Dood, I'm back! As for why I haven't posted here in nearly a week, let's just say a certain SRPG has been consuming my free time. But I did go on a writing spree yesterday, so there'll be a nice pack of stories this week.

Anyhow, as I've said before, I kinda like Sunflora, even if I've never gotten to use it. And the shiny Sunflora is so pretty.

Completed: Exeggcute/Exeggutor, Raichu/Charmeleon
In process: Whismur
On Deck: Kingler, Cubone, Lucario
Reserve: Rotom (10/31)

Emerald entry: Sunkern try to minimize movement to conserve the nutrients they have stored in their bodies for evolution. They will not eat, subsisting only on morning dew.

Fire Red entry: In the daytime, it rushes about in a hectic manner, but it comes to a complete stop when the sun sets.

One of the most famous vehicles in the world was speeding over the ocean, headed towards Sinnoh. Not a boat, though. This was a Magnezone flying train, with six of the super-powered magnetic Pokemon levitating the twenty-four cars and a seventh running the forward engine that propelled the whole train along. Its bright yellow, red, and green motif was unmistakable. Children all over the world anticipated the coming of this train, the Sunflora Carnival Train.

It has started generations ago as a small family of entertainers, both human and Pokemon, who traveled from town to town with their tricks and treats. It was still a family-owned group, although now that family had grown massively and the carnival went from region to region. And its most beloved members were still the Sunfloras.

Indeed, the four largest cars belonged solely to the cheery yellow flowers and their caretakers. The cars had curved glass roofs so they got plenty of sunlight. There were shallow pools of water for them to drink or splash in. And up on a shelf in one of the cars, the young Sunkerns were given a permanent residence. The little shelf had a soundproof barrier to let them have quiet. Their caretaker checked in on them constantly to make sure they were resting in ideal conditions. They did not do much, but given the full life ahead of them, this was the perfect start.

The Sunkern seeds didn’t think of much, beyond simple things like how sunny it was and if there was possible danger; not that the latter would ever be a concern to the Carnival Pokemon, but it was an instinctive worry. So when one thought, ‘I’m ready,’ it was a drastic change of routine.

He opened his eyes and peered around. The other Sunkern were resting, not stirring to his movements. The little shelf box had been just right, but now seemed too small. After locating an exit hole, he hopped over and jumped through. It was an unexpectedly long drop to the floor; he fluttered his small leaves to slow his descent.

As soon as he got down, he caught the attention of some of the Sunfloras. He caught even more attention as a green light enveloped him. The concentrated nutrients in his body went into hyper activity as he burst out to become two feet tall with a broad yellow flower for a face. Once the green light faded, he waved his arm leaves experimentally and called, “Sunflora!”

“Sunflora! Sunflora!” a clamor of voices responded as every Pokemon in the car came around to see their new peer.

Oddly enough, he was different from the rest. Poets had often alluded to Sunflora as being like spring, of bright new greens and yellows, of fresh flowers opening their petals to a world being renewed. But he was more like autumn, of bronze and golden yellows, of a last burst of color before the white of winter. This caused a great deal of interest from the others, even tinges of jealousy from some. But it caused him confusion, as his first thoughts wondered if he had done something wrong in his evolution. How would he change this look, though?

The four caretakers in the car stopped their card game to see what all the fuss was about. “Oh wow, is that a shiny one?” the youngest said. “I hadn’t noticed he was like that before.”

“It’s harder to tell with the Sunkerns,” the oldest one said. “But we now have a shiny again.”

“Sunflora?” he asked anxiously, tilting his petals inward. Was it a good or bad thing to be shiny?

One of the women caretakers picked him up. “We still need to mark you. No, no hassling him,” she directed the last to some of the older Sunfloras who tried to follow them into a small room in back of the train car.

It was a healing corner, with a machine to cure any who got hurt and a cabinet of supplies for any who got sick. The caretaker brought out a blue bag that she placed on his top petal. It was cold with ice, so he shivered. “Sa?”

“I need to pierce you with an ID ring; this’ll make sure it doesn’t hurt. We do this to all of our Pokemon, partly so we can tell you all apart easily and partly so we can keep track of you. Although, anybody would be able to pick you out without trouble.”

A primal part of his mind interpreted this to also mean that predators could pick him out easily. “Sunflora...” he mumbled, drawing his petals in again.

She scratched his neck in a way that felt nice. “Nervous little guy, huh? I don’t blame you. We all perform for the crowds. Soon, you’ll be learning how to sing, dance, do tricks, and make people laugh. But you’ll be under extra pressure, because you start off special.”

He opened his petals back some. It sounded fun; after weeks of sitting around preparing, he had a tremendous amount of energy. The only thing holding him back was nervousness, and knowing that he was special didn’t help that lessen.

“We’ll train you well and we won’t send you out to perform until you’re ready, so don’t worry about that. And if the others bother you, come to us. We understand what you want to say.”

“Sa?” Was that true?

“Most of the time, I’m certain. Okay, hold your petals still.”

She took out a piercing gun and attached the pin of the ID ring through the numb petal. Although the ring was as light as they could possibly make it, he still noticed the added weight. The caretaker then brought out a hand mirror so he could see his ring. It had a black background with yellow five-petaled flowers.

“There you are. You’re now an official Carnival Sunflora, part of the family. We’ll figure out who gets to train you in a couple of days, but for now, you can play with the others.”

“Florr,” he replied, and followed her out the door. He was still nervous, but after a while, he found a couple of friends who showed him how to dance.

The female caretaker went back to the card table. “He doesn’t seem vain, so he shouldn’t be a royal pain like the last shiny.”

“That’s good,” the older man said. “She would fuss over anything and throw a tantrum to any excuse.”

“He is a little shy, though, and nervous. But we can work that out.”