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Thread: connected worlds ( luckyshipping, franticshipping, Gold+Crystal, Dia+Plaitina)

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    Default connected worlds ( luckyshipping, franticshipping, Gold+Crystal, Dia+Plaitina)

    (Rated PG-16/T+ for some druge references and crude humor, and some sexual content and death reference) I also have a special chracter of mine who will have a shipping in the future.

    The Connected Worlds

    In the beginning, the universe was created by the pokemon called Arceus. This pokemon had created the world with one

    intention in its mind: too keep peace and justice in the world. There were many galaxies and stars that had coexisted in

    the universe. In the beginning, There were different races of people, aliens, and such. However, there were some who

    had refused to coexist in the universe. This group of people were known as the “followers of the dark matter” Their belief

    was against everything that Arceus had hoped for. This group believed that there was a “dark matter” in the center of

    the universe, and believed that they could seize that power and become powerful and rule over the universe and possibly

    Arceus as well.

    This group started to gather a lot of followers to join the evil cause to take that magic. There were

    three “Admins” that were in charge of this operation and they were the leaders of the team. Their names were Norox,

    Lucitos, and Medussa. Norox was a powerful individual who possessed the power of dark fire. The dark fire was able to

    produce fire storms and cover up a entire continent. Lucitos was the bearer of the black hand, and the black hand was

    able to suck up a entire world. Medussa possessed the power of the dark ocean. Which was able to cause sea storms in a

    middle of nowhere. When they had reached the center of universe, they met a expected guest, Arceus. Arceus said, “I

    knew that you three would be here, taking the forbidden magic and use it for your own. But, I can’t let you do that. It is

    too powerful too control and it will drive a person to the point of suicidal madness.” Norox laughed and said, “that’s why

    we have acquired the three black magic, so we can control this magic effectively.” He told arceus to get out of their

    way. “We will not hesitate to attack!” the three admins were about to attack arceus, then they had changed their

    targets: The world. Arceus cried, “NO!”

    Then the beam of dark fire, ocean and the massive black vacuum of cyclone was combined. “BLACK ANNHILATION!!!” they

    yelled. At the glimpse of a second, all of the world was destroyed. Then they leaped up to the shiny black stone to suck

    up the energy. But they couldn’t control it. At the glimpse of a blink, they were vanished along with the members. Arceus

    could not believe what the world looked like. There were just some remaining of space rocks floating in the air. But,

    something caught his attention. He noticed that there were three planets that were emitting a bright light. He was struck

    in awe… “The Light Of The Knights…, yes. I will break the stone into three parts and embed them into those three lands,

    for it will be safe there.” He broke the stone into three pieces and sent them flying inside the planets. These three lands

    were called Earth, Pokemonia, and K-Heartomia.

    CH 2
    It was a good day in Laguna Niguel, Orange County, CA in the United States. A 18 year old boy woke up from a strange

    dream, and he said, “What an EPIC DREAM!” He just got out of high school and was enjoying his summer. His name was

    Josh. Josh was obsessed with pokemon, and he was a Korean. He has pretty much played all the games and he was a

    pokemon manga lover also. His best party team consisted of Sceptile, Gallade, Kindra, Magnezone, Magmortar, and

    Hohnckrow. He has won many battles online and he was proud of it. On manga, he finished up to volume 26, the first

    part. He was a member of Pokecommunity and Serebii.

    Almost everything that had to do with pokemon, he loved it. He got downstairs, wearing a red shirt, black baggy shorts,

    and a pokemon beanie with red pokeball on the black beanie. He got out his white jacket and told his mom. “ Yo moms!

    I’m goin out for a walk!” he said, “Okay honey! Be safe!” he said “I will!” So he got out of the house and started to walk

    out to the beach. Josh’s interests were not only pokemon, but he had a great passion for music, and he loved girls also.

    He was involved in the 3 school bands, that was pretty much the best classes he had in school. two favorite instruments

    were the Clarinet, and the Alto Sax. At school, he was known for flirting with girls a lot. So he was walking up to the

    beach, and saw girls from his school running in shorts, and he said,"sup laddies?" The girls said, "Hey Josh!" When ever a

    hot girl was walking by him, he took a occasional "look at the behind" as he was walking." Orange County was a fancy

    place to live, but truly, there was pretty much nothing to do. Josh said, "Great! Another nothing to do day, but look at

    girls, play pokemon, practice clarinet and saxophone an yadayadayada." As he was walking on the walkway, he saw

    portal, and a mystical voice talked. “ Josh… are you ready to take the responsibility to follow the Light Of Arceus?”

    Josh, seemed a little bit stunned, but then at the flash of the moment, he realized in his head: “I’m entering the pokemon

    world…” He said to the mystical voice, “I really need my Alto Sax and my Clarinet. It's in my bedroom, so can I..." Then

    the two instruments appeared in front of him. He was surprised at that moment. Then he stepped up to the portal, and

    the mystical voice said, “choose six Pokémon from your journey. You're going to need all the help you can get for your

    quest. With that thought, He obviously picked his strongest team and with determined expression, he entered the portal.

    He felt like he was having a stomachache when he was going through the portal. He dropped on the hard rock surface of

    one of the Sevi Islands. A boy with funny arms and a funny-looking green hair approached him and said, “HEY! YOU

    OKAY!?” Josh jumped and he could not believe his eyes. Emerald was standing in right front of him. “You, Y,Y,Y, you’re

    Emerald!” Josh exclaimed. Emerald said, “You know me?” Josh immediately lied, realizing that he was not in Earth

    anymore. “Yeah, I’ve seen your battles at the battle frontier.” He thought in his head: “Holy moly, this is insane….” Then

    Emerald looked him for about for while and said to him, “hey, you gotta help me here. See that?” Then he turned around,

    and saw what he COULD NOT believe that it was true.Yes, he did see the 5 petrified pokedex holders. Emerald said, “I

    realized that they were pokedex holders like me and I can only revive them only by capturing Jirachi.” Josh realized that

    he had a chance to be a part of the story. He graciously accepted the offer, but he had to find a way to store his Alto

    Sax and Clarinet in his bag, he used his logic, and went to the key items section in the bag and when he opened that

    part, the two cases of instruments shrunk to a miniature size, where he was able to store them conveniently. He said to

    himself, “man, this is gonna be so much different from home.” Emerald said, “What?”

    Josh said, “oh, it’s nothing. Just getting ready to save the world.”

    Ch 3
    Josh asked Emerald, “So how’re we gonna catch Jirachi?” He was wondering about that, he knew that it was a extremely

    rare pokemon to catch. He said to Josh, “let’s just say that… I have two great comrades.” He whistled, and a blue and

    white flying pokemon appeared in the sky and a red and white flying pokemon appeared in the sky. He said to them, “Hey

    Latios and Latias, can you locate Jirachi with your telepathy?” The two pokemon said, “No problem!” The pokemons’

    foreheads glowed with light and they searched. While they were searching, Josh asked Emerald, "Say, why do you have

    those funny-looking arms?" Emerald got out his e-shooter and said, "Mind your own business!" Josh said, "OK! OK, man...

    christ!" Latios and Latias found him, and they exclaimed, “He’s here!” The tiny pokemon appeared before Emerald.

    and the pokemon did not look like it wanted to fight. Instead, it had a sad look on its face. Emerald asked the

    pokemon, “What’s wrong, Jirachi?” The pokemon wrapped around itself the green-haired trainer’s pokeball. Emerald

    realized that the pokemon wanted to be protected by Emerald. He got his one Master Ball and captured Jirachi. Emerald

    got out Jirachi again, and asked him again, “Jirachi, what is wrong?” At that moment, Jirachi looked at Josh also, and

    wanted him to come near him also. Then Jirachi’s face glowed, and they were sent inside Jirachi’s mind. They saw how

    the world was formed and was almost destroyed by the Followers Of Dark Matter. Then Jirachi showed the image of the 5

    dex holders being petrified by Deoxys. Then Jirachi showed another picture. It was the picture of remaining 3 planets.

    Jirachi appeared in the picture and moved from earth, then next to pokemonia, then, to K-Heartomia, then, it moved

    between the 3 planets and showed the picture of the 3 leaders of the Followers Of Dark Matter. Then he showed the

    picture of 14 trainers. The trainers were Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond,

    Pearl, Platina and Josh. That picture was going over the picture of the three evil leaders and the picture of three leaders

    was dissolving. Then, Jirachi sent Josh and Emerald back to their selves. They woke up and they realized that they were

    on a crucial mission.

    Emerald asked Jirachi, “So, I guess you’re willing to revive the pokedex holders huh?” Jirachi nodded and it shed a

    wonderous light on the petrified form of the pokedex holders. The pokedex holders were no longer petrified. Considering

    that 2 years have been passed since they were petrified, they were at Josh’s age by now. Most of the kids looked a

    slightly more mature, but yellow actually became taller and she became a lot more lady like. Josh went bright-eyed when

    he saw green. He was thinking… “OMG, she is sooo hot!” Realizing back in earth that there were shippings for the manga,

    he decided no to interfere. Although Josh was quite a flirt. He never flirted with a girl who was taken. He believed that a

    man should treat a couple with dignity and respect. Red realized, “hey… how long has it been you guys? It seems like that

    we were dreaming for eternity…” He pointed at Emerald and Josh. “Who are you guys?” Josh said, “this is Emerald from

    Hoenn region, and I’m Josh, from Twinleaf Town in Sinnoh.” Emerald explained, showing Jirachi to all the revived pokedex


    “This pokemon is Jirachi, he has saved you guys from your “stoned” form. Blue asked, “We were high?” Josh said, “No! You

    guys were actually statues of rocks.” Green realized, “Sird….!” Emerald went on explaining more. “This pokemon has

    shown us a vision. It seems that we have been given a mission to save the world. We have to stop the three evil guys. I

    don’t know who they are, and what they want. But they do seem like a big trouble to the world.” Silver asked, is it even

    worse than Team Rocket?” Josh replied, “Look people. I think these villains we’re talking about are not even close to Team

    Rocket. They’re a lot more stronger. Have you guys heard about the story of Arceus and the creation of the world?”

    Everybody nodded. Josh said, “remember the three admins? I think they’re our enemies, and it is possible that every villain

    that we have faced before is being controlled by the Dark Matter.” Emerald said, “He’s right. This is a serious issue, and

    apparently it’s us and seven other trainers who are supposed to save the world. So the first thing we gotta do is find all

    the trainers and save the world.” Green asked, “where are we gonna find all the trainers?” Silver said, “I know where Gold

    and Crys are, but where’s the other 5 trainers?” Emerald and Josh said, “We know exactly where to go!”

    Ch 4
    In the area between the three planets, the lair of the Dark Matter had existed. The three admins who were vanished in

    the face of Earth for a long time. But they were actually alive by an inch. They managed to stay alive by feeding on their

    minions’ Dark Matter. Through the time they got better. Also they managed to get new minions from Pokemonia, and K-

    Heartomia. The minions from Poketomia were Team Rocket, Team Magma, Team Aqua, and Team Galactic. They managed

    to get two powerful minions from K-Heartomia: Ansem, and Malificient. The three leaders saw that the pokedex holders

    were going to Johto first to get Gold and Crystal. Norox ordered Team Rocket to send out their strongest pokemon, which

    was a mewtwo, but it looked like more like a defected mewtwo with gruesome teeth. Giovanni ordered him, “Go and

    Capture Gold and Crystal in Johto!” The pokemon sped of with the sped off to the destination.

    At the Sevii Islands, The kids were wondering how to get to Johto. “We can travel by air. It’s the fastest way.

    But since us used to be petrified trainers’ pokemon are severly hurt, I think we need to use Emerald’s and Josh’s

    pokemon.” Red said. Emerald whistled and Latios and Latias came out of the sky. Josh sent out his Honchkrow and

    Silver exclaimed, “Is th tha-a-at evolved version of…” Josh said, “Yep, it’s an evolved version of Murkorw.

    Unfortunately speed is cut, but it’s great on special attack, special D and attack stats. Once we go to Sinnoh, we can

    get all of your pokemons upgraded with new stones and everything that’ll help us out for the battle.” He said, “All right,

    let’s go!” Red, Green, and Josh got onto Honchkrow, Silver and Yellow got on Latias, and Blue and Emerald got on Latios.

    They were on their way to Johto now. After a while, conversations started to happen. Green asked Josh, “Sooo.. where

    are you from?” he said, “From Sandgem Town.” Green said, “Hey red, I can’t wait to meet all the Dex holders!” Red

    said, “Yeah… it’s gonna be great….. WAIT GREEN! You should call your parents! They must be so worried about you after

    all this time!” Green said, “OH you’re right! I gotta call them!” While green was busy calling her parents, Josh gave a

    comment to red, “dude, nice one.” Green asked, “What was that?” Josh said, “Oh it’s nothing, just call your parents.” Red

    was blushing at the sight of moment when he was with green. He tried not to show it, but he was happy.

    On Latios, there was a fight between Emerald and Blue, Emerald won the fight was standing on top of blue with his

    mechanical arms wrapped around Blue. Blue said, “annoying child…., say.. why do you have those mechanical arms?”

    Emerald retorted, “Shut up!” Hitting Blue on the face, and he said, “None of your business!” On Latias, Yellow and silver

    were laying down on the pokemon. Yellow said, “I wonder where Deoxys is…” Silver replied, “I bet he’s busy trying to find

    his friend, "want a rice cracker? I’ve got some in my bag.” Yellow replied, “Yeah! I’ve been starving…(munching) thanks.”

    Silver said, “It’s just a rice cracker. Nothing special….” Then, all of sudden, Latias and Latios’s heads glowed once again.

    This time they were really shivering. Emerald asked them, “Hey! What’s wrong you guys? …. Hey! Everyone keep your

    eyes and ears open! There’s a target nearby. Josh said, “Honchkrow, do the honors this time. Lock-On!” The Giant bird’s

    eyes glowed and sensed the target. Then all of sudden Yellow screamed, “You guys, that thing is here to capture Gold

    and Crystal! We gotta go fast!” Josh yelled out, “Darn those admins! They know where we are! Alright, ladies get on

    Latias and fly to New Bark! That’s where they’re at, Right Silver?” Silver yelled, “Affirmative!” Josh said, “OK! Guys get on

    Latios and get ready to take this thing down!” Green said, “Wait, but I wanna fight!” Red quickly replied, “Hey.. it’ll be

    okay. The guys’ll be back in no time at all. I promise.” Green looked worried and asked him and said, “Promise?” Red said

    and smiled, “Promise.” The ladies got onto flying to New Bark to get them safely out of the battle zone. Josh said, “Oh

    yeah, hey you guys, I got a bunch of Full restores and elixirs for your pokemon! Here, catch! The guys got their items and

    used them to heal their pokemon. After that it was set for battle.

    Ch 5
    They caught the sight of the enemy and it really was a mewtwo with gruesome teeth. Josh got out his pokdex and tried

    to identify the type of the pokemon. Josh exclaimed. “What?! It doesn’t have a type?” Blue said, “What are you talking

    about? It has to have a weakness!” Then red said, “We’ll just have to go with all of our efforts!” The pokemon was

    running away at a fast pace. Josh said, “it’s getting away! Do something!” Silver got out Murkrow, and yelled “Mean

    Look!” The black bird’s eyes glowed purple and the enemy could not move away. Josh commanded his Honchkrow, “Focus

    Blast!” The giant bird pokemon let out loose a powerful yellow beam from its mouth and hit the enemy with a full force.

    However, the gruesome mewtwo did not even budge. It was ready to attack now. “What is that thing!?” Red asked. Then

    the mewtwo let loosed a giant black energy ball from its palms and aimed for Latios. Latios luckily dodged the attack. “Ok,

    Go Aero!” Red got out Aerodactyl from his pokeball. Aero’s wings were all healed and he was ready for battle once

    again. “Aero! Take Down!” The flying dinosaur pokemon hurled its body to the enemy. The enemy dodged the attack

    without a problem, and it looked like as the battle was gonna go on for forever. Red said, “Everyone! Let’s combine our

    attacks into one single target!” Then Blue got out his Charizard, and blue got out his sneasel. Everybody was ready for

    the attack. “Focus Blast” “Aero! Hyper Beam!” “Charizard! Blast Burn!” “Latios! Psychic!” “Sneasel! Shadow Ball!” The

    wave of 5 attacks hit the pokemon. There was a giant explosion, but the pokemon still wasn’t down. Josh thought of a

    risky plan, it was risky, but it was the only plan. Josh said to Silver, “Hey! You gotta let go your Murkorw’s Mean Look!”

    Silver was shocked, “WHAT?! Are you crazy?” Josh said, “Yeah! Crazy enough to send the girls and your friends into one

    of your secret bases, if that’s what you mean! Now GO! Get them outta there!” Silver called Murkrow back and got a hold

    of his feet. He went flying off to the destination. When the Mean Look was gone, Latios, Charizard, Aerodactyl, and

    Honchkrow were immediately blocking the monster’s path. Silver went to get the girls and his friends, and the 4 guys were

    trying their best to hold off the enemy.

    While at New Bark Town... Gold was training his pokemon, and Crystal was helping

    Elm with his research. Gold sent out his politoed and practiced speed. Politoed was moving with agility and quickness

    between the cans. Then, after that He got our his Explotaro out to practice with some targets. Gold said, “Ok Explotaro!

    Flamethrower!” The typholosion let out a huge flame and attacked the series of targets. “Good Job!” By the way, Gold,

    Silver and Crystal were 17 years old now. Gold has been taking a good relaxation at his house and he occasionally hung

    out with Crystal and with other girls too. Crystal just was just finishing her assistance with elm in the lab, and she went

    to Gold and said, “Hey! It’s lunchtime! I made a soup for you.” Gold said, “All right! I was starving anyway. Let’s go in!”

    They went inside Gold’s house. “Hey honey! How’s your training been?” Gold’s mom asked, “Oh, it’s been great! They’re

    doing an awesome job.” He and Crystal sat down on the table and Gold tried Crystal’s soup. “It’s delicious! I love it!” Gold

    praised crystal’s cooking abilities. “Oh… thanks.” The blushing crystal told Gold. Gold said, “Hey, where’s your lunch?”

    Crystal said, “OH! Haha… it’s in the lab…. I’ll go get it.” She ran to the lab and got her lunch and she came back to the

    table. Gold said, “It’s been so long since we have fought the masked man. I wonder how everybody else is doing?” Crystal

    was wondering the same thing too. “I know. It’s been too long and everything’s been too quiet lately, like something’s not

    right.” Gold finished the soup, and thanked Crystal. Then Gold said, “Hey, wanna go to Olivine Tomorrow? I mean… I still

    owe you a da… I mean a dinner. Remember? I forgot to bring my money for the movies at one time when me, you and

    silver were having a Johto pokedex holders reunion? You paid the ticket for me? So… I found this nice restaurant by the

    beach, and apparently there’s good music too… so are you free? It’s just a friend thing. Ya know?” Crystal blushed. She

    and Gold thought themselves in their heads: “We’re just friends. We’re JUST FRIENDS! GET A GRIP!” Then, She gladly

    replied, “Well… I guess it’s finally the time you paid me back, so, ok!” After that there was a awkward moment of silence.

