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Thread: Pokedex One-Shots (PG)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ysavvryl View Post
    There's the one working in Vermillion, and the pair that helps the R/S/E player move in. And their entries show great dedication to any job given to them.
    Actually in Emerald, the Machoke are switched with some Vigoroth. There are some Machop working in the Orebourgh Mine in DPPt to add to that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ysavvryl View Post
    Any suggestions for a 'first day of fall' entry?
    Hmmm, maybe something that migrates, or something that has a different form because of weather, maybe Castform or Cherrim?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ysavvryl View Post
    Oh yeas, we caught some lovely egg rolls,” he joked. “But we had a great time. Spent most of our time walking the trails.”
    I found this.
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    The start of Autumn? How about Chimchar - it's lovely and orange.
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    151 Pokemon in the Kanto dex. 1 of them is an event Pokemon.

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    I would suggest either "The last Bellosom Dance" or the Jumpluff migration or something that relates to a shiny Chikorita.

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    A Gligar if there hasn't been one.

    Maybe trying to fly around and find a warmer climate?

    I'm trying to think of somthing not very-predictable, so...

    But it's your choice. I know it'll be good!

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    I think the Solrock/Lunatone has the best connection, with it being the equinox. So that's the one I'll do on the 22nd. Cherrim, Chikorita, and Bellossom, were all done by me at one point. Hah, and I made at least one person freak out over the female Machoke! You know I do that kind of thing on purpose...

    So Heart Gold and Soul Silver came out in Japan today. Ignoring that my 'next game to get' is Scribblenauts... well I'm not sure which version I'll get. I had Crystal (battery died a couple years back, though) and I don't know of any version exclusive Pokemon that I really want to get. Cause the one Johto Pokemon I really want to get for an in-game team is... Mareep.

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    It was a quiet day in the rocky canyon. Too quiet. The warm humid air made local Pokemon more inclined to hide from the sun and wait for the cooler darkness. The river was running low and calm, its voice barely a whisper. Every now and then, a pebble moved out of place, causing a crumble which was as unnerving as the breaking of glass in this silent air. During the summer, afternoons like this could carry on seemingly forever.

    Then a roar crashed through the silence, powerful enough that it seemed to split the heavens. Some of the hiding Pokemon freaked out; others woke up, wondering where the thunderstorm was. The way it rattles bones and set off rockslides made many think it was a multitude of thunder bolts instead of a single roar. However, there was just one source, and it darted down the canyon wall, raced across the river without making a ripple, and zigzagged up the other wall to a hidden vantage point.

    Back on the other side of the canyon, a human ran up to the ledge excitedly. The hunter looked around, then realized his quarry was gone. Crestfallen, he cursed quietly and searched around for clues. Raikou chuckled to himself. Some humans were such fun to tease.

    A strong howl then echoed through the canyon. It caused more panic and confusion, for it had the quality of a winter’s gale, out of place under the summer sun. However, Raikou and his hunter knew the significance of it. It was Suicune, calling for him. Raikou bounded out of the canyon and followed it east.

    She was waiting on a ridge overlooking the canyon. Since her vibrant blue coat stood out from the yellow and tan rocks around them, she had picked a spot where she could observe anyone approaching her. “You need to come with me,” she said.

    He nodded, then flicked his jagged tail. “We’d better talk on the go. There’s a hunter around here looking for me.”

    “Ugh, teasing them again?” She got up and ran to the south, so he followed her. “Someday, you’re going to get into a lot of trouble doing that.”

    “Aw come on” he pleaded playfully. “They have it coming to them.”

    “It’s better just to keep two steps ahead. And you boys make me worry so much when you mess with them.”

    “Fine. What’s the problem?”

    “It’s Entei. You’d better come see for yourself.”

    The two siblings raced along the rocky land, eventually coming to a grassland area. Raikou had to restrain himself to keep pace with his sister. While it wasn’t something he would complain or gloat to them about, he knew he was faster than them. Still, he admired the way Suicune ran. There was something fluid to her steps; she made a simple run into a beautiful thing. Maybe it was something to do with her association with water. Although, Raikou hoped it was something else that gave her that grace. If he could learn that kind of grace, maybe he could run even faster.

    As the rocky desert area vanished into the horizon, Suicune stopped near a tall boulder. Their brother was there, lying half in the rock’s shadow. At first, it looked terrible. Entei’s long brown fur was never burned by fire, but now was dusty, knotty, and, at his paws, muddy. The protective pads of his paws were cracked and sore-looking. While his mane of smoke normally held together well, it looked thin with undefined edges. And as they approached, he didn’t stir. But the warmth of his body and the steady movement of his chest showed that he was deeply asleep.

    “What’s he been running from?” Raikou asked.

    “I don’t know,” Suicune replied. “I hadn’t seen him in months, so I started looking for him last week. I only found him like this an hour ago, and then I found you almost immediately. Of course, your loudness is hard to miss.”

    “I talked to him sometime last winter. And I’ve seen him running around on occasion, but he hasn’t stopped to talk. I wonder if he stopped at all.”

    “I know he likes to run, but if he hasn’t stopped, that isn’t good. We should wait for him to wake up and make him talk.”

    “Good plan. Besides, this isn’t the best place to crash out.” He hopped onto the boulder and looked around. While the immensely tall grasses would hide them, it would also hide anyone approaching them. That is, if the Pokemon or person knew how to be stealthy around a grassland.

    It was several hours before Entei stirred. He looked between the two of them for a minute before asking, “Am I in trouble?”

    “That depends,” Raikou said.

    “You’re a mess,” Suicune said. “We had to clean you up and straighten your fur. What happened to you?”

    He brought his head up, but remained lying on his stomach. “I’ve been running around, that’s all. I didn’t think I was that messy.”

    “Your paws were caked in mud and your smoke still looks feeble,” their sister insisted. “And the way your pads are, you need to spend a few days letting them heal back up. If you start to bleed at your paws, you could get really sick.”

    “I’ll be fine. Actually, I need to get back to running.”

    “Where are you trying to go?” Raikou asked. “And how long have you been running?”

    Entei looked down at his paws; the mud was gone now and some of the knots had been removed. “Just around... it’s been a while.”

    “How many months?”

    “What’s going on?” Suicune said, pawing the ground and narrowing her eyes at him.

    “I don’t know!” he snapped, snarling a bit. “I’ve got all this pent up energy inside and it builds up to where I feel like my heart is going to burst. I try burning it off by running, but it stays there, pushing me until I collapse. Once I wake back up, I have to start running again. It’s driving me bonkers.”

    Suicune lowered her head, looking ashamed. “That sounds terrible, Entei.”

    “I didn’t want to worry you guys. I know it’s wearing me down, but if I hold still, I feel even worse.” He closed his eyes and gasped quietly.

