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Thread: Shiny Reunion (Advanceshipping)

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    Default Shiny Reunion (Advanceshipping)

    Well here it is, my first proper fanfic. I'm hoping to improve my writing as I work on this. I also intend to make it to the end.

    For the age rating I'm going to go with PG, thats how it looks in my head anyway. As the story continues if you feel it needs a higher rating please tell me and I'll change it.

    The main shipping is Advanceshipping. Other pairings will appear but revealing those now will be spoilers. When a pairing is introduced I will list it here in spoiler tags.
    Introduced in Chapter One: Advanceshipping (Ash+May)
        Spoiler:- Introduced in Chapter Five:

    Chapter One: Seven Years Later

    Over seven long years Pallet Town had not changed no new buildings and no changes to the old ones. No, Pallet Town was just as May remembered it when she first came here after her adventure in Hoenn with Ash. May hadn’t seen Ash in years, she saw him a few times after he had finally achieved his goal of becoming a Pokémon Master but after a while Ash seemed to have just stopped travelling.

    May found her way around easy enough, even if she had forgotten the way there was no way of missing Professor Oak’s lab. The first person May saw as she entered was a girl she hadn’t met before.

    “Hello there.” May started “My name is May.”
    “Nice to meet you.” The girl replied “I’m Dora.”
    “Do you work here?” May asked.
    “Not always.” Dora answered “I’m here helping Professor Oak with his Shiny Pokémon research.”
    “What kind of research?” May continued.
    “Well I don’t know if you’ve noticed but quite recently there have been more sightings of Shiny Pokémon.” Dora explained “The Professor decided to use this as a chance to learn to origins of what causes Pokémon to sometimes have different colours. Oh and here comes the Professor now.”

    Ash’s old rival Gary Oak walked in with a notepad under his arm.
    “Dora I’ve told you just call me Gary.” He sighed “Nice to see you again May.”
    “Same here.” May smiled “Is Ash around?”
    “He should be outside with his Pokémon.” Gary replied “I’d ask Tracey to help you find him but he’s out visiting his fiancé.”
    “I didn’t know Tracey was engaged.” May almost gasped.
    “It only happened last year.” Gary smiled “Anyway Ash shouldn’t be too hard to find. If you have any trouble I’m sure his Pokémon would be happy to help you find him.”
    “Thanks Gary.” May responded.
    “No problem.”

    “Before you go.” Gary added as May turned around “Is it possible for you could to do me a favour.”
    “What kind of favour?” May replied.
    “Do you think you could try and get him to travel again?” he asked “It’s just his mother has been worried about him and we’ve all missed Ash getting excited about his adventures with his friends.”
    “I’ll do my best.” May smiled “I had something similar in mind anyway.”

    On her way to the back door May noticed a selection of paintings of different Pokémon however she decided not to stop and look at each one. Once she stepped out she felt like she had walked into the Safari Zone, there had always been a large amount of Pokémon here but May was amazed at just how many more there were now. She recognised some of the Pokémon that Ash had used when she travelled with him and those used in his Pokémon League battles. Suddenly she spotted him, sitting on a small hill with Pikachu by his side. May almost didn’t recognise him without a hat on.


    Ash looked up at the sky, thinking of the day he and Pikachu first saw Ho-oh. Suddenly he heard a familiar voice call out.
    He looked down to see May rushing up toward him. The first thing he noticed was how beautiful she looked, and then he noticed she looked a lot like she did when he first met her which meant she had always been this beautiful. Ash wondered why he never noticed this before, he still had photos of May from when he travelled with him much like all his friends, perhaps it was because when he looked at these photos he saw a girl around the age of ten while he was a teenager.

    “M-May.” Ash stuttered as May was suddenly beside him.
    “Yep, it’s me.” May replied cheerfully.
    “I haven’t seen you in years.” Ash smiled “How’ve you been?”
    “Not bad.” May answered as she sat down “How about you?”
    “I haven’t really been doing much.” Ash sighed “Mostly I’ve just been helping Tracey take care of the old professor.”
    “Can’t say I’ve been out much either.” May laughed.

    “I’ve had this interesting idea.” May said enthusiastically.
    “What’s that?” Ash asked.
    “Well I thought since neither of us have been travelling much lately maybe we could follow each others old goals.”
    “What do you mean?” Ash asked uncertain if he had heard her correctly.
    “Well you could enter Pokémon contests and I could challenge Gym Leaders and enter the Pokémon League.”

    “You want me to travel with you?” Ash asked in shock.
    “Of course.” May answered “I considered going alone or maybe joining Max on his own adventure but then I remembered how much fun we had travelling together. Not to mention I’ve really missed you and wanted to see you again.”

    Ash thought about everything he had just heard for a moment. He had really missed those old days trying to reach his goal. These days the only times he ever really left Pallet Town was to buy things at Viridian City.

    “I haven’t travelled in years.” Ash finally started “I might not be as good a trainer as I was.”
    “If that’s the case we’ll just have to improve as we go along.” May smiled.
    “It’s worth a try.” Ash shrugged “Plus Gary has been trying to get me to start a new journey of some kind. How about you Pikachu? Up for another adventure?”
    Pikachu let out a cheerful “Pika!” and jumped up on Ash’s head.
    “Then it’s settled.” Ash said as he looked out at the rest of Pallet Town. It was hard to believe he’d be leaving once again.


    Ash spent a while picking out which Pokémon he would bring with him. May was surprised at just how many of the Pokémon were actually Ash’s. The two of them talked about their past adventures, battling Team Rocket and dreaming of reaching their goals. After a while Ash settled on a team of five and the two of them walked back to the lab. Gary and Dora were waiting for them.

    “So you’re finally leaving again are you Ash?” Gary smirked
    “Yeah.” Ash replied “Are you ok with taking care of the old professor while I’m gone?”
    “Don’t worry about gramps.” Gary answered “I can take care of him until Tracey gets back. Which reminds me don’t forget to come back in time for his wedding.”
    “Of course.” Ash nodded.

    “Here take these with you.” Gary said handing Ash a small book and a Pokéball. “Here’s a copy of my research on shiny Pokémon.” He explained “And the Pokéball contains a Pokémon I caught during my research but I think you should have it Ash.”
    “Thanks Gary.” Ash smiled “I’ll be sure to take care of it.”


    As Ash and May approached Ash’s house Delia rushed out of the front door with a backpack in one hand and a hat in the other.
    “Gary called.” She explained hugging Ash “I quickly packed your things. And when I heard it was your friend May I made sure to include this.”
    She opened the front pocket of the bag and took out a very familiar item to Ash and May.

    It was Ash’s half of the ribbon the two of them won in the unofficial contest that was held in Terracotta Town way back May’s Combusken evolved into Blaziken.

    May reached into her jacket pocket and took out her own half of the ribbon.
    “I keep it with me every time I go on a journey to remind me of how much you helped me become a great Co-ordinator.” May explained moving it towards Ash’s half.
    Ash didn’t know what to say, he had heard May say something similar years ago but this time he felt different.

    Ash decided he’d think about this later. His mother handed him his hat and backpack.
    “Thanks mom” Ash smiled “Take care of yourself.”
    “You too Ash.” She replied.
    May smiled as Ash placed the hat onto his head. He looked like his iconic self once again.
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    i have been waiting for this story for a while now. i read this story on DevianArt by the way. It's nice to know that Ash is back onto his jorneys again. cant wait for chapter two. nice chapter btw.

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    This chapter is a little longer than the first one. Yes I know the name is cheesy but I couldn't resist, besides the dub uses cheesy titles all the time.

    Chapter Two: The advance ship sets sail

    Ash decided now seemed like the best time to start thinking about these recent feelings he’d been having. Once they had arrived in Viridian City May decided she’d go to the local Pokémart and see which regions have contests being held at the moment. Ash decided to sit outside to take one last look at the only other town he’d been to these past few years.

    So the first thing to wonder was what these feelings are. Ash knew of various emotions he had not yet experienced, it could be any one of those. Out of all emotions the ones that Ash knew the least about were lust and love. Either way this meant he must be attracted to May in some way.

    Ash decided to think about other possibilities. He didn’t want to think about the idea of seeing such a close friend in such a way. But nothing else came to his head.

    Ash started to worry, had he developed feelings for one of his closest friends? If he had he defiantly preferred the idea of it being love to lust. He remembered how the first thing he thought was how beautiful she was. Not only that but she managed to convince him to travel again rather quickly.

    Before Ash could think about this any more May walked out of the store. He knew better than to talk to her about this, maybe he’d talk with Pikachu about it later.

    “It looks like our options are Fiore, Almia, Orre, Sinnoh and Johto.” May explained showing him leaflet “I’m not to keen on going to Orre mind you, it’s almost all desert and we wouldn’t be able to go from town to town on foot.”
    “Don’t forget they don’t have Gyms there.” Ash reminded her “You’re challenging the Gyms remember. That means our only options are Johto and Sinnoh.”
    “Oh yeah.” She said hitting her forehead “I guess I’m so used to my goal being contests I completely forgot. Funny since it was my idea in the first place. Anyway which would you prefer?”
    “Well I do recall enjoying those super contests in Sinnoh. I even entered a few of them.”
    “Sinnoh it is then. In fact I think my brother is travelling there too.”
    “It would be cool to see Max again. It’s a shame Hoenn isn’t an option.”
    “That’s true” She replied looking at the leaflet again “It looks like the best way to get to Sinnoh is by ferry from Vermilion City.”
    May started to worry now, Vermilion City was defiantly not a day away and by the time they’d get there the best place to catch the ferry might change.

    Ash looked up into the air, the sky seemed rather clear, the clouds that were visible didn’t look like they’d be causing rain any time soon. Ash reached for his belt and picked out one of his Pokéballs.

    “It’s a good thing I brought you with me buddy.” Ash said to the Pokéball.
    “What are you talking about Ash?” May responded.
    “I can see you seem troubled. I guess you don’t want us to waste time walking to Vermilion City in case they change the schedule changes. Am I right?”
    “Yes, but what can we do?” May asked shocked that Ash had said exactly what she was thinking.
    Ash tossed the Pokéball into the air, sending out Charizard.
    “We’re going to fly there.” Ash explained “Many Pokémon are able to carry their trainers from city to city. I’m certain Charizard could get us to Vermilion City today.”
    May was shocked that Ash had prepared for a possibility like this.

    “Are you sure Charizard will mind carrying both of us?” May asked.
    “If it did I’d be on fire right now.” Ash laughed
    “I guess that’s true. But either way that really was smart of you to think about this.”
    “Well I’m not as dumb as I used to be May” Ash explained “I’m a teenager now.”
    “You were never dumb Ash, if you were why would I have looked up to you?”
    Ash felt that unknown emotional feeling yet again, at least now he knew it couldn’t be lust.

    Ash helped May to get onto Charizard’s back. Pikachu held onto the back of the fire Pokémon’s neck. They were ready to go. Charizard spread its wings and began to move upwards.

    May watched as Viridian City grew smaller and smaller. She held onto Ash tightly. This caused Ash to blush, something May might have noticed if she wasn’t behind him. Soon Charizard stopped moving upwards and started moving in the direction of Vermilion City.

