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    Post East Northumberland High (multiple shippings) PG

    These are the first 5 chapters since i've been working on this for awhile. I'm included in this too. The characters aren't OOC this time which is good.

    Chapter One
    It’s the year 1898. A man at about the age of 18 walks up to a school like building. A bunch of men follow him. They all approach the building and stop. “Boss why would you put all your funds into a building” one of the men say. “Because I will turn it into my own school” the leader says. “Then what will you call it” another man says. “East Northumberland High” the leader says. So that happened and the school has been used for years. But who would ever think that Ash and his friends would ever go there.

    Ash, Dawn, and Brock were walking somewhere. Pikachu was really excited about what would happen. “Ash I’m so excited, I’ve never been to a school for kids my age before” Dawn said. “I know Dawn” Ash said. “I’m just excited about the girls. I hear that there will be an officer Jenny and nurse Joy” Brock said with hearts in his eyes. Ash, Pikachu, and Dawn sighed. An old face ran up to them when they got closer to the school. “Hey Ash, are you going to East Northumberland High” Gary yelled. “Yeah” Ash said. While they were walking to the school Gary talked about what he heard about the school. “My grandfather said that this school is supposed to be great. He said it opened in 1898. It’s been used for years. He once taught here for about a year. I wonder how the teachers are” Gary said. Dawn was fascinated about how much Gary knew. Secretly she was hoping to find a true love. She figured it could be Kenny, but he was a little mean to her.
    They finally made it to the school and saw someone else Ash especially knew.

    Misty ran up to Ash while Ash ran up to her. They bumped into each other. “Wow I haven’t seen you in so long. What’s happened since I left” Ash and Misty said. “Ash, who is this girl?” Dawn asked. “I’m Misty. Ash and I used to travel together and we’re pretty much best friends” Misty said. “So she’s the one who gave you the lure you love and treasure so much” Dawn said. “Um what she means is that I showed her the lure you gave me” Ash said as he showed Misty the lure that she had given to him. “Well, I’m glad you kept it” Misty said as she blushed. “Misty why did you come here? Shouldn’t you be in the Cerulean City Gym” Ash and Brock asked. “Well my sisters wanted me to go and I wanted to come to an old school. I figured that it would be interesting to come to a school with a mystery” Misty said. “What mystery?” May and Drew said as they walked up to the group. “The mystery of who the Vice Principal, Principal, Secretary, and Superintendant are” Misty said. “That’s some mystery” Kenny and Zoey said as they walked up to the group. “Wait a second, May is that Max over there” Ash asked. “No way I’m not even sure if Max is coming” May said. The mystery person walked up to the group. “Hi my name is MK and although I’m small for my age I’m 12 years old” the person said. “Sorry that I mistook you for Max” Ash said embarrassed. “It’s ok, being with all you make up for it” MK said. The group continued talking about how happy they were to see each other. Another car parked up to the front of the school. A boy walked out of the car with his head down. He told the driver goodbye and approached to the group. “Not you again” he said. The group was definitely not happy to see this person. He was Paul who everyone hated.

    Chapter Two
    “Paul what are you doing here. You already did enough to Chimchar” Ash said. “No of your business twerp” Paul said. “Hey you can’t talk to a future Pokémon Master like that” MK said. “I remember you. You were my partner at the World Wide Tag Battle Championship. You were the reason that we lost” Paul said. “YOU LITTLE *****” MK yelled as she began to fight Paul. Brock stopped her though (It was like when Dawn did the same thing). “I shouldn’t be hanging around with a bunch of losers. I’m off” Paul said as he walked away. “That creep” Misty said. “He’s worse then I used to be” Gary said. “He definitely isn’t like you guys” Richie said as he approached the group. “Richie I haven’t seen you for about a year” Ash said. The group was together and that was all that mattered.

    The school bell rang signaling all students that they could come in. They first received a list of you they would share rooms with. Ash would be with Gary, Richie, and Brock. Kenny would share a room with Drew only (They would have a smaller room). Dawn would share a room with May and Zoey. Misty would share a room with MK, a girl named A, a girl named O, and a girl named D. They went to their rooms. Ash, Gary, Richie, and Brock were living well together. The same with Kenny, Drew, Dawn, May, and Zoey. Meanwhile in Misty’s room things were a little strange and MK could sense it.

    “So your names have only one letter” Misty said. “Yeah” A, O, and D said. “D, what’s with all the roses?” MK asked. “There’s nothing about them” D said. “These three are weird” MK and misty whispered to each other. “You can call us the D.O.A group” the three strangers said. “I know them from somewhere” Misty and MK thought. Since it was the first day no classes would occur. They would only get schedules and get all their things ready. At lunch the group talked about how they were doing in their rooms. “Our roommates are freaks” MK and Misty said.

