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    I do not own Pokemon. The characters in this (Rated G) story are all based on both Pokemon characters and people from real life.



    The scene is a very old playground. It was late in the afternoon, and the area is given a yellow-orange hue thanks to the sunset. There are only two children there: one boy, and one girl, both around kindergarten age.

    "You mean you won't be coming back?" the boy asked.

    "I'm sorry," the girl said. "I guess we won't be able to play together again..."

    Both kids were trying to fight back their tears, but couldn't. The boy bit his lip, and shuffled the ground with his feet. He has his arms behind his back, like he was hiding something from his friend.

    "Dear," the girl's mother appeared at the entrance of the playground calling out to her, "it's time for us to go."

    The girl took one glance at her mother, then back to her friend. "I-I g-guess this is good-bye then..."

    "Wait..." She tried leaving, but the boy stopped her by holding onto her wrist. His other hand was still keeping the mysterious object behind his back. "I've got something to give you... So that you won't forget me..."

    He finally revealed what it was he was holding: a stuffed toy animal. The model seems to be of a rabbit-like rodent, although its ears are more pointed and it is yellowish in color, with black markings on the neck and the edge of the ears. The boy shoved the animal into his friend's hand.

    "With this with you, if we meet up again someday, I'll know it's you, right?" he asked.

    The girl nodded. "And when that happens, I will be your bride!" she exclaimed, throwing the boy aback at the remark. Without another word, the girl ran out of the playground, the stuffed toy in her arms.

    The boy, left alone in the playground, watched as the girl and her mother left. He blinked; at this age, he was appalled at the thought of marriage. Then again, this girl was special to him...

    --End Flashback--

    It was exactly 5:00 PM. What started out as a sunny to cloudy afternoon, and became rain in the end. No one in their right mind would go outside their houses in this downpour; that is, no one except for one...

    For how long he's been there, Ash doesn't care. However, if he stays any longer, he will get horribly sick from the rain.

    "Ash," a voice behind him spoke up, barely audible from the din of the rain. "Ash," the voice called out again.

    Only after a third call did Ash turn his head. He found a young girl there; they knew each other from a previous day, and coincidentally rainy like this one. "Come underneath my umbrella, Ash. You might get sick."

    May took Ash's hand and pulled him underneath her umbrella. All the rainwater on his face isn't disguising his tears. May felt like crying herself, but she held them back. "Come on, we've got to get out of the rain."

    This is what happened... Ash's girlfriend is moving to another country, and inevitably broke up with him. The girl and her family just left that day, even after Ash headed straight to her home to try to convince her. But it was apparently futile. For Ash, it was like losing someone very close to him for the second time...

    May was witness to the whole thing, but she kept quiet the whole time. As she looked at Ash, despair in his face, she began to wonder: how will she tell him, now at a time like this?

    Ash and May splashed across a drenching sidewalk. The former looks like he is speechless at his loss, while the latter still doesn't know what to say to him. It wasn't long until they reach May's house. It was the smallest in the district, but still enough to fit a normal, nuclear family.

    No one was home. Ash was taken inside; their (primarily Ash's) clothes drenched the carpet, so May went upstairs to give some clothes he can use while his wet ones dry off. Pretty soon, they were sitting together on the floor in front of the fireplace, warming their hands to a roaring fire.

    "Are you feeling alright?" May asked, right after Ash sneezed, thanks to being in the rain.

    "I'll be fine," he croaked. These were the first words he uttered in the last hour, and May thought it was an improvement. Ash avoided May's eyes, instead looking straight to the fire.

    The two spoke for nearly ten minutes, but May felt like it went on for hours. After feeling a degree of warmth again, Ash stood up, ready to go. "Thanks for letting me stay, May," he said, in a still-somber voice. "I'd better go."

    "Wait." May also stood up, and quickly grabbed at Ash's arm, stopping him.

    "No, May," Ash said, trying to shake her hand off without hurting her. "I have to go, I shouldn't even be here..."

    "Just wait for a second, please..." Ash risked one look at her eyes, and saw that they were red, like May is almost crying. Ash relaxed, and May wiped her eyes. "Come with me to my room," she said.

    The two went upstairs, with May not letting go of Ash's arm even for just one second. May's bedroom was the first of the three doors on the second-floor, feet away from the stairs.

    May's room is just like Ash would picture any girl's room. A comfortable, normal-sized bed on the side opposite the door they came in, and a Victorian-style window beside it, giving a good view of the outside.

    Right next to the bed was a study table, crammed with not only books, but drawing materials as well. Next to the table, is a chest cabinet, with a framed mirror at the top. Littered around the mirror are several stuffed toys. One of them stood out amongst the rest; it's a yellow, with black markings around the neck and the edge of the ears, rabbit-like creature with pointed ears and stubby hands and feet.

    May picked up that very same stuffed toy, and held it tightly in her arms. "Do you remember this, Ash?" she asked absentmindedly.

    "Huh? What is it?"

    May turned her back to him. The doll was out of sight from Ash, but ironically it was that instant that he remembered. "Wait a minute. That doll... Does that mean- It was you, May?"

    Turning back to Ash, May nodded silently.Ash felt like the bottom of his stomach fell. He's now feeling guilty of sorts, as the memory about giving May the doll, was flooding back to him at that very second. "I guess I forgot about everything between us, May. I'm sorry..."

    "It's alright." May was red in the face, but she had it turned in an angle so Ash couldn't see. "After all, it's been what? Seven years?"

    "Yeah..." Ash thought for a moment, then extended his hand to May's. "I was so shook up on losing someone, that I couldn't even remember that it almost happened to me before. And I can't remember that that person was you. I'm sorry... I'll make it up to you, starting now."

    May, however, upon seeing Ash's hand, ignored it, and ran straight to him. Ash, surprised at first, gently put his arms around her, as she put hers around him.


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    What a nice fan-fic. can i ask? is this a oneshot or a chapter style fan fic?

    anyway it's nice to know that Ash and May are still friends even what happen between them seven years ago. i'll like to see more work from you.

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