention span it is you. I honestly do not know how Princess May keeps you in line from causing too much trouble around the Castle?”

    “Trust me Solidad she has her ways” Ash laughed but starting blushing just thinking about May and her beautiful hair and her gorgeous cerulean eyes that sparkle like the fresh clear waters of Lake Hylia and that heartwarming smile she gives him when she is happy or having a fun time”
    Wait why I am thinking May that way. GAH! Focus Ash focus!
    This did not go unnoticed by Solidad and she gave a knowing smile. Instead of flustering Ash about it she thought she would give a rundown of what is happening, plus a history lesson.

    After all, if Ash is going to be King of Hyrule someday and he is going to need to be knowledgeable about the Land and the history of its people. The Princess has helped him improve quite a bit. It is interesting that Ash is more of a hands on kinesthetic learner type rather than the classroom bookworm type. Oh boy, May and the advisor are going to have their handsfull with Ash someday. I look forward to that.
    “Tell me Ash, do you know about the Triforce?”

    “Of course I do Solidad, they are the sacred golden triangles that were left behind by the three goddesses after they created the world. It is divided into three parts. Each separate one representing Power, Intelligence, and Courage”
    “Very good Ash, but it is Power, Wisdom, and Courage”
    “Yeah yeah I know same difference”

    Solidad sighed. There is a difference Ash but let’s move on from here. “Do you know how the Dark World became the way it did?”
    “Yes, people began to become greedy when they heard about the golden power and went into the Sacred Realm trying to find it, it was eventually sealed off and eventually Drewondorf Dragmire touched it and it became this way”.

    Solidad collapsed on the ground anime style and then groaned loudly because of the last part Ash said. “For the love of the goddesses Ash, really? You think the Sacred Realm became this way just because Drewondorf touched the triforce!”

    “Well soooory, Solidad, you know I get bored with Instructor Elm’s history presentations. They are so boooooring and speaking in a monotone does not help matters. Also the books we use do not contain many pictures in them”
    Solidad facepalmed but couldn’t hold in a chuckle about what Ash said about Instructor Elm. That was accurate to the T.

    “Okay Ash listen carefully because if you don’t I will make you lead in the next Hyrule Castle Ballet and Misty will be in charge of instructing you.”

    0_0 was Ash’s expression after hearing that before he bent down to the ground with his knees and elbows on the ground begging Solidad for that not to happen!

    “As long as you can remember this Ash then I won’t let that happen to you okay.” She smiled towards Ash as he made a sigh of relief. “.the Triforce grants the audible wish of the one who touches it.”
    “Ohhhhhh, I forgot about that part.” Ash exclaimed.
    “However there is a catch” Solidad paused and Ash asked what the condition was.
    “That person’s wish is kept in power as long as that person is alive...
    That, surely, is why it was placed in the sacred land, and its location passed down only among those chosen. However, it looks as though that was interrupted somewhere...
    Then, the one who again discovered the sacred land was the thief called Drewnondorf.
    But, thankfully, he didn't know how to return to the World of Light.
    ...oh yes, I remembered.
    You have the Magical Mirror that only the Hero can master, don't you!
    There are several more of the magic portal that was on Mount Hebra.
    If you use those and go back and forth between the two worlds, you can find the monsters that lurk in the World of Darkness!
    The only one who can defeat Drewnon who is now the Demon King of Darkness, is you.”
    “Thanks Solidad, if only you were my history tutor then I would have remember those things and paid attention.”
    “No problem Ash, now may the way of the hero lead to the Triforce!” With that blessing, Ash performed his spin attack and held the Master Sword skyward before departing to rescue for the next maiden.

    Ash made it next to the Skull Woods dungeon. The entire dungeon was uneventful including the boss fight. The boss was a giant Mothim That Ash managed to burn with just three blasts of his fire rod.

    Drewnon must be becoming clueless if he thinks monsters like that will stop me.

    The next crystal appeared in the ceiling and Ash caught it as it descended. The girl was had red hair and wore a black dress with red flame patterns on the skirt section of the dress. It was Flannery, she was the daughter of the blacksmith for King Norman. She worked alongside her father in learning how to run the forging and smelting process of all the castle’s metal produces, whether they were swords, door knobs, keys, shields, pipes, you name it. She had a clear interest in the Master Sword.

    “Thank you Ash for saving me. It’s a shame you did not use the Beautiful shining sword on that monster you just beat, I was hoping to see it in action.”

    “Sorry to disappoint you Flannery, but a pathetic excuse for a minion of that caliber doesn’t even deserve to be stabbed with a butter knife!” Flannery laughed hard at that what Ash just said.
    “Oh my Ash, you are such a riot! Hey Ash, have you noticed that the newer regular monsters you encounter have been getting tougher?”
    “Yeah now that you mention it, each dungeon the regular enemies are taking more hits to defeat. Is the Master Sword becoming defective?”
    “Ha ha, no Ash, what that means is you are facing newer stronger monsters. Drewnon is hoping to wear you down in the battle of attrition. I can sense my dad’s blacksmith assistant in this realm. You may want to go check out the village of outcasts. If you can get him back to the Light World they can upgrade your Master Sword for your making it stronger!”