    “Could it be connected to that volcano you normally hang around?” Raikou asked. “Because I went there the other day and got caught in an earthquake. That messed me up for a few hours.”

    “Isn’t that the one people say he was born from?” Suicune asked. “How could that mistake affect him?”

    “It does seem unstable when I pass by there,” Entei said. He got up; although shaky for a moment, he managed to control himself. “Would you two come over there with me?”

    “Sure,” Suicune said, and the three of them took off to the northwest.

    Past the canyon and over more rocky terrain, they came to Entei’s usual running grounds, a place called Red Mountain. To get there from the middle of the grasslands would take at least a week for most Pokemon, just a matter of minutes for them. Their fire brother led them up the volcano, although he was clearly struggling from his body being overstrained. Raikou made a mental note that if Entei refused to rest after this, he’d paralyze him or something to make sure that he stayed still.

    Oddly enough, the volcano seemed strained as well. There was a bulge near the top that seemed to have grown more since Raikou had last been by here. The ground felt warm, even as they climbed above the tree line. At the snowy peak, the three beasts stopped to examine the surroundings.

    “See, I think this place is getting ready to blow up,” Raikou stated. “And you feel like your heart is going to blow up, kind of. So they might be connected.”

    “But I have nothing to do with this volcano,” Entei argued. “I just live here.”

    Suicune sniffed at the snow by her paws, then shuddered. “Guys, I don’t feel so good myself. And the earthquakes around here would be bad on both of you. I don’t think we should have come here.”

    “What’s the matter with you?” Entei asked, concerned.

    “I don’t know; I feel like I’m under a lot of pressure somehow. And I really want to get away from here. Maybe we’re getting sick.”

    “Well there’s water trapped inside this volcano too, isn’t there?” Raikou asked. “And it would be trying to find a weak point to escape from, just like the lava that’s building up.”

    “But she only comes here to visit me,” Entei argued.

    “You’re empathizing with your elements, that’s what I mean. I know I get all wound up as a thunderstorm is building, and it doesn’t get any better until the storm passes or breaks apart. So this volcano will probably affect both of you until it explodes.”

    “You think my home is the problem?”

    Suicune glanced off to the east. “There was this one time when I found a horribly dirty pond, choked with algae scum. I felt horrible and slimy, not to mention that my lungs seemed to weaken. I felt better when I purified that pond. So maybe it is the volcano.”

    Entei paced around them thinking, although the build up of energy must have been antagonizing him. “But then what can I do about the volcano?”

    “You could always make it erupt,” Raikou pointed out.

    “What?!” Suicune asked, shocked. “Why would you suggest doing such a thing? Lots of Pokemon and humans could die if Red Mountain erupts. The local environment would burn to ashes, rocks and ashes would fall everywhere, so if they did survive, they would be out of a home... I bet you just want to make something blow up.”

    “Actually, it would be pretty cool to see an actual volcanic eruption,” Entei said.

    “Argh,” Suicune grumbled, putting her paw over her eyes. “Don’t you boys even care?”

    “Well look at it this way,” Raikou said. “Red Mountain’s going to blow its top eventually, whether it’s helped along or not. If we leave it be, Entei’s going to be forced to keep running himself ragged until he gets hurt badly. And all the pressure will keep building, leading up to a bigger explosion. On the other hand, we can jump-start it now and get a somewhat smaller explosion. I mean, it’s still going to be massive and awesome, but not as devastating.”

    “I guess that’s true,” she admitted. “Still, maybe we ought to ask one of the elder ones for advice.”

    Entei snorted. “One of them? I’m getting a little sick of them calling us kids and shuffling us to the side. I can handle the volcano, and all of us would be able to run off and escape in time.”

    “We could, but still...” her voice trailed off.

    “Right then.” He turned around in the snow to face down the mountain. After taking a deep breath, he roared with a ferocity that echoed around the rocky fields below. His roar was like a wildfire exposed to new fuel or fresh air so it could burn forth with new strength. Some of the snow slipped and nearly started an avalanche.

    But although they all tensed to run, there was no sign of an eruption.

    Entei sagged down into the snow. “Maybe we are getting sick and weak.”

    “Or maybe we should help you,” Raikou suggested.

    “Well I can see where my encouraging the steam trapped in the rocks would help,” Suicune thought aloud. “But I don’t see how you, being connected to lightning, would help in the circumstances.”

    “Erm, static?” he said weakly.

    “Or maybe the sheer volume of his roar will destabilize the rocks,” Entei said, pulling himself back up. “He drowns us both out.”

    “So are you with us?” Raikou asked their sister.

    “I guess,” she replied. She started, followed quickly by Entei, then followed a few seconds later by Raikou. Suicune never did like roaring, so she always howled. Thus she was the last one going as well.

    The mountain finally trembled. As the three of them raced down the slope, the lava and steam finally found a weak point caused by the three. Red Mountain erupted into a bulbous cloud of ash, rock, gas, soot, and lava.


    What trees had been around Red Mountain were now blackened, stripped of leaves and branches. Any other plants had been scorched and knocked to the ground. And the volcano wasn’t through yet, as lava would likely pour from the collapsed volcano for weeks to come.

    “I hope we did the right thing,” Suicune said, guiltily looking over a gray sooty pond.

    “I’m sure it’ll work out,” Raikou reassured her. He turned to his brother. “How are you feeling now?”

    “Exhausted, but a lot calmer,” Entei replied. He lifted his paw and sniffed at it. “But my legs are so sore now. Do you know of any spa around that would give me a paw massage?”

    Despite being against setting off the volcano, Suicune laughed. Raikou and Entei soon joined in.


    Emerald entry: Raikou embodies the speed of lightning. Its roars send shock waves shuddering through the air and ground as if lightning bolts were crashing down.

    Entei Leaf Green entry: Volcanoes erupt when it barks. Unable to restrain its extreme power, it races headlong around the land.

    R/S entry: Suicune embodies the compassion of a pure spring of water. It runs across the land with gracefulness. This Pokemon has the power to purify dirty water.
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    Hah, and I made at least one person freak out over the female Machoke!
    Hey, it's a topless female with steroid-induced muscles. I'm surprised the boys aren't jumping all over that detail XP

    Before I jump in: it's HGSS time! Yay~

    “Aw, come on,” he pleaded playfully.
    “Well, there’s water trapped inside this volcano too, isn’t there?”
    “Well, I can see where my encouraging the steam trapped in the rocks would help,” Suicune thought aloud.
    Bolded commas should be added in.