    Gold asked Crystal, “Well shouldn’t you be helping Elm with his research?” She said, “OH YEAH! Well…. Umm see ya!” She

    was blushing heavily as she left the door. Gold’s mom asked Gold grinning, “So what happened to you, Mr. Ladies Man?

    Why crumble down in front of her?” Gold, being dumbfounded, asked his mom, “What are ya talking about?” Gold’s mom

    said, “I mean if you like her, just tell her!” Then Gold was blushing heavily and yelled, “WE’RE JUST FRIENDS!” Then he

    dashed upstairs. He went to his room, and thought about what he was going to wear tomorrow. He also thought if he was

    going to bring his trumpet (he’s been taking lessons for two years) tomorrow for the date. Then, just outside, Crystal

    yelled at gold. “Hey! We got special guests! Come down for a sec!” Gold ran downstairs and met Yellow and Green. Green

    was shocked and said to gold, “Hey! IT’S YOU!” Looking angry. Gold, terrified and was thinking: “Oh-oh! Code Red! Code

    Red!” Thinking about what had happened after the defeat of the Masked Man (he patted Green’s butt). Green was

    chasing Gold and he was running away for his dear life. Crystal, and Yellow looking absolutely clueless, had no idea what

    was going on. After that, Gold apologized for his childish actions in the Ilex Forest. So, Green, finally explained. “Ok, I

    know that you guys are one of the pokedex holders. This is not a safe place to be in right now, we have to get you out

    of here…” Gold asked, “Wait! What is going on? Where we going now?!” At that moment, Silver appeared first, then all the

    guys were on Latios, and the mewtwo monster was right behind them. Josh yelled, “You guys get outta here! Just follow

    Silver!” Then suddenly, Gold’s pokemon ran from Gold’s house carrying all his belongings, including his trumpet. He

    immediately stuffed them in inside his bag, and got on Latias with the girls and they ran off to one of silver secret bases.

    Gold thanked his pokemons, and they were hot on tail with the mewtwo monster. Red thouhgt in his head,“That thing

    almost destroyed our pokemon. How do we beat it?” Then, the mewtwo monster released a energy of black volt and

    attacked all the trainers. “ARRGHH!” Everyone yelled in pain. Then Silver saw a glimpse of his base and opened the

    door. “AH! Everybody, just hold on!!” The trainers went inside the secret base safely, and shutted Mewtwo monster out.
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    BTW, this is not finished yet. Still a long way to go...
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    Ch 6 is here. (Cool Luckyshipping moment.)

    Ch 6
    They got inside the secret base. The base was actually big enough to fit in

    Latios and Latias, and everybody was safe in hiding. This was Silver’s fifth

    hideout. It was in a large boulder and there was a large height and width in

    the base. It was pretty much like a size of 10 football stadiums. The trainers

    were relieved that they got in here safely before they got even got hurt


    Silver said, “this is a sturdy place. It’ll be safe to be in here for now.” With

    that said, they had a matter to discuss. Gold asked impatiently, “Can

    somebody please tell me what is going on here?” Josh and Emerald explained

    the whole thing to Gold and Crystal. Crystal said, “Wait, if they were

    wanting to capture us, they’ll probably want to capture the other dex holers

    also!” Blue said, “We gotta find a way to get them without getting in fight

    with that monster. If we do, we’ll cause major trouble in the towns and the

    people.” Josh said, “Yeah, there’s already a pile of rocks in the last battle

    zone.” Red said, “So, how’re we gonna accomplish the mission? We can’t just

    sit here, we need a fast and silent teleporter.” Green perked up and

    said, “wait, I have my Abra with me! I can go to the other regions and get

    the other kids.” “Green, I’ll go.” Red said, “ they’re gonna come after you. I

    don’t want you to get hurt.” Green said, “But… you just came, and now you

    have to go again?” Red said, “I’ll be back safely.” When he was going to

    Green’s Abra, Green noticed Red’s bloody wrist, and said, “Red…. is that the same

    wrist….” “I’m fine.” Red said. Green couldn’t let him go like that. She got out

    a handkerchief, and walked near her Abra. She said, “give me your hand.”

    She wrapped the purple handkerchief on Red’s wrist. But she wasn’t done

    yet, she grabbed the abra’s hand with Red. “Green! Don’t d…!” Green

    said, “Teleport!” Crystal saw that and realized, “Wow…. She must really care

    a lot about him.”

    While they were gone, the entire team discussed battle

    strategies. Josh said, “Ok. Our last attempt to stop that the Mewtwo

    monster was a complete failure. We have to find a another way to stop that

    thing.” Emerald said, “We don’t even know what type it is! How’re we

    supposed to fight it?” Blue said, “That’s the question. We gotta identify the

    enemy. It looks like this enemy is gonna be a pain in the butt.” Gold gave a

    advice, “If we’re gonna defeat a powerful enemy, what we need is a close

    range attack with great speed and accuracy.” Yellow asked, “how’re we

    gonna do that?” Gold pulled out his cue stick. Josh was awestruck and

    said, “Excellent solution! That is a great idea! Hey if we all find a way to

    close range attack the enemy all at once, maybe we can discover a

    weakness!” The discussion was done after about thirty minutes and they had dinner break.

    Everyone sat around in a circle and shared their interests. Josh, with a

    question of curiosity about how much Earth was similar to Poketomia. So he

    asked everybody: So… who likes video games? Then, Gold and Blue got

    enthusiastic about it. Blue said, “Dude! I’m a total gamer! I have a PS3 and a

    Wii at my house. I play like Tekken 6 and Brawl.” Emerald said, “Love the

    theme song for Brawl. That game music is awesome!” Josh asked Gold,

    "So, how's the girls in this region? What are they like?" Gold said,

    "Ah, they're soo cute, but just don't get on their bad side... eesh!"

    Then Crystal got really mad and said, "YEAH! Don't get on my bad

    side GOLD!" She went over to the other side of the base and sat

    alone. Gold said, "See that? That's what I mean..." Josh replied,

    "I have Giga Drained your wisdom" Gold and Josh laughed

    Josh said, "Hey, we gotta get friend codes!" And Emerald

    said, “Dudes! Friend Codes!” At the same time, the three boys got out their

    papers with their friend codes written on it, and got each other’s friend

    codes. Crystal came back and said to herself, "Ugh, men...."

    “Speaking of music, anybody here have a favorite type of music or

    play an instrument? Josh asked. Gold said, “I like pretty much anything, but if

    I had to pick, it would be rap, R&B, and Jazz.” Josh was shocked “Man!

    You’re my entity! I lover the same things too. And you guys have rap, R&B,

    Jazz here also with other types of music?” Blue said, “I like rock, and some

    hardcore stuff.” Silver said, “I like metal, hardcore, Rock Ballads, Rap Metal,”

    Emerald replied, “Folk, Latin, Country, and Rock.” Yellow said, “ I like some

    rock, and some R&B, and I like pretty much anything else. Crystal said, “I like

    Jazz, some rap, I like R&B a lot and other stuff.” While they talked about

    their hobbies the day passed on by and they went to sleep. When Josh was

    sleeping he said in his mind: Red, Green, may the spirit of luckyshipping and

    arceus be with you.”

    Ch 7
    While the others were waiting in Silver’s secret base, Red and Green ended up teleporting to Pacifidlog Town in the Hoenn

    region. Green returned her Abra into her pokeball, and apparently Red looked really upset. Red said, “Why are you here!?

    You know that I get really nervous when you’re with me, because now I have a responsibility to protect a woman at all

    costs, because not only you’re my friend, but now you’re one of the valuable pokedex holders who is destined to destroy

    evil!” Green, replied grinning, “Is that really the reason, Red of Pallet Town?” Red suddenly blushed, then green

    said, “don’t worry, you’re talking to the second runner-up for the pokemon league champion. Ok?” She kissed Red on

    the cheek. “Come on, let’s find those kids and take a look around.” They were surrounded by log houses floating on sea.

    The houses were connected by water logs and there were people basically living off fish in the water. They found a

    pokemon center and rested their pokemon, and waited for their pokemon to be healed. Red, still blushing from the kiss,

    asked Green, “Hey, I saw a ferry that leads to Dewford Town. Wanna go?” Then Green realized, “Wait! We don’t even

    know where we are supposed to go… I’ll call Emerald. He’s the one from Hoenn region, and Josh is the one from Sinnoh

    region, right?” Red said, “Yeah. Oh! Ask him about where we can stay overnight…” Green called Emerald with her

    poketech , and asked him, “Hey! It’s me! Green!” Everybody in the secret base rushed over to Emerald’s poketech, and

    were really relieved that they reached safely. Emerald asked, “So what do you want?” Green said, “Where’s the other kids

    in Hoenn?” Emerald said, “Ruby and Sapphire should be in their home, the Littleroot Town.” Green asked, “We’re at

    Pacifidlog Town. How do we get there?” Emerald said, “Go west from there, and if you have a flying pokemon, I would

    rather fly, because there’s water currents in the sea route. Also, it kind of takes long to get to Littleroot Town from

    there, so I would suggest that you sleep at Dewford, before going to Littleroot. Then Silver asked Emerald, “Can I talk to

    her for a sec?” Then he got on the poketech and said, “Hey… it’s me. I miss you. Are you alright?” Green said, “I’m good.

    Red’s here with me… so I’ll be fine.” Silver said, “Oh… well… ok.” He hung up the poketech. Red said to green

    grinning, “Hey, you didn’t need to kiss me like that, you know? Imagine if Silver found out about that. I mean, not that

    you guys are going out or anything, but it seems that he really like you.” Green replied, “Well…. mmm, tee hee!” Red said

    to her jokingly, “GAWD! You’re so promiscuous!” Green got really mad and heavily blushed, and said, “WHAT?! Hey! I’m not

    a *****!” Then Red said, “Did I ever tell you that you look so cute when you’re mad?” Green said, “GRRR! Apologize right

    now!” Red said, slightly startled “OK, Ok! Geez, I’m just messin with ya. Come on, our pokemon are ready to be picked up.

    Let’s go!”

    They got their pokemon and they got on Aero, and started to head for Dewford. While on their way, Green was still angry

    about what Red said. Red said, “Come on cheer up! Hey I got some snack in my bag… take some. I’m sure you’re hungry.

    Red said, “Hey, thanks for the handkerchief. My wrist feels a lot better.” Green, munching the snack and looking worried,

    asked him, “Is it ok? Your wrist, I mean.” Red said, “Hey, it’s gonna take a lot more than a bad wrist to take the champ

    down.” Then looking serious, he said, “That monster still maybe lurking out there. And who knows, maybe the bad guys

    released more of their minions to capture the kids from the other regions. Also, maybe the bad guys are looking for us too,

    so we have to be strong. Ok?” Green said confidently, “Yeah!” They got to Dewford Town, and returned Aero into Red’s

    pokeball. “Take a rest Aero.” Red said. Then, They took a look around the town, and they found a gym. “Hey, I wonder

    who’s the gym leader here? Maybe he or she knows about the kids in this region. Come on, let’s go in!” Red said. They

    went inside and found Brawly, Winona and Wallace chatting away. “Who’s here?” Brawly asked. Red said, “We’re from the

    Kanto Region, and we need to know the whereabouts of Ruby and Sapphire!” The leaders were awestruck, “KANTO?!”

    Wallace asked, “what brings you here all the way from Kanto? Wait… you two! You’re Red, the Kanto and Johto Champion,

    and you’re Green! The second-runner up for the Kanto Pokemon League!” Red and Green were surprised that they were

    that famous. Winona went up to them and introduced herself, “I’m Winona. I’m the Fortree City Gym Leader. I’m also

    Sapphire’s battle coach.” Wallace introduced himself, “I’m the Sootopolis Gym Leader, and frankly Ruby’s contest coach.”

    Green said, “Sootopolis, the incident a couple of years ago…” Wallace said, looking at Winona’s surgery marks, “Yeah….

    We don’t really talk about that, considering that it did a severe damage to all of us.” Then Brawly introduced himself, “I’m

    Brawly, and I’m this town’s Gym Leader. Please make yourselves comfortable.” Red said, “You do know about Ruby and

    Sapphire?” Wallace said, “Of course! They’re the strongest trainers in Hoenn. Why, what’s going on? What’s the big rush?”

    Red and Green explained the whole issue and Winona said, “I think this is gonna be a Emergency Level 10 in a long time.”

    Brawly said, “We have to inform all of Hoenn and we have to go to Littleroot right away!” Wallace said, “You know what?

    We’re in this with you guys. We’ll rally all the Gym Leaders in this region and get Ruby and Sapphire.” Red said, “That’s

    great, but can we get some sleep at least and do this the first thing tomorrow?” Brawly said, “Sure. Who’s Hungry?”

    CH 8

    Brawly had some microwavable fish and chips in the food storage for the gym. He said, “It’s not much, but that’s what I

    have right now. So we’ll eat, maybe go surfing, and sleep.” Wallace said, “Great idea! Heard the waves are pretty good

    today. Isn’t it honey?” Winona said, “I’m not sure if I want to go in the water. After all, I do have Jellyfish Phobia after

    the incident. It almost killed me.” Brawly said, “Well, Winona can stay here, and Wallace and I will go surfing, as for you

    two….” He said, looking yet Red and Green. They said, “We don’t really surf.” Red said, “However, I think it’s about time

    this little buddy got a break,” He released Pika from his pokeball, and Red said, “The board is in my bag.” So after that

    dinnertime came.

    Green said to Wallace and Winona, “So, how do you guys really know Ruby and Sapphire?” Wallace said, “Well, I believe it

    was during a Hyper Rank Contest, I was just getting my reward from the Beauty section of the contest and this boy

    blocked my way. He said that we should have a contest-off. So, we had a contest off and I beat him badly. He was

    rather good, actually. But at that moment, he asked me to be his mentor. I didn’t say yes right away, but after I found

    out that he showed care for his pokemon, I decided to take him in. By the way, he dislikes battling… strange kid.” Winona

    said, “I first heard about her when I heard that she has already beaten 4 leaders already. So I decided to challenge her

    right away when I saw her. So she came to the Fortree City, and I challenged her right away. She was really good. I

    almost lost to her. So that day, I decided to take her in as my private student. She’s also kinda wild for a girl too, and

    she can’t read. It’s kinda weird.”

    Red and Green realized that those kids were definitely one of the kinds, and they stared at each other, looking clueless

    for a moment. Then Red said, “Wow. Uh… those are amazing stories.” Brawly said to red, “Hey champ! After this is all

    over, I gotta battle you” Red said, “Wish granted!” After they had finished dinner, Winona went to sleep because she was

    tired. Brawly, Wallace, and Pika went surfing. Brawly said, “Look at that rat go! He’s a fricken pro!” While the guys were

    surfing, Red and Green sat on the sandy shores of the Dewford Beach. Green said, “Wow… I’ve never seen such a

    beautiful beach before. I like it here.” Red said, “You know what? I’m glad you came with me. It’s nice to have some one

    accompany me. Do you remember when we first met?” Green said, “Yeah, when I was ripping off people with my fake

    items, haha. I went to you because you looked really gullible. Heh” Red said, “I really got ****** when I lost all that

    money, and my two badges and you stole my lines! (imitating green) You gotta be better than that when you’re dealing

    with a trainer with two badges.” Green said laughing, “Oh shut up! That was sooo like 7 years ago.” Then red got closer

    to her and said, “you know what? You.. don’t seem…. very tricky at all these days. Green got a little uncomfortable and

    said, “hey, what r you doing? Just because I kissed you on the cheek, it doesn’t mean that we’re going out yet…” Red,

    respecting her and said, “Um… sorry.” He blushed a little bit also. Green said, “we’re just friends still, so if we could… you

    know, and I still have to work things out with Silver.” The conversation carried on and on and the night passed by, then

    to the next day.

    The next day, the gym leaders called Ruby and Sapphire and told them to hide somewhere safe. They called the other

    gym leaders and told them that the enemy’s possible target is the Littleroot town, and told them to go over there to

    protect the town. Wallace and Winona told Red and Green that Ruby and Sapphire will be staying in their secret

    basement. They told them the location of the place and everything was set. Winona said, “Well, good luck to all of us!”

    They were off to Littleroot now. While they were going to Littleroot, Ruby and Sapphire were getting ready to go to their

    secret bases. “I really want to fight, but how strong is this enemy anyway?” Sapphire questioned the issue. Ruby said, “I

    think we should just stay at our place and wait for the right time. To tell you the truth, I used to dislike fighting, but now

    I hate it. I almost lost everyone because of me. So, let’s just go and stay at my place. Also, I can groom some of your

    pokemon again…” Sapphire retorted, “I don’t care! I wanna see the enemy for myself, and I’m not in mood for grooming

    my pokemon.” Ruby said, “HEY! It’s for free! Chances like this don’t come everyday!” Sapphire said, “OH whatever Mr. I’m-

    such-a-pussy!” Then ruby said, “that’s what the cavegirl said…” Then Sapphire got furious and said, “I’m NOT A

    CAVEGIRL!!!!” Then ruby said, “Look here miss, just listen to me. Just follow my orders and we’ll be fine, and don’t try to

    do anything stupid.” He pulled her along to their secret hideout. Their secret base didn’t change much at all. There was

    the same TV set, the same set of dolls, and generally the design of the area wasn’t changed much at all. When they got

    there, Sapphire was still pouting and said, “So, are you gonna groom my pokemon or not?” Then she got a box full of

    pokeballs that were containing the pokemon that she got from her journey. Then Ruby said, “Ha! I knew you would come

    through!” Sapphire picked only three pokemon that she was going to groom. Then she said, “You know, I wonder what’s

    going on with the weather these days, it doesn’t seem normal at all.” Ruby, grooming sapphire’s pokemon said, “You don’t

    think that it’s happening again, right?” Then Sapphire said, “Ruby, I don’t want to lose you again. We were alive only by

    an inch thanks to the time pokemon.” Ruby said, “We’ll be safe in here. While they were talking amongst themselves, the

    other gym leaders were going to Littleroot town as fast as possible. Roxanne, Flannery, Wattson, and Norman were going

    together, and Tate and Liza were traveling on their pokemon to get to the destination as soon as possible. Norman

    said, “I sure hope that the kids are aliright.” Then Flannery said, “Hey don’t worry, those kids are the strongest trainers in

    hoenn. And Ruby should be with Sapphire, and you know that Winona taught her well.” Wattson said, “Don’t you worry a

    thing kid.” Then Roxanne said, “We’re almost here!” Then Red and the gang met up with the Mossdeep gym leaders and

    went to the destination point. Tate and Liz said at the same time, “We’re Tate and Liz, the Mossdeep Gym Leaders.” As

    soon as they got there, everyone had met. But there seemed to be nothing happening. Red said, “What the…. There’s

    nothing happening.” Then suddenly, a large flying creature came out from the sky. It was one of those dragons that you

    see in fairy tales, instead it had a red body, and blue wings. Red thought to himself, “That beast looks awfully familiar…

    can it be?” Then, he shook he head. No, it could’ve not been Malificent’s creation. The dragon flew up to the sky and

    shot out a burning fume of fire to the Gym leaders and Red and Green, and they evaded. All of them got their pokemon

    out, and started attacking. Red said, “Pika! Use Thunder on the Wings! Gyra! Hydro pump on it’s body, go!” Green

    said, “Blasty! Help out Gyra! Hydro Cannon!” Then Roxanne’s Nosepass used Rock Blast on the dragon’s body, Tate and

    Liz’s Solrock and Lunatone used Rock Slide on the Dragon’s body, and But the dragon countered the attack by flapping its

    wings to shoot water blasts from its wings, “UH!” Roxanne moaned. She was knocked to the ground and was badly hurt.