    Ash was ecstatic to hear that.
    “By the way Ash have you heard of the Great Catastrophe?” Ash nodded to affirm that he had.
    'If one with an evil heart claims the Triforce, a "Hero" will unfailingly appear, and shall defeat the one who will become the origin of this "Great Catastrophe".
    However, if the "Hero" were to fall, the world would be engulfed by the evil-hearted one'...
    Yes, the only ones who are supposed to be able to become the "Hero" are those of the Knight Family that protected the Hylian royal family...
    You carry their blood, I am sure of it. Make sure to rescue Princess May.”

    “Don’t worry Flannery, I will not rest until May is rescued and this land is rid of Drewnon!”
    “That’s what I wanted to hear! May the way of the hero lead to the Triforce! Ash performed his signature spin attack and then pointed the Master Sword Skyward.
    After wandering around stealthily by the village of outcasts, Ash was able to find Politoad with a smith hat on.

    Hmm that must be the guy Flannery was talking about. Ash decided to walk up to the toad smith and ask him if he was the assistant to Flannery’s dad Maxie the Blacksmith.(Author’s note, this is the Maxie from Team Magma, no Maxie is not evil in this fic, I just thought it would be nice to get some faces for some of the Maiden’s parents).
    The Politoad smith just starting croaking which to ash was undiscernible. The Politoad, after several tries managed to speak words but they were barely discernible because they were so croak heavy. All Ash got out if was Yes Maxie, smith, you slow, thieves, ghosts, behind you, and run.
    Wait, run, why would he say run? (Ash turned around to see a huge group Gengar ghosts along with Thieves(they are Makuhitas) grinning mischievously. The Gengar were preparing Shadow Ball. Ash dashed with his Pegasus Boots after the Politoad to escape the town. After ten minutes of nonstop running,

    Ash came up with a plan. He and the politoad smith ran back to the entrance of thieves town. He then took out his Fire Rod and shot a flamethrower at the group of ghosts and thieves. The ghosts became transparent and the thieves evaded it. However the stream of flames went straight towards village’s bomb shop, which was in the middle of the town. The politoad facepalmed at this turn of events. Ash grabbed the politoad and while holding him in one arm pulled out his Magic Mirror warping him Ash and the politoad could feel the huge explosion quake but thankfully they were warped before the debris and fire reached them.

    When the warped back they were in Kakariko Village. The Politoad smith turned into a male person with glasses, he was slightly taller than Ash with short blond hair wearing a sky blue black smith outfit.
    “Oh boy, I don’t know whether back there you have bad luck or you are just stupid”
    “Personally, I think it was bad luck, I mean we can’t warp while on the run, and I did not know those monsters were going to dodge that flame rod attack!” Ash replied back a little irritated at the blacksmith assistant's retort.

    Clemont realized he was a little too hard on Ash, especially because of the tense situation he was just in earlier. However Ash did save his life, and he was now no longer trapped in the Dark World anymore.

    “Sorry, I guess I did overreact a little. Well thank you for getting me out of there, I can see your quick thinking kept us from getting blown to bits heh”

    “Don’t mention it, by the way do you guys think you can forge my Sword?” Ash showed him the Master Sword. Clemont was acting giddier than a fangirl after examining the Master Sword in person.

    After muttering incoherent syllables for a few moments he finally managed to say, “Why it would be an honor to forge your Master Sword. It is not everyday that you get to see and witness such a renowned blade. Ash followed Clemont to his Maxie’s house. Maxie was relieved to have his assistant back with him. Clemont showed Maxie the Master Sword and explained what Ash wanted done to it. Maxie started stroking his chin in thought.

    He approached Ash and said, “In order to temper this sword it is going to cost ya.”
    Ash gulped nervously, “How much he squeaked out”
    “Oh, about a hefty price of Ten Ruppees.” Ash had an anime sweat drop at the back of his head after he heard that.

    Wow, how do these people make a living with that kind of price. For a second I thought I was going to have to get out my life savings.
    Ash finally heard Maxie after breaking from his train of thought.
    “Ash! How does 10 Rupees sound?”
    “Huh, Oh, Yeah, 10 rupees is fine with me” Ash handed him over a yellow rupee.
    “Come back and your sword should be done within the hour.”

    Ash went exploring the shops that were in Kakariko village, he decided to get him a bite to eat while he was here. He did not know how much time passes between the Light and Dark World. The dark world always seemed to be before sunset. After satisfying his appetite. He decided to stock up on some Blue Potions later down the road.