    “Oh come on, they can’t be that weird” Drew said. “Well let’s see. Their names only have one letter. The have never looked us in the eye. We don’t even know what there faces look like. And D has a bunch of roses” MK and Misty said. “Maybe D is looking for a boyfriend” Brock said with hearts in his eyes. “Maybe those girls are shy” May said. “HOW CAN YOU NOT UNDERSTAND? JUST LOOK AT THEM! AND BESIDES I’M THE SHY ONE” MK yelled. They looked at the table where the mysterious three were. They were whispering to each other and you couldn’t see their faces. D then saw something that must have made her happy. She was staring at Paul. He was sitting at a table by himself. “HEY KID WANT TO SIT HERE?” D yelled. Paul turned his head and seemed to ignore the question. “FINE BE LIKE THAT” D yelled. “It seems that Paul actually has someone in love with him” Dawn said. “It is amazing” Ash said. “Now I know wow you guys can make friends with those girls” May said. “We know too. We just need to get her a date with Paul” Misty and MK said excited.

    Chapter Three
    It was nightfall by the time everyone went to their dorms. D was lying on her bed staring at the wall. “Hey how would you like us to help you get a date with Paul” Misty said. “We know you like him” MK said. “You guys would really do that” D, A, and O said. “SURE” MK and Misty said. The girls began the make over. They gave D advice on what Paul is like and other stuff like that. “We’ll do some more work when we can go to the mall” Misty said as she began to fall on her bed. The girls all fell asleep looking forward to the next morning.

    The alarm clock rang. MK and Misty looked at it and saw that it was 7:00 AM. They only had an hour before school. D, A, and O were already ready and were leaving the room. “They must have done this to us” MK said. The girls hurried to get ready. “I can’t believe they’d do this to us after we helped D’ Misty said. “TRADERS” the girls yelled. They didn’t even eat breakfast after they were ready. They ran through the halls as fast as they could. They were in front of their classroom door when the bell rang. They sat down on their seats and were luckily not in trouble. All their friends were in their class. Except for Paul but he sat in the back of the room. ‘What took you guys so long” Richie said. “Those girls turned off our alarms so we wouldn’t wake up. We had helped D last night and yet they pulled this prank. Their nothing but jerks” Misty and MK said.

    “Class please be quiet” the teacher told the class. The students pulled out their pencils. “My name is Mrs. J and I will be one of your teachers. We will start by talking about Pokémon around Kanto” Mrs. J. “Isn’t there something familiar about her” the group whispered to each other. “Please don’t talk during class” Mrs. J said. Mrs. J gave the students a few worksheets they would have the period to work on. When class was almost over she asked for the students to bring up their sheets. When she looked at their last sheet her eyes seemed to bulge out and she started to frown. “PAUL WHY ISN’T THEIR ANY WORK ON THIS PAPER” Mrs. J yelled. “I just didn’t feel like doing it, don’t be so drastic about it” Paul said. “YOU ARE SUPPOSED T DO WORK. I’LL BE SEEING AFTER SCHOOL” Mrs. J yelled. “So what” Paul said as he left the room. “YOU LITTLE *****” Mrs. J yelled. “That temper seems familiar” MK said. ‘Well let’s just make sure that we don’t get in any trouble with her” the group said.

    The children walked into their next classroom. “My name is Mr. J” the teacher said. His Mime Jr. repeated him. MK raised her hand and asked “Are you and Mrs. J married”. “NO WAY” Mr. J said. “There’s something familiar about this guy too” the group whispered to each other. This class was going pretty normally until the teacher’s Carnivine’s pokeball came out of his pocket and opened. It bit the teacher on the head and the class laughed and then put their heads on their desks. “Doesn’t that seem so familiar” Brock said. The class switching bell rang and the students left the room. “Don’t all these teachers seem so familiar” Kenny said. “Yeah” the group said.

    Chapter Four

    The group moved on to their next classroom. “Welcome to class. My name is Mrs.C and he’s Mr. B” one of the teachers said. May raised her hand and asked “how come all the teachers we’ve seen so far have only one letter in their last name”. “Very good question, WHAT YOU DON’T LIKE OUR LAST NAMES” Mr. B said. “Sorry just wondering” May said as she slumped in her seat. After class the kids left and said to each other “all these teachers are weird and familiar”.

    That was the last class the students would have. On certain days they would have a health class but that would not be for awhile. The loudspeaker announced that there would be a first week dance this Friday. That would be in a couple of days. The group decided that they would all go. Dawn wanted to ask someone but she decided not to.

    The group got ready and started asking each other. Certain people were shy so they wouldn’t ask. The group soon found out that Paul was going to the dance and were surprised. “I thought Paul would hate things like this” Zoey said. But the group didn’t know that Paul was planning something. Secretly he had a crush on Dawn but would never admit it. He didn’t seem like the guy who would have a crush on someone.