    A flock of Taillow flew past then, seeing these Pokémon in Kanto was a rare sight.
    “They must have flown here from Hoenn.” May spoke quite loudly over the sound of Charizard’s wings flapping.
    “Pretty cool huh?” Ash replied in an equally loud voice.
    “Pikachu Pika!” Pikachu added.


    Charizard landed right next to the harbour. Ash helped May get down and shortly afterwards Pikachu jumped from Charizard’s head to Ash’s.
    “Thanks Charizard, now have a good long rest.” Ash said recalling it to the Pokéball. Suddenly he found himself getting hugged.
    “That was amazing!” My exclaimed squeezing him tightly “See Ash, you still have that adventure spirit in you.”
    “Yes Ash.”
    “I can’t breathe.”

    They were in luck. It looked like they were just in time to catch the next ferry to Sinnoh. The two of them were thinking about the hug. May was embarrassed that she had squeezed him so hard while Ash couldn’t stop thinking about the fact he was just hugged by the girl he may or may not be in love with. Pikachu however was thinking about relaxing during the upcoming trip.

    After paying for their tickets Ash and May rushed towards the front of the ship excited to begin their new journey. Ash remembered he wanted to talk to Pikachu about his emotional confusion.

    “May are you ok if Pikachu and I set things up in our room.” Ash asked hoping she wouldn’t offer to help “The ship doesn’t set sail for about half an hour.”
    “Good idea.” May replied misunderstanding his reasons “That way we’ll be able to eat sooner.”
    “My thinking exactly.” He lied, though he did think it was a good idea.
    “Just be sure to get back in time to get one last look at Kanto.”
    “We won’t take long.”


    Their room wasn’t particularly special. Ash quickly set up his stuff in the room before turning towards Pikachu who was happily eating an apple.
    “Pikachu is it ok if I talk to you about something?” Ash started
    “Chu.” Pikachu nodded.
    “It’s about May.” He nervously said.
    “Pichuka?” Pikachu asked with a look of confusion.
    “Well it’s just ever since she arrived in Pallet Town earlier I started noticing something, well different.”
    Pikachu had a good idea where this was going.
    “I have a theory about what this might be, and that’s…”
    “Pika...” The small Pokémon encouraged.
    “Well I think I might well… like her.” He finally managed.
    Pikachu had no eyebrows but its expression resembled that of a human raising their eyebrow in a way of saying ‘Well duh.’
    “Am I really that obvious?” He asked looking really embarrassed.
    Pikachu just nodded.
    “I really hope May doesn’t find out.”
    This puzzled Pikachu.
    “Well I do but I’d rather tell her myself. To be honest I don’t think I could though. I’m still uncertain about what these feelings are. What if I tell her and then realise it’s something completely different? Or worse, what if I am in love and when I tell her it ruins our friendship?” Ash was really quite nervous at this point.
    “Pikapi.” Pikachu sighed.

    May wondered what was taking Ash so long. She wanted him to be by the side as the ship set sail.
    “Maybe I should just head to our room.” She said to herself “I don’t mind where we are on the ship when it starts, I just-“
    She stopped herself realizing how it might sound if someone walked past. But she had clearly finished the sentence in her head. She just wanted to be with Ash. That was the whole reason she was one this journey in the first place.

    “I think I understand but still I should probably wait a while before telling her.” Ash decided.
    “Pika.” Pikachu agreed.
    Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Ash went to answer it.
    “Ash!” May exclaimed “Come on, the ship is about to start moving.”
    Ash looked at the clock in the room.
    “Is that the time?!” Ash jolted back “Sorry May, I guess Pikachu and I got caught up in our conversation.”

    The two of them rushed to the back of the boat arriving in time to see Vermilion City move out into the distance.
    “So what were you and Pikachu talking about?” May asked curiously.
    “Oh. Well I was just telling Pikachu about how much help you’ve been since you came back to Pallet Town.” He explained, this was the truth but with significant details left out “I didn’t want to embarrass you by talking about it in front of you.”
    “Awww that’s so sweet of you Ash.” She responded “Not how about we go get something to eat?”
    “Now you’re speaking my language.” And within a second the two of them were racing to the restaurant at the bottom of the boat.
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    Hey Gaish, I've read the chapters.

    It's ok, there is some grammar problems but it's good to see you're willing to improve. Another thing I've noticed is that there is a lot of chat but not enough description. Don't be afraid to go into detail more, it will help the readers a lot.
    “Pikachu is it ok if I talk to you about something?” Ash started
    Should be
    “Pikachu is it ok if I talk to you about something?” Ash started.
    Good luck for the rest of the chapters, the plot idea is very nice. Hopefuly, you'll see me reviewing more.

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    Thanks for your compliments. I'm glad people are enjoying this, out of all the fanfic ideas I've had this is definatly my favourate.

    Anyway here is the 3rd chapter. An important event happens this chapter that will be brought up later in the story.

    Chapter Three: Feelings confirmed

    Ash and May had managed to find a table near the windows. While they ate their food they looked out at all the water Pokémon swimming past.

    May looked around at all the other people in the restaurant. Quite a lot of them were couples, and likewise many of these couples seemed interested in spotting something through the window.

    “I wonder what they’re looking for.” May asked turning to Ash who was busy stuffing his face with noodles. He looked at out the window to see if he might be able to see it himself.
    “I don’t see anything.” He said turning back to May “Maybe there’s a rare Pokémon that could be seen around here. Like Kyogre.”
    “It could be, but it only seems to be couples that are looking.” She explained.
    Ash looked out again but all he saw was a school of Luvdisc swimming pretty close to their window.
    “Whatever it is I can’t see it.” Ash said getting back to his meal.

    “Say Ash, do you want to practice for your new life as a Co-ordinator?” May asked “It says here that there’s a room that would be perfect for contest training.”
    “Sounds great.” Ash responded “This is defiantly going to be the most fun I’ve had on the way to another region.”


    The room May was talking about was defiantly built for unofficial Pokémon contests. It had everything from a scoreboard to a panel for the judges. May went over to the judge’s panel.

    “Ok Ash lets see how you are at the appeal round. Pikachu and I will act as the judges.” She explained “Remember for bonus points try combining moves.”
    “Hopefully I’ll remember how to do this.” Ash said to himself looking at a Pokéball in his had, the last thing he wanted to do was embarrass himself in front of May.

    “Butterfree I choose you!” Ash called out tossing the Pokéball into the air. Butterfree flew across the stage happily. “Ok Butterfree, make me proud. Use Silver Wind and follow it up with Whirlwind.”
    It nodded and launched the first attack. Once it started using Whirlwind the Silver Wind got caught inside. The result was a silver swirl spinning in the centre of the stage.

    “Now finish it off with Shadow Ball!” Ash commanded.
    Butterfree launched the attack at the silver whirlwind causing the silver colouring to float down gently.

    “Impressive.” May remarked thinking of the appeals her Beautifly has done before.
    “Ka Pikachu Pi.” Pikachu added mimicking the contest judge Sukizo.


    As the day drew to a close Ash and May found themselves alone with only Pikachu for company. May looked out at the sunset admiring the beautiful sight.

    “You know” She started “It’s surprising all those couples we saw at lunch didn’t stay to watch the sunset.”
    “I never understood the big deal about sunsets anyway.” Ash responded stroking Pikachu.
    “I guess you still know nothing about romance.” May laughed “You’re exactly like I remember you.”
    “I don’t know nothing.” Ash defended “Over the years I travelled my mother collected various romantic movies, I watched a few of them hoping to understand the idea of romance better.”
    “So what do you know now then?” May asked.
    “Mostly I can notice it more than I used to.” He responded rather embarrassed “For example looking back I would have noticed when my Grovyle fell for that Meganium.”
    “I was amused that Max realised that while you didn’t.” May chuckled.
    “And I would have noticed when your Bulbasaur had a crush on my first Bulbasaur.”
    “I thought I was the only one who noticed that.” May said in shock.
    “You were.” Ash reminded her “I only just realised now when thinking back.”
    “So” May curiously began “Your first Bulbasaur?”
    “Well I’ve caught more than one of the same Pokémon before” Ash replied “But more importantly there’s this little guy.”

    Ash tossed his Pokéball up into the air sending out a shiny Bulbasaur.
    “Is that the Pokémon Gary gave you?” May asked aware that it obviously was.
    “Yeah, I knew it had to be either Bulbasaur or Cranidos and out of the two Bulbasaur seemed the most likely of the two he’d give me.”
    “Why’s that?” May asked looking confused.
    “It’s the first Pokémon we both had.” Ash reminded her “Remember?”
    “Of course” she chuckled “I just didn’t think Gary would have that as his reason.”
    “Well it was just a theory anyway.” Ash joined her while petting his new Bulbasaur.
    “So back to our first topic” May continued “What is it that you don’t get about sunsets with romance?”
    “I’m not sure really.” He admitted scratching his head “I guess its just that I never saw a connection between the day ending and being in love.”
    “Well in reality it is just something nice to look at with someone you care about it.” She explained “There’s nothing more to it that that.”
    “Thanks for clearing that up May.”
    “Any time. Anything else about romance you need explaining, I’d be glad to help. I consider myself something of an expert.”

    Ash stopped to think for a moment. Maybe she could confirm exactly what his feelings were. If it wasn’t love perhaps she would be willing to help him figure out what he was really feeling.

    “Well.” He slowly started “There is one thing.”
    “What’s that?”
    “How do you know when you love someone?”
    This took May by surprise. Ash couldn’t have never fell in love before, he knew little to nothing about romance sure but this was different. Still how else would he not know?

    “Well that’s a tricky one.” She finally answered “It’s hard to describe but I’ll try my best. You feel like this person is the most important part of your life, when something is said that makes you feel important to this person you notice your heartbeat and your blood feels all tingly. You think about them almost every moment of every day. And when you sleep you dream about being with this person. Does that help?”
    “Yeah.” Ash responded as he heard his heard his heart beating rather loudly. “If I ever want to know anything else I’ll be sure to turn to you.”
    “Of course.” She smiled “I’ll be your teacher in Pokémon contests and romance.”
    “Well we’d better get some sleep.” Ash yawned as he recalled Bulbasaur to it’s Pokéball. “I don’t want to be tired when we arrive in Sinnoh tomorrow. I want to start training for contest battles as soon as possible.”
    May nodded. Ash and Pikachu raced to their room on the other side of the ship.

    “Looks like you still have trouble noticing love don’t you?” May said looking at her half of the ribbon. “Otherwise you’d have realised…”
    “Hey May!” Ash called out “Are you coming?”
    She rushed up to him.
    “Shhh.” She whispered “You’ll wake everyone up.”
    The two of them quietly chuckled as they rushed back to their room.

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    Sorry this took so long but this is the longest chapter yet.