    So were the Twins. Wallace then told Red. “Get Ruby and Sapphire out of here! We’ll take care of these guys!” Red

    said, “But we can’t leave you guys like this!” Then Winona said, “The world rests in your hands! Don’t worry about us!

    Just go!” Then she said to Green, “Take care of Sapphire for me.” Then Wallace said, “Take care of Ruby.” Then Red and

    Green ran towards their secret base and Ruby freaked out, “AHHH! Who’s there?!” Then Red said, “No time to explain!”

    Then green got out her Abra and she got a hold of Ruby and Sapphire, and teleported back to Silver’s secret place. The

    moment they were gone, the dragon stopped attacking and disappeared into a black portal in the skies. All the Gym

    leaders were Badly hurt, and were glad that it was over for now. Norman said, “Ruby… please be safe.” Then in the Lair of

    the Dark Matter, Malificent was slightly disappointed in the dragon. She said, “Team Magma, Team Aqua. The dragon was

    a failure, but it doesn’t matter…. As long as we get the three crystals… HAHAHAHAHAHA!” She laughed Diabolically.

    Ch 9

    Red, Green, Ruby, and Sapphire got in. Josh said, “They’re here!” Everybody rushed to their friends’ side and were glad

    that they only need to retrieve three other dex holders. Ruby and Sapphire were freaking out, and they were

    yelling, “What is happening here? Why are we here? Who are they, Emerald! What ‘re you doing here?!” Then Emerald

    said, “You guys chill. I’ve a lot of things to explain. After Ruby and Sapphire heard the story, they realized that they were

    part of the destiny as well. Then Sapphire realized, “I’ve gotta call coach!” Then she called Winona on her poketech and

    Winona answered weakly. “Hello? Oh… hi, Sapphire.” Then Sapphire said, “You sound hurt! Are you okay? How’s

    Wallace?” Winona replied, “All of us are badly hurt, but the dragon is gone now. The town was severely damaged, but

    everyone evacuated safely.”

    Sapphire was relieved that everybody was okay. Then Winona said, “Sapphire, the world rests in your and Ruby’s hands.

    You must not fail… uh!” Sapphire said, “COACH!” Winona said, “I’m fine. It’s just a little bruise. Now go and save the

    world.” She hung up, and Sapphire realized that the world was in danger once again. That night, Red said, “Ok, since

    Green and I went, I think it’s someone else’s turn….. Hey Josh! Why don’t you go? You’ve always been confident from

    beginning, and you must know everything about Sinnoh, so you can go.” Then Josh said, “Wait… uh hold on a sec” He

    thought: Man…. I know those kids, but they don’t know me at all. Then Silver said, “What’s the matter?” Then Blue

    said, “A world rests with in our hands.” Then Green, “You can do it!” Then Gold, “Come on man!” Then everybody was just

    starting to complain at Josh. Then Josh thought: OK! Time to bust out the truth!”

    He said, “Ok everybody! I have to tell you something.” Everybody was eagerly waiting. “Uh…. I’m not from this planet.”

    Then everybody was shocked. Red said, “WHAT?! But I thought you were from Sandgem Town!” Gold said, “Dude,

    seriously, what are your intentions here? Why’d you lie to us?” Then Josh said, “Because I…. Well I couldn’t tell anyone

    that I wasn’t from this planet in the beginning, then I would’ve confused everybody! I…. I just wanted to help!” Then Blue

    said, “Then how do you know so much of our world?” Then Josh said, “What I’m about to tell you might seem crazy, but

    from where I come from, there is a whole fandom going on about pokemon. There is a forum website, a TV show, Manga,

    Games, even parades about pokemon. I can imagine that you guys have games here about pokemon, and I have pretty

    much played all the games, and I have read the manga as well enough to know about this world. That’s why I know the

    entire Sinnoh region, and all about you guys as well.” Emerald saw him in disbelief, thinking about Josh’s answer about the

    battle frontier in the beginning.

    Then Josh said, “I had no intention of coming here at all. I just woke up one day, and was walking to the beach, and I

    saw this portal, and this voice-“ then Yellow said, “Wait! What voice? Did it say anything about the Light of Arceus?”

    Then Josh nervously nodded.

    Yellow said to everybody, “You guys! He’s a Knight of Arceus! We all remember the story right?” Then blue said, “It’s just

    a legend.” Then Yellow said, “Blue, but it’s true!” Then josh said, “What story?” Then Yellow explained the story, “Long

    ago, when the world was almost destroyed, Arceus sought 15 protectors to protect the world from evil. He has rained the

    Stars of Divine Mark to the 13 trainers.” Then Josh said, “What about the remaining two?” Then Yellow said, “Well, those

    two remaining stars, well arceus sought to give those stars to rather a different kind of trainers. Trainers that were

    compassionate, loyal and who were understanding of the other worlds. However, it wasn’t the right time, because there

    were still other dark beings that tried to abuse that power. As time went on, Arceus has passed the first of the remaining

    two stars to you. You are blessed! You’re a Knight of Arceus! The protector of the universe!” Then blue realized, “Well,

    according to the current circumstances, I guess it’s true. Wait! Then that makes us …” Gold said, “Knights of Arceus!

    That is sooooo cool!” Then Josh said, “I’m sorry about lying to you guys…. It was a foolish of thing for me to do, but the

    Universe is in chaos, so we’ve got to protect it.” Then red grinned and said, “Apology accepted!” Then Gold said, “Dude!

    I’m comin with ya! After all you need a battle strategist!” Then Crystal said, “Wait Gold! I wanna go to!” Then gold

    said, “Don’t be stupid!” Then, Crystal said, “Aww… come on Gold, it’s been a while since we had a….” Then she whispered

    in his ears, “a adventure.”

    Then gold blushed heavily and said reluctantly, “Fine! But just don’t get in my way!” Then crystal said, “Yay! Well, I’ll get

    my stuff!” Gold said, “God… she drives me crazy!” Then Josh gave a funny face to Gold and started laughing, Then Gold

    said to Josh, “WHAT! What’s so funny?” Then Josh said, “Boom cheeka wah wah…” Gold said, “That’s not funny!” Then

    Crystal got her stuff, and the three dex holders were ready to go to Sinnoh. Green released her Abra, and let Crystal

    borrow it, and the three dex holders grabbed Abra and were off to Sinnoh. Red said, “Silly kids… Gold doesn’t even know.”

    Then green said, “Red, you have no idea…” Then Red said, “What?” Then Green said, “Ha…. Never mind.”

    Ch 10

    Red suddenly realized, “Hey Green! Do you have your Silph Scope with you?” Green brought her Silph Scope to Red. Red

    then said, “Hey Blue, you might want to see this.” Then he played the Silph Scope and showed him the enemy. “Green

    managed to capture the picture before we left the area.” Then Blue said, “Wait…. Uh-uh! It can’t be… It can’t be

    Malificent! She’s a Game Character! That’s not right! This is just way too confusing… WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!!” Then

    Red said, “Or it could be her deeds.” While they were talking amongst themselves, Josh, Gold, and Crystal got sent over

    to Veilstone City. The city was on top of rocks, and it was pretty close to the water. It was nighttime, so the weather

    was cold. There was a pokemon gym, a pokemon center, and a huge pokemon dept. store in the city. Crystal said, “I’m

    really cold…” Then Gold took of his red jacket and put it on Crystal. He said, “Don’t get it dirty. I really treasure it.” Then

    Crystal said, “You’re jacket’s more important than me?! How could you say that?” Then while they were constantly

    arguing, Josh exclaimed, “Oh crap! I forgot to promise that I would bring along others, because they need their

    evolutionary stones and items, especially Blue and Silver… oh well, I guess I’ll bring it for them. Oh wait, Gold! Don’t you

    have a Aipom?” Gold said, “Yeah… why?” Josh said, “If you teach your Aipom Double Attack, he will evolve into Ambipom,

    and its stats nearly become doubled.” Gold said, “Well, let’s get going. Let’s evolve Ataro, and find those kids!”

    Then Crystal said, “Wait Gold, but it’s kinda late out at night?” Then Josh had an idea.

    “Wait, speaking of late out at night, let’s get ourselves rooms at the pokemon center first,” Then he grinned, “then we’ll

    figure out our late night stuff.” They got themselves their rooms at the pokemon center and they decided to talk about

    the late night “stuff” Josh said, “Hold on a sec, I’m gonna get a directory from downstairs.” He went downstairs and got a

    directory. He knew that Veilstone City was pretty much the Las Vegas of Poketomia, and he wasn’t gonna let this chance

    go to have some “fun.” He went back upstairs and talked to Gold and Crystal, “So, who wants to go clubbing?” Then

    Crystal hesitated for a while, then said, “OK!” Gold was freaking out and said, “Whoa whoa… I don’t mind going with Josh,

    but with her? Oh man…” Then Crystal said, “Hey! It’s been a while since I got to hang outside of a research lab! Just

    leave me alone! Besides, I do want to dance with you.” Then Gold said, “HUH?! Whoa… uh… I’ll think about it.” Then Josh

    said, “We got lucky today. There’s this club right next to the game corner. It’s usually for ages 19 and up, but since it is

    Friday night, they’re having a special all day offer for ages 15-18.” Then he said, “Ok! So we’ll get dressed. I think I’m all

    set, but if you guys want to change into anything, go ahead.” Then everybody took a quick wash and got dressed. Josh

    and Gold were dressed pretty much the same way, but crystal totally changed her clothes. She still had her signature

    hearings on, but she didn’t tie her hair, so it looked really long. She was wearing a tight white shirt with black shorts. Gold

    exclaimed, “How’d you manage to pack all that?” Then Crystal said, “I managed to bring it before I came. Come on, let’s

    go. She walked out the door and gave a wink to gold, while Josh was checking out her ‘behind’ as she was walking out.

    Josh said, “Damn Gold, some girl you got here.” Then Gold blushed and yelled at Josh, “GOD DAMN IT! WE’RE JUST

    FRIENDS!” Then Josh said, “Yeah right man, we’ll see about that after the party.” So they got out and they walked over

    to the club. When they got to the club, they were amazed at the venue and there were so many people getting down

    and dirty. Josh said, “All right! Time for some old time business! Have fun, you guys!” He got in the dance floor while

    leaving Gold and Crystal to themselves. Then Gold said to Crystal,

    “Hey! What’s wrong with you? You’re so un-Crystal like! You’ve always been such a goody-goody girl, and now you’re in

    here dragging me to this place. Then Crystal said, “And you’re not such a Mr. Ladies man right now. Hmm? Come on! Let’s

    find a seat.”

    (Background Music: Snoop Dogg – Gin and Juice) Crystal and Gold found a seat, and Crystal said, “Josh seems to be

    having a great time.” Then they looked at Josh, who was already freaking with 4 girls. Gold said, “O my god. This brotha is

    no ordinary kid from tha block.” Then the song changed. (Love in this club part 2: Usher ft. Beyonce) Everyone was slow

    dancing and Josh was just dancing with one girl now. Crystal said, “I like this song! Come on Gold!” She pulled him along

    to the dance floor. Gold thought: “Oh man… here goes nothing.” They started to dance slowly along to the rhythm of the

    music. Then Crystal was surprised, because Gold was actually being more forward this time. Crystal said, “Uh…. Gold?”

    Then Gold said, “Hey, you wanted to come here the first place, and after all I am Mr. Ladies man…” Crystal said, “I don’t

    want people watching us…” Then Gold said, “It’s ok… we can do anything we want to.” Then Crystal said, “I don’t want

    the security rolling up on us.” Then Gold said, “Then we’ll just take it slow, at your own tempo.” Josh saw the whole thing

    and told the girl that he was dancing with, “See that playa over there? I taught him everything that I know.” Then the

    girl said, “Wow… you’re so amazing.” Then around 4 A.M., the whole party was over. The kids went back to the pokemon

    center and decided to have a nice rest and leave around at noon. Josh and Gold shared a room and Crystal got a room for


    Gold said to himself, “GAWD! What did I do? I totally treated Crystal yesterday, as if she was an animal or something!

    Josh! This is your entire fault!” Then Josh said, “Hey playa, don’t blame it on me man, you didn’t have to go to the club,

    and we just could’ve taken a rest.” Then Gold looked really worried. Then Josh said, “Hey, everything is gonna be alright

    kid.” Then Gold said, “I had this funny feeling yesterday for the first time. I was just totally amazed at Crystal in every

    single way, and this another side of me took over. It was like, I loved someone for the first time, I’ve never had that

    feeling with any girl.” Then Josh said, “Well, I got a suggestion. Just take it slow bro. It’s dangerous times right now.”

    Gold agreed to with Josh’s idea. In the other side of the room, Crystal was talking to herself, “What was I thinking? Why

    did I dress like a ****? Why did I even dance with gold like in such a dirty way? We’re just friends.” Then Gold knocked the

    door. Crystal said nervously, “uhh…. Come in.” Then gold came in and he said, “hey… I just wanted to say that I had fun

    with you yesterday, but I… I hope I didn’t go too far.” Then Crystal said, “Oh… it’s fine. I already went too far with my

    ****ty outfit.” Then Gold chuckled and said, “So, are we cool?” Then Crystal smiled and said, “Sure!” Then Josh came in

    the room and said, “Hey you guys, let’s take a good rest, and we’ll find the kids first.” Then Crystal said, “Hey… I saw you

    getting it on with those girls… hehe” Then Josh, slightly blushing, said, “Well… what can I say… it was a blast.” So then,

    everyone took a sleep, and soon noon came around. Gold said, “So, where are we going now?” Josh said, “I don’t know. I

    think we could try going to Sandgem Town first, and then try heading to Twinleaf Town. That’s the other trainers’

    hometowns. Let’s go!” Josh got on his Honchkrow, Then Crystal and Gold got their Mega and Explotaro out and traveled

    by land.

    While they were traveling, in Twinleaf Town there were two boys. Diamond was one with the red cap, and the

    red scarf, and Pearl was the boy with the blond hair and a green scarf. They were going over to Platina’s house for a

    reunion for Sinnoh Pokedex holders. Diamond said, “Dude, it’s been a full year! I wonder how she’s doing…” Pearl said, “I’m

    sure she’s fine… I bet she’s practicing for contests now.” Diamond said, “Hey, we’re pretty much the strongest trainers in

    Sinnoh, along with Platina. Do you remember the old days?” Pearl said, “Yeah… we went through so much. We challenged

    all the gym leaders and we became champions of Sinnoh also. God, I miss the adventure!” Then Diamond said, “I’m

    hungry.” Pearl said, “Grr, you’re always hungry! Hold on we’re almost there.” They reached the big gate. The house was

    practically a mansion. There were many fancy windows and doors. It was like a castle perfectly fit for a princess.

    A voice said over the speaker, “Who’s there?” Diamond said, “We’re friends of Platina. We’re Diamond and Pearl.” Then the

    door opened, and they went up the stairway towards the main door. Then there was Platina’s dad. He said, “ah, our

    daughter has told me that you two would be coming today. Hold on for a minute. Platina! Your two friend are here!” A

    pretty voice said from upstairs, “Coming dad!” Then she came downstairs. She was wearing a black sleeveless shirt with a

    white beanie. She was wearing a short skirt with pink zigzag designs on it. Then Diamond hugged her and said, “I missed

    you!” Platina said, “Oh… hey Dia, how’re you?” Then Diamond said, “I’ve been good, and so has been pearl,” Pearl then

    looked at Diamond in a slightly annoying way. Then he said, “Ok Dia, you’re done!” Diamond let go Platina and he

    said, “BTW Platina, I’m kinda hungry.” Then the happy platina got really annoyed and said, “I’m not your ****ING CHEF!”

    Then Diamond said, “Geez, calm down.” Then Pearl said, “So, where’s the party at?” Then Platina said, “We’re just gonna

    hang out in the main lobby. And the food…” She was looking at Diamond in an angry manner, “will come.” Then they took

    a seat on the couch in the main lobby. Diamond asked Platina, “So, what have you been doing these days?” Platina

    said, “Oh, you know, I’m just preparing for contests as usual. But, I’m getting bored of my life really.” Diamond

    asked, “Why? You have like everything that we could want.” Platina said, “yeah, but I’m getting really tired of being all

    lady-like. I know I have a nice house, all the cool accessories and everything else. But, sometimes I feel like I’m being

    dehumanized.” Pearl asked, “De-what?” Platina said, “It means that I feel like a animal trapped in a cage sometimes.”

    Then she asked, “So, what have you guys been doing?” Then Diamond said, “Oh, you know… living the easy life. Not

    doing much,” then Pearl said, “I’ve been training my pokemon a lot.” They talked for some time, and the bell rang. Platina

    said, “It must be the Pizza man.” Diamond said, “YES!! Pizza! I LOVE PIZZA!” Then Pearl said, “Dude, you eat everything.

    Wherever we go, you always a fricken food in your mouth. I’m surprised that you’re not even fat.” Then Diamond

    said, “Whatever…” As soon as they were ready to eat, Diamond was going crazy for the Pizza. Platina said, “Don’t eat too

    fast! You’re gonna get sick!” Diamond, with mouthful of Pizza said, “I’ll be fine.” They were eating, and all of the sudden

    the whole mansion shook. Diamond said, “What’s going on?” Then there was a big roar was coming below was coming from

    below the main lobby. Then the whole mansion started to get really hot and steamy. Platina said, “Why is it getting so

    hot?” Then a Groudon-looking like monster broke through the floor of the main lobby. Pearl freaked out and said, “What is

    that?!” Then Diamond said, “Everyone it’s battle time!” Diamond sent out his Torterra, Pearl sent out his Infernape, and

    Platina sent out her Empoleon. Then they yelled out their pokemons’ most powerful attacks. “Leaf Storm! Fire Blast! Hydro-
    Pump!” A flurry of fire, water and storm of razor sharp leaves attacked the monster. The monster was knocked down for

    sometime, but then it quickly regained its footing and attacked the pokemons with a powerful dark beam from its mouth.