    Entei paced around them thinking, although the build up of energy must have been antagonizing him.
    'Tis one word ^^;

    A strong howl then echoed through the canyon. It caused more panic and confusion, for it had the quality of a winter’s gale, out of place under the summer sun.
    That detail gave me the chills. It's like for the moment it took me from the canyon to an icy tundra ...

    “I don’t know!” he snapped, snarling a bit. “I’ve got all this pent up energy inside and it builds up to where I feel like my heart is going to burst. I try burning it off by running, but it stays there, pushing me until I collapse. Once I wake back up, I have to start running again. It’s driving me bonkers.
    I have absolutely no idea why that made me giggle, but it did. XDDDD

    I love it! Especially with the necessary inclusion of a hunter chasing one of them even if it wasn't Eusine chasing Suicune lol and Entei's comment about the spa. A huge lion pampered in a spa ... what a ridiculous, awesome image.

    Excellent job ^_^
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    Ah yes, the spa. There was an argument between Suicune and Entei about having him go to a healing springs (he didn't like the thought of going in water), but the spa comment seemed much funnier.

    There's a game character in this. Guess who! Probably won't be that hard.

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    A multitude of chimes and chirps filled the grassy meadow. Most everything was still colored with summer’s greens, but spots of yellow-green and red hinted at fall’s approach. While a few flowers continued to bloom, within a month they would begin to succumb to the approaching cold. Even if one ignored all those signs, the calls of the Kricketots only began after mid-summer.

    “Whirrrr luuu laaaa,” a Kricketune called, getting a few answering chimes. But nothing quite like the sophisticated cry she had.

    With her were a man and a boy. Her Trainer listened carefully. “Haven’t got one yet,” he stated quietly. “But they’ll be around.”

    The boy tugged at his sleeve. “Dad, can I catch a Kricketot?”

    He smiled and patted his son’s head. “You’re not old enough to have a Trainer’s license.”

    “But Billy says he’s going to enter the Junior Kricketot Contest of the Thanksgiving Day Festival. I’m going to be nine in four months, so it won’t be that long until I can have a license.”

    “Weeeeeh zii kahhh,” Kricketune sang, in a mournful tone for exaggerated effect.

    “Oh yes, that will happen too soon,” the father joked. “Still, I brought you along to show you how things are done. If you just happen to catch a Pokemon during the demonstration, I could register it under my name until you get your own license.”

    He grinned. “Great! So how do we find them?”

    “Hold on, Derek,” he said, holding his son’s shoulder. “When you want to go catching Pokemon, you can’t just go out and find them. You have to let them come to you.”

    “Why’s that?”

    “You remember the stories your grandmother would tell? About why Pokemon come with humans and why we need to respect them?”

    Derek nodded. “Yeah. Pokemon want to be stronger, so they go with Trainers, but then you have to respect them and not hurt them badly, or they’ll tell other Pokemon to avoid you and not help you out. And Pokemon do a lot of things that we don’t notice until they’re not done anymore, like keep forests safe and clear paths of rubble.”

    “Yes, and also that if you take a Pokemon away from its home when it doesn’t want to, it will be depressed and dislike you for that. So you have to go into the tall grass and see which ones come looking for you.”

    “But Mom says to stay out of the tall grass or wild Pokemon will attack me.”

    “That’s true, which is why almost no one catches their first Pokemon themselves.”

    “But I can be different, right?” he asked hopefully.

    “Tika zeee,” Kricketune noted.

    “We’ll see,” his father translated.

    They walked through the meadow in silence for a few minutes. Derek watched anxiously for a Kricketot to approach them. Although they could hear the xylophone-like calls as the young Bugs chatted with each other, they couldn’t see a single one of them. They climbed over a natural stair formation to reach a higher part of the meadow just in front of Oreburgh Gate.

    “Krrrriririririririri,” Kricketune called out. More calls answered her, but none like her.

    “Why are you looking for a wild one anyhow?” Derek asked in a loud whisper. “She’s good enough for the Festival Kricketune Contest.”

    “Yes, she is,” he answered. “But I want to enter the nearly-wild category this year and prove that I’m still one of the top Bug Trainers.”

    The boy snickered. “Aw, come on Dad. You’ve been in the Elite Four for two decades now with Bugs. I don’t think anybody would doubt that you’re the best.”

    “Well, I guess so. Still, I’ve never been in that nearly-wild group and I’ve heard rumors that Bugsy will be coming over for this year’s competition. I don’t want to have just one Kricketune if he shows up. If things go well, I might even get her and another to perform a duet.”

    “What song are you gonna do?”

    “Dueling Banjos, of course.”

    “Tzsi si,” Kricketune chimed proudly. “Durri,” then she went into a scale of notes effectively mimicking a banjo.

    “Chong,” a Kricketot answered, rustling through the grass. He found his way to the group, then shook his head to make his antennae clatter together. “Chi-chi-chi-chi-chong,” they sounded.

    The father passed over a Pokeball. “Okay, you give it a try.” He looked to his Kricketune and mouthed, ‘Be nice to him.’

    “Wurrriii,” Kricketune replied, hopping over to in front of Derek.

    The boy thought over battles where he’d watched his Dad use this Pokemon. “Okay, use Sing.”

    “Cho-chong,” the Kricketot said, scrunching in defensively.

    Kricketune rubbed her limbs together, causing a clear mellow tune to play. However, it seemed to have no effect. The Kricketot stayed as he was, eyeing her.

    “What’s it doing?” Derek asked.

    “Using Bide. Remember that move?”

    “Oh yeah. Sing again, Kricketune.”

    Without a comment, she continued her soothing lullaby. This time, the Kricketot relaxed for a second. That was a mistake, as he fell asleep soon after.

    “Good,” Derek said with a smile. “Now use Slash.”

    Kricketune flicked her antennae, glancing back to her Trainer. He nodded slightly. With that assurance, she gracefully flew at the Kricketot and landed a full force blow with her arm. It had a sharp edge, both for creating music and for strong attacks. The little one didn’t stand a chance; he was knocked unconscious.

    “A Pokeball won’t capture an unconscious Pokemon,” the father reminded his son gently.

    His eyes were wide with disbelief. “What? What happened? Why’d it faint?”

    “My Kricketune is too powerful for them. You should have asked for False Swipe. It’s a special move that has her hold back just enough to leave the Pokemon conscious no matter what state it’s in.”

    “Oh.” His ears turned pink in embarrassment. “I’m sorry.”

    “His kin will take care of him. Are you going to try again?”

    Derek watched as another Kricketot came out to pull the unconscious one away. “Um…” he looked up at Kricketune.

    She put her fore limb to her chest. “Kuu wen,” she sang, in a forgiving tone.

    “Ye-yeah. If another one comes up to us, I’ll try again.”


    Kricketot Pearl entry: It chats with others using the sounds of its colliding antennae. These sounds are fall hallmarks.