    Chapter Four: Second Day

    The first thing Ash saw as he woke up was his two closest friends looking down at him.
    “It’s about time you got up.” May said handing him his hat “We’ll be approaching Sinnoh soon.”
    “Yikes!” Ash jolted out of bed “I’m really sorry May. I’ve slept in quite a lot recently. I’m still not used to travelling again.”
    “Well this is only the second day.” May reminded him “Though it was quite a big day for us don’t you agree?”
    “Yeah.” Ash replied thinking about just how much that day changed his life.
    “Anyway I’ve repacked your bag for you. I guess we’re lucky you decided to sleep in your clothes since I don’t think you’d have time to get dressed.”

    As the ship arrived in Sinnoh Ash felt so amazed to be out of Kanto again. It all felt brand new again.
    “I know I’ve already said this but I am so glad you convinced me to travel again.” Ash said looking happily as May.
    “And I’m glad to have you travelling with me.” She replied chuckling “This wouldn’t be nearly as exciting on my own.”

    The city was crowded. It seemed various trainers had come from all over Sinnoh for something. Ash and May were too busy finding a place to train to notice. They quickly found a large field filled with trainers each training two particular Pokémon.

    “May, is it just me or are they all just training Volbeat and Illumise?” Ash asked fearing his eyes were playing tricks on him.
    “It certainly looks like it.” May responded “There must be something happening, I wonder what it is.”

    “You mean you don’t know?” a voice from behind them interrupted. The two of them turned around to see a man about Brock’s age with dark red hair, he had a cold expression and his relaxed stance reminded May of her old rival Drew.
    “Know what?” Ash asked with a clueless look on his face.
    “Come on kid people from all over Sinnoh have been talking about this event all year.” He responded shocked “Where have you been?”
    “Pallet Town.” Ash replied “I only just arrived in Sinnoh today.”
    “Come on Ash we’d better start training for your first Contest.” May declared trying to prevent an argument.
    “Contest training you say?” The man seemed interested “I happen to be preparing for my next Contest myself. It would make sense to prepare against a random Pokémon than my own.”
    “I accept your challenge!” Ash declared.

    The man sent out his Pokémon first. It was a shiny Medicham.
    “I see what Gary meant about there being more trainers with shiny Pokémon these days. Ok Lucario lets give this our best shot.” Ash said sending out the canine Pokémon.

    Throughout the battle Ash commanded one attack after another, however his opponent’s Medicham kept its attacks to a minimum but made sure each one made contact and looked stunning.
    “Lucario use Aura Sphere!” Ash called out but suddenly the man recalled his Medicham.

    “This match is over.” He explained looking at Ash with disgust “Your attacks were too focused on defeating me and you paid no attention to how they looked. You battle like a regular Pokémon trainer, you’d have lost all your points by now. You’re not suited for Pokémon contests and no amount of training will change that.”
    May was furious. She grabbed one of her own Pokéballs and threw it in the air sending out a Milotic.
    “You don’t know anything about Ash!” she shouted “He helped me become a great co-ordinator and I’m going to do the same for him, he was the one that inspired me the most when I first started Pokémon contests. Battle me and you’ll see how great a co-ordinator he has the potential to be.”
    “Forget it.” He calmly replied walking away “If your main inspiration for contests was someone like him you wouldn’t be a challenge for me either. I have no interest in facing posers like you two.” And before Ash or May could say another word he had already gotten too far to hear them.

    “Thanks for sticking up for me May.” Ash said “And thanks for saying that I inspired you, it really means a lot to me.”
    “That’s ok.” May replied making sure she didn’t blush “And don’t worry about the things that guy said. I had to put up with Drew and Harley saying similar things when I first started too, particularly Harley.”
    “Thanks again May.” Ash smiled “So how about we find out what this Volbeat and Illumise thing is all about?”
    “Good idea.”


    It seemed that there was going to be a big show that evening where trainers would send out their own Volbeat and Illumise to perform. I was an annual event that seemed very familiar to May.

    “Shame I didn’t bring my Volbeat with me.” Ash chuckled “Then again he isn’t the best performer.”
    “Say Ash. Know what this reminds me of?” May asked.
    “I’m unsure.” Ash scratched the back of his head, an old habit he never got over.
    “When we first travelled together there was that couple with their own Volbeat and Illumise.”
    “Oh yeah.” Ash suddenly remembered “I remember now. You made me dress up like a girl didn’t you?”
    “So I did. Sorry about that.”
    “I think you’d have looked prettier.”

    May found it even harder to avoid blushing.
    “Come on now Ash.” She chuckled deciding to avoid bringing up the supposedly unlikely idea that Ash considered her attractive “I think you made a rather pretty girl.”
    “You didn’t see the outfit I wore to get into the Celadon Gym.” Ash laughed.
    “You never told me about that.” May smirked amused that it wasn’t the first time Ash had dressed like a woman.
    “It’s a long story.” Ash sighed
    “You can tell me about it later then.”

    May kept thinking about how Ash had in a way called her pretty. She’d been complimented on her appearance many times but usually but guys who were only interested in her looks, and it hearing it from other girls didn’t really mean as much. This time was different however.

    May knew it wasn’t because she liked Ash that she was thinking about this. It was the way he said it, it sounded caring but at the same time casual. She decided that she was thinking about it too much, Ash was just being sweet.

    “May.” Ash turned to her “Are you ok?”
    May realised Ash was still sitting there while she was thinking about all this.
    “Yeah I’m fine.” She replied.
    “That’s a relief.” Ash sighed “I was worried I said something wrong.”
    “What do you mean?” May asked confused.
    “As soon as I said you’d look prettier than me you seemed to be thinking about something.”
    “I’m just not used to being called pretty.” She lied “That’s all. I know you were just being nice.”
    “Well believe me May you look great the way you are.” Ash smiled “If other people can’t see that it’s their problem.”
    There was no holding it back now, May blushed.
    “I’m pretty bad at complimenting looks.” Ash added “Sorry if it didn’t turn out well.”
    “Actually I think that was very sweet.” She said giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.
    This time it was Ash who blushed. Pikachu however had decided to take a nap and missed the whole discussion.


    As the show began all Ash could think about the kiss May had given him. He knew it was just a way of thanking him for his compliment but he still couldn’t stop thinking about it. Ash had been kissed a few times before, one of the earliest he could remember was a girl named Melody who lived in the Orange Islands. Kissing had never meant much to Ash, at least until now.

    May meanwhile was thinking more about what Ash had said before she kissed him. It was the most personal compliment she had ever heard. Most compliments she had gotten were about her figure but Ash’s compliment sounded more like he was talking about her rather than her looks. She knew for certain her feelings had changed from a crush to love, the exact feelings she described to Ash the previous night.

    The two of them looked up at the sky. The show was very similar to what they had seen back in Houen, they felt like they had gone back in time. Pikachu was the one who enjoyed the show the most.

    Once the show ended they headed towards the Pokémon centre. However there was some disappointing news.
    “I’m really sorry.” The centre’s Nurse Joy said looking down sadly “I’m afraid so many people came to see the show that we don’t have any rooms left.”
    “But we haven’t got any sleeping bags yet and there isn’t a hotel in this town.” May explained.
    “Well you could sleep in the main building but I only have one blanket.” Joy replied.
    “That’s ok.” Ash cut in “May can use the blanket. I’ve got a sweatshirt on so I won’t be as cold. Plus I’m pretty tired so I’ll probably fall asleep quite soon.”

    Ash was not kidding. When Nurse Joy came back with the blanket Ash was already fast asleep. Pikachu fell asleep shortly afterwards.

    May was relaxed by still not sleepy. She looked over at Ash who was shivering in his sleep.
    “Ash you really need to think about yourself more.” She sighed “You shouldn’t make things inconvenient for yourself just for me.”
    She moved closer to the sleeping boy. “We can share this and keep warm together.” And a she relaxed beside him she finally fell asleep.

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    I didn't realise people would like my fanfic this much. I hope my new chapter lives up to your expectations. I won't be able to work on chapter 6 until thursday.

    Chapter Five: Pikachu’s Discovery

    Ash had no idea where he was, all he knew was it was cold. Everywhere he looked was nothing but snow and clouds. Suddenly he felt a pair of arms and a blanket wrap around him. A soothing voice whispered in his ear “We can share this and keep warm together.”

    The arctic wasteland began to change into a tropical paradise. Ash didn’t think about how this was impossible, all he cared about was the fact that May was hugging him. She suddenly started to move her face towards his ready to kiss him. Then Ash woke up.

    This was the second time Ash had dreamed about May, the first time was the previous night although that dream was of what she had said about love the day before. This dream however had felt almost real, aside from the climate making a drastic change because of a hug, Ash wondered what kind of climate the kiss would have caused.

    Ash looked down to see May hugging him like in the dream except she sleeping. “I guess I’m still asleep.” Ash said to himself. He bit his tongue, nothing happened, May was still hugging him. “May, are you awake?” Ash whispered “I can’t really move right now.”

    May opened her eyes to see Ash quite close to her. “Morning Ash.” She yawned “How long have you been up?”
    “I just woke up now actually.” Ash answered.
    May suddenly realised she had her arms around Ash. “I seem to be hugging you a lot don’t I?” she chuckled as she released him.
    “This is only the second time.” Ash corrected her “But it doesn’t bother me.”
    “Then maybe I should hug you more often.” She chuckled hugging him again.


    After leaving the Pokémon Centre May had decided to lead the way. She had explained that she new the best place to help Ash with his training. When they arrived in the next town May took Ash to a large house.

    “So who lives here?” Ash asked looking at the unfamiliar house “Have I been here before?”
    “You’ll see soon enough.” May smiled as the door began to open.

    “Can I help you?” asked Conway standing in the doorway, pushing up his glasses in his typical way.
    “Conway?” Ash asked looking towards May.
    “I guess she moved again.” May sighed.
    “No I’m sure I know who you’re here for.” Conway interrupted looking back through the doorway “Hey you’ve got guests.”
    “I’m coming, I’m coming!” called a familiar voice.

    Dawn walked out of the door, she had her hair tied back like she used to during her earlier Pokémon Contests.
    “May! It’s been a while, what brings you-” she started, suddenly she spotted Ash “No way!”
    “Hi Dawn.” Ash smiled.
    “Come in both of you.” Dawn cheerfully said grabbing both their hands and leading them into the house.

    “So May, tell me how you convinced Ash to leave Pallet Town.” May asked after they had all sat down.
    “Well I had the idea of swapping goals with him.” May answered “He agreed quite quickly.”
    “So why is Conway here?” Ash obliviously asked.
    “Isn’t it obvious?” Conway asked.
    “Not to Ash.” Dawn explained “Conway’s my boyfriend now.”
    “Never saw that coming.” Ash replied looking surprised.
    “Really?” Conway replied still puzzled by Ash’s questions “I had a crush on her since we competed together in the tag battle. Didn’t you notice me trying to impress her every other time we met?”
    “Ash doesn’t really notice things like crushes or love.” Dawn once again explained “Of course we only got together last month so it would seem like it was out of nowhere.”
    “Ash is learning” May added in Ash’s defence “Ash wants to understand romance but most of it doesn’t make sense to him.”
    “Thanks May.” Ash smiled.