    Ash went back to smith shop after an hour passed and picked up his new Tempered Sword. Instead of shining a white gleam, the blade now had a shiny flamecolored appearance. Ash practiced some sword techniques to get the feel of his blade. After trying a little he could definitely feel a strong power rush coursing into his arm whenever he swung the sword. Satisfied he thanked the blacksmiths and left back for the Village of Outcasts.

    Entering back into the Village of Outcasts. Ash noticed that the place was a ghost town. All of it was now in ruins and rubble. He saw where a statue of a giant gargoyle was now gone and a staircase was below it. Looking at his map, this was the location of the fourth maiden.

    Ash stepped inside but a mysterious figure was watching behind him before vanishing in a shadowy cloud of smoke.

    If Ash and May could take the place of any characters in a certain game who would you have be and why?(Ps Ash and May have to take the place of characters in the SAME game and it also cannot be Pokemon).

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    Blastoys, thanks for a good fanfic to read! I really love it when May takes the role of a princess. IMO, she really fits any princess role and who else would be her knight in shining armor/hero. Obviously Ash.

    Now that's another interesting question:

    I was thinking of the Rune Factory series, where Ash takes the role of every Male Protagonist and May Takes the role of every female Main Bachelorette. The thing is, even though the game offers different choices of Bachelorettes to choose from, May is still the main heroine and is the most important girl for Ash, which by default makes her the main love interest of the main hero (well except maybe Rune Factory 4).

    I'm also thinking of Final Fantasy X. Ash as Tidus and May as Yuna.

    And spoiler for Final Fantasy X just in case:
        Spoiler:- Feels!:

    And to add up something in Asuna's question earlier about different anime role, I was also thinking of Tsubasa Chronicles where Ash is Syaoran Li and May is Princess Sakura.
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    Nice follow up to the story, Blastoys. Maybe you should post this on

    As for your question, I think Kingdom Hearts would be a good scenario for SatoHaru since I think they are good replacement for Sora and Kairi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by asuna07neros View Post
    Nice follow up to the story, Blastoys. Maybe you should post this on

    As for your question, I think Kingdom Hearts would be a good scenario for SatoHaru since I think they are good replacement for Sora and Kairi.
    Ahh, I forgot about KH! >.<
    I agree that game would totally make a good AU for Ash and May.

    Anyway, I'm also thinking of Suikoden V. This time, Ash plays the role of a prince while May is his loyal bodyguard, childhood friend, as well as his voice since the prince is a silent protagonist.

    Spoiler for Suikoden V
        Spoiler:- Ending:
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    Thanks for the compliments guys. Asuna yeah I will post it on once I finish the story and proofread it. If it is possible I will put it in the advanceshipping fanfic section. You guys are the beta testers of my first fanfiction.

    Yeah, and I agree with you Setsuna. May in the show I can easily see wanting to be a Princess. Ash fits the hero role very well. Not only that but Ash and May are selfless and serving towards each other.

    As I guy, I can say that I do not understand everything there is to women haha(I do know much more now as a 23 year old than a clueless jr high student ) However May is pretty fun and easy to write because like I have said earlier she is very expressive with her emotions. She is a what you see is what you get kinda girl. You know how she feels just by the expression on her face.

    Ash can be pretty dense and insightful at times, writing that in this fic is very fun, although I hope it is coming across as Ash being more "slow" at catching things on and impulsive than stupid.

    Yeah Ash and May fit FF X very well. I liked Tidus as a main character in that one. A breath of fresh air for a male lead in a video game that is not mostly emotionless amd angsty like Cloud. Then there are other characters that are all like duty duty duty, I have no other interests or beside vengeance and stopping the bad guy and I have no time for petty things like Romance(cough Ike from FE cough cough) .

    Asuna, Kingdom Hearts is another good fit, once again a breath of fresh air from the typical male protagonist lead in anime and video games.

    I will be working on the next installment as of right now of an Ash to the Past. Expect it to be up in 3 to 4 hours.

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    Hello Blastoys, try to avoid double posting!

    What Anime show do you see Satoshi and Haruka starring in? Put a spoiler if you want to elaborate.
    Hmmm, Alternative world anime! May is Ash's female version in an alternative world, while Ash is her male version, One day, both worlds crash to each other, that's how Ash and May meet each other and fall in love, It would be great, you know, it's hard to see a selfcest shipping in this world, and Ash and May looks like each other, so, why not?

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    The Legend of May: An Ash to the Past
    Chapter 3

    Man this place gives me the creeps! Ash thought to himself as he was going through the Thieves Den.
    There were many Gibdoes which were a mummy like enemy,( Author’s note, no Pokemon fit the types of enemies that I list here so the tradition Zelda enemies apply). Next. were the stalfos, which were a skeletal enemy. Boy, oh boy, did Ash hate the stalfos. They would stand still when Ash would spot them, and he would charge towards them swinging his sword and they would leap backwards, while still facing him.