    Kricketune Platinum entry: There is a village that hosts a contest based on the amazingly variable cries of this Pokemon.
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    WOW! An Aaron story? I'm doing one myself, although on all the Elite 4.
    Shoot Confirmed.

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    I loved this one. Firstly because of the anime character references, and then because it was very nicely written. It was a bit short though. I like when you drag them!! I'll give an eight on this.

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    huh. i never really thought of aaron being old enough to have kids. he only seems to be around 18 in the games and anime. i also liked how you mentioned bugsy, particularly because i always thought bugsy was a girl (he looks like a girl) and you talked about him with "he." so i liked how that reminded me of when i played gold and crystal. cant wait for the next story!
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    They climbed over a natural stair formation to reach a higher part of the meadow just in front of Orebough Gate.
    Yay for Oreburgh XD

    “Chi-chi-chi-chi-chong,” it sounded.
    Should be changed to either "he" (signifying the Kricketot) or "they" (the antennae).

    “Durri,” then she went into a scale of notes effectively mimicking a banjo.
    The transition from speech to narration is a bit awkward. The comma could probably become a period or ellipses, while the T in "then" would be capitalized.

    She put her fore limb to her chest.
    One word.

    Aaron~! Yay. Hmm, who could his wife possibly be? Not to bring shipping into this, of course ... >_> ... but still, a kid! :D Adorable, no? Five bucks says he has green hair.
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    Well it started as a random father and child interaction. Then the father morphed into Aaron as soon as I started talking about the Kricketune contest...

    We made certain to balance an egg today! Anyhow, first day of fall means equal day and night, so here are a day and a night Pokemon. Sort of. Interestingly enough, Lunatone is listed first in the Pokedex. Thus, Lunatone is my 200th Pokemon! Wow.

    In Process: Kingdra
    On Deck: Meganium/Typhlosion, Cyndaquil/Yanma/Ralts, Gorebyss
    Reserve: Kirlia/Alakazam (10/04)


    The nights were beginning to be tinged by cold. At this time, day and night were equal in length. In a few days, the nights would be slightly longer than the days. Pokemon migrations would commence, plants would begin a storage phase before they died or went dormant. It was the start of autumn.

    Solrock hated this time of year.

    The rock Pokemon didn’t even hate winter as much as he hated autumn. Winter at least had its own kind of charm. It turned so cold that most days were peaceful and calm, wonderful for meditations. On the other hand, autumn was frantic with activity to finish everything before death or some form of death came. Even Solrock had to prepare, storing and conserving his solar energy before the days grew short and gray. Autumn was simply dismal.

    At times like this, Solrock occasionally thought back to when he had lived in space. Not much happened out in space, but at least there was always a source of solar energy available. If something blocked his light, he could just move out of the shadow’s way. When living on a planet, he had to endure night. Not to mention the shifting seasons, aggressive Pokemon, rainy days, and a thousand other annoyances. Sometimes he considered going back to the quiet of space and the asteroid belt.

    He was also tempted to spin up some fire for some heat. But no, he was in conservation mode. It was simply cool now. It would be cold later. Deep in winter, he would really want the heat. Back in space, he could have spun himself constantly to keep warm, and he had. But that was when the sun constantly shone on him and his kin. On this horrid planet…

    A noise from higher up on Meteor Falls caught Solrock’s attention. As he turned around, he spotted a silvery rock, about the same size as himself, rolling down the staggered cliffs of the crater. However, it didn’t ever hit the ground. It bounced about playfully as if it was hitting the sandy cliffs; little splashes of water followed its progress. It was the Pokemon that had led him down to the planet years ago, Lunatone.

    He grumbled softly to himself. Of course that was her, irreverently cheerful when he was feeling the start of autumn blues. She had her reasons for being cheerful, and Solrock felt them whenever she was near. Lunatones were random mutations in the space-faring Solrock race, crescent shaped silver Pokemon that always turned out eccentric. However, while Solrocks could live hundreds of years in space, the Lunatones would never live a single year.

    It had been a tragic mystery, and then this one had convinced him to come down to this planet. Now she was forty years old and thriving enough that she had replicated several Lunatone offspring with no trouble. Solrock still didn’t get why being on this planet helped her to survive. However, he also had to worry that this seasonal cycle would cut his life expectancy drastically.

    “Solrock!” she called out, despite being ten feet from him. “Want to race me down the cliffs?”

    “No,” he replied. “I want to be left alone.”

    “Aw, why?” she asked, floating closer.

    “I just do. It’s the first day of autumn, when things go dismal.”

    “Oh. Fall’s pretty, I think. All the trees turn red and orange and yellow, then when the setting sun hits Mount Ember’s ashfall just right, the whole world turns orange. And of course there’s all the leaves on the ground, which are fun to stir up.” She laughed.

    “Everything dies, or prepares for something like dying,” he grumbled.

    “No, a lot of the Nincada eggs hatch this time of year. And they bury themselves in the ground to develop further. They’re kind of lazy creatures in that way.”

    “Can’t you tell that I want to be left alone?” he snapped. “I even told you so; I would notice immediately if you didn’t want to be bothered.”

    She tilted herself a bit and blinked her odd red eyes. They were always opened wide instead of mostly closed like him. Her descendants were like that too. “Why would I want to be alone? Besides, maybe I notice that you do, but I don’t care. Or maybe I notice that you want someone to talk to despite saying that you don’t want me to bug you.” She shook herself in an amused manner. “I’m smart too, you know, just not as old as you.”

    Solrock grumbled under a whisper for a bit, but she was right. “The time I get in the sun is falling,” he said finally. “Sorry, but I find myself getting cranky around this time every year. I suppose it’s good for you, since you seem more active at night.”

    “Um, that’s not it,” she replied. “I like the night when the moon is in the sky. But then I like the day when the moon is in the sky. And I like the full moon best, which is always at night. So whatever the sun does, it doesn’t matter to me much. But then you like the sun best, so of course you get cranky now.” She twirled herself around vertically, showing off.

    “But in the end, you’re a different Solrock,” he pointed out. “I absorb sunlight, but there’s no such thing as moonlight.”

    “There isn’t?” she asked, almost as if daring him to prove moonlight didn’t exist.

    “The moon reflects the sun’s light, which is why it only shines when it is not between this planet and the sun. So it’s not really moonlight, but sunlight in reflection.”

    “But I’m not influenced by the light of the sun that reflects off the lake here,” Lunatone countered. “I like the light of the sun that reflects off the moon. But that takes too long to say, so I like the moonlight.”

    “That’s still not ‘moonlight’.”

    “And, I’m always happiest at full moon and quietest at new moon. Therefore, I must take in moonlight like you take in sunlight. Hah!”