    The pokemon were sent flying through the mansions’ walls and they were defeated in one-shot. Diamond, Pearl and

    Platina were shocked with fright. They returned their pokemon and then Diamond said, “Just run!” Platina said, “To

    where?!” Then Diamond said, “Go north!” Josh, Gold, and Crystal were on their way to Sandgem Town, and then Josh

    said, “Smoke ahead at 12’o clock!” Then Diamond and the gang ran towards their direction and were yelling, “HELP!!!!”

    Gold said, “Distress call is nearby!” Crystal said, “It could be them! Let’s hurry!” Then Diamond saw them, and

    said, “Please help us! That monster is attacking us!” Then Josh, Gold, and Crystal saw the monster and were ready for

    battle. Josh put his Honchkrow back in and released his Kingdra. Then everyone got of their pokemon and started to

    attack. Gold yelled, “Explotaro! Flamethrower!” Crystal yelled, “Mega! Solarbeam” Then Josh yelled, “Kingdra! Ice Beam!”

    The flurry of attacks hit the monster, and the monster was knocked down for a while, then gold said, “Hey Josh! Ready

    for the close range attack?” Josh said, “You bet! Kingdra! Double Team!” Kingdra formed itself into its many forms, and

    then Gold returned his Typhlosion and sent out his Aipom. “Go Ataro Swift at close range!” Then Josh sent out his Gallade

    and yelled, “Psycho Cut!!” Ataro released his attack right behind the monster’s head, and Gallade slashed his blade-like

    arms across the monster’s torso. Then Gold decided to give the new attack a try if it had learned it yet. “Ataro! Double

    Attack!” The Aipom hit its enemy in the face with the speed of sound, by going across right, then left. Then the monster

    saw a glimpse of something dark and shiny in its left side. It stopped attacking and it glowed its eyes and the dark crystal

    rose out of the air, and brought it over to the monster and the monster vanished with the dark crystal. Then there was a

    silence for a brief moment, and Gold’s Aipom started shaking. Crystal said, “Gold, your Ataro….” Gold saw his aipom and

    then the aipom evolved into Ambipom. Gold exclaimed, “YES! We did it!” He high-fived his Aipom. Then there was a girl’s

    voice coming by the woods. “Help… someone please help….” Josh heard that and thought: “That voice….No… it can’t be!”

    Then he started running toward the voice, and gold said, “Dude! Where are you goin?” Josh completely ignored that and

    while he was running towards the direction, he heard two gunshots in his memory. Horrible memories were coming back to


    Ch 11

    Josh ran towards the voice, and he found this girl sprawled on the floor. He thought: It’s not her! No! But it had to be… I

    felt the same presence. WHY?!” Josh observed the girl’s wounds and saw something very disturbing. He thought: No. No…

    NO! IT CAN’T BE!!!!” Then the rest of the gang followed him, and Josh said, “You guys! We have to get her out here!

    Right NOW!!” Then Diamond said, “Let’s go to my place!” Then Josh picked up the girl and the gang returned their

    pokemon to their pokeballs, and ran over to Twinleaf Town and went to Diamond’s house. Diamond said, “Here, she can

    use my bed for right now.” Then Diamond asked Josh, “Do you know this girl?” Then Josh said, “No. But My girlfriend

    suffered from a cruel fate and ended up dying.” Platina said, “oh…” Then Gold said, “You want to tell us your story?” Then

    Josh said, “See that necklace with the mark of black fire?” Then Crystal notice the necklace and said, “It looks scary.”

    Then Josh said, “When a girl wears that necklace, it’s a symbol that she belongs to a *****house.” Platina gasped, “H- h-

    h-how can anybody do such a thing?” Then Josh said, “One who is willing to steal a person’s love and sell it as a sex

    creature.” Then he said, “You guys, what I’m about to tell you is an important lesson. This is not a funny subject, and it

    is a very serious matter. This was the moment in my life when I had lost my love.”

    (Flashback), Josh Narrating: I still remember it still clearly to this day. It was about a year ago. I was 17 years old and I

    was just going through my daily schedule in school. I was walking in the hallway. And I saw this girl. She was a truly a

    love in first sight. It was one of those moments when I had blushed for the first time. She was wearing tight jeans, a

    white coat, and she had a long black hair, and she was a Korean like me. That day, she caught me looking at her, and I

    just ran to my next class because I was gonna be late to my class. As the days passed, I still didn’t talk to her because I

    was too shy. Then a week passed by and she said, “Hey… what’s your name?” Then I said, “Oh… I’m Josh. Josh Kim.”

    Then she said “Oh! We’re both Koreans. How cool is that?” That moment, we had clicked like opposite sides of magnets

    and we started to build up a friendly relationship. Then after 2 months after that, I decided to ask her to be my girlfriend

    by taking her to a nice restaurant. I also had prepared a song for her. I brought her to the restaurant, and we ate and

    talked. Then I went up to the stage and said, “This is for a very special friend of mine. Her name is Lavender, and I have

    a song prepared for her and it’s called ‘My Foolish Heart, and I’m going to play it on my clarinet.” So, I played through the

    song, and obviously she was really impressed. Then I said, “Lavender, will you be my girlfriend?” Then she was really

    speechless for a while and said “That is so romantic of you!” After that, we went out for quite sometime. Only two

    months were left in our senior year. We both got into the colleges of our dreams. I was the happiest man on earth. Then I

    remember one day we started talking and I said, “Hey baby, wanna go to the movies tonight?” Then she said, “I’m kind of

    busy tonight.” That same talk went for a month. At that time, (sobs) I had no idea that she was working as a (sobs) part-

    time prostitute just to pay for her college tuition. Then on one day I said, “Baby! What’s wrong with us?!” Then she was

    almost crying and said, “I… I don’t think I can be longer with you.” That night, I took a night drive just to relieve stress.

    Then I saw her running. It seemed at she was running away from her worst fear. I quickly stopped the car and chased

    her. “Lavender!! Lavender!!” I yelled. I ran down her path, and then when I was about to turn around the corner, I heard

    two gunshots. Then I saw her laying like a dead doll. Then the shadowy figure said, “Heh! That’s what you get for leaving

    the ****ing *****house you *****!” Then I asked the shadow figure, “Who the **** are you, and who do you work for?” I

    tried up to catch up to him, but he was vanished in thin air. Then I went up to her and said, “Don’t give up on me baby.

    I’ll get you to the closest hospital.” I drove her to the hospital and she was immediately sent to the emergency room. I

    waited for quite sometime, and the doctor said, “Son, she wants to talk to you.” Then I nervously went inside the room.

    Then the nurse said, “You have five minutes, make it as good as you can.” I went into the room and saw that her

    necklace was sitting on the side. I said, “You were working as a prostitute?” Then she said weakly, “I’m sorry baby, I had

    to pay my college tuitions.” Then I said, “This is all my fault. If I had just realized that you… you were in need of help…”

    Then she said, “I’ll be fine… uhh..” Then I said, “Baby, don’t you give up on me!! Don’t you dare!!” At that moment I

    grabbed her hand and prayed to dear god. I mean… not everyone is perfect right? Even god… he was trying to take away

    the love of my life. Is that just? Then I prayed to god to not let her die on my hands, and I asked him to let her dwell in

    this place for just a little longer…. Just a little. Then she said, “Josh… I have always loved you. Be strong. Be…. Uh.” Then

    she let go of my hand. I said, “Lavender! Lavender! No! NO!! This can’t be! Open your eyes just for a one sec! Let me say

    good-bye for one last time…” I took her necklace as a motivation for my revenge, and after that I had a girlfriend phobia.

    I still talked to girls, but I could never take on the responsibility again, because I was worried that I could let a another

    innocent life die.”

    (Leaving Flashback) Everyone was emotionally moved. All the guys were dead silent and the girls were crying. Then Josh

    said, “Now, the lesson is,” He fondly looked at all the dex holders and said, “Protect your loved one with all your life,

    because when you lose a loved one, that pain cripples you and you feel like your soul is being eaten alive, and you feel

    like you’re going insane, and you can’t get out of that mood, because it is just too much pain to bear.” Everyone nodded.

    Then Josh said, “Now… if you could leave me alone for a second.” He went outside the house and looked up the sky and

    yelled, “LAVENDER!! What is the meaning of this? I can’t protect her! I’m too afraid that I- I’m going to fail again. I just

    can’t do it…”
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    I would love to read this but there's no paragraphing and I had alot of trouble reading it and also to understand the story as I couldn't figure out who's currently speaking. And did you forget to put a rating?

    I suggest that you should reread and edit your fic again.

    And I had spotted some mistakes...

    In the beginning, the universe was created by the pokemon called Arceus. This pokemon has created the world with one intention in its ...
    You first chapter's first sentence is in past tense but your second sentence suddenly became present tense..

    Then the bean of dark fire, ocean and the massive black vacuum of cyclone was combined.
    It should be 'were' since you're talking about 3 subject.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kawaii-lurve View Post
    I would love to read this but there's no paragraphing and I had alot of trouble reading it and also to understand the story as I couldn't figure out who's currently speaking. And did you forget to put a rating?

    I suggest that you should reread and edit your fic again.

    And I had spotted some mistakes...

    You first chapter's first sentence is in past tense but your second sentence suddenly became present tense..

    It should be 'were' since you're talking about 3 subject.
    Yay! A reply... now I must go (quickly vainishes into editing the post)
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    BTW, ch 7 is loaded up in the 2nd post of this thread... go on read ur hearts content
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    Pretty nice story. Just so you know, Gold+Crystal is known as MangaQuestShipping.
    Yes, the paragraphing isn't done right, it should be more like this (copying from your story):

    There was a giant explosion, but the pokemon still wasn’t down. Josh thought of a risky plan, but it was the only plan.
    “Hey! You gotta let go your Murkorw’s Mean Look!” said Josh.
    “WHAT?! Are you crazy?” said Silver.

    Josh said, “Yeah! Crazy enough to send the girls and your friends into one of your secret bases, if that’s what you mean! Now GO! Get them outta there!” Silver called Murkrow back and got a hold of his feet. He went flying off to the destination. When the Mean Look was gone, Latios, Charizard, Aerodactyl, and Honchkrow were immediately blocking the monster’s path. Silver went to get the girls and his friends, and the 4 guys were trying their best to hold off the enemy.
    Between people speaking, you should make a new paragraph. I don't always do this, but then again, my dialogue usually isn't long enough (by my standards) to make it a new paragraph.
    I guess it depends on who you are.

    In the part where the boys were talking about video-games, and the girls joined in about the music, you made it sound kinda like a script. Maybe it's just me, but I guess that in a fanfiction, you're supposed to summarize that something like:

    Wondering about the similarities between Poketomia and Earth, he asked his new acquaintances if they liked video-games. Gold and Blue got excited about the concept, and the three boys started to discuss video-games. Emerald joined in when Super Smash Bros Brawl was mentioned. The girls talked for much less than a half-minute about the boys' discussion, since they didn't know what it was.

    The boys started exchanging friend codes. Josh then asked which music genres his acquaintances liked, or if they play any instruments. Everyone was in the same discussion this time. They spent a long time talking about their hobbies.
    I also noticed that you didn't capitalize 'Arceus' in the part when Josh said in his head: Red, Green, may the spirit of luckyshipping and arceus be with you.”

    Fix your errors, and it'll be a better written story.
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    Default My review

    Hmm, I've read your story, and since my eyes hurt too much (not because of this, don't worry) I can't really spot any grammer mistakes so I'll comment on your plot.

    Firstly, I've considered the idea of a human entering the Pokemon world just like that, and maybe it isn't that easy. The portal thing sounds a bit too fast. You should try making it more complex. I wonder if you've read The Chronicles of Narnia. The books may give you an idea of how to enable Josh to enter the Pokemon world. Just don't copy, OK? Maybe you could say he always dreamed of entering the Pokemon world and one day, while he was playing his cartridge or something when all went black and he found himself in his game. Or how about him hearing a voice and blacking out before finding himself in the Pokemon world. Of course, that only applies to games. In your case it's the manga so do something like that. I don't get the part where he got his instruments.

    I think Josh shouldn't get to choose his Pokemon. Seriously. It would be more fun if he just got some random Pokemon from his current team(s). Of course, that's just my opinion, so don't take it hardly. =D I also get the feeling that Josh is a kind of self-insert. That's when an author inserts him/herself into his/her fanfic. Just try to improve his background or something. I don't know much about how to cure this problem.

    Also, if I'm not mistaken, Lati@s talk using telepathy.

    Now, for an important, controversial, issue. I don't think the Pokedex holders would have grown at all while they were stoned. It's been suggested before, except it was about whether Yellow would wake up straightaway upon being un-stoned. It's pretty much the same anyway. I've though up of a theory which likens being stoned to time stopping.

    Let's say that time stopped in one region, maybe in Kanto. Let's also say that you were sleeping at that time, say, 3 p.m. Another Kanto citizen was stuck in mid-motion. So, in other words, everything stops. People from other regions can visit without being affected by the time-stop. They will still grow, breath etc.

    Now, let's say that two hours later, time resumed. I doubt you would have woken up, neither would the citizen and/or you have grown.

    Like I said, it's controversial so I suppose it's up to you. This is mostly my opinion.

    Good luck for the rest of your fic! I look forward to your improved work!

    LuckyShipper!!! I also support ContestShipping, QuestShipping, FeelingShipping, MangaQuestShipping, FranticShipping, GracefulShipping, CommonerShipping and ViridianShipping (plenty of thanks to mayouh101 from for letting me know!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuckyShipper8816 View Post
    Hmm, I've read your story, and since my eyes hurt too much (not because of this, don't worry) I can't really spot any grammer mistakes so I'll comment on your plot.

    Firstly, I've considered the idea of a human entering the Pokemon world just like that, and maybe it isn't that easy. The portal thing sounds a bit too fast. You should try making it more complex. I wonder if you've read The Chronicles of Narnia. The books may give you an idea of how to enable Josh to enter the Pokemon world. Just don't copy, OK? Maybe you could say he always dreamed of entering the Pokemon world and one day, while he was playing his cartridge or something when all went black and he found himself in his game. Or how about him hearing a voice and blacking out before finding himself in the Pokemon world. Of course, that only applies to games. In your case it's the manga so do something like that. I don't get the part where he got his instruments.

    I think Josh shouldn't get to choose his Pokemon. Seriously. It would be more fun if he just got some random Pokemon from his current team(s). Of course, that's just my opinion, so don't take it hardly. =D I also get the feeling that Josh is a kind of self-insert. That's when an author inserts him/herself into his/her fanfic. Just try to improve his background or something. I don't know much about how to cure this problem.

    Also, if I'm not mistaken, Lati@s talk using telepathy.

    Now, for an important, controversial, issue. I don't think the Pokedex holders would have grown at all while they were stoned. It's been suggested before, except it was about whether Yellow would wake up straightaway upon being un-stoned. It's pretty much the same anyway. I've though up of a theory which likens being stoned to time stopping.

    Let's say that time stopped in one region, maybe in Kanto. Let's also say that you were sleeping at that time, say, 3 p.m. Another Kanto citizen was stuck in mid-motion. So, in other words, everything stops. People from other regions can visit without being affected by the time-stop. They will still grow, breath etc.

    Now, let's say that two hours later, time resumed. I doubt you would have woken up, neither would the citizen and/or you have grown.

    Like I said, it's controversial so I suppose it's up to you. This is mostly my opinion.

    Good luck for the rest of your fic! I look forward to your improved work!
    LOL, josh doesn't have a quite a chracter yet.
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    Sup everybody! Ch 8 is up and running and FINALLY....... some good franticshipping stuff, as well as luckyshpping. Have fun kids. Again, it's in the second post.
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    CH 9 is running.... a bit more of a mangaquest, and a surprise element.
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    Hey everybody. Ch 10 is running. Also, I didn't know a lot about Diamond, Pearl, and Platina/Lady Berlitz, because I haven't read that part of the manga yet, but I gave Diamond the chracter with the red cap and Pearl as the rival. And I changed the rating, because I added more intensity in my fic. So, have fun!
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    hey guys... ch11 is up.
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    BTW, it's pretty intense and it's on the same post
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    I decided to make a new post for this chapter and so on, becsue my other one was getting way too long. Also, a quick remider. This fic has ships for luckyshipping,
    Mangaquestshipping, Franticshipping, and Commoner. Just to remind you again, I portrayed Diamond as the main hero in the D/P Saga and Platina as Lady Berlitz. Well, here it goes. BTW, a big Commonershipping moment in this chapter.

    Ch 12

    Then everybody back in the house was just sitting still. Gold then realized in his

    head, “That’s why he told me to lay off the proposal for a while. Because if the evil

    ones knew that I had feelings for her, then I… I would lose Crystal.” Josh was still

    yelling at the sky. Diamond said, “I feel sorry for him.” Then Platina said, “It must be so

    hard to bear. Even after all this time.” Diamond’s mom yelled from downstairs, “Son, is

    your friend okay?” Diamond replied, “He’s fine mom!” Then Josh got back in the house

    and went upstairs. He went back to Diamond’s room and said, “If everybody could leave

    the room for a sec, that’d be great.” Everybody left the room, and it was just Josh and

    the Sleeping girl. He began to observe the girl and thought: “She looks exactly like

    Lavender. Is this a some kind of a fate?” He also noticed that she was holding a

    pokedex in her hand. Then he thought: “Could she be… the 15th trainer?” He also

    realized something else. He saw that she was wearing a blue scarf and on the red

    letters it said, “Luckyshipping” Josh realized, “Huh! We have a shipper. WAIT! Then, it

    means that she’s from Earth!” Then the girl awoke up from her sleep. She started to

    open her eyes, “Uh… who are you?” Then Josh was relieved that she was okay and

    said, “You’ll be safe here.” Then the girl said, “Thank you for saving me, but you

    shouldn’t keep me here.” Then Josh said, “Why?!” Then the girl replied, “The Dark Ones

    are looking for me. Soon they’ll come here and try to take me.” Josh said, “Don’t worry!

    As long as you’re with me and my friends, you’ll be fine!” Then the girl said, “Thank

    you.” Then Josh asked her, “I have a question to ask. Did you ever know a girl named

    Lavender?” Then the girl started to cry, “Oh… OH! She was such a brave girl.” Then

    Josh asked her, “Please! Tell me who the evildoers are!” Then the girl started to

    tremble. “Oh… oh…. His name…” Then the girl started to break down. Josh was getting

    slightly hysterical, “What? Who is he?” Then the girl replied, “It… IT’S GIOVANNI!” Then

    Josh was shocked, He thought in his head: NO! I thought he was only using pokemon to

    get more power, but what is he doing with all those innocent girls? Then Josh quickly

    yelled at downstairs, “Everybody come up here for a sec! We got a big info about the

    villains!” Then everybody came running upstairs. Then Josh said, “You guys, it looks like

    the *****house belongs to Giovanni and the Team Rocket.” Gold exclaimed, “WHAT?!”

