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    I really enjoyed this one. I'm glad I requested this one now.

    My dance instructor got after some of the other kids for not practicing by saying that Trails was a better tap dancer then they were. He heard that and puffed his little chest up proudly. It was so adorable; I wish I’d gotten a picture of it.
    That must have been incredibly cute.

    On the other hand, when Birch asked me about Trails, I proudly told him about how we were learning to tap dance. I even put his shoes on and let him demonstrate his favorite routine. And Trails was happy to do so. He’s happy whenever he gets to dance and shows it by fluttering his wings and stretching up on his toes.

    The other two Pokemon must have been mean, though, because he ended the dance suddenly and shot fireballs at them for making fun of him.
    Trails is officially awesome.

    As for my guest entry..., I'm still working on it.
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