    May attempted to hide a blush but Dawn had noticed something “Say May.” She started “I’m guessing you want me to help you train Ash.”
    “That’s right.” May replied “I hope you don’t mind.”
    “Of course not.” Dawn responded “Let’s discuss our training plans in another room though. Ok?”
    “Sure.” May answered looking as confused as Conway was earlier.

    Pikachu noticed Ambipom walk through the room. It followed the two tailed monkey around the house, up and down the stairs. Suddenly Pikachu heard something coming from one of the rooms upstairs.
    “Come on you can tell me.” Dawn’s voice interrogated.
    “I don’t know…” May’s voice shyly responded.
    “May it’s clear you like him, I could see you trying not to blush.” Dawn added “If Ash wasn’t so oblivious to these things I bet he’d have noticed by now.”
    “Fine.” May sighed “Yes, I love Ash.”

    Pikachu’s ears jolted up. It remembered what Ash had said on the trip to Sinnoh, about being in love with May. Pikachu moved closer to hear more.

    “I knew it!” Dawn almost shouted “I had a feeling this would happen some day.”
    “What do you mean?”
    “You two would make a perfect couple.” Dawn smiled “You’re alike in so many ways, especially your appetites.”
    Pikachu chuckled in its head
    “Dawn you’re acting like we’re already dating.” May added looking concerned “I don’t even know if Ash would want me as a girlfriend.”
    “Sure he would.” Dawn smiled “You’re defiantly important to him.”
    “That’s the thing.” May looked down “I know he cares about me but I don’t think it’s the same way.”

    Pikachu knew what it had to do, it rushed downstairs to see Ash who was casually chatting with Conway.
    “Hey Pikachu, did you have fun with Ambipom?” Ash asked.
    “Pikapi! Pichuka, Kachu.” Pikachu cheerfully explained
    “Huh?” Ash remarked puzzled.
    “Pichuka, Kachu.” It sounded out “Pichuka Ka Pikapi.”
    “Dawn says you understand what your Pikachu says, what is it saying?” Conway asked equally curious.
    “It doesn’t work like that. I tend to understand Pikachu because we think alike.” Ash explained “However I don’t understand most of what he says. I know Pikapi is his word for my name.”

    “What’s going on down here?” May asked walking down the stairs. Pikachu walked over to her.
    “Pikapi, Kachu.” It tried to explain.
    “Sorry Pikachu.” May smiled “I’m afraid I don’t understand what you’re saying.”
    Pikachu sighed, it was times like this it wished it had asked Meowth how it learnt human language.
    “Pikapi Ka Pichuka. Pichuka Ka Pikapi.” It tried hoping someone would at least understand this one. No one did, it sighed and just sat back down.


    Ash had never been very good at shopping, especially when it came to clothes. May had decided to come with him but Dawn had said Ash had to pick his own contest outfit

    “Hey May.” Ash called out from behind the dressing room curtains “This one will bring back memories.”
    He walked out wearing an outfit that was the spitting image of the one Sir Aaron wore.
    “That’s interesting.” May laughed.
    “I think I’m going with this one, as a sign of respect to Aaron and Lucario.” Ash held his new hat in his hands “The Aura is with me.”
    “I think you look very dashing in it.”
    “Really?” Ash blushed “I never thought about it like that.”


    The rest of the day went by rather quickly. Ash and Conway were sleeping in a different room from May and Dawn. The bed Ash was given was indeed very comfortable however Ash still felt uncomfortable. He then realised that this was the first night since his new journey that May wasn’t beside him.

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    Excellent chapter Gaiash, I like how you made Dawn and Conway living together, very cute. ^_^

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    Very nice chapter once again. ive been reading for awhile and it was until now i post another comment.

    Dawn and Conway huh? i never knew it would be those two together.

    I loved how Pikachu tried to tell Ash May likes him.

    Very nice. hope to see the next chapter up soon. ^_^
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    Just here to do some random reviewing, felt like reading an advanceshipping story =D

    Anyways, there's not much to say about your fanfic except to maybe space out your dialogue a bit more. You don't have to, but it would probably be easier to read then.

    Another thing is that maybe adding a little more description would help and to slow down your chapters too, they all seem quick imo.

    But your writing gets better as it goes so I won't complain anymore lol

    the little sparks of advanceshipping here and there are pretty cute.

    Sorry for being so general, but I don't feel like reviewing each chapter right now.

    ~*Uza-chan's Good bye*~


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    I'm back from London and shall begin work on chapter six tommorow (Well today since it's midnight). I imagine I'll have it ready by Sunday.

    Quote Originally Posted by Uzamaki Hinata View Post
    Anyways, there's not much to say about your fanfic except to maybe space out your dialogue a bit more. You don't have to, but it would probably be easier to read then.
    I am keeping that in mind. The trouble is thinking of the right moments to do so.

    Quote Originally Posted by Uzamaki Hinata View Post
    Another thing is that maybe adding a little more description would help and to slow down your chapters too, they all seem quick imo.
    I am trying my best with this. The trouble is my ability to describe is one of the things my Autism effects the most. One of the things I am hoping to gain from writing this fanfic is improved skills in describing/explaining.

    Quote Originally Posted by Uzamaki Hinata View Post
    But your writing gets better as it goes so I won't complain anymore lol
    I'm glad you think I'm improving. As I said its one of the things I'm hoping to do as I write this.

    Quote Originally Posted by Uzamaki Hinata View Post
    Sorry for being so general, but I don't feel like reviewing each chapter right now.
    No worries, It's good to hear what people think. I hope you'll enjoy what I have planned for this story.

    Quote Originally Posted by bustaryhmes View Post
    again bravo i liked it it was extremely good and can i ask who conway is i want more more more please
    Conway is the trainer who was paired with Dawn in the tag battle tournement where Ash and Shinji were paired up. His most recent appearence convinced me to include him in the story as Dawn's boyfriend.

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    OMG, did you guys read Encyclopika's rules?! >>;

    -----4.3) Review SPAM is getting on our nerves – don’t do it! When reviewing, elaborate your post to what you liked, what you didn’t like, what surprised you, etc. Reviews such as “I loved it! Do more!” and the like will be deleted on sight. If you really did read and liked the fic/chapter, you’ll honor the author’s hard work with a good, full, honest review. Other examples of SPAM reviews include, but are not limited to, the below:


    "Please write more! I love it!"

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    Yes, this is directed at EVERYONE'S posts I deleted. HELP Gaiash - point out the good and bad points on his story, and for the bad points, tell him how to improve. Otherwise, you will keep getting infracted for spam. It isn't fair to him, k?

    Consider this a warning.

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    Chelc does have a point. I am very pleased to know people like my fanfic but I'd like to hear which parts you liked. You could post your theories for the future of the story such as who you might think Tracey's fiancé is or who will be more successful in their first Contest/Gym Battle.

    One of this things I look forward to seeing when I see reviews is what people liked about the chapter/story so far.

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    Eben though I'm a Contestshipper, you're fic is making me like
    Advanceshipping too...
    <--My Pokemon Team!
    Thanks to Pokedialga200 for this awesome team pose!

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    I'm really sorry this took so long. The first part of this chapter was really difficult to get right. Still this turned out to be my longest chapter yet.

    Chapter Six: The Nightmare

    It was a Pokémon Contest and Ash was facing his new red haired rival. Once again it was between Ash’s Lucario and the trainer’s shiny Medicham.

    Lucario was giving the battle its best shot but everything it did brought Ash’s points down. His opponent however had not lost a single point and looked bored.

    “Lucario we can at least try and knock out Medicham!” Ash called out “Use Metal Claw!” Lucario nodded and charged towards Medicham.

    “Use Psychic.” Ash’s opponent calmly commanded. Lucario was inches away from Medicham when it was launched into the wall. With that last attack Ash had lost all his points, and the battle.


    Annoyed with himself Ash decided he might as well go and find May. She’d still be supportive of him no matter what and what Ash really needed right now was for her to be by his side.

    “Where do you think you’re going.” The red haired trainer asked angrily blocking his path.
    “I don’t see why it matters to you but I’m going to see my friend May.” Ash answered equally angry.
    “I don’t see how anyone could be friends with a failure like you.” He smirked walking away “Especially if your friend is a co-ordinator.”

    Ash ignored that last comment and headed out of the building. It was there he saw May sitting on a bench casually.

    “Hi May.” Ash sighed “I guess I need more training.”
    “Good luck then.” May smiled.
    “What do you mean?” Ash replied while scratching the back of his head.
    “Well I decided to continue my journey without you.” She explained.
    “But I thought.” Ash tried to finish but didn’t even know what he thought.
    “Sorry Ash but I wanted to travel with the trainer who inspired me on my first journey.”
    “B-but you said that was me.” Ash stuttered.
    “I only said that to make you feel better about yourself.” She explained “I wasn’t serious.”
    “But I thought we were enjoying our journey together. I don’t have to be a co-ordinator I could just be your companion like how Brock and Max travelled with us in Hoenn.” Ash pleaded trying desperately to stay with her.
    “Sorry Ash.” May smiled.
    “But I l-” Ash started.

    “Can’t you tell she doesn’t want you around.” Said a familiar green haired trainer. Drew looked identical to the way he looked when Ash last saw him years ago, only taller.
    “What are you doing here?” Ash asked both confused and annoyed.
    “Weren’t you listening?” Drew answered with a creepy looking grin on his face “May wants to travel with the trainer who inspired her in Hoenn.”
    “Sorry Ash.” May said once again still smiling.
    “Please May.” Ash pleaded again beginning to cry “I just want to be with you.”
    “Sorry Ash.” May repeated.

    Ash suddenly found himself sitting up in bed. It was only then that he realised what had just happened was a nightmare.

    Ash looked at the nearby clock. It was half past three in the morning. There was no way Ash was getting back to sleep now nor did he want to. Instead he just looked at the wall, with tears still running down his face, what happened may not have been real but the pain it caused was.


    As time went by the others began to wake up. First to get up was Conway who simply ate his breakfast and walked into another room. When May got up however she noticed something was wrong with Ash. He had bags under his eyes and he looked like he had been crying.

    “Are you ok Ash?” May asked feeling concerned.
    “I’m alright.” Ash sighed “Just had a nightmare that’s all.”
    “Want to talk to me about it?”
    “I can’t remember it perfectly.” Ash lied “I’m ok now though May, don’t worry about me.”
    “Was it anything to do with that co-ordinator we met?” May asked, mostly thinking out loud.
    “What co-ordinator?” Dawn asked as she walked through the door.


    Ash and May explained to Dawn about the red haired co-ordinator that they met on their first day back in Sinnoh. They did not mention any of the things that happened after he left however.

    “I’ve heard that there have been more co-ordinators like that these days.” Dawn sighed “They act like you can’t be a true co-ordinator if you have the slightest interest in Gym battles, even watching them.”
    “So there are more people like that jerk?” Ash asked.
    “You’ll just have to prove them all wrong then won’t you Ash.” May smiled, glad to see Ash had stopped thinking about his nightmare at least.


    Dawn led Ash and May to a room that was next to the room Ash slept in. When the doors opened Ash was astonished by the size of the room. It looked like a contest hall but it looked superior to the one on the ferry.