    “But then why were you born into a space-faring race, with little access to moonlight?”

    “That’s probably why the other Lunatones died so quickly. Your meteorite cluster only came close to the moon every now and then. Was it those times that Lunatones appeared? So that means that we were always meant to come down to this planet! Because what use would a species be if part of its group was dependant on a resource that was only available a fraction of the time?”

    He gave her a hard look for a moment. “I’m miserable because of this planet sometimes. What with autumn and winter giving me only a bit of time to absorb energy and all the other Pokemon around here who have no respect for meditation and thinking, I think about going back up.”

    “That’s still more time than the other Lunatones had in space.” She spun again. “Anyhow, I’m staying here. I like it here. It changes all the time on this planet. I bet if you did leave, you’d miss summer and spring. Maybe even winter and autumn.”

    “Maybe,” he admitted. There were good points to living here. Like all the changes.

    “And you’ve got a lot more to do around here. What did you do in space all that time? Absorb sunlight and think? Here, you can play with other Pokemon and those human creatures. And your thinking actually impacts stuff, because you’ve got to think and plan in order to survive the nights and the winters.”

    “That is true. We can see what happens rather than just discussing it.”

    “So if you went back to space, I bet you’d be bored real fast and come back. Anyhow, if you won’t play with me, I’ll play twice as hard to make up for it. Wheee!” Lunatone threw herself up to the top of the cliffs to roll down them again.

    “And if I went back,” Solrock mused, “I wouldn’t have you around for entertainment.”


    Lunatone Sapphire entry: It becomes very active on the night of the full moon. This Pokemon was first discovered 40 years ago at the site of a meteor strike.

    Sapphire entry: Sunlight is the source of Solrock’s power. It is said to possess the ability to read the emotions of others. This Pokemon gives off intense heat while rotating its body.
    Pokedex OS- Still trying to capture every single Pokemon out there in words: 648/718 Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh complete!

    Fluer Noir- A story of a black flower, a shameful history, and magic.

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    that's definately another way of looking at Lunatones and Solrocks. I never would've thought of Lunatone being another breed of Solrock. Wierd :/

    my random thought of the week:
    Life is full of surprises--That's what we love and hate about it. Once we think we've got things figured out, life throws us a screwball. Sure it sucks for a while, but we always come back for more.
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    Very nice... I liked the discussion of what moonlight is; actually, it really ties together well and makes sense. The Lunatone are a warped breed of Solrock, so they use a warped or distorted form of sunlight, i.e., moonlight. Wonder what's so special about the moon? ^_^ Then again, it does make pokemon evolve.

    Over the past week I discovered and read all of your stories, and, uh, considering you just got up to 200... I don't think I can review them all! However, my overall review is this: you are a very good writer. Your style is easy to read, but not overly simplistic. You do suffer grammar errors from time to time, but nothing that I think is too much. I've also noticed some people point out better uses of words or something, but I often find them to just be colloquialisms and perfectly easy to understand. I like how you vary the styles of the various pieces, using different points of view and storytelling techniques. I also think it's good of you to mix up the stereotypical roles of the pokemon, whether it be gender, or good-evil. Let's just say, I am at once a very happy camper because I've gotten to read all of these awesome stories and now get to read them as they come out, and bummed because now I have to wait for them.

    Something I have been dying to ask, however, for about 20 pages now (^_^): could you do a story for Houndoom? Also... for guest stories, I know you don't count them towards your totals, but would you consider one that covers a pokemon you've already done? I know I'd have to type it up and send it to you first, but I thought it'd be best to ask beforehand...

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    @Keirberos: Thanks! I've been working on that almost-simple style (inspired by Poe, actually). I'll add Houndoom to the request list. Also, you can do whichever Pokemon you like, whether or not the thread has covered it. A handful have been done twice already. Just send it along to me for approval; I tend to send back lots of comments.

    For October reserves, hmmm... I already decided on doing Celebi for Serebii anniversary. There's Columbus Day, but it's highly unlikely I'll be able to post something that day. There's also Halloween, but as is noted in my sig, I have a separate Halloween-themed story coming out in October. But I like Halloween so much that I'll accept a request for that holiday!

    In Process: Meganium/Typlosion, Kirlia/Alakazam (10/04)
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    Reserve: Celebi (10/21)


    It was a lazy kind of day at the beach. There were a few humans running around on the beach, but they didn’t seem to be running for any particular reason. The tides were calm and the sky was void of clouds. Over the warm water, a green dragonfly flew here and there, looking for something to eat. While the day was pleasant, it still had to concern itself with matters of survival. The green dragonfly wasn’t in any danger of running out of food, but there was also…

    A blast of black ink hit it, momentarily blinding the green dragonfly and mucking up its thin wings enough that it crashed into the water. A second later, it was snatched up and eaten by the Horsea that had shot it down. The Pokemon also had to concern itself with matters of survival.

    Including predators. Although the tides were sluggish and she was in no danger of being whisked away, the Horsea still wrapped her tail around a rock. She let her blue body be swayed back and forth, as if she were another piece of seaweed or other debris. The water was shallow at this point, so she could shoot down little bugs to eat without moving that much.

    One of the humans splashed into the water with no concern for stealth. The Horsea chose to remain motionless. Most of the time, that tactic worked. Not this time. The human grabbed her with two grimy hands and lifted her out of the water. “I’ve got a Pokemon!” it called out triumphantly.

    Squirming, the Horsea tried to wiggle out of the human’s grasp. When she didn’t make much progress, she spat a bullet of ink at his eyes. It made him yelp and crash about in the water. It did not make him drop her, though.

    Instead, he squeezed her tighter. “Hey, what was that for? I didn’t do nothing to you. I’m going to make you pay for that.”

    She continued to fight against him, spitting at his nose this time. He squeezed her tighter, pressing hard against her gills. Being forced to use air instead of water, it was hard enough for her to breathe. She was genuinely afraid of being killed.

    Then, another one of the humans came up and shoved the one tormenting her. This finally got him to drop her. She gasped in the water, forcing the air out of her gills. While her first instinct was to flee, she saw that the second human boy was fighting with the other. “You shouldn’t be mean to Pokemon like that!”

    “I wasn’t being mean,” the first one retorted with a punch. “I was just playing. Besides, it’s just some other animal.”

    “No it isn’t. Pokemon are the children of nature; we should respect them.”

    The bully then shoved the second boy into the water. “You’ve been listening to that loony old witch, haven’t you? She’s dumb and so are you.” He turned to leave.

    The Horsea swam a little closer to the one who had helped her. Although he was pretty much like any other human, there was an odd mark on his wrist. It was a black pattern of circles and lines all the way around his wrist, a tattoo even though she didn’t have a word for it. That particular pattern showed up on undersea caves around the area where Lugia swam. What was this human doing with a mark like that?