    Ash then would charge up a sword beam with his Tempered Master Sword and shoot it at them and the Stalfos just jumped over it. Ash thought he had them when he backed up into a wall, yet they still kept dodging. With Ash’s guard down the 2 Stalfos eacg thew a bone at him hitting him square in the jaw sending him backwards.

    Ignoring the intense pain in his Jaw, Ash was tired of this! He channeling his magical energy, he used poured the bombos magic into his sword. Making one rapid spin attack, the master sword shot out the intense flames exploding everything around Ash. The two stalfos didn’t even get a chance to react as they burned for a split second intensely before exploding. Also a group of stalking Golbats fell down burning and exploding as well.

    Ash paused to catch his breath. Ash smirked at the sight. Serves them right, I ain’t no dog that plays fetch.
    Ash finally got to the dungeon treasure room. As Ash was walking to the treasure chest, he felt something odd. Like something was watching him.

    Maybe, I should shout out to whoever is watching me to come out. Ash then reconsidered. No way, that is stupid! That’s one of the chessiest things that only rookie level heroes do. I mean I can use my invisible cape get the treasure and walk out but what would the fun in that be? Heh heh I have a better idea.

    Ash prepared his Quake spell technique. This technique was not useful offensively for attacking stronger monsters. However it has a better use. Ash then channeled the energy to the Master Sword, with it giving off a purple aura, Ash leaped into the air and swinging the sword downward, he thrust it into the ground and unleashed the magical shockwaves out of the sword. The shockwaves pulsed throughout the room traveling the entire floor, the walls and the ceilings. Two armored Gallade fell down, being shocked with low damage as they materialized. Another handy thing about the Quake spell was that it disabled enemies from being able to become invisible.

    The 2 armored Gallade looked at Ash, sizing up his skills. They were evil, but followed a knight’s code. They respected his skill in being able to detect them and force them out hiding by his own cunning. This was no ordinary challenger. They could sense that this hero not only had the blood of knight flowing in his veins but that of a powerful sorcerer as well.

    Ash eyed his opponents carefully. These creatures' ‘arms” if you could call them that. Had razor sharp swords. Most monters Ash has faced would immediately lash out at him right now. It did not take long to show to him that they followed a warrior’s code of some sorts. Knowing this, Ash motioned them to come forward an attack and the battle began.

    Ash and the Gallades were panting as they kept facing off against each other. They all had some major cuts and scrapes on them. Ash’s sword arm was getting heavy after the damage it took. Amazingly, Ash did not manage to get disarmed from the enemy. The Gallades with the blade arms could easily do it to inexperienced warriors and normal knights in training. The hard part for Ash was when these monsters got low on health, they became, fierce, unpredictable and worst for him, more agile.

    Ash knew he had better think of a plan fast. He could handle one via traditional combat means but two, he could not(there was no time in his battle to drink a potion while evading or putting up a defensive stance. Author’s Note, He can’t attack or use items while using the Magical Cape. It does not allow that. Why? Because Magic!) Ash noticed earlier when watching the Gallade’s fall after using Quake, that there were two hookshot targets on the wall where two pillars stood. Not only that but there were two hookshot targets above the pillars as well.

    Ash brought his plan into motion. I sure hope this works! Ash the two gallade were chasing him down. Ash ran to were the pillar was. He position himself with his back face the wall in the middle of the room between the two pillars. Thus giving the appearance that he had no means of escape. The two gallade trapped him. One in front of him and one behind him(the two pillars are on his right and left). Ash, with his lighting fast reflexes pulled out his hookshot and shot it at the target above the right pillar. Ash timed it as Gallade in front of him had his arms charging red.

    Inwardly smiling that the Gallade fell into his trap. Ash was pulled up to the right pillar. The Gallade’s X Scisssor attack homed in on where in the direction Ash travlled . In with his hookshot. Ash noticed earlier in the battle that attack of theirs is a homing attack. He suspected that it homes in only a linear floor path only. The Gallade are grounded when using that attack.

    While Ash was being pulled in with the hookshot he pulled out a lit bomb. The Gallade with a full powered X-Scissor struck the pillar with Max speed. Ash dropped it along with another unlit bomb besides it. Ash immediately used his hookshot and fired it at the target along the wall of the left. Once Ash’s hookshot brought him to his destination, the pillar was sliced cleanly from its base toppling quickly. The Gallade, with battle exhaustion couldn’t move from being stunned by hitting slicing the pillar. The other Gallade moved was backing up against the wall from its earlier position that trapped Ash from “escaping”.

    Ash deftly brough out his bow and fired an arrow at the lit bomb by the base of the toppling pillar. It hit the lit bonb causing it to explode in chain reaction with the unlit bomb near it, at the same time as the pillar toppled and crushed the Gallade that was in its path. With the smoke of the explosion enveloping the Gallade. Ash dashed with the aide of his Pegasus boots and with all his might, thrusted his Master Sword into the back of Gallade, the weakest point of its armor. It collapsed and harmlessly exploded.