    Then the girl started to explain, “Giovanni was once just using pokemon to get more

    power for himself. He thought that the power was enough, but then he started to work

    for someone, and he sought even innocent souls to turn them into dark matter. Giovanni

    and his cronies sought innocent girls’ souls, because they had the most “light in their

    souls”. When there is more light in a person’s soul, that soul can be used to used to

    create dark matter out of the dark souls that were changed from light souls.” Then Pearl

    asked, “What do they do with the girls after that?” Then the girl started to

    tremble. “Then… he… he would make his cronies get us girls into the “Destruction Room”

    and he and his cronies would…. Then Josh said, “Let me guess” Then the girl said, “

    they would rape us and after that we would be sent to a room nearby and the

    Tentacruel would strangle us to death.” Then Diamond said, “But how do you know all

    this?” Then the girl said, “We were forced to watch it as a reminder not to escape. It

    was a reminder that we either would get raped and die, and try to escape and die

    anyway. We were destined to be in the filthy darkness to be forever.” Then she said, “I

    escaped the lair. And I was running for my dear life, until I fainted by the woods, and

    you guys came to rescue me.” Then Josh asked, “Hey! Do you know anything about a

    dark crystal? We were fighting this monster and it suddenly disappeared with a dark-

    looking crystal.” Then the girl realized and said, “They…. They don’t need me anymore,

    all they need is the crystals now.” Then Josh said, “Well, at least they won’t come here

    to get you anymore.” Then the girl looked a little relieved and said, “I’m Katie,” Then

    Josh said, “I’m Josh. Nice to meet you.” Everyone introduced themselves and decided to

    sleep at Diamond’s place for the day. Then while everyone was talking to themselves,

    and Josh asked Katie, “Hey. You don’t live around here… do you?” Then she said, “How’d

    you know?” Then Josh said, “Let’s just say that…. I recognized the scarf.” Then Katie

    said, “Oh yeah… oh by the way everybody, I’m not from around here. I’m apparently

    from the same place that Josh is.” Then Pearl exclaimed, “YOU”RE NOT FROM AROUND

    HERE?” Then Katie said, “I’m from the same place that Josh is from. I have the scarf to

    prove it.” Everyone observed the scarf and Gold asked, “What’s luckyshipping?” Then

    she said, “Oh… it has to do something with fandom of two characters. That’s all I’m

    gonna say.” Then Josh grinned and said, “Yeah, uhh… it’s just one of those things. You

    guys don’t need to know about it. Ha Ha…” Then Crystal said, “I don’t like secrets… but,

    ok…” Then Josh said, “You know Katie, I support the same shipping too.” Then she

    said, “I’m glad to know that.” Josh saw that Katie was feeling a lot better and

    thought: “I’m glad she feels better now. I have to protect her. No matter what

    happens. If this is a fate then so be it.”

    Then Gold said, “Hey. Don’t we need get something else for the other kids back in the

    base?” Then Josh said, “Oh yeah! Hey Diamond! We gotta go to the underground to find

    some evolutionary stuff for the other dex holders in back in the main base!” Then

    Diamond said, “Ok, What do you need?” Then Josh said, “We need a Protector, Dubious

    Disk and a Dusk Stone.” Then Diamond said, “I don’t know about Dubious Disk and a

    Protector, but a Dusk Stone is findable in the underground.” Then Gold said, “Then we’ll

    look for the Dusk Stone then we’ll find the other two.” They dug underground by a

    nearby route near Twinleaf Town. Then Diamond gave Gold and Crystal a set of tools for

    the underground treasure hunt. Diamond said, “You want to be careful when you’re

    digging. If you waste too much time digging in a single spot, the wall will come down.”

    Then Diamond demonstrated on how to dig with most efficiency. He picked a wall that

    was slightly shimmering with light, and he dug careful in all sides of the wall. He dug and

    dug and finally found a fire stone. He said, “See that? Not only you can find

    evolutionary stones, but you can also find fossils and hold items and such. Here you go,

    Platina.” He gave the fire stone to Platina and she said, “Thanks Dia, I was in need of

    that stone for my Vulpix anyway.” Then everybody started digging to find the Dusk

    Stone for Silver’s Murkrow. Then Josh started to talk to Katie. “So, how’d you end up

    here?” Then she said, “I came through some sort of a portal. This voice told me to pick

    my six pokemon that I have been playing in my game. So, I picked my six pokemon and

    went in the portal. Only when I went inside the portal, the bad guys took me.” Josh was

    looking at her in a pitiful manner. Then Katie said, “But, I’m okay now. I know that I’m

    gonna get stronger and take revenge upon my friends…. Especially for Lavender, wait,

    how’d you know Lavender?” Then Josh said, “She…. She was my girlfriend. She died

    trying to escape from the *****house. She was shot twice in the stomach. I tried to

    save her, but… it was too late.” Then Josh pulled out the necklace from his pocket and

    said, “I swear I’m gonna kill those guys! Because, they… they have no idea what it is

    like…” Then Lavender immediately hugged him and said, “I’m sorry about Lavender…”

    Then Josh said that, “Don’t worry. We’re all in this together for Lavender and for the

    world.” Then Gold Exclaimed, “Hey! I’ve found a really dark-looking stone! Could it be?”

    Then Diamond said, “That’s the Dusk Stone!” Then he said, “Now, we gotta find a

    protector and a dubious disk and a protector.” Then Josh said, “But they’re not in the

    underground right? Then Pearl said, “No. They’re really hard to find and they’re usually

    given out at some special events.” Then everyone got out of the underground and

    walked towards Sandgem Town. Platina suddenly realized and said, “OH! My house is in

    a world of mess! I’ve gotta go now!” Then Diamond said, “Everyone! Go to Platina’s

    house!” Then everyone followed Platina to her house. The beautiful mansion has become

    a large pile of rocks because of the groudon monster. Platina was going through pile of

    rocks in a very desperate manner and everyone decided to help out. They all got out

    their pokemon and started lifting the rocks. After a few minutes, Platina found her dad

    lying in a pile of rocks. “DAD!” everyone got Platins’s dad out of the pile of rocks. Then

    he said to everyone, “Thank you…. for accompanying Platina. After all, I was only her

    parent for a long time…” Platina said, “Dad! Dad! Stay awake!” Then he said, “Platina…

    don’t you ever lose hope. You… you and the others have to find a way to destroy this

    evil…” Then he looked at Diamond and said, “Son…. If you could take care of Platina

    under my eternal absence…” Then Diamond said, “Sir! Please…” Then Platina’s dad

    said, “I know you can do it.” Then looking at Platina, he said, “Be brave…. Ugh” Then

    Platina cried, “DAD! DAD!! No… please don’t die… please….” Then Diamond went up to

    her and said, “It’s okay… I’m here for you.” Then Platina went up to Diamond and let him

    hug her. “I… I don’t know if I can do this Dia…” Then Diamond said, “It’s okay. I’ll always

    be here to fight along your side an protect you with others. So don’t give up!” He gave

    her a encouraging look on the face and she stopped crying. Josh thought: “Life is such

    a precious and a beautiful thing, but how can they even kill a guy like that? Do they

    even know?” They kept walking upward and there seemed to be a big event up ahead.

    On the sign it said, Musical Instrument contest: Whoever can impress the audience of

    critics in this music contest will get a rare prize of Dubious Disk and a Protector. Gold

    saw that sign an said, “Hey, Josh you said that you play the Clarinet, right?” Josh

    said, “Clarinet and Sax.” Gold said, “We should play a duet… after all I do play the

    trumpet.” Josh exclaimed, “SINCE WHEN?!” Then gold said, “Oh… after the Masked Man’s

    defeat.” Then Josh got really excited and said, “Come on! Let’s take the prize home!”

    The whole gang ran to the registration desk and Josh said, “Gold and I would like to

    register for the competition.” Then the lady said, “Fill out this form and give it back to

    me as soon as you’re done.” Then they began to fill out the form. “What song should we

    play? It says that we can only play a one song of any kind.” Then Josh said solemnly, “I

    think we should take this moment to give tribute to Platina’s Dad and Lavender. So…

    let’s play I remember Clifford.” Gold silently agreed. Josh then said, “Oh, we can borrow

    a rhythm section for free! How cool is that?” They filled out the form and gave the form

    to the lady. Then she said, “your rehearsal with the rhythm section is in 15 minutes.

    Take time to warm up. Also, here is your schedule sheet.” The schedule was that Josh

    and Gold had a rehearsal with a rhythm section for an hour and a 30 minute break

    leading up to the performance. Josh said to the gang, “Hey! You guys have a lot of time

    here, and it looks like there’s a lot of stuff to do around here, so if you guys wanna

    hang out, you can do that.” However Platina was still in a state of misery because of

    her father’s death. Diamond said, “Pearl and I will take care of Platina, so you girls can

    go ahead to have fun.” Then Pearl said, “Wait, two girls hanging out alone in a time of

    danger? Umm… I don’t know…” Then Katie said smiling, “Well, it’d be nice to have a

    bodyguard.” Pearl got excited and said, “SO, CAN I GO?” Then Gold said, “You can go,

    but just come here for a sec.” Pearl came over to him and said in a dumbfounded

    manner, “What?” Gold said, “If you do anything to Crystal…” Then Josh said, “And

    Katie… just say your prayers.” Pearl got frightened and said, “Ok! Ok! Just don’t kill

    me…” Then the girls said, “Pearl… oh Pearl! You ready?” Pearl said, “Coming!” He ran

    over to girls’ side and went to have fun in the carnival. Gold said watching them

    leave, “I don’t trust him.” Josh said, “Me neither. I’m kind of worried about Katie…” Then

    gold asked Josh in a suspicious manner, “Hey, since when did you care about Katie?”

    Josh blushed heavily and said, “None of your business!” Then Gold said, “Boom cheeka

    wah wah…” Then Josh got really mad and said, “I’M GONNA **** YOU UP SO BAD!” Gold

    kept teasing and said, “Josh and Katie, sitting under a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g!” Then the

    girls who were walking saw that the boys were fighting and Katie said, “What are they

    fighting about?” Then Crystal said, “Oh. I don’t know…” They ignored the fight and kept

    walking in the direction of the carnival. The musical instrument competition was part of

    the carnival. It was one of those annual carnivals held every year, so people can enjoy

    themselves. There were a bunch of rides to go on, there were some games you could

    play and a lot of food to eat. Crystal said, “So… where do you want to go first Katie?”

    She said, “Let’s go to on the roller coaster!” Then Pearl said, “I’m kinda afraid of Roller

    Coasters.” Then Katie said, “Aww… it’ll be fine! As long as you’re with us big sisters,

    you’ll be fine! It’s really fine.” Crystal said, “So, let’s get going!” So they were standing

    in line for the roller coaster and Crystal asked Pearl, “How old are you guys? The Sinnoh

    Pokedex Holders?” Pearl said, “We’re 12 years old. It’s been a year since we went on our

    adventures.” Then Crystal said, “Hey Katie, did you hear that? Looks like we got the

    young ones in the quest also.” Pearl said, “Heh! We maybe kids, but our pokemon are

    pretty strong and we are the Sinnoh champs!” They were talking to themselves and at

    the spur of the moment, a random guy said, “Dude! That’s Pearl, one of the Champs!”

    The guy next to him said, “And he’s with two chicks! I wish I was a champ…” Pearl

    said, “Gawd! I’m so embarrassed.” Crystal said, “Aww…. how cute!” Then it was there

    turn to go on the ride. Katie said, “Pearl! Go in the middle of three seats!” Then Pearl

    blushed heavily and said, “Uh… uh ok.” Then the roller coaster started go up and up and

    it went down. “AHHHHH!!!!!!” Pearl was screaming for his life. Crystal said, “Yay! This is

    so much fun!” While they were having fun, Diamond was still comforting Platina. Diamond

    said to Platina, “Come on Platina. It’s ok! There was nothing we could do about that

    monster. It was too strong for us.” She was still sobbing and said, “It’s all my fault! If I

    only could have been more stronger…. I could’ve protected my dad…” Then he

    said, “Platina, please. There was nothing we could do-” “YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND!! He

    was my only family member left!” Then Diamond said, “Then we’ll just have to take

    revenge. Platina… I swear that I’ll take revenge for your father!” Platina said, “Promise?”

    Then Diamond said, “I promise.” Platina asked him again, “pinky promise?”

    Diamond said, “pinky promise! Now let’s go to the carnival! I’m getting hungry.” Platina

    said, “Ok.” They went inside the Carnival and they have found the concert area for the

    performance area for the music competition. “It looks like that’s the place where Josh

    and Gold will be playing.” Platina said, “I hope they get the prize… hey someone is

    playing!” Diamond said, “Can we please get some food first? I’m fricken dying…” She

    said, “Ok. Ok… you’re always hungry!” They went to a nearby food court and got some

    food and went to the outside concert area. Diamond said, “I wonder who that is?” Then

    the people who were in front of them were saying, “Man… Ash Ketchum is so great with

    that trumpet…” Then someone else said, “Nah…. His style’s too mainstream for me.”

    Diamond said, “Wow! He’s good! Really good!” Then Platina said, “This is not gonna be

    easy for Josh and Gold…” Then Diamond was looking at the concert program he picked

    up in the concert area. “It looks like Josh and Gold are up in about 30 minutes. Hey

    Platina, I saw a target contest outside the concert area. Wanna go?” Platina

    said, “Umm…. Ok!” They got outside of the concert area for a while and went to the

    target contest area. Platina said, “I’ll just watch. You can play.” Then Diamond paid the

    man 5 pokedollars and he got six fake pokeballs to hit the Ursaring target. He threw the

    first one, and it missed by quite a lot. He threw the next one and it almost hit the

    target. “Aww! Soo close!” He said. Then he hit the next 4 targets in success. Then man

    said, “You hit the target 4 times out of six, so here is your prize! The Teddiursa Doll. I

    suppose you can give that to your girlfriend over there, haha!” Then Diamond

    said, “HUH?!” Then Platina was giggling behind Diamond. Diamond went up to her and

    gave her the Teddiursa Doll. Diamond, who was quite blushing, said, “Here… it’s for

    you.” Then Platina hugged him and said, “Aww… that’s so sweet of you!” Then he

    said, “Hey! Stop it…” They were walking back to the concert area and Platina was

    thingking: “He’s trying to cheer me up… oh Dia….”

    Ch 13

    They went back to the concert area and it was almost time for Josh and Gold’s turn. Platina said, “We should call Pearl,

    Crystal and Katie. So they can come and root for them too.” Diamond called Pearl with his poketech. “Hey Pearl! It’s

    almost time for Josh and Gold to enter the stage. Hurry up and come to the concert area!” Pearl and the girls ran to the

    concert area. “Did you save us seats?” Pearl asked, and Diamond said, “Of course! Now let’s sit tight.” The crowd was

    getting anxious and soon Josh and Gold entered the stage with the rhythm section. They were dressed in the same

    clothes since it was a casual concert. Josh went up to the mike and said, “Now, ladies and gentlemen, before we start

    performing, I would like to recognize that this piece is a tribute to our friend’s dad, who died to day, and my girlfriend,

    who…. Who suffered a horrible murder.”

    There was a silence in the critics section and the audience for some seconds. Platina and Katie was looking at them in a

    solemn manner. Josh said, “Now… I present to you… I Remember Clifford.” Gold started to play the main melody first for a

    while, then Josh came with a beautiful counter harmony with his Alto Saxophone. Then the whole group came in. The

    critics were busily writing down their stuff and the audience was totally drawn in at the music. Josh had the first solo.

    When he was playing his solo, he thought about retelling the story of his girlfriend’s tragedy with his solo, and when Gold

    was soloing, he was thinking about what he could do to protect Crystal better. Then the concert came to an end and

    Josh and Gold got off the stage and Ash Ketchum was part of the audience. He went up to them and said, “That was a

    really good performance.” Gold said, “Thanks.” Then when they were going back to their friends after getting their stuff,

    Josh thought: “Was that Ash? What the heck?! Are we like competing against him or something?” Then Josh was going

    through the program and he found out that Ash was one of the competitors. Josh said, “Ok… this is gonna be interesting.”

    They went back to their friends and Crystal said, “That was a great performance, Gold!” Katie said, “You too Josh!” The

    boys were blushing and said, “Thanks ladies.” As they were passing the girls by, they shot a suspicious look to Pearl.

    Crystal said, “Oh Gold! There was nothing wrong!” Katie said, “Yeah. We just treated him as a little brother.” The boys

    quickly retorted and said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about!” They sat in the concert area for quite sometime, and

    the results were up. One of the critics began his announcement. “Ladies and Gentlemen, the results are up. Before we

    begin, I must say that all the contestants performed to their best abilities. But the top three had been the best of the

    best today. In third place….” All the kids hearts were beating, “In third place is John Smithson from Dewford Town in

    Hoenn with his Classic Trombone skill!” The kids were relieved, but Gold said, “Hey Josh! Don’t let your guard down, for we

    could’ve been unranked.” Then the announcer said, “In second place….. is Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town!” Now the kids

    were getting even more nervous than ever. It was either they take the Dubious Disk and Protector or go back with

    nothing. “In first place…. (drumroll) is Gold from New Bark Town in Johto, and Josh from Sandgem Town!” Josh and Gold

    were going crazy, “WE DID IT!!!!!! WE DID IT!!!!! WE’RE ONE STEP CLOSER TO SAVE THE WORLD!!!!!!!!” They went up to

    get the prize and the critic asked them to stay in the stage.

