I'll put Cherubi on the request list, but it'll show up when it shows up, with no reason to put it on reserve. As for Blissey on New Year's Eve, that's got a sound reason to it. And Lugia is neat, but it'll need several requests for me to consider it; Darkrai, having got about three (I think) is likelier to show up as my second legendary.

Although Mewtwo has gotten some mention, I've got a little project I'm working on called 'The Ballad of Deoxys and Mewtwo', so neither of them are likely to show here for a while. It's not actually a ballad, but it is pretty silly.

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Completed: Chikorita/Feraligator
In Process: Flaafy/Togepi
On Deck: Sudowoodo, Farfetch'd, Cherubi, Salamence family
Reserve: Froslass (12/21), Articuno (12/24), Blissey (12/31)

Emerald entry: People have driven Lapras almost to the point of extinction. In the evenings, it is said to sing plaintively as it seeks what few others of its kind still remain.

Riding on the energy of the storm, the waves crashed into the rocky isle, sounding as loud as the thunder that roared overhead. The mix of near total darkness and sudden flashes of noon-like light was disorienting and nightmarish. It was dangerous even for sea Pokemon; they hid in crevices and caves. It was particularly frightening to a newly born Lapras, who huddled close to his mother.

He shuddered as a particularly vibrant stroke of thunder echoed across the sea. It would take a few months for him to reach full size, so he looked up to her. “<Does this happen every night?>”

She leaned down and touched his head with hers. “<No dear, it just happened to storm tonight. We’ll be fine.>”

He looked down at the cave entrance they had swam through just twenty minutes earlier, when the waves were starting to get rough. It seemed like those waves were gathering up enough strength to come up and knock them off their ledge. And while he had liked swimming before, he didn’t like to looks of the sea now. He crept back away from the edge. “<Okay.>”

“<I know it can be scary,>” she said in a soothing voice. “<But think on nice things and ignore the storm. Sometimes I like to think of things that I’m thankful for, like having a life of freedom, having good health, or being in the clean seas. And I’m thankful to have you with me now.>”

He smiled weakly, still afraid of the storm. “<I’m thankful you’re with me too. And I’m thankful those hunters didn’t catch us.>”

She nodded. “<I agree. I’m not sure what they do with us when we’re caught. All I know is that I’ve not seen anyone else like us in a long time. All my friends disappeared with the hunters and I’ve never seen them again.>”

“<Maybe they’d eat us like the Sharpedos.>”

“<I wouldn’t know. They could have the others working elsewhere.>” She shook her head sadly. “<Still, I wish they had never gone away.>”

A lightning bolt struck awfully close to their cavern hideout, making the young Lapras shudder again.

“<But we need to think on nice things,>” the mother said. “<Let’s work on your singing.>”

“<In this storm?>”

“<A Lapras of true heart can sing anywhere, at any time. Give it a try.>”

The two of them practiced singing until the storm had subsided enough for the young one to go to sleep.


The next morning, the young Lapras swam along the island’s beach, finding all sorts of items that had been washed ashore. There were a lots of shells, rocks, seaweed, an empty Pokeball, a net, broken pieces of wood, and an unconscious human. He sniffed the human’s face and felt a warm breath. “<Mother, it’s one of those hunters!>”

She came up and examined his clothes. “<I believe it is one of them. His boat must have been caught up in the storm last night.>”

He looked over the human more closely. He didn’t seem so scary lying down like this. “<What do we do with him?>”

“<Take him back to his village, that’s what we’re going to do.>”

“<Take him home? But why are we helping him when he wants to catch us, and maybe eat us?>”

“<Because that’s the right thing to do.>” She crawled up to the beach, then picked the man up and put him across her back. “<We don’t know exactly what they hunt us for and we are a noble race. Therefore, we help those who need it.>”

“<What if he’s trying to trick us?>”

“<I doubt that. Make sure he’s not going to slip, all right?>”

The young one nudged the man until he seemed more stable. “<Okay, I think that’ll work.>”

“<Good, then let’s go.>” She returned to the water. “<They can’t survive out here as easily as we can.>”

They swam across the waters to a place the mother knew about, a place where humans lived. It was a seaside village of simple wooden houses and fishermen. The fishing boats were gone already, but a few local children were playing on the docks when the two Lapras swam up. “What kinda Pokemon are those?” a young boy asked.

“Those are Lapras,” his older brother told him. “You don’t see them come up here much, especially not a couple of wild ones.”

“Hey, they got somebody!” another boy called. “Is he alive?”

The sea hunter had come around to his senses, just barely. “Am I alive?” he echoed. He turned to the young Lapras with a bewildered look.

“<I’m pretty sure you are,>” he replied with a coo. He tapped the hunter with his nose.

“Come on, mister,” one of the boys said as he leaned over to help him onto the dock. “You guys go get Doc.”

Once on the dock, the sea hunter patted the mother Lapras’ head. “Thank you, lady. Although, I’m not sure why you’d want to help someone like me.”

She bowed her head. “<Kindness should never be a missed chance. Good luck to you.>” Then she nudged her son back towards the sea. “<We’ve done what we can. Let’s go.>”

Not wanting to get separated from his mother, he nodded. “<Okay.>” And they left to travel the seas together.