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    Post Crystal Academy

    High school and it’s problems… Crystal Academy

    May has just got back from travelling to Johto and is just in time for the summer break. But soon, May finds out that she is going to Crystal Academy, a boarding school. What will May do there? What trouble will she get into? And what happens when a certain someone is there? Chimeshipping (Made up) and Contestshipping.
    Contestshipping!!! Rated PG-13. Please R&R. Thx PPL. I do not own pokémon so sad… Anyway- on with the story.

    Chapter one
    May’s mouth hit the ground. “What?!” she shouted, confused of what her mum had just said, “You’re sending me to Crystal academy?” Even Max was astonished. May’s parents nodded. A look of worry came across May’s face. ‘How could they’ May thought.
    May sulked as she sat in her room. The computer was flashing on and off. “One new message,” it read. May sat at her computer desk and clicked the ‘HERE’ button. An email popped up. It said:
    Hi, May
    I haven’t talked to you in ages. Got any news? ‘Cos I’m bored out of my skin! Talk to me… Please. Thx.
    From Misty

    May smiled and then typed in her reply:
    Bored, huh? Well, me too. I have bad news… My parents have… sent me to Crystal Academy! I know, it’s horrible but we will have to deal with it. I will meet you on to talk… Okay, see in ten.May went to and Misty was already on.
    MISTYMERMAID: May, are you there?
    BANDANA_GIRL: Yes, Misty.
    MISTYMERMAID: … Crystal Academy, huh? Hmmmm…
    BANDANA_GIRL: What? What’s wrong?
    MISTYMERMAID: You know… Someone goes there…
    BANDANA_GIRL: Well duh! It’s a school. Of course someone goes there. Lots of people do.
    MISTYMERMAID: That’s not what I meant! I mean… a certain someone…
    BANDANA_GIRL: Where are you going with this? Misty…?
    MISTYMERMAID: AHHH… You’re clueless. May, I’m going on about DREW!
    BANDANA_GIRL: What?! He goes there? How do you know?
    MISTYMERMAID: Drew is, like, the richest person you know, right? You talk about him all the time. And one day I saw his name in the newspaper. Something to do with a competition…
    BANDANA_GIRL: Oh… … Hey, I do not talk about him all the time!
    MISTYMERMAID: Oh well, talk to ya later.
    MISTYMERMAID has signed off…
    BANDANA_GIRL has signed off…
    May sat and stared at her computer. “Bye…” she whispered. May was leaving on Saturday so she started packing. Beautifly swirled around May while Skitty slept on her bed. Beautifly sat on May’s head and watched May.
    May heard Max come in. She turned around to find Max with a card in his hand. Max pushed it towards May. May took the card and read it.
    Best sister
    To May
    I will miss you a lot so remember to write or email me.
    I love you
    From Max
    P.S. Take the card with you…

    When May looked up, Max was gone. ‘Thank you,’ she thought.

    May walked through the office doors. “Hello, you must be May,” said a tall man with brown hair, “I’m Mr.Williams, the dean here.”
    “Hello, sir,” May said shyly. “Come with me, May. We will go and get your dorm key,” Mr.Williams explained.
    A few minutes later, a key and a schedule were pushed in May’s face. “Your room is number 243 in the Hoenn block,” the dean told May. May nodded and made her way out the office. “This is going to be a long year…” May said quietly.
    May made her way to the Hoenn block, following her map. The academy had lots of places to chill out and have fun in. For instance, a swimming pool, arcade, cinema etc… May finally found the Hoenn block. Her room was on the top floor.
    May unlocked the door to find a girl sitting on a bed. “Hi, I’m May Maple…” May timidly said. “Hi, May. I’m Gabrielle. Are you new here?” May nodded and walked over to the extra bed. Gabrielle had chestnut coloured hair tied in a bun with two bits of hair dangling from the front, one either side of her face. Gabrielle’s blue eyes shimmered in the sun.
    After a while of unpacking, talking about themselves and getting to know eachother, Gabrielle and May went to the café to talk some more. They had a drink, laughed and talked. Gabrielle wanted to show May around, but May thought it would be best if she hung out in their room. By this time, Gabrielle and May were really good friends.
    As May and Gabrielle walked up to their room, May noticed a flash of green coming out of the room opposite theirs. ‘I wonder…’ May thought. “Drew!” May shouted as she ran to him. Drew looked up. “May?”
    Gabrielle cringed. May was about to talk to the richest, most popular boy in school. ‘Oh no…!’ Gabrielle thought. Before she could say anything, May started to hug Drew. Gabrielle waited for a ‘WHAT-DO-YOU-THINK-YOU-ARE-DOING?!’ But there was nothing. Gabrielle opened her eyes to find Drew embracing May back. Gabrielle looked confused. Drew, the cutest guy in school, was hugging May, the new girl.
    Gabrielle ran over to them and May and Drew separated. “You know eachother?” Gabrielle asked. “Yeah, we used to see eachother a lot when I travelled the regions,” May explained. Turning to Drew, May asked, “so, how is Roselia?” Drew answered with, “why don’t you ask you’re her self.”
    Drew through a pokéball in the air and a beautiful rose pokémon came out. Gabrielle was amazed that Drew was letting out his pokémon in public.
    “Hey, Roselia,” May said, crouching down so she was eye level with Roselia. Roselia gave May a big hug and, unnoticed, smirked at Drew. Drew gave her a shut-it look. Drew returned Roselia to her pokéball. “Listen, I have to go and meet up with some friends, so we’ll catch up later, okay,” and with that, Drew left, tossing May an unexpected rose. ‘Where did that come from?’ May pondered.
    End of chappie. What do you think? Please don’t be too hash if you don’t like it. Please correct any mistakes. Please R&R.
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    i actually kind of liked this... a lot. two things that i noticed right away:

    you have to remember that whenever someone different talks, you need another paragraph. it gets hard reading a wall of text. X_x

    Gabrielle ran over to them and May and Drew separated. “You know eachother?”
    each other. two words. ><

    another thing: when Gabrielle and may first meet, it sounded like they rushed into a good friendship. that part needed a little more detail, or maybe discribed a little less as a full blown friendship, but a nice aquaintenceship. =]

    and i like the shippiness in the beginning between may and drew but again, it seems a little rushed. =/ and i'd have to agree with gabrielle. i'd expect drew to push may away. not really give her a hug back. O_o or maybe a comical moment. may gives drew a hug, he says: O_O and just kinda stands there blushing. ^^ then does the drew-like flip of the hair and throws a rose at her. ^^^

    but i'll be watching this one. i want to see how it turns out. =] good luck!

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    Sounds good! It seems like Drew's jerkyness passed...It was good!
    I'll wait for the next chapter. Bye~!

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