    “I just recently got the decorations in here finished.” Dawn explained looking proud of herself “I was considering hosting an unofficial contest but this sounds much more fun.”
    “It looks amazing.” May observed “Just like a regular contest hall, it must have taken ages.”
    “About a month.” Dawn shrugged “Of course I can only take credit for the design. Conway had some friends of his help make my vision a reality.”
    “So I’m going to train here?” Ash asked looking at the empty crowd seats around the whole room.
    “That’s right.” Dawn smiled “We’ll start with an appeal, is that ok?”

    Ash walked to the center of the stage. He looked over at May, Dawn and Conway sitting in the seats of the judges and then at their Pokémon sitting in the front row nearby.
    “Well here goes nothing.” Ash said to himself reaching for his Pokéball “Bulbasaur, take the stage!”

    The shiny Pokémon jumped up and down happily delighted at its chance to prove itself to its new trainer.

    “Bulbasaur use Razor Leaf and follow it up with Bullet Seed!” Ash called out. The excited Pokémon eagerly launched the leaves in the air and shot down each one with Bullet Seed.
    “Now use Magical Leaf and finish it off with Vine Whip!” Ash added. Bulbasaur nodded launching the first attack. It then proceeded to spin the leaves with its vines.


    Dawn got up from her seat and walked up to Ash.
    “Well it looks like you’ve got nothing to worry about in the appeal department.” Dawn said smiling “Now its time to text your skills in a contest battle.”

    Pikachu took Dawn’s spot on the judge panel. Bulbasaur stayed by Ash’s side, it wanted to learn from this just as much as Ash did. May looked at the excitement in the young Pokémon’s eyes and was reminded of her Venasaur when it was a Bulbasaur and how playful it was.

    “Let’s give it our best shot Flygon!” Ash called out with that tone to his voice May remembered him having when she first travelled with him. She was pleased that he was acting like his old self again.

    Ash’s Flygon was surprised to find itself in battle again. It was also confused by its surroundings but remembered being told about Pokémon contests when Ash selected it to be in his team.

    “Good luck out there Ash.” May called cheerfully.
    “You’d better not go easy on him.” Conway added.
    “Same goes for you with me Conway.” Dawn smirked “This needs to be a fair battle.”

    Dawn tossed her Pokéball into the air sending out a Lopunny. It did a little dance before getting ready to battle.

    Lopunny made the first move firing a large Shadow Ball. Flygon flew up to dodge and flew back down using Earthquake as it landed. Lopunny was not hurt by the attack but was knocked over costing it a few points. Ash was taking an early lead.

    Flygon charged towards Lopunny preparing to use Bite but Lopunny jumped up and hit it in the back with Fire Punch. Flygon’s landing cost it more points than Lopunny’s fall. It managed to land a successful hit with Iron Tail throwing Lopunny up in the air, but Lopunny spun around and landed gracefully which caused Ash to lose points instead.

    Lopunny used Attract causing Flygon to look at it in awe. Flygon ignored its emotions and used Aerial Ace landing another direct hit but Lopunny somersaulted backwards to avoid falling.

    Lopunny was tired and was going to last long but Dawn still had the most points. Ash still had a chance to win.
    “Flygon use Thunder Wave and finish it off with Hyper Beam!” Ash commanded.

    Flygon launched the electric attack. Lopunny was too tired to dodge. Paralyzed it could only look up at the beam that made yet another direct hit.

    Flygon flew down. Lopunny was still standing, unable to attack but refusing to back down. Suddenly the time ran out, Ash looked at the scoreboard to see who won surprised that she even had a scoreboard.

    Dawn was declared the winner. Flygon looked down ashamed with itself.
    “Don’t be sad Flygon.” Ash said stroking the back of its neck “You did great out there, Dawn is just more experienced at contests than we are.”
    “I think you did great too Ash.” May added rushing towards him glad to see he was taking it well “What do you think Dawn?”
    “I agree.” Dawn replied “Ash you did fantastic considering it’s probably been almost seven years since you last entered a contest. I do think you need to consider training your Pokémon to take attacks like Lopunny did. I’m sure you noticed it spinning and somersaulting, that means even if your opponents attack hit they’ll usually lose the points.”

    Bulbasaur took in this information eagerly hoping that it would get a chance to practice in a contest battle soon. It began practicing combining attacks including Petal Dance.
    “Don’t exhaust yourself Bulbasaur.” Ash chuckled “We’ll practice tomorrow ok?”
    The small shiny Pokémon nodded as Ash recalled it and Flygon.


    That night May found herself restless. She was worried about Ash after that nightmare he had the previous night. She decided she’d just go and see if he was having any trouble sleeping. If he was ok then she would go back to bed and try and get some sleep.

    She picked up a blanket and quietly walked downstairs. As she approached Ash’s room she noticed the light in the next room was switched on. Someone was in the contest room.


    Ash sat down against the wall of the stage. He knew he wasn’t going to get any sleep so he figured he’d just stay up and think about what he would need to do to train his Pokémon the next day.

    “Is someone in here?” May’s voice asked as the door opened.
    “Just me.” Ash sighed.

    May sat beside him holding the blanket in her arms.
    “Can’t sleep?” she asked.
    “Yeah.” Ash nodded sighing again.
    “Same here.” May added smiling.

    “May.” Ash started.
    “When you said I was your main inspiration.” He continued “Did you mean it?”
    “Is this about that nightmare you had last night?” May replied.
    Ash just nodded.
    “Of course I meant it.” May responded “Why do you ask?”
    “Well I’m not saying I’m worried about not being looked up to.” Ash explained “Its just I assumed that someone like Drew or Wallace inspired you more and that you’d rather travel with one of them.”
    “Well I did look up to them but for different reasons.” May answered “Wallace is a famous co-ordinator and Drew was my rival. I look up to Wallace the same way most co-ordinators do and I look up the Drew in the same way you probably look up to Gary”

    “Sorry if I worried you.” Ash said looking at his feet.
    “No need.” May smiled.
    “Its just I’ve really been enjoying our adventure together so far.”
    “So have I. If you’re worried I’d leave to travel with someone else don’t be. I’ve probably been enjoying this adventure even more than you have.”
    “Thanks May.”

    “So where’s Pikachu?” May asked choosing to change the subject.
    “He's asleep.” Ash responded “It’s just been me losing sleep.”
    “Well not just you.” May sighed.
    “I guess we’ll both be staying up tonight.” Ash laughed.
    “Maybe.” May added “Let’s at least try and keep comfortable though.”
    She placed the blanket on top of them.

    As the night went on the two of them fell asleep at almost the exact same time resting their heads together.

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    amazing so far! keep the updates coming

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    wow this is fantastic so far. please update soon.
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    Sorry it's late again but it took me a while to get this chapter sounding right. I've also edited the first chapter. Anyway heres the newest chapter hopefully the next chapter will get finished sooner.

    Chapter Seven: The Ribbon

    May opened her eyes to see Dawn and her Empoleon looking down at her. Ash was still asleep resting his head on May’s shoulder.

    “M-morning Dawn.” May stuttered.
    “Awww. You two look so cute together.” Dawn chuckled.
    “D-Dawn!” May blushed “He might be waking up.”
    “Considering he didn’t get much sleep the night before I don’t see him waking up for a while.” Dawn laughed “But seriously May I wouldn’t be so careless about your secret like that. I haven’t even told Conway about it.”
    “Empoleon is standing behind you.”
    “None of my other Pokémon know if that makes you feel better.” Dawn answered “Besides its not like any of our Pokémon could tell Ash.”
    “But they might tell Pikachu.” May sighed “You know how close Ash and Pikachu are. If Pikachu found out it wouldn’t keep that information from Ash.”
    “You might wake him up if you don’t calm down.” Dawn whispered.


    After waking up Ash found himself extremely hungry. As he walked into the kitchen to have his breakfast he noticed May and Dawn were already there.

    “Morning May. Morning Dawn.” Ash yawned.
    “Did you sleep any better last night?” May asked.
    “Much better actually.” Ash smiled “So what’s for breakfast?”
    “Actually we were just getting ready for lunch.” Dawn laughed “May thought you should get more sleep to make up for the night before.”
    “That explains why I’m so hungry.” Ash chuckled.
    “Don’t eat all our food.” Conway suddenly said. Ash hadn’t noticed him cooking something.
    “That reminds me you’re out of ramen.” May added slightly embarrassed.

    “So what are we doing for training today?” Ash asked while stuffing his face.
    “Actually I think you should continue your training with May while you travel.” Dawn answered remembering how much her guests loved food “If you train here too long you might miss your first contest.”
    “I guess I never thought of that.” Ash said scratching the back of his head.


    “Thank you again for letting us stay.” May said as they walked to the front door with their bags packed ready to go.
    “Any time.” Dawn replied.
    “And thanks for the food.” Ash added still a little bit hungry from missing breakfast.
    “Next time just let us know in advance so we can get enough food for all of us.” Dawn laughed.

    “Well I guess we’ll be off.” May said looking happily at Ash.
    “You two have fun. Ash you listen to what May tells you about contests.” Dawn then turned to May “And May. Good luck.”
    “Thanks Dawn.” May sighed “I’m going to need it.”
    “Don’t say that.” Ash interrupted “I’m certain you’ll have no problem with gym battles.”
    Pikachu sighed, annoyed that its trainer still hadn’t realised that May liked him.
    “Y-yeah.” May stuttered “I’m sure you’re right.”

    “I suppose you two will be going to Oreburgh City then.” Conway said suddenly appearing between Dawn which startled Ash and May.
    “Conway what did we say about you sneaking up on me like that?” Dawn calmly asked apparently quite used to this happening.
    “What do you mean when you said Oreburgh City?” May asked.
    “Well this town is directly below Oreburgh and it’s the closest town that has a gym.” Conway proudly explained.
    “I guess we’ll be heading there then.” Ash decided with enthusiasm.
    “Remember I’m the one who’s challenging the gym leader.” May explained recognising Ash’s enthusiasm from when they first travelled together “Looks like I’m not the only one who still isn’t used to our new goals.”


    As they walked along May looked over Ash’s shoulder to see he was reading the book Gary had given him.
    “So Gary’s been researching shiny Pokémon has he?” She asked walking a little closer.
    “Yeah.” Ash replied “Apparently it’s especially the case here in Sinnoh. According to this Gary first noticed it when he saw a flock of shiny Starly flying over Twinleaf Town.”
    “I haven’t seen any shiny Pokémon yet besides that Medicham that jerk used.” May noted.
    “I guess we’ll have to keep an eye out for them.” Ash smiled “I’m quite sure Gary will want to know if we saw any.”


    “Say Ash.” May started as an idea entered her head “Can I borrow your half of the ribbon we won together for a bit.”
    “I guess.” Ash replied scratching his head again before reaching into his bag “What do you need it for anyway?”
    “That’s a surprise.” She smiled.
    “Well here you go.” Ash reluctantly placed it in her hand, that item had become more important to him ever since he realised he was in love with May.
    “I’ll be back in a few minutes.” May called as rushed over towards the shops waving.
    “Pichuka Kachu.” Pikachu once again pointed out.
    “Sorry buddy I’m still not sure what you’re trying to say.” Ash replied.