    He grabbed the mike and said, “The reason that they received first place is that their performance has clearly reflected

    the times of danger we’re in. They poured out their soul into their performance” The people in the audience were aware

    that there was a clear danger of evil ahead, and it was best for them to endure it in the meantime. The critic asked them

    if they wanted to say anything, then Gold said, “I just want to say that the times are dangerous right now, but there will

    always be the ones who will fight the evil. Josh you want to say anything?” Josh went up to the mike and said, “Just

    protect your loved one. Protecting that loved one is the greatest duty that anyone can have.” The crowd applauded for a

    long time, and Josh and Gold got off the stage. They took their respective Dubious Disk and Protector and met up with

    the gang. Josh said, “Come on! Let’s go back to the others!” Katie asked, “Oooh! Is Red and Green gonna be there?” Josh

    said, “uhh… yes.” The moment he said that, Katie was going crazy and everyone stared at her with a sweatdrop. She was

    saying, “I’m finally gonna meet Red! Red! My hero… hahh” Then Josh said, “Ok Katie! You’re done! Now let’s go!” Then she

    said, “Aww… someone is jealous?” Then he blushed and said, “Shut up!” Then Crystal released Green’s Abra and

    everybody touched the Pokemon. Then Crystal said, “Teleport!” They were back in Silver’s secret base in a blink of an

    eye. “Everybody’s here now!” Then Gold holding up the Dusk Stone, and said, “Look what I got!” Then Josh, held the

    Protector and Dubious Disk in his hand and said, “And these too!” Blue and Silver were happy that they finally got their

    evolutionary items for their pokemon. Then Josh said, “Sorry, I forgot to bring you guys with us. I totally forgot that you

    guys needed these items.” Then Silver said, “Hey! It’s ok! We have what we need now.” Blue said to silver, “Shall we

    begin?” Then Silver said, “Yeah! Let me evolve my Murkrow first though.” Silver released his Murkrow and Gold gave silver

    the Dusk Stone. He placed the stone on the black bird and he began to evolve to a giant black bird. “Awesome!” Silver

    exclaimed as his Murkorw evolved to Honchkrow. Josh said to silver, “Quick reminder: speed is cut, but everything is

    pretty much doubled.”

    Silver said, “Yeah I know!” Then Blue released his Rhydon and Porygon. Josh gave the Dubious Disk and Protector to Blue.

    Then Blue made Rhydon hold the Protector and made Porygon-2 hold the Dubious Disk. Then Silver returned his

    Honchkrow and decided to trade his Honchkrow and Kingdra for those two pokemon. They traded them, and Rhydon and

    Porygon-2 popped out of their pokeballs and started to evolve. Rhydon’s body was clad in a rock-hard armor, and

    Porygon-2’s head was like floating with the rest of the body and it seemed a lot more powerful. They became a Rhyperior

    and a Porygon-Z. They traded their pokemons back and there was a moment of silence. Red said, “I don’t think we have

    formally introuduced ourselves yet. How about we start with each region? Hi, I’m Red. I’m 18 years old and I’m the Kanto

    and Johto Champion.” Then Blue said, “Hi, I’m blue. I’m 18 years old, and I’m the Viridian City’s Gym Leader.” Then Green

    said, “Hi, I’m Green and I’m 18 years old, and I am the second runner-up for the Kanto Pokemon League.” Then Yellow

    said, “I’m Yellow. I’m 18 years old, and I am the Protector of Viridian City and its forest.” They said, “We are the

    strongest trainers in Kanto!”

    Then it was for the Johto dex holders to introduce themselves. “I’m Gold. I’m 17 years old. I am a 2-time Johto Champion,

    and a breeder and musician-in training.” Then Crystal said, “I’m Crystal. I’m 17 years old, and I’m a one-time Johto

    Champion. I’m a professional capturer and a researcher in-training.” Then Silver said, “I’m silver. I’m also 17 years old, and

    a one-time Johto Champion, and I’m a battler.” They said, “We represent the Johto’s strongest trainers and its

    protectors.” Then it was for the Hoenn Generation to introduce themselves. “I’m Ruby. I’m 15 years old and I conquered

    all the contests in Hoenn in 80 days.” Then Sapphire said, “I’m Sapphire. I’m also 15 years old, and I conquered all the

    Gyms in 80 days.” Then Emerald said proudly, “I’m Emerald. I’m 15 years old and I conquered all the Battle Frontiers in

    Hoenn, and I also captured Jirachi to free the 5 dex holders.” They said, “We’re the Hoenn Dex Holders Trio!”

    Then Josh said, “Wait… which generation do we belong to?” Then Diamond said, “You guys belong with us, since you guys

    had played the games representing out generation.” Then Diamond said, “I’m Diamond. I’m 12 years old, and I’m a 3-time

    Sinnoh Champion, and” Then Pearl interrupted and said, “He’s obsessed with eating, and I’m Pearl. I’m 12 years old, and

    I’m a 3 time Sinnoh Champion also.” Then Diamond interrupted and said, “He’s impatient and obnoxious.” Everyone was

    laughing and Platina said, “Hi, I’m Platina. I’m 12 years old. 3-time Sinnoh Champion and I like fancy stuff.” Then Josh

    said, “Hi, I’m Josh, and I’m 18 years old. Now according to the game, I’m a 31-time Sinnoh Champion.” Everyone was

    majorly shocked. But then Josh said, “Hold on… considering that the Elite Four and The Champion is very repetitive and

    easy in our world’s version of pokemon, it’s pretty much equal to as a 3-time Sinnoh Champion. I’m a battler, and a

    musician in-training.” Then Katie said, “I’m Katie. I’m 18 years old, and I’m a 3-time Sinnoh Champion according to the this

    planet’s data. I…. I escaped the Team Rockets’ secret lair when I got into this world.” Then they said, “We’re the

    Pokemon Sinnoh Dex Holders!” They introuduced themselves.

    Then Red asked Katie, “You said that you escaped from Team Rocket’s Lair? They still exist?!” Then Josh and Katie

    explained the whole situation of Lavender’s Death and Katie’s escape and how that connected to Giovanni and the

    evildoers’ plans. Green said to Josh, “Josh…. I…. I had no idea. Sorry that you had to go through such a tragedy.” Josh

    said, “Well, that’s why we’re here right? To stop evil from causing people harm!” Then Red got passionately angry and

    said, “Team Rocket! Not only they’re hurting pokemon, but now they’re using innocent girls to cause this great evil… and

    Sird… ARRRGH!” Green said, “Calm down red! We’re gonna beat them!” Then he said, “Green…. I’m worried. I’m worried

    that they’ll come after you and all the girls here too.” Then Josh said, “Now what do we do? When we fought a enemy in

    the Sinnoh region, we managed to scratch it a little bit, but we need more power. These….. things, they’re not even

    pokemon! JUST WHAT THE HELL ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO?!” Then at the other side of the base, where Latios and Latias

    had been sleeping for a long time, a shining light appeared. It said, “Dex Holders… come here. For I have a special gift for

    you.” Josh said, “That’s the same voice I heard!” Then everyone gathered around the brilliant light. Then the light took

    the shape of Arceus.

    Everyone said, “ARCEUS!!!” Arceus said, “Yes… it’s me Arceus. My dearest knights, as you may have noticed, your

    pokemon have been too weak to fight against the great evil. It is because those evil is made of dark matter, and light

    must be needed to counter darkness.” Then Arceus shun bright lights in all of the dex holders’ pokeballs. Everyone was

    shocked in awe, and Arceus said, “This light has now completely healed your pokemon and now it has the power of my

    light to fight the evil.” Then the dex holders put on the serious faces. Then Arceus said, “Also, there will be a final enemy

    approaching very soon in Poketomia, and as soon as you defeat him, come here again, for you will need a different kind of

    power when you go into K-Heartomia…. Good luck! The world rests in your hands!!” Then Arceus was vanished. Then

    Katie said to Josh, “Well, it looks like you got your answer…” Josh, blushing slightly, said, “Uh…. Yeah.” Then Katie

    said, “Josh…. Thank you for saving me once again.” Josh said, “Well, I had to…. it was like a some sort of a mystical force

    pulling me in.” Then Katie went up to him and kissed him on the cheek and said, “Good night, my hero.” Then Josh said to

    her, “Good night to you too.” He turned around and Gold was right in front of him and he said, “Score!” Josh said, “Tell me

    about it…”

    Ch 14

    Back in the Lair Of Dark Matter, there was a question about what to do with the dex holders since they have all united to

    form the Knights Of Arceus. Cyrus, the leader of Team Galactic said, “Norox sir! What do we do now? All the dex holders

    have united to stand against us. Now what do we do?” Norox, the leader of three admins, said, “They are not our primary

    issue, for we already have a one Dark Crystal, and there is one more in K-Heartomia, and the last one is in Earth.” Then

    Malificent appeared out of the shadows and said, “But sir! They are trying to disrupt our plans! We have to get rid of

    them as soon as possible!” Then Norox said, “I am not worried about them running our plans, but…… I guess it won’t hurt

    to destroy them.” Then Cyrus said, “My Darkrai monster should do it. Because of your dark matter’s power, the monster

    has become more powerful than ever.” Then Norox said, “Cyrus! Go destroy them! While you do that….” Then Lucitos and

    Medussa appeared out of darkness right next to Norox. “Us three will go find the second crystal in K-Heartomia!” Then the

    three admins disappeared in thin air. Then Cyrus muttered to himself, “Diamond, Pearl, and Platina! You will DIE!!!!!”

    Then back in the Silver’s base, morning rose. Red said, “Good morning everybody!” Diamond said, “I’m hungry! Where’s the

    food?” Then Silver said, “Don’t worry! I have a month’s worth of secret stash in this base.” Then everybody started to

    wake up pretty soon. Green said, “Morning Red. Did you sleep ok?” Then Red said, “I slept pretty good. A bit cold

    though.” Then Josh said, “Maybe you could’ve asked Green to warm you up.” Then they gave him a angry face. “Geez, I’m

    just kiddin.” Then Silver, looking in his secret stash, said, “We got canned tuna, microwavable rice, hot pockets, pizza,

    corn dogs, dumplings, soup…” Then Emerald said, “Woah dude! Least we won’t starve here!” Then Diamond said, “What’re

    we waiting for? Let’s eat!” Then Platina said, “How’re we gonna cook the food?” Then Gold and Josh exclaimed, “Go

    Explotaro! Go Magmortar!” The Magmortar and Typholosion came out their pokeballs. Then Gold said, “We can cook the

    food with these guys, they’ll provide the fire.” Then Josh said, “Plus, my Magmortar’s special ability is flame body, so it

    can hold those frozen hot pockets and make them edible (snaps his fingers) just like that!” Then Diamond said, “Now can

    we eat?!” Pearl getting tired of him, smacked him on the head and said, “Calm down man!” Diamond yelled back at

    him, “Ow! Freaken *******!” Then everybody got their food and gave them to Explotaro and Magmortar.

    Then the Typholosion was using the flame on its back to cook the microwavable food and then Magmortar was holding the

    microwavable food by his body to heat the food. Then Katie’s food was ready and she sat next to Josh. She said, “You

    know Josh, I don’t know where you’re really from.” Josh, trying to play cool again, said, “I’m from U.S. I live in California,

    OC!” Then she said, “No way! I’m from the same place. I live in the same place.” Then Josh had a feeling of luck in his

    mind, “are you Korean?” Then she said, “YEAH!” Then Josh said, “That’s awesome! Where in OC do you live?” Then she

    said, “Irvine.” Josh said, “I got a lot of friends who live there.” Then she said, “Cool….” Then there was a awkward

    moment of silence between them and she said, “Oh! Let me get my food.” Then she went to Josh’s Magmortar and got

    her food and she sat next to Josh again. Then she released one of her pokemon. She said, “I always have treasured this

    pokemon. She has won me a plethora of ribbons in contests. The flashing light took the shape of a Gardevoir. Then Josh

    exclaimed, “You have a Gardevoir?!” Katie nodded. Then Josh got out his Gallade out of his pokeball. Katie said, “Wow!

    Hehe… this is kind of a fate…” Then Josh said, “Haha… guess I’m the knight and you’re the princess. After all, Gallade has

    a code of Chivalry that he lives up to.” Their pokemon seemed to get along well. Then Josh and Katie stared at each

    other in a loving way then Katie snapped out of it. “Uh… let me get my stuff. I think we’re leaving here soon.”

    While she was getting her stuff, Ruby and Sapphire sat next to each other. “Aww man! My clothes are dirty! And I didn’t

    bring any new clothes with me!” Ruby complained. Then Sapphire said, “Get over it sissy boy! You know, you’re way too

    sensitive about your looks for a guy.” Then Ruby said, “Well, I do look good, don’t I?” Then he got closer to Sapphire. She

    was freaking out and said, “GWAH! Stop it!!” Then Ruby got his wet towel from his bag and tried to rub it in Sapphire’s

    face. “Hold…. Still. You’re face is dirty! I don’t like it when my girl has a dirty face.” She was really struggling and

    said, “Ruby… you’re gonna get it!” Then Diamond, who was sitting with Pearl and Platinum, went over to Green and

    said, “Hey, Green… I have a favor to ask you.” Then Green said, “Ask away!” Then Diamond said, “Platina…. She lost her

    dad in the battle with the enemy, and now she’s a orphan. I was wondering if you could protect her like a big sister. You

    know, ever since we were kids, we always looked up to trainers like you, Red and Blue. I mean I already made a promise

    that I would protect her, but I thought that having a big sister-like idol would make her more comfortable. And Platina

    really idolizes you too, so I was wondering if you could accept the favor.” Then Green smiled and said, “Don’t worry! As

    the oldest girl here, I’ll take care of her, so don’t you worry!” Then Diamond brightened up and said, “Thank you! You’re

    the best!” Then he went to sit back with his groupies. Red, who was sitting next to Green, said, “That’s terrible! She lost

    her dad to the enemy…” Then Green said, “That boy is brave… he already made a promise to protect Platina, and yet so

    thoughtful at the same time, because he thought that she needed a big-sister like model. He’s kinda like you, Red.” Red

    blushed and said, “Well… uh, thanks!” Then Green said, “I thought it was bad enough to be separated from your parents,

    but actually losing them? I feel sorry for her.” Then Blue, who was sitting with them, said, “Looks like we got a lot of

    responsibility on our shoulders.” Then Yellow said, “Don’t worry! Josh and Katie is on our side also, so we’ll be fine!” Then

    Red said, “Now…. What is the final enemy that Arceus talked about?” On the southern side, Emerald was talking to Latias

    and Latios. “I have a favor to ask you guys. I’m gonna need all the help I can get, and I was wondering if you two could

    become my actual pokemon during this journey.” Then they said, “We will always be with you.” Then Emerald got his two

    pokeballs out and captured them. Emerald said, “You guys are the best!”

    Then on the northern side of the base, Gold and Crystal sat next to each other. Gold asked Crystal, “Weren’t you cold

    with those shorts?” Then Crystal said, “Uh…. Yeah, it kinda was.” Then Gold said, “I could’ve lent you my sweatshirt. You

    could’ve just asked for it…” Then Crystal said, “But then you would’ve been cold.” Then Gold, looking at Crystal’s pale

    legs, said, “Your legs are so white…” Then he called his Typholosion over to her side and told him to warm her up. Crystal

    said, “Thanks Gold.” Ever since Josh told his tragic story, Gold was getting worried about Crystal by inch by inch by every

    second. He said to her, “Hey, are you sure that you want to do this?” Then Crystal said, “Sure!” Then Gold had a troubled

    look on his face. Then she said, “I’ll be fine Gold!” She hugged and him, but Gold still thought: “I’ve never been more

    scared in my life. What happens if I really lose her?” But then he smiled and said, “You’re right! We can’t give up!” Then

    nearby Silver was staring at a wall. He was thinking about his dad. “Dad… two years have passed. You have been abusing

    pokemon for all of your life, and now you’re abusing innocent girls to gain more power to control the universe… don’t you

    know that I was an abused child also? How could you betray me?” Then all of a sudden, there was a giant sound of

    explosion in the air. Diamond said, “What was that?!” Then Red said, “Everybody! Get your pokemon and stuff out of


    Everyone quickly got their belongings and then got outside the base. In front of them, The Darkrai monster was

    shimmering with dark light and Cyrus was floating in the air, also covered with the dark light. Then Diamond said, “Grr! It’s

    you! What do you want?!” Then Cyrus said, “It’s quite simple. Boss ordered me to bury you kids alive AS SOON AS I

    OBLITERATE YOU ALL!!!!!” Then Cyrus put more dark energy with his hands into the monster. Then he said, “Have fun

    playing the game of death.” Then he was vanished. Then Josh said, “You guys, it’s time to test our pokemon’s powers!”

    Then Josh got out his Gallade, Katie got her Gardevoir, Red got out his Venusaur, Green got out her Blastoise, Blue got

    out his Charizard, Yellow got out her Omastar, Gold got out his Ambipom, Crystal got out her Xatu, Silver got out his

    Kingdra, Ruby got out his Milotic, Sapphire got out her Blaziken, Emerald got out his Dusknoir, then Diamond got out his

    Garchomp, Pearl got out his Infernape and Platina got out her Ninetales. Then Gallade jumped up in the air used Psycho

    Cut on the Darkrai monster, and it was instantly knocked down to the ground, and there was a slight cut on the monster

    and a little beam of white light was shining out from the monster. “You guys! It’s working! The enemy is getting weaker!”

    Then Katie ordered Psychic on her Gardevoir. The pokemon made a ball of reddish pink by its palms and it sent the ball

    flying. Then Red, Green and Blue yelled, “Frenzy Plant! Hydro Cannon! Blast Burn! Spike Cannon!” Then Gold, Crystal, and

    Silver yelled, “Hyper Beam! Aerial Ace! Hydro Pump!” Then Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald yelled, “Blizzard! Fire Blast!

    Shadow Ball!” Then Diamond, Platina, and Pearl yelled, “Dragon Claw! Flamethrower! Blast Burn!” The series of multi-

    colored attacks hit the enemy. Then there was a giant hole inside the monster’s stomach. Then, the injuries were

    recovering quickly again. Green exclaimed, “HUH?! But… we hit it with our strongest attacks!” Then Ruby said, “Look!

    There’s a Dark shining substance in the body!” There was a black light inside the body, except it wasn’t a light. It was a

    dark matter that was planted in the body. Then the monster instantly let out a beam of dark light on the dex holders. Red

    said, “Everyone! Dodge it!!” Then the dark beam started to hit everywhere. As soon it was hit on the ground and trees,

    huge chunks of ground was ripped of and the trees were sliced to pieces. Then just the tree was falling and Platina was

    right in front of the falling tree. “AHHH!!” Platina screamed as the tree was about to fall on her. Then Diamond

    said, “Garchomp! Use Dragon Claw on that tree!” As the tree was about to fall on Platina, the tree was sliced in half. She

    said, “Thanks, Dia!” Then on the other side Josh, Katie and Pearl were running away from the attacks. Josh said, “Where’s

    Lucario when you need him? We could seriously use his aura to detect the enemy’s weak point!” Then Pearl said, “Just in

    a knack of time! Go Lucario! Use your aura to detect the enemy’s weakness, then use Aura Sphere and Force Palm!” Then

    the Fighting pokemon jumped up in the air and it used its aura vision to detect the weakness. The pokemon detected the

    weakness, which was on the stomach. Then it gathered its energy and sent out a yellow ball of energy down to the

    monster’s stomach, and there was a hole in the enemy’s stomach. Then Lucario rushed full speed against the enemy and

    then it used the force palm on the dark matter. The attack did some damage, but not enough. Then, Red, who was

    running away from the attack with Green, Blue and Yellow, saw that there was a hole again in the enemy’s body. He

    said, “OK! Let’s try again!” Everybody yelled, “Frenzy Plant! Hydro Cannon! Blast Burn! Spike Cannon!” Their pokemon’s

    series of attacks rose up in the air. Then Gold, Crystal and Silver saw that and yelled, “Hyper Beam! Aerial Ace! Hydro

    Pump!” Their attacks rose in the air also. Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald saw that and yelled, “Blizzard! Fire Blast! Shadow

    Ball!” Now, their attacks rose up in the air. Then Diamond and Platina, who met up with Pearl, Josh and Katie

    yelled, “Dragon Claw! Flamethrower! Blast Burn! Psycho Cut! Psychic!” All of the attacks from the dex holders

    concentrated on the dark matter inside the Darkrai monster’s body, and it was shattered to pieces along with the


    Soon, everybody met up by the base area and rejoiced. “All right! We finally beat the enemy! Or at least one of them!”