    For the rest of the week the students went to all their regular classes and everything was normal. They had their first day of Pokémon Health and Brock fell for Nurse Joy or course. He asked her to the dance and she actually said yes! The class was paired up for caring for a Pokémon egg until it hatched. The pairings were May and Drew, Zoey and Kenny, Misty and Ash and MK, Brock and Ritchie, and Dawn and Paul. “I guess that I’m going to have to take care of the egg by myself” Dawn told Paul. He frowned and said “what makes you think I can’t take care of a Pokémon” Paul said. “YOU HAVE NO HEART” Dawn said. Paul walked away and Dawn walked to the group in a huff. “Dawn that was a little harsh” Gary said. “Well he deserves it” Dawn said.

    Misty and MK did more of their makeover on D. They went shopping during the week and had found some nice oufits. “Now I’m sure I’ll be able to ask Paul to the dance” D said. “I wouldn’t ask. I’d just ask him to dance at the dance” Misty said. “Ok then” D said. MK and Misty were happy with what they had done. They combed D’s hair to make it look nice, added some style to her hat, gave her a pretty blue dress, polished her nails, gave her some eyeliner, and gave her a lot of advice. “Thanks guys I feel like Paul could really like me now” D said as she stood up and smiled. “What’s wrong?” D asked as she MK and Misty’s stares of shock. “Oh we’re just so surprised by your beauty” Misty said. They may have been a bit true but not really. They both recognized that face. That face was similar to Domino’s!

    Chapter 5
    The dance finally arrived. Everyone dressed nicely. The girls wore beautiful dresses and the boys wore handsome tuxedos. Even Paul dressed a little nicely. May and Drew danced together right away. Later Ash asked Misty to dance and she did. Everyone else hung out. It was pretty good at the dance, but it would supposedly not be as good as the prom on the last week of school. MK and Misty approached everyone when they were hanging out. “Listen guys, when MK and I were finished with D’s makeover we saw something” Misty said. “D’s face looks like Domino of Team Rockets face” MK said. “No way, D actually seems too sweet to be Domino” Brock said. “But don’t you guys remember the act that Domino put up so she could accomplish her mission” Misty said. "You’re right. But even if this girl is Domino how do we prove it” Ash said. “We have to think about that. But if there may be one Team Rocket agent here there may be more. Even from other teams” MK said. Everyone got back to the dance floor.

    Paul had been watching Dawn for almost the whole time and had heard the conversation about D. “Maybe D’s a bit like me” he said to himself. After awhile he started walking to Dawn. When he was right in front of her Dawn was ready to scream. Paul leaned in and kissed Dawn on the lips. Dawn got away from him and slapped him. “HOW DARE YOU DO THIS YOU JERK! YOU’RE UGLY ON THE INSIDE AND THE OUTSIDE! NO ONE COULD EVER LOVE YOU!” Dawn yelled. Paul walked away with his head down. You could barely tell but drops of tears were coming from his face. He left the dance and slammed the door. “Hey Dawn, sorry that that happened to you. Would you like to dance with me” Kenny asked. “Sure” Dawn said. They danced for the rest of the night. By the end of the night Dawn asked Kenny” Would you like to start dating?”. “Of course” Kenny said with a smile. Paul had watched them dance and was not very happy with the situation. He was officially a reject and hated by Dawn. “Dawn I’m so happy for you. You have a boyfriend” May said. “Yeah” Dawn said. Everyone went back to their rooms and fell asleep. They all had the same thought in their heads. “Who will be my true love”?

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    Chapter 6
    Misty and MK stayed up late talking about what occurred the night of the dance.
    “I still can’t believe Paul kissed Dawn” Misty said.

    “I always knew he had a crush on Dawn. Just like I always knew May and Drew were in love and so were you and Ash” MK said.

    “What are you talking about? Ash and I are just friends” Misty said blushing.

    “Then why did you and Ash dance together tonight?” MK said.

    “That was only because Ash asked me and I was getting bored. May accidently danced with James and they weren’t in love” Misty said.

    “That was only because May got stuck with James” MK said.

    “Ash and I can’t be together because we don’t travel with each other” Misty said still blushing.

    “Then why were you so sad when you and Ash had to separate?” MK said.


    “Quiet, do you want to wake up Domino and her friends” MK said.

    “We still haven’t proved that D really is Domino” Misty said.

    “So what, we’ll just figure out a way to prove that D is Domino. The real thing I want to talk about is that I don’t think that Kenny and Dawn should date each other. Kenny isn’t right for Dawn. Dawn would actually be better with Paul” MK said.

    “Ha ha, you really think that a guy like Paul could date an angel” Misty said laughing.

    “Of course, opposites attract” MK said.

    “I guess you’re right but I still say that Paul would be a bad match for Dawn. Look at what happened tonight. Dawn was so mad at Paul that she would have beaten him up” Misty said.

    “So what, Dawn just needs to learn Paul likes her” MK said.

    The two decided to stop talking and went to bed.

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    Isn't this a title of a song?

    Anyway, you should really expound or lengthen your chapters
    & lol on the fact that you included yourself in your fic
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