    May looked around for the place Dawn had told her about. She looked at Ash’s half of the ribbon in her hand. She closed her hand and held it close to her heart.

    “May!” A female voice called out from behind her. May turned around to see a girl with brown hair and an orange headband.
    “Hi there May.” The girl said as she got closer “Remember me?”
    May stopped to think before answering “Erica?”
    “That’s right.” Erica smiled “Fancy meeting you here.”
    “I’ll say.” May laughed “I’ve been seeing my fair share of familiar faces lately though.”

    “So what brings you here?” Erica asked noticing May’s closed hand.
    “Well Ash and I went to visit our friend Dawn.” May started.
    “Ash?” Erica asked “Is he your boyfriend?”
    “N-not quite” May stuttered “You’ve met him before remember.”
    “Was he the boy with the Pikachu?” Erica asked again closely watching May’s hand.
    “Yes that’s right.” May replied.
    “Well he’s ok but nothing like my Joshua.” I’m planning on taking him to the famous wedding dress store nearby.
    “You two are engaged?!” May gasped.
    “No but I think it might give him the idea of proposing.” Erica laughed “We’ve been dating for a few years now after all.”

    “So what’s in you’re hand?” Erica asked as she noticed May continuing to hold it near her heart.
    May opened her hand to reveal Ash’s half of the ribbon. Erica gasped and looked at the ribbon wide eyed and speechless.

    “H-half a ribbon.” Erica stuttered “Half a ribbon.”
    “Yes that’s what it is.” May replied startled by Erica’s reaction.
    “So tell me.” Erica began grabbing May’s arms in excitement “Who owns the other half?”
    “Well actually this is Ash’s ha-”
    “So he is your boyfriend!” Erica interrupted.
    “What?!” May blurted out “No, no, no. Ash and I are just really close friends.”
    “Oh really?” Erica smirked looking at May’s bright red face.

    “What’s so special about having half a ribbon exactly?” May asked avoiding the subject.
    “Don’t you remember?” Erica asked.
    “Not really.” May started scratching the back of her head in the same way as Ash.
    “When you and I first met I was talking about how I wanted to share a victory in that contest with Joshua.” Erica explained “So that we could split the ribbon between us.”
    “But Ash and I just had a draw.” May sighed.
    “Then why are you blushing?” Erica asked with a smiling.


    Ash was skimming through Gary’s book not really paying any attention. He was wondering what was taking May so long.

    “Do you think I should go look for her?” he asked turning to Pikachu who was also deep in thought.
    “Pikapi.” It groaned.
    “I guess not.” Ash sighed “She did say it was a surprise. I wouldn’t want to ruin whatever she has planned.”

    “Hey Ash!” May’s voice called out.
    “May.” Ash answered happily.
    “Sorry I’m late.” She said “I bumped into an old friend I faced in a contest a few years ago. Anyway I thought you might like this.”
    She held out her hand with his ribbon in it. Attached to the ribbon was what appeared to be a necklace.

    “I thought you might like to wear it as…” May paused.
    “A sign of our friendship?” Ash guessed.
    “That’s right.” May nodded.
    “I think it looks nice.” Ash smiled as he placed it around his neck “Thank you May.”
    “You’re welcome.” May smiled placing her own around her neck “How do I look?”
    “You look” Ash paused for a second wanting to say she looked beautiful but what came out was “great.”


    The route to Oreburgh City had been remodelled since the last time May was in Sinnoh. What was once a rocky route was now a busy road with a cycle path.

    “I guess we’ll have to find another way around.” May said.
    “Are you sure?” Ash asked scratching the back of his head again “I’m sure they’ll be able to lend us some bikes.”
    “That’s true.” May sighed “But I’ve heard Pikachu has a habit of destroying bikes.”
    Pikachu glared at her.

    Ash shrugged and sent Charizard out of its Pokéball.
    “Charizard are you ok with taking us over that road to Oreburgh City?” Ash asked preparing himself for the worst.
    Charizard tilted it’s head in confusion.
    “Pikapi Ka Pichuka.” Pikachu explained.
    Charizard laughed and set Ash on fire.
    “I had a feeling you’d do that.” Ash said falling to the ground.

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    HA Ash got BURNED
    Because your fail rating exceeded the fifth level of coffee grounds, it was forced to reach the second stage of Stapler, as well as passing the fourth pencil extremity. Therefore, due to the eight squared law of the Bobby Philips Continuum, Version 11.5, the rating of epicness was reset, causing your fail rating to only reach the 65.243pi percent level, despite being extremely epic to begin with

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    Well here is the latest chapter. Pokemon battles are very difficult to write which is why this took a while to finish. Before anyone points it out I know Milotic can't use Aqua Jet but I figured that considering the amount of Pokemon in the anime that have used attacks they can't use in the games it would be ok.

    Chapter Eight: May Vs Roark

    It didn’t take too long for Ash to convince Charizard to give them a lift over cycle road. Naturally Charizard decided to circle around Oreburgh City before eventually landing right in front of the gym.

    “Well here we are.” Ash said as he jumped off Charizard’s back “Are you excited about your first gym battle?”
    “It feels odd but yes it is a little exciting.” May smiled as she followed him.

    Charizard glared at Ash slightly irritated.
    “Ok, ok.” Ash sighed “I’m sorry I suggested riding Flygon instead.”
    Charizard nodded as Ash recalled it to its Pok&#233;ball.

    “Are you sure you want to challenge the gym now?” Ash asked.
    “Don’t worry Ash.” May replied “With Pok&#233;mon contests the trainers are always different and you don’t get a chance to try again but with gym battles if I lose I can challenge the gym leader again later.”
    “I guess you’re right there.” Ash answered scratching the back of his head again.
    “Plus there are no points in a gym battle.” May added.


    Roark’s choice of clothes had drastically changed since Ash first met him. He still wore the same helmet but the rest of his outfit was very similar to Byron. In fact all he needed was to grow a beard and he’d be the spitting image of his father.

    “Roark?” Ash asked confused by the new look.
    “Well isn’t this a surprise.” Roark responded as he turned his head “Lets see if I can remember your name. Ash right?”
    “That’s me.” Ash nodded “I almost didn’t recognise you considering you look so much more like your dad now.”
    “Yeah I get that a lot.” He smiled “So what brings you here?”
    “My friend May is here to challenge you to a gym battle.” Ash answered.


    “That’s very interesting.” Roark remarked “Though I must say Ash you’ve probably got the more difficult goal now. I’ve heard it’s difficult for regular trainers to become co-ordinators. As for you May you’ll be following in the footsteps of Juan and Wallace.”
    “I never thought about it like that.” May admitted.
    “Well I guess I should be honoured that you’ve chosen my gym to challenge first.” Roark smiled.

    Unlike Roark the gym itself looked exactly the same as when Ash last saw it. However there was a new referee, a young girl who had to be about the same age as Brock.

    “This will be a three on three battle.” The referee explained “The challenger may recall their Pok&#233;mon at any time. The battle will end when all of either trainer’s Pok&#233;mon are unable to battle.”
    “Probopass lets go!” Roark said unleashing the Pok&#233;mon from its Pok&#233;ball.
    “Kecleon take the stage!” May called as she sent out her own Pok&#233;mon.

    “Kecleon use Shadow Ball!” May commanded.
    “Probopass use Iron Defence” Roark announced in response.
    Kecleon’s attack bounced right back. Kecleon jumped out of the way and used Psybeam landing a direct hit on Probopass.

    “Probopass use Zap Cannon!” Roark called out as his Pok&#233;mon got back up from the attack.
    “Kecleon use Shadow Ball again!” May commanded.
    The two attacks exploded as they collided. Kecleon charged through the smoke.
    “Now use Water Pulse!” May added.
    There was no time for Probopass to dodge or make another attack. Kecleon’s attack knocked the rock Pok&#233;mon down to the ground.

    “Probopass is unable to battle.” The referee announced “Kecleon wins.”
    “Great job Kecleon.” May smiled “Return.”
    “Not bad.” Roark remarked as he recalled Probopass “But I’m just getting started. Bastiodon lets go!”
    “Altaria I choose you!” May said throwing the Pok&#233;ball up into the air.

    “Altaria use Aerial Ace!” May called.
    Altaria’s aim was perfect. Bastiodon had no chance to dodge but Roark simply smiled.
    “Use Fire Blast.” He calmly commanded.
    The attack hit Altaria directly in the face, knocking it down to the ground.
    “While it’s on the ground use Earthquake!” Roark quickly commanded seeking a rare opportunity to use this attack on a flying type.

    Altaria managed to get back up before the attack could do any real damage. Without waiting for May’s command it used Aerial Ace again.
    “Use Hyper Beam.” Roark sighed.
    Once again Aerial Ace had caused Altaria to be too close to dodge Bastiodon’s attack and was knocked back into the air.

    “Forget Aerial Ace!” May called out to her Pok&#233;mon “While it can’t attack use Steel Wing!”
    The attack hit Bastiodon directly in the chin causing it to take a few steps back.
    “Now Bastiodon use Thunder!” Roark commanded.
    The blot of lightning made a direct hit. Altaria had fainted before it fell to the ground.

    “Altaria is unable to battle.” The referee announced “Bastiodon wins.”
    “You’re Bastiodon is pretty strong.” May remarked recalling Altaria “I wasn’t expecting it to know Thunder.”
    “Yeah.” Roark answered “My father gave it to me when he decided to quit being a Gym Leader and take a chance against the Elite Four. He challenged me to a battle and when I won he give me his Bastiodon to show how proud he was of me.”
    “Well let’s see how it copes against my next Pok&#233;mon.” May smiled “Milotic take the stage!”

    “Milotic use Hydro Pump!” May commanded.
    “Bastiodon use-” Roark started but before he could finish the Hydro Pump had already knocked Bastiodon halfway across the stage.

    “Use Thunder!” Roark quickly commanded.
    “I knew you’d do that.” May grinned “Use Ice Beam!”
    The ice attack pushed the lightning aside and froze Bastiodon solid.
    “Now finish it off with Iron Tail!” May called out.
    The attack smashed the ice and hit Bastiodon’s chest.

    “Bastiodon is unable to battle.” The referee announced once again “Milotic wins.”
    “Impressive.” Roark remarked “Well I guess that just leaves Rampardos. Come on out!”
    Ash recognised the Rampardos. It was the same Pok&#233;mon Roark had used to battle him back when he was on his first journey through Sinnoh.

    “Milotic use Rain Dance!” May commanded.
    “Quickly use Zen Headbutt!” Roark called out.
    Rampardos seemed to hit Milotic before it could finish its attack but a dark cloud began to form above them.
    “Now Milotic use Surf!” May commanded.
    Milotic formed a large wave and proceeded to ride it towards Rampardos leaving it nowhere to run.

    “Rampardos use Flamethrower!” Roark commanded.
    May appeared confused that he would use a fire attack on a water type. While the attack didn’t do much damaged it managed to keep Rampardos dry for a few moments for Roark to announce his next command.