    Ash then drank a blue potion, since he was low on Magic from using Bombos and his Magic Cape earlier in the battle( he used it to avoid the X scissor attacks from the Gallades as that was how he learned they were a homing attack) and to heal his injuries he sustained from his battle. Catching his breath he proceeded to the chest.

    To Ash’s delight there were Titan gauntlets. Ash put them on as they covered his hands. They were bronze in color. Ash could feel power surging in his arms until he could no longer detect it and became use to the power. Testing it out. Ash in one full motion, grabbed the base of the last standing pillar and pulled it in an upwards motion. He broke the Pillar from its base and in a horizontal swing, he slung it away as it made a loud crash hitting the wall. Ash’s mouth hung open as he was shocked at how easy and effortless it was.

    I hope I am around a structure like this the next time Misty is mad at me! That way I can do that and that will make her so scared she will never want to talk smack to my face again!
    With that outta the way Ash left and proceeded on his way.

    Ash made it to the part of the dungeon where there were prison cells. To his surprise Ash saw fire breathing Gible behind them. Ash looked at it and saw a keyhole and he saw two more iron clad prison barriers with bars going down behind the one he was looking at. Ash cursed to himself realizing he was out of keys, and he was not going to go search for more . Ash grabbed two bars shoulder width apart and in pulled it out of the ground. Before the Gibles could realize what happened Ash pivoted 180 degrees with the prison barrier hoisted and swung it with all his might slamming into the Gibbles behind the first barrier and crashing into the other barriers as well. All the enemies behind the first three barriers were gone. To his delight and astonishment, there was a small chest behind where the third barrier was.

    Good Goddesses, I had no idea that treasure chests were indestructible. Ash then went up to and opened it up taking the small key out of it.

    Ash then noticed in the back of the cell was a pink haired girl with a white dress with red trim between on trim around the arm sections, neck, mid section, and bottom cuff of the dress(I do not know the specific terms for dress parts) with cherry blossom pink hair and a sizable bust for a girl of her frame size. It was something you would have to beblind not to notice. Ash normally does not pay attention to those details if he can help it. Ash opened the cell and greeted the woman “Whitney is that you! What are you doing here and why are you not trapped in a crystal?”

    “Ash, crazy seein’ you here! I am just as clueless as you ar concernin’ why I ain’t in that there crystal” she replied back in a country accent.
    Whitney is the daughter of Talon who owns Lon Lon Ranch. She works and helps her father with running the ranch. Ash and May would often go there to see the horses and ponies. Whitney would give them horse back riding lessons and also show off to them her rodeo skills. Ash and May really enjoyed the scenery and change of pace from that of Hyrule Castle.

    However for some reason Ash could sense something was off with Whitney. Why would Harghanim trap the maidens in crystals but leave one of them out trapped in a jail sail outside of the crystal? They were descendants of the seven sages and thus inhereited their powers. By keeping them locked in the crystals if would keep them from being able to fully use their powers.
    “Ash! Yoohoo earth to Ash! Hey!”
    “Huh, what is it Whitney!” Ash responded after she broke him out of his contemplation .
    “Bout time you left the chicken pen partner. Are we just goin’ to sit here and dawdle all day or are we goin’ to leave this place”
    “Yeah let’s get going.”
    When Ash and them were going through the dungeon, they went through one of the rooms that was pitch black. Ash pulled out his lantern and Whitney jumped in fright when he lit it.
    “You startled me sugar! Next time give this gal a warnin’ before you do that kay?”
    Ash raised his eyebrow at her reaction and response. “Why? Do you like the dark or something?” Ash responded
    “ Of course. It’s calm and soothin’ and the instan’ flash does not hurt your eyes”

    Her reaction to his lantern caused him to be suspicious of her, but her explanation confirmed that this was definitely not Whitney. The Whitney he knew was terrified of pitch black places. Any source of light was a welcome delight for her. Thankfully Ash, was taking the long way back to exit the dungeon. On their way there was an empty room with a special curtain blocking the window. From the edges of the curtain when Ash first went into that room, he noticed it gave off a strange bright light.
    Maybe that light will reveal the ldentity of this real impostor!

    When they arrived at the room Whitney seemed tense and asked “Hey Ash, why are we in this room? This is AHHHHH“ the impostor said after Ash then took out his fire rod and shot a flamethrower at the curtain. It burned it away revealing a bright white light behind it. As the light beams came in focused in a patch in the middle of the room, Whitney started burning and giving off greenish smoke. Not before long she transformed into an Emboar!

    “Graaah, the Light it burns, You will pay Ash! I will now finish what I started 5 years ago!”
    “What are you talking about? Who are you?
    “You don’t remember?” the Emboar chuckled, “Remember that group of thieves that attacked Castle town 5 years ago? When you and Princess May were outside playing together?”
    Ash was in the process of recalling it, Emboar continued on anyway.
    “You guys heard the pandemonium happening as you were walking into the Hyrule Castle Town with Princess May behind you we kidnapped her and got away.”