    Sitting up so that he was chest-deep in the water instead of almost under, the boy muttered, “If you don’t show respect, they show you none in return.”

    The Horsea poked her head above the surface near him. She whinnied softly, not wanting to call the attention of the other boy. Maybe that attitude was why he had the mark of Lugia.

    He looked over at her and smiled. He raised his hand up closer to her, but she shied away. “You’re welcome, little Horsea.”

    “What was that?” the bully said, turning back around.

    Not wanting to risk another capture, the Horsea swam off deeper into the water.

    Years later…

    She had proven her worth to the oceans. The grand waters accepted her as one of the bravest and kindest Pokemon within. Because of that, the oceans had changed her into a Kingdra. A dragon of grace and power, there were hardly any predator in the sea that would pursue her.

    Yet she preferred to be still at the bottom of the ocean, linked to a rock and pretending to be a piece of seaweed. Granted, it was a much bigger piece of seaweed now. Her form as a Kingdra helped even more than her Horsea or even her Seadra forms, as many frills off the back of her neck floated out and swayed with the tides. Some things never changed.

    And some things did change. She was rarely in the shallows any more. Her home was now deep in the ocean, where sunlight could not reach. Due to the darkness, she had to rely on more than accuracy through sight. The Kingdra could now accurately hit small prey from fifty yards away just by smell. If it were a noisy creature, it was even easier.

    One day while resting after a fierce battle with a Huntail, the Kingdra was surprised to hear a bird’s call. She closed her eyes and listened, stilled her frills to feel. There was a slight disturbance in the tides, rhythmic but not a rhythm of the ocean. Was it the master of storms, Lugia? Sometimes she heard him in passing. She stayed respectfully silent as he passed by.

    There is an old debt that you should repay. Go now to the surface.

    An old debt? She could only think of one person she had never repaid. But that had been a human boy, who was probably grown into a man by now. There was no way for her to know which human he was from the many above the surface. But if Lugia said it was, then it must be so. The Kingdra let go of the rock she’d been anchored to and swam up to the surface.

    It took several minutes to reach the surface. On the way up, she accustomed her eyes to the sunlight and her body to the lessened pressure. There was a large shadow on the surface. It was probably a human sailing ship. If it was there, the man she had briefly encountered long ago might be on board. But would he be?

    When she came above the tides, the Kingdra heard a commotion on the ship. She swam around to the other side. From the angle she had, it was hard to tell exactly what was going on. But there was a man on the railing of the ship being threatened with a sword by another man. The sword-bearer had much fancier clothes; the one on the rails looked like he’d been through a rough fight. Other humans seemed to be near them.

    “Give back the amulet,” the sword-bearer ordered firmly. “We might spare your life if you do.”

    “You wouldn’t know what to do with it,” the one on the rails said. He glanced down at the ocean.

    “You wouldn’t dare.”

    “Try me.” Then he jumped off the ship into the ocean.

    The Kingdra was worried about this. The shore was too far away for a human to swim there. Without hesitation, she swam over to him and bumped her head into his chest. He wrapped his arm around her; she was much larger now, so he couldn’t easily choke her as the bully had years ago. She then brought him above the surface where he could breathe.

    “Thank you, child of nature,” he said. He patted her snout.

    And on that wrist, there was a pattern that was like one on Lugia’s caves. Then it was probably the boy who rescued her years ago. She whinnied softly; now she could truly say that she repaid all of her debts.

    “Curse you, Sinbad!” the one on the ship shouted. “Men, kill him and that Pokemon!”

    That could not go unpunished. The Kingdra swam towards the back of the ship as its crew gathered guns to fire at them. Choosing her target as the ship’s rudder, she summoned a Whirlpool into being. If she could damage the ship’s rudder, they would be in trouble. She had heard that from a Starmie once and, since they were one of the smartest creatures of the oceans, she committed it to memory,

    The tides began to change, swirling into a vortex. But something unexpected happened. The vortex grew impossibly fast. While her attacks were powerful, she knew they weren’t that powerful. The Kingdra swam with the man Sinbad away from the ship and the growing whirlpool.

    As it continued to grow, panicked shouts came from the sailing ship. The waters grew immensely strong, far too strong for being a calm weather day. When the Kingdra peered back, the ship was being spun around. It tried to escape the vortex, but the whirlpool dragged it back to the center, down below the tides. As she reached a safe distance away, the ocean swallowed the humans’ ship whole.

    She wasn’t that powerful. She knew what her powers could do, and that whirlpool was much too big. However, she heard another bird cry from below her, reassuring her. The gods had some plan for the man she had rescued. They would make sure that he was able to do whatever task they had assigned him.

    Sinbad gave an awed gasp when he saw what had happened to his enemies. “I rescued a little Horsea once,” he told her. “You seem to have grown. But I never thought that a Pokemon like that could grow into something powerful enough to destroy an entire ship.”

    Unable to correct him, she simply turned and swam on. Despite it being a long time ago, she remembered the way back to the beach where they had met. She would take him there and leave him to his quest.


    Horsea Leaf Green entry: Known to shoot down flying bugs with precision blasts of ink from the surface of the water.

    Kingdra Emerald entry: It sleeps quietly, deep on the ocean floor. When it comes up to the surface, it creates a huge whirlpool that can swallow even ships.

    And just in case, Sinbad is a hero and sailor from Arabian Nights.
    Pokedex OS- Still trying to capture every single Pokemon out there in words: 648/718 Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh complete!

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    Thumbs up

    Have you done seadra before, or you just jumped the evolutionary chain for a reason?
    Anyway, the notion of gratitude was very well played, and I really liked the characters interacctions in this entry

    Oh, and if you haven't done it yet, could you do stories about Cyndaquil and its evolutionary chain, or ho-oh for that matter, please, ma'am?

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    nice story. i kinda liked how you have 2 stories in one: the horsea story and the kingdra story.

    for halloween, i want to see darkrai, even though you have that other story. i cant remember if youve done darkrai already, so if you have, or you dont want to because of your other story, ill go with gastly (unless youve done him also).
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    Missed the 666th reply DX

    For Lunatone/Solrock:
    They were always opened wide instead of mostly closed like him.

    How do you come up with all these creative explanations? And this one fits so perfectly, too ... I can totally see how Lunatone would be considered mutants, they're like albinos with their pale bodies and red eyes. *nod*


    Whoa. That was really, awesomely poetic ... one good turn definitely deserves another. Fates intertwined and all that fun stuff.