    “Use Head Smash!” Roark called out.
    Milotic quickly jumped out of the way.
    “Head Smash!” Roark commanded again.
    “Aqua Jet!” May commanded.
    The two Pok&#233;mon charged at each other. The clouds from Milotic’s Rain Dance began to fade.

    “Milotic and Rampardos are both unable to battle.” The referee declared “May and Kecleon are the winners.”


    “Here you go.” Roark said handing May her badge “Good luck to both of you on your adventure.”
    May mimicked Ash’s victory stance “I got the Coal Badge!” she declared.
    “Congratulations May.” Ash smiled amused by her imitation.


    As Ash and May walked out of the gym they saw a guy wearing sunglasses who looked no older than Ash.
    “I’ve been looking for you.” He smirked pointing at Ash.
    “Me?” Ash answered looking puzzled.
    “I’ve been looking for you for seven years.” He explained clenching his fists “I’m here to reclaim what is mine.”
    “What?” Ash asked even more puzzled.

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    Nice but is it me or the batle was a little rushed? anyway nice ending to the chapter.

    i wonder who this man is.

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    Good story.The battle waz a little rush.
    Who is the man?? Nice chapter!

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    This was my first time writing a chapter about a battle so I tried to describe the battle better. I guess battles are going to be the biggest challege for me to write.

    Anyway heres the latest chapter. The battle in this is shorter but theres an understandable reason hopefully.

    Chapter Nine: Old Wounds

    “Who are you?” Ash asked the stranger standing in front of him.
    “So you don’t recognise me.” He remarked “Well it has been seven years I guess it can’t be helped. Seven years ago you caught a Pokémon that belonged to me.”

    “That doesn’t sound like Ash.” May interrupted quite appalled by the man’s accusations “I think you’re thinking of someone else.”
    “No I recognise that face.” He answered “And my own Pokémon.”

    He then proceeded to move his sunglasses from his face and placed them on his head.
    “My name is Damian.” He smirked “And I’m here for my Charizard.”

    “D-Damian?!” Ash exclaimed in surprise and anger.
    “Who is Damian?” May asked surprised that Ash really did know him.
    “When my Charizard was just a Charmander Damian here left it on a rock because he thought it was too weak.” Ash explained “It wasn’t until after Charmander saved Pikachu from Team Rocket that Damian decided he wanted him back but Charmander chose to be my Pokémon instead.”

    “It was still my Pokémon!” Damian declared “I never officially released it.”
    “You abandoned him!” Ash snapped back “If me and my friends hadn’t come along his tail could have gone out.”
    “But like I said I never released it.” Damian smugly grinned “Which means you captured another trainers Pokémon. You’re no different from Team Rocket.”

    “Ash.” May said worried.
    “You know what.” Ash decided “Let’s just let Charizard decide.”
    Ash threw Charizard’s Pokéball to the ground.

    Charizard recognised its original trainer instantly.
    “Hello Charmander.” Damian smirked with a look of victory on his face.
    Charizard glared as Damian with hate in its eyes.

    Damian tossed a Pokéball up in the air revealing a tough looking Feraligatr.
    “How about a battle?” Damian suggested “If I win I get Charizard.”
    “No way!” Ash interrupted “I refu-”
    Charizard stood in front of Ash and prepared itself for battle.
    “Charizard are you sure about this?” Ash asked concerned.
    Charizard nodded.
    “Then it’s settled.” Damian smiled.

    Without warning Feraligatr launched the first attack; Whirlpool. Charizard had no time to dodge but kept its battle stance.

    “Charizard use DragonBreath!” Ash commanded.
    Charizard flew up and launched the attack at both Feraligatr and Damian.

    “You know what to do Feraligatr.” Damian smirked.
    Feraligatr charged at Charizard, hit it with Shadow Claw and then used Hydro Cannon as it tried to get up.

    “Charizard this is the perfect time to use Overheat.” Ash suggested.
    Charizard nodded and launched the attack from the same distance Feraligatr had use Hydro Cannon.

    “Now use Seismic Toss!” Ash called out.
    Charizard grabbed Feraligatr and flew up into the air and began to spin around before throwing Feraligatr right back down to the ground.

    “Get up Feraligatr!” Damian shouted losing his calm smug attitude “Get up! Get up!”
    “Feraligatr is unable to battle.” May announced “Charizard is-”
    But before she could finish Damian sent out another Pokémon. It was Alakazam.
    “Use Psychic!” He commanded “Use it on both Charizard and the boy!”

    Ash and Charizard levitated up into the air.
    “Hey Charizard won fair and square!” Ash snapped trying to swim to the ground.
    “I don’t care!” Damian shouted back “The fact Charizard won it proof that I need that power.”
    “You shouldn’t have abandoned him as a Charmander then!” Ash answered violently swinging his fists around trying to charge at him.
    Charizard tried to use Flamethrower but its head tilted towards Ash and the attack hit him instead.

    “Put them down.” May said angrily.
    Damian turned around to see that May had sent out her Blaziken.
    “This doesn’t involve you.” Damian smirked.
    “That’s where you’re wrong.” May answered “Blaziken use Fire Spin!”
    The flames span around Alakazam who couldn’t defend itself while it was holding Ash and Charizard. Alakazam was knocked out instantly causing its attack to lose effect.

    Charizard quickly grabbed Ash before he fell and lowered him to the ground slowly.
    “Now Blaziken!” May began.
    “Charizard!” Ash continued.
    “Use Fire Blast!” They both commanded.

    The combined Fire Blast’s sent Damian and his Pokémon into the air in the same way Team Rocket used to blast off.


    “Thanks May.” Ash smiled feeling slightly nervous, he wanted to hug her as a sign of gratitude but despite the fact she had hugged him a few times he unable to do the same.
    “No problem.” May happily sighed “I’ve met a few people like that when I used to travel alone.”

    “Well what should we do now?” Ash asked scratching the back of his head choosing to change the subject.
    “Well according to the PokéNav the closest contest hall is in Jubilife City.” May explained “So I think we should do some appeal practice and then go there.”
    “Sounds like a good idea.” Ash remarked “So which Pokémon do you think I should train with?”
    “I think we should see how each one does and those who do the best we can train with when we get to Jubilife City.”


    Ash sent out his Flygon who seemed confused that it wasn’t about to be in a battle.
    “Ok Flygon do you want to train for my next contest?” Ash asked.
    Flygon looked away in disgust.
    “Flygon?” Ash asked again.
    “Maybe Flygon is still annoyed about its battle with Dawn.” May said seemingly familiar with this kind of situation.
    “But Flygon hasn’t had issues with losing before.” Ash replied feeling confused.
    “Sometimes there are Pokémon who don’t like when they could have won a battle but lost due to time and contest points.” May explained “Flygon defiantly had an advantage over Lopunny towards the end and I think the fact it lost despite that has put it off the idea of contests.”
    Flygon nodded.

    Ash recalled Flygon and sighed.
    “I guess I could exchange Flygon for Volbeat.” He said to himself, thinking out loud.
    “But didn’t you say your Volbeat isn’t much of a performer?” May asked.
    “Yes I never really worked on training him to be one.” Ash answered “I don’t think I’ll use him in the Jubilife City contest though.”


    “Hello.” Gary started as his face appeared on the video phone “Ah Ash. How is your new journey going?”
    “It’s been fun.” Ash smiled “Anyway I was wondering if I could send my Flygon back in exchange for my Volbeat.”
    “Of course.” Gary nodded “By the way where are you guys?”
    “Oreburgh City.” May answered.
    “Ah so you’re in Sinnoh.” Gary answered well just remember not to stay there too long before Tracey’s wedding.”

    A girl suddenly appeared beside Gary holding a Pokéball.
    “Here you go professor.” She said handing him the ball.
    “Thanks but I keep telling you to call me Gary.” Gary sighed as he placed the Pokéball on the transporter.


    “Say Ash.” May started “Why does Gary have a problem with people calling him Professor Oak or even just professor?”
    “Well in the case of his assistants it’s probably because when they were his cheerleaders they always used to chant his name.” Ash joked.
    “Cheerleaders?” May asked.
    “Well before we met Gary had this team of cheerleaders that followed his through his entire journey in Kanto.” Ash explained “And they showed up again in the Johto League Silver Conference during his battle with me.”
    “I never imagined Gary to be the type who’d have a team of cheerleaders follow him around.” May laughed “Then again I do remember there being cheerleaders in Max’s video of that battle.”
    “Well Gary was different back then.” Ash smiled “He only decided to pursue his goal as a Pokémon researcher after the Silver Conference. Once he became a Pokémon professor his old cheerleaders all trained and applied to become his assistants.”

    “As for why he doesn’t like being called Professor Oak.” Ash continued “He believes that that title only belongs to his grandfather even though Tracey is the only person who still calls him that.”
    “I think Max still called him Professor Oak.” May responded “But he looks up to him as much as Tracey does. So why does it bother him when people just call him professor.”
    “I really don’t understand his problem with being called professor since he is one.” Ash sighed “My only guess is he just wants people to refer to him by name.”
    “I guess that makes sense.” May smiled “Well if we get going now we can reach Jubilife City before nightfall and we can start training Volbeat and deciding which Pokémon you could use in the contest.”
    Ash scratched the back of his head. He remembered it taking longer to get between the two cities back when he was travelling with Brock and Dawn.

    Ash nodded and the two of them looked out at the route ahead of them.
    “I hope I don’t mess up.” Ash gulped holding his ribbon half in his hand.
    “I’m sure you’ll do great.” May smiled “I won’t let you down.”
    “I’m more worried about letting you down.” Ash sighed.
    “Don’t worry the contest isn’t for a couple of days.” May said hugging him “We’ve got plenty of time to prepare.”
    “Ok.” Ash nodded.
    The two of them looked happily and shyly at each other, unaware that they were both thinking the exact same thing.

    Pikachu felt left out at times like this. It smiled anyway, it had a plan to try and help the two of them once they were in the next city.

    May grabbed Ash’s hand and began to run out of the city.
    “Come on let’s go.” She smiled.
    Ash ran to avoid being dragged. They were soon running side by side, hand in hand.

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    I'm sorry this took so long but here is the newest chapter. I still have a couple of chapters before the contest starts so just because the journey is going fast that doesn't mean the story is.

    Chapter Ten: Younger Brother

    Along the route there were several young trainers each around 10 the 14 many of them seemed to have only just started their journeys. Both Ash and May felt nostalgic walking past and almost didn’t notice a very familiar face.

    “Is that Max?” Ash asked suddenly.
    “So it is.” May responded “I wasn’t expecting we’d see him so soon.”
    “Why’s that?” Ash asked.
    “Well he left quite a while before I decided to go to Pallet Town and the last time I heard from him he was in Snowpoint City.”

    Max was training with two other trainers who looked to be about his age. They were both battling against Max. One of the trainers was using a shiny Lairon while the other had an Onix. Max’s Pok&#233;mon, a Buizel and a Gliscor, helped add to Ash’s nostalgia.