    Ash then remembered what happened.

    “You bastard! So you are Blind the thief aren’t you!”
    Blind chuckled evilly. “In the flesh! Not only did you manage to track us down, took out my henchmen but you even had Princess May escape successfully… and unharmed!” he said the last part angrily.
    Ash thought back fondly at what allowed him to track Princess May and safely rescue her.
    Ash and Princess May were having their time of their lives at Caste Town’s Sealing Festival. It was held every year on the day the Knights of Hyrule valiantly gave their lives so the sages could seal Drewnon Dragmire away.
    Ash and Princess may were enjoying their cotton candy when May looked at a mini game booth and saw two beautiful golden ribbons with an Emerald and Ruby gemstone respectively.
    “Wow! Look Ash, aren’t those Ribbons beautiful!” she pointed to where they were.
    Ash looked at them and was in awe of the sparkling gleam. He noticed how May was gazing at them wondrously. He knew how happy she would be to have them. So he decided he was going to win that mini game for her.
    Ash walked up to the booth attendant and asked what it took to win the those two ribbons.
    “ Beautiful aren’t they? You have good taste young man! The Ruby Ribbon can be won if you break our high score of 45 points!”
    “And the Emerald Ribbon“
    The man gasped, “Young Man, that would require a perfect score. I been running this game for 15 years and no one has yet gotten a perfect score of 50 points”
    “How much Rupees per try?”
    “30 Rupees”
    Ash got out his wallet. He looked inside and he had only 120 rupees worth in it.
    “Ash you don’t need to win those pendants for me. I am fine without them. It took you a long time to save up those Rupees you have. I don’t want you to potentially lose them in case you don’t win those silly ribbons. Please don’t do it Ash” May looked at him pleadingly.

    Normally Ash would have melted like putty and conceded when May looked at him like that. But when saw how she was gazing at them earlier he knew he had to win them for her. She was his best friend and no one deserved to be happier more than her. That and he thought the ribbons would maker her even cuter and she was even more cute when she was happy.

    “ I appreciate your concern for me Princess, but I am going to get you those ribbons. You count on it!” he said smiling at her with a determined face as he gave her a thumbs up.
    “Oh Ash!” May said sweetly.
    Ash walked up into the galley of the booth and the man explained to Ash what he had to do. This was an archery game with one minute and fifteen seconds to shoot all the red Inkays. For each Red Inkay he hits. He receives 1 point. If Ash shoots a blue Inkay he loses time.

    Ash gave the man 30 rupees. On his first attempt Ash got a score of 30.

    His next one he got of 40.

    His third try he managed to get a 46. The man was shocked that Ash could beat the high score within three tries. Ash was already getting his last of his rupees to pay for the fourth shot at the perfect score. The attendant saw this and took notice.
    “Congratulations young man. You won the Ruby Ribbon! Let’s make this more interesting shall we? I see you only have 30 rupees left. Instead of paying with those how about you wager the Ruby Ribbon? If you lose you give me that instead and you will not be able to play this game anymore.”

    Ash and May were shocked at what he said.
    “What do I get if I win?”
    “If you get a perfect score, not only will you get both ribbons, but you will also win 1000 rupees. That is why I made the condition earlier that you can’t play again if you lose. There is a lot I am risking on the line. If word gets out that I did this and you lose, other people will want to make that condition and I will get less customers. I am sorry young man, but the score you got is the highest possible score achievable. I know this, because even the elite soldier archers were not able to beat 45. You beating it is a miracle in and of itself.” The man made a hand motion for Ash to come closer and then he whispered, “Those Ruby and Emerald Ribbons are not ordinary ones. They came from the same rock before they were cut apart and the legend goes that they came from a quarry near a great fairy fountain. It is said that the two ribbons have a mysterious power that is only to be achieved between soul mates.”
    “What is the power?” Ash whispered back.
    “I have heard that the two soulmates who have one of these ribbons, that no matter where the two soulmates are, they will be able to find each other.”
    Ash was amazed when he heard that. He did not fully understand the soul mates part. But he knew this man was not lying because during the entire discussion he had a completely serious look on his face. This was not a sales pitch.
    “Deal” Ash said as they both shook hands.

    I do not like it that Ash has risked so much on the line just for me. Even though I do not like it, I will root for him and hope that he wins. May thought to herself.
    He scanned the field methodically and he would hit the first Red Inkay right as it would surface. He would hit every one of them before the last one completely surfaced for that round! The attendant and May were shocked at what was occurring.
    Just before Ash approached the final round his score was 45. Now during the game all the Inkay’s for each round surface at individual times. The last round there were 5 of them that surfaced at the same time with 5 of them in the form of a T. He also noticed that they always appeared in a 3 x 3 grid. If they rose up individually the perfect score would be much easier to achieve. It also makes it hard that there is only 3 seconds to hit 5 Inkays in the T shape in the 3 x 3 grid. If they were arranged like dots of a 5 on a dice it would be even easier. Not only that but the Inkays in the last round do not lower when you hit them. Only one hit counts per Inkay.
    Then it struck to Ash why he achieved a 48 and why the game was “impossible” to achieve a perfect score! The reason why not only with the former details but also because people only shoot one arrow at a time!

