I remembered an Everstone as gray with pink and blue speckles when digging it out in the Underground. And I accidentally called it all pink elsewhere.

If you recall the Starly entry, I mentioned that I got the idea from starlings in my yard. This time, it's the barn swallows who nest on the front porch of my house every summer. They're always there. And they're always loud.

Completed: Manaphy/Phione (4/12)
In Process: Magby/Smoochum/Elekid
On Deck: Lairon/Aggron, Politoed
Reserve: Treecko (4/22)

Ruby entry: Taillow courageously stands its ground against foes, however strong they may be. This gutsy Pokemon will remain defiant even after a loss. On the other hand, it cries loudly if it becomes hungry.

Sapphire entry: Swellow is very conscientious about the upkeep of its glossy wings. Once two Swellow are gathered, they diligently take care of cleaning each other's wings.

Two birds slowed their flight through the afternoon air. The larger one looked stunning, bright glossy blue feathers playing against shimmering red feathers. Her movements were full of grace, while her natural style defied any rules imposed by mankind. The smaller one looked like she could grow up to be like the other, but was still unpolished. Her feathers were ruffled and duller in intensity and glow.

Perching in a large airy tree, the Swellow and Taillow looked around. After a moment, the Swellow raised a wing up. “<Yoohoo! Did you just move in?>”

Another Swellow waved back. “<My, hello!>” She hopped along branches to land beside them. “<Yes, I was just calling out to see if there were any kind neighbors. I’m called Gale.>”

“<I’m called Breeze, and this would be my daughter, Featha. It’s so nice to meet you, Gale. How’s the tree looking?>”

“<Just lovely; it has a nice view over the plains, but should be great cover for when we’re not hunting. Do any others live in this tree, if you know?>”

“<Well I’ve seen several kinds of Pokemon gather under this tree, and sometimes I take shelter in storms if I can’t get back to my own. I don’t think there’s anybody here this year.>”

Featha the Taillow shook her head. Her mother always talked too much, as did any other Swellow she met. When she evolved, Featha was determined to not get gossipy. “<Mom, I’m bored.>”

“<Now be polite, dear,>” Breeze chided.

“<Oh, I understand how it is with Taillows,>” Gale said. “<Can’t sit still a moment to chat and listen. Deary, I’ve got a son around here you can play with if you like. He’s only a few days old, so be gentle.>”

“<She’s not that old either.>”

“<I guessed so much.>” She held her right wing out. “<Oh, but we’ve had such a long trip. Have I dulled much?>”

“<You could use some tidying up. Would you like my help?>”

“<That would be so kind, thank you.>”

Featha made an exaggerated sigh, then flew off the branch to find the boy. “<Geez, Swellows. It’s all just talk, talk, talk, and got to be perfectly clean too. Sooo boring.>”

Breeze chuckled. “<Oh, fledglings. They’re so reckless.>”

“<They’ll get the picture when they evolve; it always happens that way. And my, how do you keep yourself so sleek looking? Nobody in my family could compare to your gloss.>”

She smiled smugly. “<Oh, I’ve got a secret or two about that.>” The two of them giggled.

“<Good grief,>” a boy Taillow muttered from the grasses. “<Did Mom find someone to gossip with that fast? Ugh?>”

Featha landed beside him. “<I know! My mom’s the same way. I’m Featha.>”

“<I’m Acorn.>”

She tilted her head. “<Acorn?>”

Lifting his shoulder blades up, he shrugged. “<I like acorns. Wanna make something of it?>”

“<Not really.>” Seeing the disappointed look on his face, she puffed up her chest. “<I’ll fight you, though!>”

Acorn stood up tall. “<Now that’s what I’m talking about! I’m a mighty Taillow Warrior! I’ve fought stupid drooling Rattattas before.>”

“<Well I’ve fought sharp-eyed Sandshrews with sharper claws.>”

“<Well I’ve fought a blood-sucking Golbat!>”

“<And I’ve scared off a great big Skarmory!>”

“<No you haven’t.>”

Technically, he was right. Featha had assistance in having a Machop kick the Skarmory in the chest. But still, he wouldn’t have done it if she hadn’t been there. “<Did too!>”

“<Did not!>”

She took a deep breath, then released a sharp chirping Growl. “<I did too!>”

Acorn narrowed his eyes and countered with a Growl of his own. “<You did not!>”

Featha Growled again. “<How can you tell? I did!>”

And he Growled right back. “<You’re a liar!>”

To prove her power, she rapidly beat her wings and took off into the air, to Growl again. “<Well you’re an rotten-acorn-obsessed idiot!>”

He dashed into the air after her. “<Insult me if you wish, but do not insult the acorns!>”

“<You eat rotten acorns!>”

“<Stop it!>” Acorn rushed at her and struck her side with his beak.

She laughed. “<Ha-hah, your dumb Peck attack did nothing!>”

“<I’ll get you!>” Beating his wings furiously, he rushed at her again.

Fluttering out of the way, Featha Pecked him on the head. “<That’s how you do that attack!>”

“<Funny, I didn’t feel a thing,>” he retorted. “<You must be weak.>”

“<What?! Take that back!>”

“<Only if you agree that acorns are the best food ever.>”

“<No way, Jose, that’s Leppas!>”

From inside the cover of the silver maple, Gale looked out at the two Taillows bickering. “<Oh dear. They’ve managed to Growl each other into doing no damage.>”

Breezy looked up from where she had been using her beak to straighten out her new friend’s flight feathers. “<They’ll be at this for hours, I’m sure.>”

“<As silly as it may sound, sometimes I miss those days.>”

Featha and Acorn chased each other around the tree dozens of times, Growling and attempting to Peck while in flight. A couple of hours later, they both landed back on the ground, panting heavily. Both of their wings felt heavy and exhausted. After catching her breath, Featha turned to Acorn. “<Well I didn’t lose.>”

He tensed. “<Well I didn’t lose either.>”

“<Wanna fight again tomorrow?>”

“<Sure, I’ll beat you up them.>”

“<No you won’t.>”

Acorn shook his head. “<Bah. Anyhow, I feel like some food right now.>”

At the mention of food, her stomach grumbled too. “<Yeah. Mom, I’m hungry!>”

As if determined to out-wail her as well, he cried out louder. “<I’m hungry too, Mom!>”

“<Well I’m hungrier!>”

“<No you’re not!>”

“<Go out and find something to eat, then,>” Gale called down. “<You should learn the area you live in now.>”

“<Yes,>” Breezy agreed. “<Go show him where that nice oak tree is, dear.>”

“<Okay,>” Featha called back. “<It’s a good tree with lots of acorns.>”

Acorn tilted his head. “<I thought you didn’t like acorns.>”

“<I never said that! I just don’t like the rotten ones.>”

“<I’ll agree with you there.>”

Taking off low over the ground, the Taillows flew off to find the oak tree.