    As they walked towards them it became clear that Max was winning.
    “Buizel use Aqua Jet on Onix!” He commanded “And Gliscor use Guillotine on Lairon!”
    The two attacks made a direct hit and knocked out the opposing Pok&#233;mon simultaneously.

    “Impressive battle Max.” May said smiling.
    “May?” Max replied in shock “I wasn’t expecting to see you here.”
    “What about me?” Ash asked smiling.
    Max fell backwards in shock.
    “N-no way!” Max stuttered “It’s shocking enough to see my sister travelling again but Forrest told me you rarely even leave Pallet Town these days.

    Ash looked over at the two other trainers and realised the boy with the Onix was Forrest. The girl with the shiny Lairon also looked familiar.

    Suddenly Forrest had disappeared. Ash then noticed he had rushed in front of May and had grabbed hold of her hands.
    “It’s been a long time.” Forrest said moving down to his knees “You’ve become much more beautiful since I last saw you.”
    Ash felt a sudden shiver of rage flow through him.
    “Forrest!” Max shouted “Don’t flirt with my sister!”
    And within seconds Forrest had hidden behind the familiar girl.
    “Well he’s certainly become a lot like his big brother hasn’t he?” May laughed choosing to ignore the fact that she was the one who he had flirted with.
    “I noticed” Ash grumbled.

    “Sorry about him.” Max sighed as he stood back up “Anyway it’s great to see you’re both travelling again. You need to tell us everything.”


    “There's one thing I don’t understand.” Max said after Ash and May finished explaining “Ash you haven’t travelled for a few years now right?”
    “That’s right.” Ash replied.
    “From what I’ve heard May didn’t say much before you agreed to travel with her.” Max continued “Why did you suddenly change your mind?”
    “I didn’t have a reason to travel before.” Ash nervously explained “May suggested I enter contests.”
    “Yes I know that part.” Max sighed “But I’m sure the idea of entering contests must have entered your mind at some point since you have entered a few before.”
    “But it didn’t.” Ash quickly added starting to get worried.
    “Even so.” Max continued “I’m sure some of your other friends must have given you ideas for goals to follow. What was so different about what my sister said?”

    Before Max could question Ash any more his other friend decided to interrupt.
    “So do you guys remember me?” She asked.
    “You do look familiar.” Ash replied relieved to be on a different subject “I’m sure we met in Hoenn.”
    “That’s right.” The girl smiled.

    “You’re Savannah’s daughter right?” May guessed.
    “Yep I’m Sandra.” Sandra replied.
    “It’s been so long since the last time I saw you.” May said “How’ve you been?”
    “Ok.” Sandra shrugged “I met up with Max and Forrest a couple of weeks ago in Snowpoint City and we agreed we’d head to Jubilife City so I can enter the contest.”
    “So I guess you and Ash might end up facing each other.” May smiled “I’m not sure who I should root for.”
    “You should root for Ash.” Sandra suggested “I’ve got Max and Forrest on my side and Ash’ll need all the support he can get.”

    “So what’s with the ribbon?” Sandra suddenly asked.
    “What this?” May asked pointing at the Terracotta ribbon half around her neck.
    “Yeah.” Sandra nodded “Why is it only half a ribbon? What happened to the other half?”
    “Well after Ash beat the Kanto Battle Frontier he and I entered an unofficial contest in Terracotta town and had a tie, something that rarely happens in contests, and we decided to cut the ribbon in half and share the victory.”

    “Why is it around your neck?” Max asked “You’ve never had it like that before.”
    “Well I just thought it would look nice that’s all” May nervously explained “Ash has his around his neck too but it’s under his sweatshirt.”
    “Oh really?” Max smirked.

    “Say Max.” Ash decided “Let’s have a battle.”
    “What?” Max responded.
    “But you just had that battle with Damian a few minutes ago.” May said.
    “How about tomorrow?” Max suggested “It’ll give us something to do the day before the contest.”
    “Ok.” Ash sighed pleased that the subject had been changed at least.


    Once they arrived in Jubilife City Ash and Sandra quickly rushed to sign up for the contest.
    “You’re just in time.” The woman at the desk said “There are only two spots left.”
    “That’s a relief.” Ash smiled.

    “I’m surprised you bothered to sign up.” A familiar voice grunted from behind them.
    “You!” Ash said as he turned around.
    “I’d rather you use my name.” The red haired trainer replied.
    “You never told me your name.” Ash replied.
    “It’s Edward Silver.” He explained remaining as calm as ever.
    “I’m Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town.” Ash responded feeling slightly nostalgic.
    “Oh I know who you are.” Edward smirked “The famous Pok&#233;mon Master Ash Ketchum. You’ve been facing Gym Leaders for so long it’ll be impossible for you to become a true co-ordinator.”
    “I’ll remember that when I beat you in the contest.” Ash replied calming down.
    “I never said I entered the contest.” Edward said “But I am and you probably won’t even pass the appeal round.”

    Before Ash could respond May, Max and Forrest walked in.
    “You!” May said in surprise.
    “It’s Edward Silver.” Edward sighed as he walked out.
    Sandra stood speechless unsure what had just happened.


    Ash couldn’t help but notice Max looking at him with suspicion. This troubled him. Meanwhile May was explaining to Sandra what had happened the last time they met Edward.

    Ash then noticed Forrest staring at May with an expression on his face that Brock used to get when he saw a girl. This irritated Ash but he did his best to hide it in case Max noticed.

    While all this was happening Pikachu was explaining its plan to Ash and May’s Pok&#233;mon who were all sitting together eating. Blaziken was keeping watch to make sure none of the other Pok&#233;mon tried to listen. This proved difficult since Max’s Gliscor seemed to hear every word.


    The day was reaching an end. The sun had not yet set but the sky was already beginning to turn orange.
    “Hey Ash.” Max started “Mind if I speak to you about something?”
    “I guess not.” Ash lied.

    The two of them walked out of the Pok&#233;mon Center and as soon as the doors closed Max began.
    “You’ve been hiding something haven’t you?” Max asked.
    “No I haven’t” Ash said as naturally as possible.
    “You see by saying that you’ve just confirmed my theory.” Max smiled.
    “What theory?” Ash asked hoping it was wrong.
    “You like my sister don’t you?” Max finally said.

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    Sorry again for the late update. This one was tricky to write.

    Chapter Eleven: Interruption

    Ash stood speechless. He didn’t know how he was supposed to respond. He didn’t want to lie but he didn’t want to tell the truth either.

    “I knew it!” Max exclaimed interrupting Ash’s thoughts “This is priceless.”
    Ash still said nothing.
    “You fancy my sister!” Max laughed.
    “Not so loud.” Ash responded realising there was no way out “Please don’t tell May.”
    “Don’t tell her what?” Max asked with a fixed grin on his face.
    “You know what.” Ash answered slightly annoyed.
    “Yeah but tell me anyway.” Max grinned.
    “Don’t tell May, that I love her.” Ash sighed.
    Max proceeded laugh as loud as he could.
    “Stop laughing.” Ash nervously said “She’ll hear you.”
    “Love? That’s even more hilarious.” Max said his laughter calming down slightly.
    “Just don’t tell her ok.” Ash sighed “I want to tell her myself when I can think of the right way to explain.”
    “Sure.” Max shrugged “I wasn’t going to anyway. I can’t say someone else won’t find out and tell her though.”


    Pikachu decided now was the time to set its plan in motion. It jumped in front of May and began pointing outside.
    “What’s up with Pikachu?” Sandra asked.
    “I think it wants me to follow it.” May guessed as Pikachu rushed towards the door.

    “Hi there May.” Max smirked “I think Ash wants to talk to you about something.”
    Ash glared at Max and suddenly noticed Pikachu running up a nearby hill.
    “Where’s Pikachu going?” Ash asked.
    “I’m not sure.” May answered grabbing Ash’s hand “But I think it wants us to see something.”

    When they had finally caught up with Pikachu it pointed at the ground.
    “Chu.” It said.
    Ash and May looked at each other and then proceeded to sit down.
    “Pikachu is there any reason we’re sitting here?” Ash asked.
    Pikachu tried explaining that it wanted to create to perfect mood for one of them to confess their feelings. When Ash began to scratch his head Pikachu simply sighed and walked down the hill.

    “So are we supposed to follow it or stay here?” May asked equally puzzled.
    “I wish I knew.” Ash sighed “Lately it’s been harder to figure out what Pikachu says.”


    Charizard and Blaziken had been told to stand several feet away from each other. Pikachu fired a thunder attack into the air as a signal. The two fire Pokémon looked up and proceeded to use Flamethrower. Butterfree and Beautifly then flew up and used Silver Wind to cause the flames to sparkle. Finally Pikachu launched different electric attacks at the other attacks. The combined abilities shot up causing firework-like explosions.


    “Wow!” May said as she watched the electrical flames light up the sky.
    “Is this what Pikachu wanted us to see?” Ash asked still slightly confused.
    “It must be.” May smiled.

    May looked at the ribbon half around her neck. She realised that somehow Pikachu must have found out about her feelings. She gulped as it suddenly became clear that this was the thing Ash couldn’t understand.

    “Is something wrong?” Ash asked “You gulped.”
    “Oh it’s n-nothing.” May stuttered.
    “Are you sure?” Ash asked again.
    “It’s just.” May attempted “I kind of, I mean I really. That is to say that I’m.”

    May took another gulp and said “Ash I-”
    But before she could finish a loud voice from behind them yelled “May would you like to explain why your Milotic attacked me with Hydro Pump when I tried following you two?”

    It was Max. He was soaking wet waving his arms around to try and get dry. He then noticed May was leaning towards Ash as she turned to look at him.

    “What’s going on here then?” Max smirked.
    “We’re just talking.” May replied in a warning tone.
    “Oh I’m sure.” Max said with an even bigger grin of his face “I guess I should just leave you two lovebirds alone.”
    Max then walked down the hill laughing.

    “Sorry about him.” May said to Ash looking down to hide how red her face was.
    “D-don’t worry about it.” Ash stuttered looking down for the exact same reason “I forgot what were we talking about?”

    May almost felt like crying. By calling them lovebirds Max had ruined her attempt at a confession. She began to worry if Ash would take it seriously when Max had made it seem like such a joke.

    “I forgot too.” May sighed looking back up at the now empty sky.


    The next day May felt nervous about facing Ash. She had come so close to telling him her feelings she began to worry Ash might have worked it out himself. Considering a few of her co-ordinator friends and rivals had noticed as well and now Pikachu did too she began to wonder if anyone didn’t know.

    There was suddenly a knock on the door.
    “Come in.” May said making sure to hide her worry.
    “Good morning May.” Ash said as he walked through the door “Did you sleep alright?”
    “Not really.” She sighed “How about you?”
    “Not much better.” Ash replied scratching the back of his head “Max wants me to battle him now. I was hoping you might like to watch.”
    “I’d love to.” May said hugging him.
    “I guess you’re feeling better.” Ash said blushing.
    “What do you mean?” May asked.
    “Well you seemed like something was bothering you last night and I was worried you might not be feeling well.”

    May made a sigh of relief. It was times like this she was thankful that Ash was so absent minded.
    “Yeah.” She smiled “I’m feeling a lot better.”

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