ZOMG IT'S MEWTWO *o*! *hyperventilates like all fan-girls*

- *slaps KP and leaves*

...Sorry about that... I just like Mewtwo... *cough* This was very... weird. Not that I can't think of another word for it, but it was just the way you did it that was... straaaaange (lol). The Miltank apparently know something we don't, huh, especially their calci-mum and their talking about Tauros all the time. Even though the bulls just make no sense. (Mad over everything, rofl xD.) You got Mewtwo right (though the South America one just makes me go "Wha?"), looking for answers and all that, though I think it's almost... OOC to talk to normal Pokémon like Miltank and Tauros. I figured he'd go after the wise ones. *shrugs* Oh, well.

But overall, I liked it. (And no, the majority isn't because Mewtwo's in it.)

I snickered at "elder legends".