    Gold rejoiced. Then Red said, “The power of Arceus… so amazing!” Then Ruby said, “I think we’re supposed to go back to

    that place that Arceus mentioned.” Then Josh said, “Then, let us go back to that place in Silver’s basement.” Then they

    went inside back to the place where they met Arceus. Then a light appeared and it took form of Arceus. He said, “Well

    done my knights… you have successfully used your powers to defeat the enemy. Then Diamond said, “That power helped

    us a lot! Thanks for the power!” Then Arceus chuckled, “Haha! You’re welcome! I knew that I could count on you guys!”

    Then he got serious again. “Now…. About the new weapon that I mentioned…” Then all the trainers’ six pokeballs shined

    and were released off their belts. The balls took a vertical form of light in them and it took the form of a keyblade. Then

    Josh said, “Na ah! This is just off the…” Then Blue said, “Tell me about it, I never thought that I would be able to hold a

    keyblade in my life…” Then Arceus said, “This is a keyblade. It is created by fusing the spirits of your pokemons to create

    the perfect weapon for each and one of you. Trust in your keyblade like you trust in your pokemon. This keyblade is the

    true power of your bond between you and your pokemon. For you will use this weapon from now on.” Then Arceus had

    created a glorious door in front of him. Josh said, “This is like the door in Kingdom Hearts!” Then Arceus said, “That is

    correct! When you go through that door, you will reach the Traverse Town of the planet K-Heartomia. By the way, give

    Merlin good words from me that justice shall be done!” Then Arceus vanished. Then Ruby said, “Cool! Mine’s shiny red!

    And it looks like everyone has the color of their keyblade is their names, except that Crystal’s is shiny baby blue, and

    Diamond has a actual marking of the Diamond jewel, Pearl’s has the marking of the actual pearl, Platina’s is shiny gray,

    Sapphire’s is shiny blue, and Emerald’s is shiny green, and Josh’s has red and black stripes and Katie’s is purple.” Josh

    said, “Wow…. Good observation of color.” Then Sapphire said sarcastically, “It’s my boyriend’s talent!” Everyone laughed.

    Then Katie said, “Hey before we go, I need to talk to Josh privately.” Red said, “Ok! We’ll wait for a bit.” Then Josh looked

    a little startled. They found a corner and talked. Katie said, “Josh…. I need to tell you a little more information about

    Lavender. It just came to mind that I need to tell you this…” Then Josh said, “What is it?” Katie said, “Do you want to

    know how you’re girlfriend was able to see you when she was still in the *****house?” Then she said, “She left in middle

    of night, and walked through this secret portal, and went back to earth. She said that she really needed to see you

    everyday, and not only that but she was going to get supporters to fight for our cause. (sobs) She…. She came in and

    out everyday. It seemed that there was no luck at all, (sobs more heavily) but she didn’t give up. She kept going out at

    night again to get more supporters. She also mentioned to me how she loved you a lot….” Then Josh said, “I…I..I had no

    idea.” Then Katie said, “Do you see now?! She was a fighter! A FIGHTER! She was pretty much my best friend who risked

    her life to fight for the girls’ cause!!” Then she clinched her fists and banged them against the wall and started crying. “I

    swear that I’m gonna ****in beat the **** out of Giovanni!” Then Josh embraced Katie and said, “Don’t worry, because

    every fight from now on is personal for me. Not only for me, but for everybody… Platina, who lost her dad, the stoned dex

    holders who are now alive, and everybody else wants to play a part…. And we’re gonna save the world.” He embraced

    Katie for a long time as she cried in his arms.
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    whoa......nice story but...ratings...might be T+*shiver*....oh...hehe..
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    Hey everybody! Ch 13 is now running. Again, a lot of good stuff hapening again. Have fun!
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    so what's everyone's favorite chapter so far?
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    great fic, ive been waitin so much for chapter 13
    it had a great ending
    cant wait for chapter 14!
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    Ch 14 is uploaded! I'm not gonna spoil anything, but there's the usual good shippy stuff, and let's just say that from this point on is where I bring da heat....
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    HiYa!!! harhar....Go luckyshipping..and Sapphire...
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    Ok... ch 15 is here! Woohoo! Kingdom Hearts! Just to let you know, not in this chapter, but the chapter after this one will have a Viridian shipping as well. I figured that I couldn't leave Yellow alone... so yeah. Oh and Sora+Kairi stuff as well. And for the next few chapters there's not gonna be that much action, but lots of shippy stuff and comedy! (lol comedy never gets old)

    Ch 15

    Josh said, “Come on Katie, we don’t want to stall now.” Then Katie stopped crying and

    said, “You’re right. Come on! Let’s go!” They went back to the gang by the gate to the

    Traverse Town. Green said to Katie, “You all right?” Then Katie said, “I’m fine. I’m just

    getting ready to take revenge.” Then Red said, “Everyone ready?” They all nodded and

    then Red opened the gate. One by one, the dex holders walked in the gate with their

    keyblade in hand. They all walked in, and instantly they were taken into this town.

    There were huge buildings everywhere and there were many people walking everywhere.

    The vibe of town was very exciting and energetic. On the top of the City Hall, it said:

    Traverse Town: Where people of all kinds of faces gather. Then Blue said, “Well… we’re

    here now, what’re we supposed to do?” Then Gold said, “Let’s take a look around! This

    place is getting me pumped!” So they took a look around the town. There were some

    shops, restaurants, Hotels, and it was pretty much the same. They were looking around

    the town, and one of the shops caught their attention. They exclaimed, “THE DISNEY

    STORE?!!” Then Katie said, “I gotta see this, come on!” Everybody went inside the

    store. When they went inside the store, everyone was silent and were staring at them.

    Crystal said, “Why are they staring at us?” Then Gold said, “Because we look different.”

    Then the shop owner said, “No, it’s your keyblades. A legend has said that one day 15

    keyblade wielders would come to fight alongside with our 3 guardians of Kingdom Hearts.

    It seems that my foresight has become true.” Then, the man uncovered his hood. Josh

    said, “You…. you’re Merlin!” Merlin said, “I knew this day was coming. Now follow me. I

    must introduce you to my friends. Then you can come in the shop and have fun.” They

    followed him out of the shop. They exited the first district of the Traverse Town, and

    got into the Second District. They went down this stairs in a random corner and went in

    this little shack. It was kinda like the Telma’s place in Zelda: Twilight Princess. So they

    went in the shack, and Josh couldn’t believe his eyes. Right in front of them, Sora, Kairi,

    Rikku, Donald Duck, Goofy, Queen Minnie, Mickey, and Daisy were in front of them. Josh

    immediately bowed down and said, “King Mickey…. Your highness.” Then everybody was

    a little bit startled about what was going on. Then Mickey said, “There there now. It’s

    ok. Get up.” Then Josh got up, and then everyone started to introduce themselves. The

    dex holders introduced themselves, and then Sora said, “I’m Sora. I’m 18, and I’m a

    guardian of Kingdom Hearts. Left of me is Kairi, who is also 18 and a guardian and so is

    Rikku, who is on the right of me.” Then Donald and Goofy introduced themselves. “We’re

    Donald and Goofy, the faithful companions of Sora!” Then Daisy said, “I’m Daisy,

    Donald’s wife.” Then Minnie said, “And I’m the Queen of Kingdom Hearts!” Then Red

    said, “Oh yeah Merlin, Arceus wanted to let you know that justice shall be done!” Then

    Merlin said, “So, Arceus has gathered his knights to fight in this war.” Then Blue asked

    him, “You know about the….” Then Merlin said, “Yes… I know about the enemies. I also

    know that the enemy you just fought was controlled by a power far greater than any

    Heartless or a Nobody.” Then everyone was shocked in terror. Then Sora said, “We had

    also heard of a Heartless activity going in Mt. Olympus. It has been two full years since

    there was a not a single sight of a Heartless Activity.” Then Red said to Green, “Did you

    hear that?” Then Green said, “I know, no Heartless Activity since,” Then Red

    said, “Since we were stoned.” Then Green said with a sweatdrop, “That’s not funny

    Red.” Everybody was staring at them with a sweatdrop. Then Kairi said, “But, we don’t

    have to worry about it right now. The soldiers are doing a good job of holding’em down,

    so everybody can just relax for now.” Josh said, “All Right!” Then Minnie said, “Let me

    show where you’re going to be staying for a while. In fact it’s rather a fancy place.

    After all, you’re the legendary knights of Arceus. They got outside the shack and then

    right next door was just a lock floating in the air and nothing else. Queen Minnie opened

    the key and suddenly a fancy mansion was starting to appear in the shadows of the


    She said, “Well, this place has a high security. As soon as the door is locked the house

    vanishes and you can actually make the key lock disappear by putting in a safe

    container. And it is a very nice place to live to. So… who’s gonna get the key?” Then

    Red said, “I’ll take it.” Then Queen Minnie went back to the shack and the dex holders

    went inside the house. The Mansion was just amazing. Josh immediately

    exclaimed, “Screw the 5-star hotel! Who needs that when we got all this?!” Then

    Diamond, Pearl, and Platina ran upstairs and scurried around all the rooms and

    said, “Red! We have 4 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms!” Then Red said, “Wait… let’s do the

    math… four generations, 15 trainers…. Looks like we gotta share rooms. Is everybody ok

    with it?” Then everybody hesitated for a while. Then Josh said, “We gotta live wit it

    whether we like it or not. Besides, the house is pretty nice…. WAIT A MINUTE!! WHOO

    MY GOD! A TV!” Josh immediately went to turn on the TV and Josh

    exclaimed, “CABLE!!!!” Everybody was staring at him with a sweatdrop. Then Katie

    thought: “how come men are always the same?” Then Josh turned off the TV and went

    back to the gang and said, “so what’s going on?” Then Red said, “it’s always going to be

    lights out at 11:30, uh… just have fun, be safe, and oh… keep the toilets clean, and

    besides that, you know, the regular stuff. And our cook is gonna be Green. Then Green

    said, “Red! I have no freaken idea about cooking! My parents never had the opportunity

    to teach me that stuff!” Then Katie said, “I’ll help you! I’m a good cook!” Then Red

    said, “Disney Store, anybody?” Then everybody rushed out of the house. As Josh was

    leaving the house, he thought: “How lucky can I get? I got a lady in the streets, and at

    the same time such a sweet personality, and she knows how to cook! OMG, I love you

    Arceus!” Then everybody was about to go out and Sora suddenly stopped them and

    said, “Wait, you’re not seriously gonna walk around armed…. Right?” Then Queen Minnie

    walked next to him carrying a huge bag of Keyblade holders. “Ugh! Oof!” She placed

    them down and said, “Here’s your Keyblade holders. I quilted them personally according

    to each and every one of your Keyblade’s color.” Then Sora said, “Just strap it on your

    back, and put your Keyblade in it. Like this.” Sora turned around to show everybody

    that his Oathkeeper is in the Keyblade Holder. Then everybody got their Keyblade

    holders and put their Keyblades in it. Then Green said, “U know, I feel kinda sexy in this

    thing.” Then she posed in front of Red as he said, “Uh… yeah.” Then Green said, “Red!

    Stop blushing!” Red stood clueless as everybody laughed. Then Red said, “So…. It’s 8:45

    P.M. in this place and we’ll all meet back in the house by 10:30 P.M., is that good for

    everyone?” Then Gold said, “Wait, we don’t have any money for this place.” Then

    Queen Minnie shun a bright light on everybody and she said, “Everyone check your

    wallets.” Then they checked their wallets and it was full of Kingdom Hearts currency. It

    was pretty much dollars with the heart sign in the middle. Then all the first generation

    kids and Silver hung out in a group, Josh and Katie hung out with Gold and Crystal, and

    the third generation kids hung out with the fourth generation kids. Then Josh

    said, “So…. Should we really go to the Disney Store first?” Then Katie said, “Can we go?

    Pwease?” Then Crystal said, “Yeah Gold! Can we?” Then the guys said, “Oh fine….”

    Then as they were going to the store, Josh thought: “this is all so similar to back home.

    How come? Are we connected by a some kind of a unitary force?” Then Katie

    said, “Yoohoo! Josh!” Josh snapped out of and said, “What? Oh…” Then Katie said, “Are

    you okay?” Josh said, “Just daydreamin.” They got to the store and they took a look

    around. Gold said, “Well, one thing is that you’re never too old for Disney.” Then Katie

    played around with the one of princess hats and said to Josh, “Isn’t it cute?” Then Josh

    smile and said, “You look great in it.” Then he saw a christmasy like Minnie hat and

    said, “Try that one on. I love christmasy things.” She tried that one on and twirled

    around and said, “Well?” Then Josh Blushed and couldn’t help but just smile and said, “I

    love it. Come on! I’ll pay.” Then Gold saw that and said, “Hey Crystal…” Then she was

    looking at the Biography of Walt Disney and Gold said, “You came all the way here to

    just to look at a book?” Then she said, “Hey! Walt Disney is an important part of the

    formation of Disney Culture!” Then she looked at the epilogue and said,” Wow! It says

    that before he died, that there was a rumor that he opened a gateway to the worlds by

    splitting his soul into three pieces. He did that, because the last thing he wanted was

    unity in the three planets. Anyways, what were you saying?” Then Gold stared at her

    with a sweatdrop and said, “Uhh…. So you wanna get that book?” Then Crystal gladly

    replied, “Yeah!” Then Gold said, “Is there anything else you want?” Then Crystal

    said, “Geez Gold, you’re being nicer to me everyday. Are you… falling for me?” Then Gold

    quickly shook is head and said, “Hmph! Yeah right! I could never fall for a serious girl like

    you!” Then Crystal said, “Ok… whatever you say…” Then Crystal said, “Well, you were

    gonna pay for me, right?” Then Gold said, “Oh yeah!” They went to the countertop with

    their stuff, and they bought their stuff and exited the store. Then they saw Diamond,

    Platina, Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. Diamond said, “Hey you guys, there’s a

    really good restaurant right by the store. It’s called Scamp’s Pasta, and it’s really good.”

    Then Platina said, “And there’s a cute picture of Scamp and his girlfriend eating pasta!

    Oh! By the way, I like your Santa Clause hat!” Then Katie said, “Why thank you! Josh

    got it for me.” Then she hugged him and Josh blushed big time. Then Gold

    thought: “Heh, he’s not always suave. Guess we’re same.” Then Gold said, “Come on

    you guys! I’m getting hungry!” Then everyone followed gold to Scamp’s Pasta.

    CH 16

    While Josh, Gold, Katie, and Crystal were going to Scamp’s Pasta, Diamond, Platina, Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald

    were Also going to the Disney Store because Platina really wanted to buy the hat that Platina was wearing. Diamond

    said, “So… you really want the hat?” Then Platina said, “Dia! Come on! That hat looked sooo cute on her! I have been

    dazzled with the shining glimmer of the beauty of the hat! I MUST…. GET IT.” Then Diamond said, “ok….” Sapphire

    thought: “Wow… she is such a girly-girl.” They walked to the store and started to look around. Pearl said, “I don’t like this

    place! It’s to kiddy for me.” Then Emerald said, “Tell me about it…” But, Ruby said, “You guys! You can never be too old

    for Disney! Well, I’m gonna start looking for my girlfriend’s clothes now.” Pearl and Emerald were just wandering around the

    store, while Diamond and Platina were looking around the Hats section while Ruby and Sapphire were looking at the

    General Clothing section right next to it. Then Platina found the hat she was looking for and she tried the hat on. She

    twirled around and said, “Well?” Then Diamond slightly blushed and said, “Uh…. It’s alright…” Then Platina said in a slightly

    disappointed manner, “You serious?” Then as she was about to put away the hat, Ruby said, “It simply looks amazing on

    you.” Platina immediately brightened up and said, “AWW… Thank you!” Then Ruby said to Platina, “What do you think

    about this pink skirt with the Tinker Bell on it?” Then she said, “Um… How about a…” Then Sapphire immediately said, “It’s

    okay, Ruby! I love that dress anyway, so… let’s pay! Haha…” Then Ruby said, “That’s my girl!” Then Diamond took the hat

    from Platina and said nervously, “Well, I’ll pay!” Then Platina said, “YAY! YOU WILL?!” Then she saw the TV Screen and

    said, “OMG! Hannah Montana! I love her!” Then she heard Emerald say, “Hmph! The last thing she needs is a DUI before

    she turns 21!” Platina said, “Hey! Don’t be rude Emerald!” Then Emerald said, “What?!” Then Platina knocked him

    backwards and Emerald’s shoe came flying off. He said, “Damn shoemaker…” Then Platina said, “Come on Diamond! Let’s

    get out of here before this ******* makes me mad!” Then all of them paid their stuff and got out of the store. Then

    Diamond said, “Let’s get some ice cream!” Then Pearl started to look around for a ice cream place, and exclaimed, “Ben &

    Jerry’s!!” So they ran over to Ben & Jerry’s.

    Then Josh, Katie Gold, and Crystal were going to Scamp’s Pasta. Crystal said, “So…. Who is Scamp?” Then Josh

    said, “Ever seen Lady & Tramp 2? He’s Tramp’s son.” Then Katie said, “They had babies? How CUTE!” Then Gold

    said, “Oh…. Yeah, I’ve never seen the second one. I only saw the first one.” Then Josh said, “Something smells really

    good… We’re here!” Then Red said, “Hey you guys! Can we join you guys for dinner?” Then Gold said, “sure!” Katie

    said, “It’s really cold out here. I just realized that I don’t even know what month is yet.” Then Josh said checking his

    adjusted poketech, “Woah! It’s already the end of September! And they’re already selling Christmas stuffs.” Then he

    asked red, “Hey, the there is only difference in the time right?” Then Red said, “Yeah! According to the Calendar in the

    mansion, we’re only 12hours behind poketomia.” Josh thought: “Mom, dad… sorry for leaving you behind like this… but I’m

    doing great! I have new friends and I feel like I have found a new purpose in life.”