    Excellent job ^_^
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    @asperger: I skipped Seadra. The original request was just Kingdra, and Horsea snuck in underneath. That happens a lot here. With your request, Cyndaquil is coming up. And I tend to avoid legendaries unless multiple people request one, or I haven't done one in a while.

    @growlithe_master: I did Gastly (Father's Day, actually). If I get another request for Darkrai, I'll go ahead and use him; I haven't yet.

    @darkdragontamer: Yeah, I noticed the 666th reply too! About how I come up with this stuff, I've always been accused of overthinking fictional stories. But that's part of why I became a writer.

    And then you get stories like this where I don't know where the idea came from, but it's a good one. I think it was, everyone uses starters as the protagonist's Pokemon (often the favorite). Starters generally aren't used in this manner.

    In Process: Kirlia/Alakazam (10/04)
    On Deck: Cyndaquil/Yanma/Ralts, Gorebyss, Houndoom
    Reserve: Celebi (10/21)


    The captive Pidgeotto was dragged along the forests paths. He fought vainly to escape the vines binding his wings. “I didn’t do nothing!” he protested, digging his claws into the dirt to make their progress harder. “Just flying around, minding my own business. That ain’t nothing to drag a guy through a forest for.”

    “It’s against da rules of the forest,” replied Carvinine, whose vines were being used as the ropes. “You was in a no fly zone.”

    “Who would make a stupid rule like that? Flying’s free.”

    “Not in dis forest. And don’t you go badmouthing da boss. He won’t like it.” Carvinine grinned toothily. “And da boss punishes those dat he don’t like.”

    The other thugs pulling Pidgeotto around snickered at the thought. Despite the bird’s attempts at getting free, they got him to the Boss’ meadow. Tough-minded Grass Pokemon hung around the meadow as guards or lackeys, like Tangelas, Bellsprouts, and Oddishes. In the center of the meadow, on top of a small hill, there was the Boss of the forest.

    He was a tall and bulky fellow, with smooth green skin and a powerful build. A lavish collar of enormous pink petals encircled his neck, while a long pair of feelers curled back from the top of his head. After looking at the entering group, Meganium tilted his head to a Jumpluff, then whispered something to her.

    Nodding, Jumpluff floated down as the group approached. “Da Boss wants to know what dis commotion is all about.”

    “We caught dis scrub flying around in da no-fly zone,” Carvinine replied. “And he ain’t got the mind to respect you, almighty Boss.”

    Jumpluff turned back as Meganium leaned his neck down and whispered again. “Gotcha.” She turned to the group. “Da Boss says to bring dis scrub over ‘ere and let ‘im loose, if he thinks he can beat da Boss.”

    “What’s the meaning of this?!” Pidgeotto squalled. “If that big jerk has something to say to me, let him say it himself. And you’re flying, little cotton punk.”

    “Da Boss don’t talk to scrubs like you,” Jumpluff retorted. “An’ I’m floatin’, not flyin’, scrub.” She shuffled away through the air.

    When Pidgeotto was brought to ten feet from Meganium, the Carvinine released him. The bird shook his wings out, then crowed. “All right loser, I’ll show you what power is!” He took off from the ground and began whipping the air up with his wings.

    Looking spectacularly unconcerned, Meganium yawned, curling his petals in, then shaking them out. A slight haze began to spread. The pollen got drawn into Pidgeotto’s attack. As he started to attack, the pollen got the better of him. He tried to fight it, but then dropped back down to the ground with a dreamy look in his eyes. He cooed in a confused sleepy manner.

    “You have fallen,” Jumpluff announced. “Da Boss wins again!” Meganium leaned towards her again, whispering. “Da Boss orders dat dis scrub be thrown into Da Pit!”

    The Grass thugs all hooted and cheered as the Cavinine took hold of the Pidgeotto again, to drag him to Da Pit.


    Elsewhere in the forest, several days later, a group of non-Grass Pokemon gathered. “We have to stop Meganium from terrorizing the forest,” a Miltank said. “It’s been horrible for the past year, and now he’s throwing complete strangers into the pit.”

    With the group was the stranger. Pidgeotto had been freed just that morning so that someone else could be tossed in there. He shuddered. “The mud, the spikes, those bananas… and the pumpkins.” He crouched down, trying to compact himself.

    “Someone has to go beat him and drive him away,” Miltank finished.

    A Weedle said, “Well he keeps the Bugs of the forest under strict watch and the strictest rules. I was the only one who could sneak here. Even so, he’d stomp me if I tried.”

    “His cronies attack whoever approaches, so they’re weakened by the time they reach him,” a Ponyta said. “On an open field, I could avoid them, but not in these trees.”

    “They know the plants, so I cannot avoid them either,” a lone Gastly stated from its hiding place in the shadows.

    “Once you do get close to him,” Miltank added, “you’ve got to deal with that happy powder of his. He can do anything to a Pokemon once that powder hits them.”

    “And here we thought that having a leader who made everyone happy was a good thing,” a Tauros grumbled.

    “Wasn’t there someone who beat Meganium, a long time ago?” Gastly asked. “I heard a rumor that someone who lives outside the forest did.”

    “There is that Pokemon,” Ponyta said, pawing at the ground. “But I’m not so sure we can get him to come back.”


    Despite the long discussion, no viable plans for defeating Meganium came up. Except one idea, finding the one who had already defeated him. It came up to Ponyta to find him. Part of it was because he could cover greater grounds outside the forest, and part because he would be less in danger from approaching him.

    Following scorch marks and other signs, Ponyta found Meganium’s old rival. Typhlosion was bulky in body, but had small limbs. A wave of fire ran down his spine, out from his elbows, and within his eyes. At the time, he seemed to be sleeping while sitting upright. Although the younger Pokemon had tried to come up quietly, Typhlosion opened his eyes and proved to be full awake.

    Ponyta stopped and bowed his head. “Master Typhlosion, sir, I come on behalf of the forest Pokemon. We ask that you come back.”

    Typhlosion made a few indistinct sounds, making Ponyta wonder if he had a speech impediment. Then, he spoke in a deep gravelly voice that was still unclear. “What for?”

    “It’s the Boss Meganium. He’s making things unbearable for any Pokemon that’s not a Grass type. He’s redone the Pit and made strict rules so he can throw people in it. Like having a no-fly zone and capturing flying strangers. Or forcing all the Bugs to do manual labor and keeping them under constant watch in various spore conditions.

    He grumbled a bit more, eventually saying, “You could beat him.”

    “Oh, um, no actually,” Ponyta hung his head in disgrace. “He’s got tripwires set around his meadow and changes them every day. My brother tripped over one and wound up with three broken legs. But you, you’ve taken him down before. We need your help.”

    Typhlosion was quiet for some time. Ponyta was afraid that he was simply ignoring the request. But then the Fire Master nodded. “But,” he warned in his rough voice, “tell the others to be ready to leave quickly.”