    The final round approached as the Red Inkays all appeared with 3 seconds remaining. Ash already fired and hit the Red Inkay in the left Back row just as its head surfaced. In an instant motion Ash notched an arrow and hit the Red Inkay on the back Right row. With slightly less than 2 seconds remaining Ash got three arrows. Notched them in his bow and leaped into the air, he then launhced them into their targets. They all hit perfectly!

    The Buzzer went off and confetti fell down. Balloons fell down with the words “Perfect Score”
    The attendant could not believe what he saw. He was crying hysterically but it was tears of joy. He never thought he would see someone get a perfect score. He made the game himself and even he wasn’t able to achieve it. Of course he knew about using multiple arrows but it never worked for him. He could not believe a child was able to do it!
    May cheered with glee and ran up to Ash jumping at him. He caught her as she embraced him tightly.
    “Oh Ash, you were so awesome! I believed deep down you could win and you did! I am was so nervous I blinked at-“
    “CAN’T B-BREATHE” he gasped out interrupting her
    She loosened her hug and laughed nervously as Ash inhaled air that he missed during that hug.

    “Congratulations young man. Here you go you have earned it!” With May still hugging Ash the attendant handed Ash the two ribbons and gave him the bag with 1000 rupees in it.

    As they walked away Ash said, “Here you go May, I hope you like it” he handed her the Ruby Ribbon with a light blush on his cheeks.
    Princess May was blushing as well and accepted it saying, “Ash, I love it and I will cherish it always.”

    A few hours later they were walking around the outskirts of castle town. Princess May had the Ruby ribbon attached on the front of her white and sky blue dress. Ash had his emerald ribbon sewn on his red scarf by May on his red scarf that was the memento of the last thing he had of his mother’s.
    They heard screams and cries and explosions inside Hyrule Castle Town. Startled Ash ran to the gates quickly with Princess May trying to catch up.

    “AHHH Ash help me EEEEK” May screamed.
    “Princess May!” Ash screamed as he quickly turned around and saw a figure with a long sleeved all black shroud holding Princess May as she was dangling in the air!
    “AHAHAH you will catch a pretty penny ahahahah”
    “Let her go now you kidnapper!” Ash roared out.
    “Kidnapper? I ain’t no kidnapper. I am Blind the thief! Don’t you forget it! AHAHAHAAH”
    He vanished in a cloud of black smoke along with Princess May!

    Ash was angry and in shock and did not know what to do.
    Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! How could I let this happen! If King Norman finds out I am going to be in huge trouble! Princess May please be okay! I don’t know where to go. Blind’s gang of thieves are ruthless and not much is known about them. They change their base of operations so frequently! Ash started beating the ground with his fist as tears streamed down his face.
    All of a sudden Ash could feel sorrow and fear, then thankfulness?

    He tried to connect the dots and then was it Princess May’s emotions. Why would she be thankfu?. Because of the good time they had at the festival? How he won her the Ruby ribbon?
    THE RIBBON! Ash recalled what the shop attendant said. They had mysterious powers that would allow soulmates to find each other!

    Suddenly Ash heard May’s voice.

    Oh what are they going to do with me? I am trapped in this cell in a wooden shack. Those guards mentioned something about being in the outskirts in the lost woods. Yet I do not see a forest out in the distance. I just see a hill land that is far down. Ash must be worried sick about me.

    That must be what she is thinking right now! She must also be by Kakariko Plateau!

    Ash went to Lon Lon Ranch and asked Whitney if he could borrow a horse. She looked at him like he was crazy! He then explained to her the situation and she agreed. She let him borrow her faithful steed whom she named Rapidash, she was her fastest horse. Ash saddled up on her and started galloping to Kakariko Plateau.
    An hour later Ash arrived at Kakariko Plateau. He went the long way along the edge of the Lost Woods so he would not be found. He saw the place was under minimum security.
    Ash could hear May again.

    I can sense Ash’s presence. He must be close! I hope he knows what he is doing. It is very tightly guarded inside!

    As Ash used a grappling hook, he climbed up the plateau. He made it quickly and hid in the bushes. He saw that there was one guard outside. Ash had to think of a way to take him out silently and bring the others outside. He noticed that there was a opening he could crawl through up in the side of the roof.
    Ash used his grappling hook to get on the roof. Silently he went over to where the guard was. Ash did not like having to resort to this but he prepared his knife and Ash tied his spare rope on the metal pole hanging from the roof with the other end tied around his waist. With his knife in one hand and a gag in the other he fell down, gagged the thief and slit his throat killing him instantly. Next Ash dropped a bomb near the entrance where the guard was hiding.

