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BTW, did anyone else here think that Hermione looked like Edna Mode from The Incredibles? That was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw her.
Sure, I suppose I could see that. I also laugh that her name is Hermione. At least it's an original name this time.

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This episode was ok; not really the best one I’ve seen. It always seems Ash has so much difficulty to get a gym battle. So many characters in this episode are the ones I can’t stand; snotty, stuck-ups. I also like how Ash and Dawn get introduced and not the others. Thought James’ reaction to Jessie’s makeup was hilarious. Also, I find it strange that Ash & co still hasn’t known that Jesselina is really Jessie despite her having used the same costume a billion times. Kinda like how Paris always seems to be saying ‘tambien’ (Spanish for ‘also’). Liked James’ part of the changed motto. Coco REALLY annoyed me. So glad she lost.
??? Um, no... she was saying trčs bien, "very good". Very forced French, but it was French.

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I fail to see what everyone loves about this episode. I thought it was rather boring. Sure there were good parts, but as a whole not that great.
I can say I was a bit unsure as to whether or not it would be any good, but the amount of comedy sure made up for it (James and Brock's scene was just priceless. The writers really seem to enjoy pushing the obliviousness of the main cast as far as they can).
Granted, I did find it a bit too predictable. I mean, c'mon, it was almost certain the Dawn was gonna win. Well, at least in the aspect that the whole concept is cliche to begin with...

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Uh, no. Think about it. Her name is Paris. Paris is the capital of France. In France, they speak French. She was saying "tres bien", French for "very good".
Yeah, I knew she was speaking French. Although, I think it would have been a bit better if she at least had a mild accent. I don't mind if the French would have been a bit rough, but I find it more "believable" when there's at least some kind of accent.

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I didn't realize why she was using French so much at first either.
I did, but didn't really think much about it mainly because of how it was used. You know when in some shows they'll use a French word or two for one specific thing if it's exceptional? Yeah, that's how I initially thought it. Then she kept using it...
meh, au moins elle utilisait un peu de qualité. The VA at least made a mild effort to make it sound right.

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Well, I hope this means that Fantina will have an accent int he dub then.
If she doesn't have a Spanish accent, I'll be disappointed.

All in all, I ended up enjoying it to some extent. Sure, it wasn't a high profile episode, but I found it enjoyable. The scenes with Brock and James were just perfect. I mean, I know that even in the lightest disguises Team Rocket is invisible, and the writers know this, so they pushed it as far as they could. Which made it even funnier.

There were some other neat mentions, like where Dawn remembers a key tip from Zoey. And, anybody surprised that Brock can make outfits really doesn't know him. Sure, it seems odd, but he had to know these things.

Piplup was quite literally "thrown" in for good measure. Oh yeah, they just had to have the penguin randomly appear. I don't remember you being in the first half of the episode...

Overall, not bad, great humor, and a decent lesson. Many nice references were made too.