    “Yes sir, thank you sir! We’re very grateful to you.” Ponyta turned and ran back to the forest.


    Typhlosion took his time coming back into the forest. He knew how dangerous of a foe Meganium was. Although he was an old flower, the Grass-type knew plenty of dirty tricks. It was true that the Fire-type had beaten him, but that was long ago. In their most recent battle, Meganium had won. That was why Typhlosion had been living outside the forest for the past year.

    For a couple of days, he meditated on the problem. He made some preparations to counter the dirty tricks that he knew of, plus a few more just in case. To himself, he admitted that he wasn’t going in for the sake of the forest residents. It was just an excuse to take care of other grudges he had with Meganium. The rotten scoundrel had it coming to him.

    When Typhlosion felt ready, he entered the forest. Many Grass Pokemon had always lived here. If every single one of them was connected to Meganium, then any invader would have a tough fight coming. That is, any invader but Typhlosion. He let his fire mane burn freely, instead of restricting it as he usually did. As it grew warming, the air around him warped. The haze made it difficult to see precisely where he was. He used that to throw off anyone who tried to shoot at him while running through the trees.

    And they did shoot. Leaves, vines, seeds, and spores all tried to slow him down. But he moved on, getting past them before they could get close. He noticed pits in his path and jumped before falling into them. He noticed the tripwires and skimmed over those. However, he wasn’t certain where Meganium made his home now. He checked several meadows out before coming across his rival in one.

    Several Grass Pokemon screamed and ran when he entered their meadow in full blaze. Whatever Meganium was feeling, he disguised it well behind bored disdain. He spoke quietly to Jumpluff, who nervously called out to Typhlosion. “Da Boss says, why is dis smelly bum comin’ back where he ain’t welcome?”

    “I ain’t through with you yet,” Typhlosion stated in his grumbly voice. “I spent my time in meditation and reflection. Still, my soul calls for vengeance. It’s time for you to stop acting like a spoiled brat and pay the price for your crimes.”

    Rolling his eyes, Meganium gave another message to his spokesmon. “Da Boss says that he makes the rules now and nobody can get the better of him. Especially not a bum like you.”

    The Fire type clenched his fist, making his fires flare up. “I knew you were a waste and a jerk, and now I know for certain: you killed Totodile! I will destroy you in order to give her soul peace.”

    “Boss?” Jumpluff asked, looking at him.

    Meganium stared at Typhlosion hard for a moment. Then he spoke aloud, in a tinny voice that was uncannily high. Always having been that way, Totodile had had a deeper voice than him all those years ago. “Are you still hung up over dat? She used to kick your sorry rear with no trouble at all.”

    “Like I would you?” Typhlosion retorted. He brought his paws up to his chest, then blasted his flames outward in an incinerating wave.

    In seconds, the trees around him were blackened thoroughly. The leaves were instantly incinerated. The Grass Pokemon nearest to him bolted away with burns, a couple even on fire. Outside of the cinder ring, other trees and plants had caught on fire. Many calls of alarm spread up around the meadow.

    But Meganium was still on his hill. He prepared a cloud of pollen as Typhlosion charged at him. For a brave moment, the sole Lombre in the meadow got in the Fire Pokemon’s way, threatening to Water Gun him. Typhlosion swatted him into the burning trees with little effort, without slowing down. He got to the hill and struck Meganium across his back as hard as he could.

    The pollen didn’t seem to stop him. Meganium was going to ask why, but then realized that the horrid scent around his rival was sulfur. Typhlosion had been gripping the rotten-egg scented stone the whole time, protecting him from any spore or scent related threat. Not having planned to counter an unorthodox strategy like that, Meganium fled.

    As soon as he did, Typhlosion took off after him. “I swore I would avenge Totodile, whoever had killed her. And I will.”


    Emerald entry: It can hide behind a shimmering heat haze that it creates using its intense flames. Typhlosion creates blazing explosive blasts that burn everything to cinders.

    Leaf Green Meganium entry: The aroma that rises from its petals contains a substance that calms aggressive feelings.
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    Poor Totodile...
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    nice story! although, seeing that pokedex entry makes it hard to think of meganium as a mafia boss, but that makes it even better!

    Tough-minded Grass Pokemon hung around the meadow as guards or lackeys, like Tangelas, Bellsprouts, and Pinecos.
    pineco is a bug type. -.-

    Elsewhere in the forest, several days later, a group of non-Grass Pokemon gathered. “We have to stop Meganium from terrorizing the forest,” a Miltank said.
    should be "we have to stop meganium..."

    “The mud, the spikes, those bananas… and the pumpkins.”
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    I've just plowed through all of these today, and all I can say is-- brilliant. Beautifully done, all of them. Great job!
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    ^Hey, you read as fast as I do! Yay!

    About the Pineco... don't tell Meganium that. Actually, what happened was it was originally 'Lombres', but then in the later scene, I said there was only one Lombre. So getting rid of one problem caused another... I think I'll put Oddish there now.
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    Hiyaz! I'm sure you know me from PNG. And I have to say I am rather impressed with all these stories you come up with using merely dex entries which is rather creative in my perspective. I really have to congratulate you and thank you for providing me with entertainment. My fave one-shot that you wrote, I guess, was the Giratina and the Spiritomb. Both were really funny and their personalities were full with wit. I plan to build a One-shot soon and it involves an Wynaut and Wooper.

    Now, to criticise the tale of the Evil Meganium and the Heroic Typhosion. I must say, that I am impressed with the tale. XD I've never ever imagined Meganium as a gangster of some sort but more of a goody two shoes (Like myself). I think that you portrayed Meganium in a very interesting way. Poor Totodile... Rest in peace, little guy. If you aren't busy may you do a Wigglytuff/Duskull story. I'd love to see what you can do with 'em. Keep up the good work.
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    About how I come up with this stuff, I've always been accused of overthinking fictional stories. But that's part of why I became a writer.
    And it works so well for you! Don't stop it, whatever you do! =D

    A Weedle said, “Well, he keeps the Bugs of the forest under strict watch and the strictest rules.
    Bolded comma should be added.

    Or forcing all the Bugs to do manual labor and keeping them under constant watch in various spore conditions."
    And bolded quotation mark.

    “I ain’t through with you yet,” Typhlosion stated in his grumbly voice.
    This makes Typhlosion appear more like the thugs than you probably intended. Change, maybe?

    Evil Meganium for the win! And epic Typhlosion FTW too, but it's evil Meganium that reminds me strongly of the gangster Butterfree of Viridian Forest. *shot for shameless self-advertising* The death of Totodile was a nice dark touch too. ^_^

    Excellent job as usual.
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