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Thread: The Date (Pokeshipping and Advanceshipping)

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    Default The Date (Pokeshipping and Advanceshipping)

    Another Fan Fic by me Ho-ohRocks201 "The Date"

    It was another good day in Hoenn as Ash, May, Max, and Brock are traveling to Lilycove city. Meanwhile, they are still lost in the Woods of the Route.

    “Max, how long till we actually get there?” Ash said impatiently. Max is a young boy who was May’s younger brother. He had a Pokenav’ so he had a map.

    “It will be quicker if you STOP ASKING ME THAT!” Max replied annoyed. That was the 12 time Ash asked that question to him.

    “I wonder what the contest will be like in Lilycove” May said, “They’ll be so many cool challengers there”

    “I just hope there will be cute girls there” Brock said. Max grabbed Brock’s ear.

    “Find cute girls, and I’ll do this to you!” Max said.
    Everyone laughed. May looked around the area. She saw a girl with orange hair, tied in a ponytail off to the side.

    “Hey, who’s that?” May said. Ash looked over. It couldn’t be… It was Misty.

    “It’s Misty!” Ash shouted excitedly.

    “Who’s Misty?” May said jealously. Ash caught the hint of jealousy.

    “Misty is a friend of ours” Brock said, while Ash gave Brock a ‘Pay attention to him’ kind of point. Ash ran toward Misty.

    “HEY! MISTY!” Ash shouted to Misty. Misty seemed to see him and gave him a big wave. She then ran toward him to. They finally caught up to each other.

    “What are you doing here?” Ash asked her.
    “I was just headed to Lilycove to return to Vermillion City” she replied. She looked over to the rest of the people. She caught an evil glare from May.
    “Hey, I saw a little restaurant over there. Want to go get a bite to eat?” Misty asked.

    Ash blushed. “Like, a date?” he asked? He saw a death glare from May, just like Misty gave Melody during there adventure in the Orange Islands. May rushed over.

    “I’m sorry, Ash is booked!” May said pulling him away. Misty put her hands on her hips.

    “A chip off the old Misty” she said.

    “Hey May, What was that all about back there?” Ash asked her.

    May blushed. “It’s just…um…”

    “You sound just like Misty” Ash commented. Ash ran from May back to Misty.

    “So it’s a date?” She asked.

    “Absolutely” Ash replied. May didn’t run over, but was irritated when Ash and Misty walked to the restaurant.

    ‘I’ll get him back, somehow’ May thought, then she hatched up a plan.

    “So, what are you having?” Ash asked Misty.
    “I don’t know” Misty replied, while her pupils rolled out of control in her eyes.
    “I think I’ll have the rice” Ash said.
    “Hopefully, it’s as good as Brock’s” they both said. Ash looked over to the Chef. He was Brock in a bad moustache.

    ‘Brock is here? Then that means…. Oh no, May!’ Ash thought.

    Max dressed up in a waiter suit walked up to them.

    “Excuse me, miss. Someone outside is waiting for you.” Max said.

    “It must be my sister, hang on a minute.” Misty said, she walked out. Suddenly, May walked out and sat next to Ash.

    “Kiss me” she said and jumped at him. May and Ash’s lips met. Ash pushed her away.

    “Why are you doing this?” Ash shouted.

    “BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!” May shouted back. Misty saw this through glass, she broke in to tears and ran away. Ash pushed May aside.

    “Just, go away for a minute!” Ash yelled at her. He got out of the booth and ran after Misty.

    “Misty, please wait” Ash yelled to get her to stop. Misty turned around. “It’s not what it looked like!” he said.
    “Oh yeah, cheating WHILE your on a date isn’t what it looks like?” Misty shouted back.
    “Listen please! May threw herself all over me! It didn’t mean anything.” Ash replied.
    Suddenly, May ran out to them.

    “So Ash, who is it going to be? Me, or May” Misty asked him. Ash looked at both of them. And then walked over to Misty.

    “I choose Misty” Ash said. May got mad and ran off somewhere… Who cares!?

    Misty looked at Ash.
    ‘Now Ash Ketchum. I finally know how you really feel about me’


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    Some slight grammar mistakes and it felt a bit rushed. Slow down a bit and this could be really good.
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    LOL at May. going up to Ash and saying i love you straight on. yes this is a bit rushed. it sounds like your more of a pokeshipper than a advanceshipper. anyway why don't you write a chapter fic. just an idea anyway.

    Do you mind if you read my story? it's "Could this be love?" It's half contestshipping and advanceshipping.

    By the way you wrote this. it seems this is a oneshot pokeshipping. anyway overall nice story.

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