    Many guards came out seeing what the commotion was. Luckily, they did not notice the three bombs Ash left by the door when they got out. It was too late when they noticed it and it exploded wounding them where most couldn't walk or use their arms. Ash killed them on the spot there. Acting quickly he went through the crawl space. At the end, Ash arrived in what appeared to be the kitchen area. No one was there at the moment. In the open doorway Ash saw a cell in the center of the room. He saw Princess May there with her back to him.

    I can’t let her see me right now, if she does she will be overjoyed alerting her to my location.
    Ash could hear her thoughts on the occasion here.
    Ash is here! I need to keep looking sad though, but it’s so hard! Be careful Ash.

    Ash climbed up a ladder to an overhang where supply crates were. Ash looked up and saw a guard shouting at May!
    She must have been excited knowing that I am here now! But that’s perfect because if I can aim an Arrow and hit him in the heart because he is too busy paying attention to May.

    Ash notched an arrow and aimed at the guard’s heart. Ash fired the arrow and hit him right in the heart! He landed on the floor dead as a door nail. Ash ran quietly to May’s cell where the guard was.
    Ash put a finger on his lip letting May know to keep quiet. Ash searched the guard and found his keys. Searching for the right key he found it and opened May’s cell. He wanted to admire her beauty but offering her his hand they escaped the hideout through the crawlspace he used to entered the building.

    Ash had may take Rapidash and ride back to the castle Ash was about to get on with her when he saw Blind the Thief rapidly approaching.

    “Ash hurry get on!”
    “No May! Go without me I don’t want you to get captured again”
    “Just GO!”

    May reluctantly kicked the stirrups and Rapidash left in a hurry.

    Ash unsheathed his sword as he ran into the Lost Woods with Blind not far behind,

    Ash was panting as he arrived in the back area of the Lost Woods.
    “Hah there is nowhere for you to run kid. You are going to pay for what you did to my band of thieves.”

    “Try me” Ash said coldly and the battle commenced.

    Ash had may scrapes and cuts as Blind was fighting him in a murderous rage. He was unpredictable and was two feet taller than him and much stronger. Ash managed to cut his shins and left a gash in his stomach yet this man was unfazed about that. What is this man?
    Ash was getting exhausted because by now it was evening and he hadn't eaten since an hour before noon. Blind swung his sword as Ash weakly held up his sword to take the blow but it ended up sending him backwards. Ash weakly tried to get up as Blind was approaching cackling with murderous intent. In front of Ash was a strange rock with a faint purple aurora coming from it. Ash kicked it with all his might as it went flying hitting Blind straight into the gut.

    Then a Purple swirling portal appeared where the rock was dragging Blind in.

    “NOOOO, Kid what did you do!” Blind was struggling to resist it but was failing as it was slowly sucking him in. Ash was being sucked in as well. He grabbed his grappling hook and threw it at the tree branch behind him. Ash climbed the rope as much as he could. While Blind was being sucked in, he managed to grab the end of the grappling hook’s rope. Only his upper torso was outside the portal.
    Ash cut the rest of the rope with his sword and Blind fell through the portal before it closed.
    (end of flashback)

    “I have been waiting ages to get back at you for what you did to me! When I am done with you, you will be nothing but soot”
    "When I am done with you, you will be blind!" Ash responded back.
    Blind in his Emboar form made a loud roar as it blew a flamethrower straight at Ash as he held his shield in front of him and clinging to the Master Sword.
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    Blastoys, Awesomeness as ever.

    Some other SE franchise that I think Ash and May would fit in

    The World Ends with you where Ash is Neku Sakuraba and May as Shiki Misaki

    Final Fantasy IX where Ash is Zidane and May is Garnet (Though at first, I think Serena would fit Garnet's role but I think May is better)

    And I agree with your points, Blastoys that May's character is quite flexible that any role would fit her in unlike any other Pokemon Heroines. Misty is a Tomboy with Tsundere personality. Dawn is like a girl version of Ash having one track mind. Iris is like a childish version of Misty and Serena is the shy type with Yamato Nadeshico traits (See Hyuuga Hinata of Naruto as example). This is one reason why I enjoy AU fanfic starring May (Advanceshipping related stories of course). I think Ash's character is quite flexible as well, as long as he's not given a broody type of character but all in all, I think both of them in any case would be perfect, IMO. I might be biased but that's how I feel about this shipping.

    Anywho, it's time for another activity to kick in:

    Give this picture a short scenario:

    Well, it's basically my sig but yeah, haha. XD
    I'll give my mini scenario later.
    Support Game Amourshipping as well.

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    Guys, sorry to tell that, but I think that he shouldn't be posting his fanfic here in the thread, serebii has an section for fanfics, this place is used to discuss about AdvanceShipping hints, theories and stuff like that, Sorry to say that, but We should follow all the SPPf rules, so, if he don't stop, I will need to contact a moderator :/

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