    They went inside the Restaurant and Red said, “Table for 9 please.” Then the Waitress said, “Please follow me. By the

    way, are you one of the legendary knights?” Then Gold and Josh went up to her and said, “Why, yes miss!” Then Katie

    and Crystal pulled Gold and Josh by their ears. They complained, “Ow! That really hurt!” Then they said, “I expect better

    from you guys!” Then Josh said, “Ok ok! But it really hurt. Ow…” Then they found a seat by the window that showed a

    great view of the city. The waitress passed out the menu and said, “Today’s special is Soup de Pomme de Terre avec le

    Guyere et Oignon et fettuccini (Potato soup with Swiss cheese and onion and fettuccini),and it’s personally made by our

    chef Remy the Rat.” Then Josh said, “You mean the owner of that famous restaurant La Ratatouille?” Then the waitress

    said, “Yes. He managed to bring back Gusteau’s after it was shut down, while owning the Le Ratatouille, and currently

    he’s owner of three restaurants. This one and the other two I mentioned.” Josh said, “I know for sure that I’m gonna get

    the special order. What about you guys?” Then Katie said, “I really don’t know what to get.” Then Red said, “I think I’m

    just gonna get a chicken or burger or something.” Then Gold exclaimed, “DUDE! This is a freaken restaurant! Trust me! I

    don’t know what to get either, but I know that I’m gonna get something decent.” Then Red said, “All right. Guess then I’ll

    choose something decent.” Yellow said, “Silver, can you help me find something good to eat?” Then Silver said, “uh… ok!”

    Then the waitress said, “So, what can I get all of you to drink?” Then Red said, “I think… I’ll get a coke.” Then everybody

    didn’t know what to get, so they all got a coke. Then the waitress said, “I’ll be back in 3 minutes.” Then Green

    said, “Hey…. So what should I get Red?” Then Red looked at the menu for a while and said, “I…. I really don’t know.” Then

    Josh said to Red, “Big Brother, want me to help you out?” Then Red said, “Go ahead!” Then Josh looked at the menu for

    awhile and said, “Here, get her this.” Then he showed him the menu and said, “Linguini Con Crema De Pomodoro” Then

    Red said, “Uh… what’s that supposed to mean?” Then Josh said, “Linguini with Tomato Cream. It’s not tomato sauce, but

    it’s more milikier.” Red asked Green what she thought about the choice and she said, “I think I’ll try it. It sounds

    delicious.” Then Red said, “I’m just gonna get Spaghetti and Meatballs.” Gold said to Josh, “My friend, you seem not only

    interested in Pokemon and music, but food also.” Then Josh said, “Gold, if there’s anything that I’m obsessed with, it’s

    music, food, and video games.” Then Gold said, “And women.” Then everybody laughed and Josh got a bit pink. He

    said, “Ahem, yeah…” Then Yellow said to silver, “Well, what should I get?”

    Silver hesitated and said, “How about Chicken Alfredo Fettuccini?” Yellow said, “That sound great! What are you getting?”

    Then Silver said, “I think I’m getting the tomato cream thing that Josh mentioned. It sounds good.” While they were

    talking to themselves, Katie asked josh, “So, you said you’re into food. You know how to cook?” Josh said, “Eh… I know

    only how to make Ramen and other instant noodles. But, the only actual dish that I can make is Curry.” Then Katie

    said, “I like Curry.” Then she looked at the menu and said, “I think I’m gonna get the Seafood Cajun Spaghetti.” Then Gold

    asked Crystal, “Well, what about you?” Then she said, “I think I’m just gonna get what Red is getting.” Gold said in a

    slightly disappointed manner, “Uh… ok, I guess it’s decent.” Then Gold decided to get the same thing that Josh was

    getting. Then the Waitress came by and took their orders and gave them their drinks, and left. She went to the chef and

    said, “The knights are here! It’s a special night.” Then Remy said, “OK! I’ll make the best special order since my days at

    Gusteau’s!” Then the mouse chef put his hat on got busy with the cooking. The dex holders were waiting anxiously for

    their foods. Green said, “You know, it feels really creepy that a rat is the head chef of this place.” Then Red said, “I’m

    sure it’s a good place, and look! The people are in a line already!” Everyone took a look outside the window and there was

    a huge line of people waiting to get in the restaurant. Then Josh said, “I wonder why this place is called Scamp’s Pasta… I

    mean it should be called something like Remy’s Pasta or something like it.”

    Then on the table there was a huge history about this place. Crystal started to read it, “Scamp and Angie have been

    good friends with Remy since they met at La Ratatouille. Scamp and Angie has always that place’s pasta. When Scamp

    and Angie got married, Scamp asked Remy to build a pasta place to commemorate their marriage and they built this place

    and named it Scamp’s Pasta! Aww… soo cute!” Green said, “Yeah… that is cute. Right, Red? Red looked at her and

    said, “Hehe… that is pretty cute.” They chatted away to themselves and soon the food came. The waitress pushed the

    cart along with Remy on the cart. They stared at the tiny little chef. Josh said, “Sup, Tiny Chef?” Then Remy

    said, “Please, only linguini is allowed to call me that.” Then the waitress started to pass out the food. Katie said, “Wow! It

    smells delicious and the tapestry of the design is just incredible!” Then as soon as everybody was about to dig in, Remy

    said, “Ahem, now before you eat, I have a special message. Merlin has notified me that there will be a war coming very

    soon, and he has asked me to make and serve rations for you knights along with everybody else who is going to fight in

    the war. Green said, “You will?” Then Josh said, “Looks like we got ourselves a high-quality chef on our side.” Then Remy

    said, “Well, dine in!” Then everybody started to try to their food. Red said, “This is the, and I mean the best meal of

    Spaghetti and Meatballs I had!” Then Josh said, “Special order is flawless. It just tastes so good. The texture of food and

    the balance of the flavor is just amazing!” Silver asked Yellow, “So, do you like your pasta?” Then Yellow said, “Yeah! It’s

    great!” Then Silver said, “Hey, you got sauce on your face, here. Let me wipe it off for ya.” He got his napkin and got the

    sauce of her face. As he wiped it off, Yellow blushed heavily and said, “Hehe… thanks.” Then Silver thought: “I think it’s

    time for me to forget about Green.” Red asked Green, “So do you like your (talking romatically) Linguini Con Crema De

    Pomodoro?” Then Green said, “I love it. We gotta come here again! Just us two.” Then she said to Josh, “By the way,

    thanks for the meal advice, this pasta is amazing.” Then Josh said, “Oh, don’t thank me, thank Red. After he’s the one

    who’s paying tonight.” Then Red got furious and said, “HEY JACKASS! We’re all paying the same amount!” Everybody

    laughed and Josh said, “I’m just kiddin.” They had their meal and went back to the mansion. By the entrance, the Hoenn

    and Sinnoh Pokedex holders were waiting. Pearl complained, “What took you so long?” Then Silver said, “We dined out and

    (checking his poketech) it took a little bit longer than we expected. Then Katie said, “Hey, Platina… haha why you little”

    Then Platina said, “Couldn’t help it! I just wanted it soo bad.” Then Katie chuckled, “Looks good on ya sport.” Then Gold

    exclaimed, “WOAH! SAPPHIRE! Y-YO-YOU- YOU’RE….” Then Sapphire said, “Yes Yes! I know! I’m wearing a freaken skirt!

    Get over it! Ruby made me wear it as soon as we got it. (facepalms) Ugh!” Then Ruby said, “Doesn’t she look cute?!”

    Then Red opened the door to the mansion and opened the door. Then everybody got into the house and changed into

    their free pajamas in the mansion and slept the night away.

    CH 17

    The next day morning rose in Traverse Town. Josh, Gold, Red, Blue and Silver shared one room, Katie, Crystal, Green, and

    Yellow shared the next room next to the first door. The third room was shared by Ruby, Emerald Diamond and Pearl. And

    the last room was shared by Sapphire and Platina. In the first room there was a bundle of noises. “Dude, stop moving

    around!” “Dude! You’re gonna bust it!” “That’s what she said!” “Way too early for sex jokes.” Then Josh got up and

    said, “All right! Who was the ******* that kept farting all night? And seriously Gold, don’t sleep on my Ipod. You’re gonna

    bust it!” Then Red said, “I think I had too much food last night.” Then Silver said, “AH! It was you all along?” Then Blue

    said, “I seriously thought I was gonna die.” Then Gold said, “Hey! Let’s go wake up the girls!” Then Josh said, “Toothpaste

    anybody?” Then Red said, “I don’t know man… but, yeah whatever! Let’s do this!” Then they all got their toothpastes

    from their bathrooms and crept slowly to the next room. The guys were able to hear the girls’ soft groans. Gold

    said, “Ready?” Then the guys silently nodded. Then Josh put some toothpaste around Katie’s mouth and around the face,

    Gold did that on Crystal, Red and Blue did that on Green, and Silver did that on Yellow. Then Gold silently crept over to

    Platina’s room to take care of her and then went back to the guys. Then Josh said, “O my god…” Red said, “Yep… only

    the beast is left.” Then they crept very slowly into Platina’s room again to put some toothpaste on Sapphire. Then

    Sapphire said, “GWAHH!” With her eyes closed. Gold said, “Save me…” Then as soon the guys were silently putting

    toothpaste on Sapphire’s face, she was making beast noises and the guys were freaking out. Blue said, “I’m all sweaty.”

    They managed to do that and quickly and got back to their room to pretend to sleep. Then about 10 minutes later there

    was bunch of angry noises coming in the next room. “Hey! You got white stuff on your face!” “AHH! WHAT?!” “What is

    this?” “Toothpaste?!” Then the guys were cracking up silently. Josh said, “Haha…. White stuff.” Then Gold said, “that’s

    what she said!” Then Red said, “(laughing) maybe this was a little bit too much.” Then the guys were going to the next

    room and there was a cry of plea in the next two doors. “AHH! I’m getting violated!” “Say your prayers Ruby!!!!” “Platina!

    It’s not my fault!” “I slept on the floor! Not the bed!” “I’m gonna kill both of you!” Josh, Red, Gold, Blue, and Silver were

    cracking up so much.

    They went in the girls’ room and Red said, “Hello ladies… bit of a wardrobe malfunction?” Then Josh said to

    Katie, “(smirking) God Katie, what’d you do last night? If you were gonna do that ya should’ve” Then Green said, “It was

    you guys! GRRRR! You’re gonna get it!” Then the girls started to chase the guys around. Josh said, “Dia, Pearl, Ruby! Get

    out of there!” Then they started to limping away to their side and started to get chased by the girls. “AHHH! Come on!

    It’s a bit of a fun!” “THAT IS NOT FUNNY! SICK PERVERTS!!!” Then the girls knocked them by the kitchen, and Diamond

    said, “Platina… please it’s not my fault!” Then the girls were on top of the guys and were beating them up. Josh

    said, “Ooh! OOH! You like it rough?” Then Katie said, “Oh, I’ll show you ROUGH!” Then Gold said, “You know…. The kitchen

    table is ready for you know what…” Then Crystal said, “ARRGH! Shut up! Dickface!” Then Red said, “Come on Green… I’ll

    take you to Scamp’s again…” Then Green said, “You’re making me sooo mad right now.” The guys were basically trying to

    talk the girls out of their anger. After a while, the girls started to go back to their rooms, still angry. Then Green

    accidentally brushed against Katie and Katie said, “Watch it *****!” Then Green said, “What? Oh you’re gonna get it!”

    Then Crystal said, “You know, all of you are making me angry to day!” Then Yellow said, “I’m gonna kill all of you today!”

    Sapphire said, “GWAHHAH!!!!” Platina said, “Prepare to DIE!!!” Then the guys were looking clueless for a sec and Josh had

    another one of those brilliant “ideas” again.

    He said, “Gentlemen, grab the chairs and follow me to the hallway in the second floor.” They grabbed the chairs quickly as

    the catfight was happening between all the female pokedex holders. Gold was sitting on his chair and said, “Now, this is

    top-notch entertainment.” Then Ruby said, “You know, I’m not really into this stuff, but it’s not bad!” Then Gold patted

    him on the shoulder and said, “My friend! You’re finally growing.” Then Josh said, “I wonder why they’re so mad today.”

    They were watching the girls fight as they were pretty much ripping their clothes off and basically rolling around and

    wrestling with each other. Red said, “Green looks so hot right now.” Josh said, “Yea, the way she’s getting it on with

    Katie, mm-hm!” Then Diamond and Pearl said, “This is kind of awkward. Can we go?” Then Red said, “All right. Just go and

    change into your clothes.” The girls were keeping on fighting and Green suddenly said, “Bathroom!” Then all of the sudden

    the girls were holding their stomachs and running to the closest bathroom. Then Josh said, “What the…” Then Gold

    said, “I think… it’s time to…” Then Josh and Gold both said at the same time, “Mark the Calendar.” Then Red asked

    them, “Mark the what?” Then Josh said, “Come on! It’s one of those… come on you know! Why are they really mad all of

    sudden?” Then Red hesitated for a while and realized, “Oh… right!” Then all the guys marked the September 1st to

    September 8th as the “Be nice mode.” Then Blue asked Red, “Do you think the soldiers will be able to hold the heartless

    until then?” Then Red said, “We’ll just have to hope for the best.” Then Josh said, “Hey Red, let’s go get Breakfast for the

    girls.” Then Red said, “But we all spent so much money yesterday. But yet again, the fridge is empty, so I guess we’ll get

    the breakfast for girls and we’ll stock up some food for the week, if we stay that long.” Then Josh and Red went to get

    food for the girls, and the rest of the guys stayed at home. Then the girls got out pretty much on their bras and panties.

    Then the guys immediately got back to their rooms. Katie said, “Hey Green, sorry about the whole thing. Then Green

    said, “Heh, it’s ok.” Then they saw their ripped pajamas and Crystal said, “Looks like we need a new pair of Pajamas.” Gold

    overheard that on upstairs and immediately called Josh and said, “Hey Josh! We need six pairs of Pajamas.” Then Josh

    said over the Poketech, “Ok! Gotcha!” Then the girls got changed into their clothing and went to the living room. Then

    the guys got out into their regular clothing. Then Gold said to Crystal, “Hey, I’m really sorry about the prank. I shouldn’t

    have been so perverted. A pervert should get a slap on the face.”

    Then Crystal, knowing that gold wasn’t the most apologetic type, said, “huh?” Then Gold said, “Just slap me!” Then

    Crystal said, “NO!” “Just do it!” “OK!” Then she slapped him really hard on the face. Gold said, “Ow…” Then Crystal

    said, “OH! Are you okay?” Gold rubbing his cheeks, said, “I’m fine.” Then Ruby went to Sapphire and said, “You don’t have

    to wear the skirt anymore” Then Sapphire said, “I WHAT?!” She actually couldn’t believe that she didn’t have to wear the

    skirt anymore. Then she hesitated and said, “Uh… ok!” Then Silver started to give Yellow a massage. He said, “Does it feel

    good?” Then she said, “Yeah….” Then Gold decided to go upstairs and remind Diamond and Pearl about the girls’ period.

    Gold knocked on their door and said, “We gotta talk. It’s important.” Then Diamond and Pearl let them in and they

    said, “What’s up?” Then gold said, “Ok… this is really important.” Then Diamond and Pearl had a serious and confused look

    on the face. Then Gold said, “Do you know those moments when mommy has those really long tantrums for a very long

    time?” Then they nodded. Gold said, “Well, they’re going through that moment right now, and that’s why they were so

    angry with each other. They can’t even stand the other people’s presence.” Then Diamond said, “How long is it gonna

    take for Platina to…” Then Gold said, “Get your poketechs out, go to “Calendar” and label this week as Be Nice Mode.

    After that week, Platina should be fine.” Then the boys were relieved and got out to the living room. Then Diamond went

    up to Platina and said, “Are you feeling better?” Then she said, “A little.” Then she said, “I’m sorry about getting on top of

    you.” Diamond blushed like never before and said, “He…He it’s ok! Anyways, do you want me to get you anything my

    lady?” Then Platina said, “Yes, I would like a glass of cold water with ice.” They were busily talking to themselves and

    then someone knocked on the door. Gold said, “It must be Josh and Red.” He opened the door and it was Sora and Kairi

    standing in front of them. Gold said, “Hi, Sora and Kairi,… uh, what brings you here?” Then Sora said, “I’m just stopping

    by. What’d you guys have last night?” Then Gold said, “We went to Scamp’s Pasta. We didn’t buy any food last night,

    because we just wanted to chill and go to the Disney Store and stuff, you know.” Then Kairi said, “Did you guys try the

    special order? Everyday, that restaurant’s chef has something new for special order.” Gold said, “Yeah, I tried it. It was

    really good. By the way, you guys can come in if you want to. The more the merrier.” Then Sora said, “Ok! Thanks.” They

    walked in the mansion and Blue said, “Hey! It’s Sora and Kairi!” Everyone said hi to them. Then Gold said, “Did you guys

    have breakfast yet?” Then Kairi and Sora shook their heads. Gold said, “Josh and Red should be back pretty soon now.

    (Checking his poketech) Wow, it’s been a hour and a half already.” Then Green pouted and said, “Where is Red? He still

    needs to apologize to me!” Then Katie said, “Yeah! Josh needs to apologize to me too!” Then Ruby said, “They went to

    get breakfast and some food while we’re staying here.” Then Diamond said, “Well, it’s like 9:45 a.m. right now. So I guess

    it’s a bit late for breakfast.” Then Pearl said, “Yeah, whatever! We’ll just have a brunch then!” Green said, “Oh… they

    went to get Breakfast for the whole family? So nice of them… but they still need to apologize!” Then the door was opened

    and Josh and Red came in. Red said, “Hey everyone! We got Breakfast!” Then Diamond said, “You mean Brunch!” Then

    Gold went up to Josh and said, “Well, did you get the Pajamas?” Then Josh said, “Yeah, I got it!” Then Gold said, “Well,

    let’s give it to them!” Then Josh said, “Woah, hold on brotha! Let’s give it to them at night with a special event. Come on!

    How ‘bout it?” Then Gold said, “You truly are the mastermind.” Then Red said, “Oh! Sora and Kairi are here… I should’ve

    gotten two more breakfast burgers.” Then Sora said, “It’s ok, we’re not in a mood for a big appetite.” Then everybody

    started to gather around the kitchen and started eating. Then Josh asked Sora, “So… I was wondering, are you going out

    with Kairi?” Then Sora said, “uh… yeah!” Then Kairi said, “We’ve been friends since childhood, and we started to build our

    relationship two years ago after the Organization XIII was defeated.” Then Sora said, “Yeah. Let’s say that it was quite a

    smooth ride for the last 2 years. But, I know that those soldiers won’t be able to keep all the heartless at the bay, for it

    will only be a matter of time that they’ll be needing our help.” Then he looked at Kairi and then thought: “I was so close

    to losing her so many times… what if she realy disappears from” “Sora!” Kairi said to Sora, “Baby? Are you all right?” Then

    Sora couldn’t hide the worried face and said, “I’m fine.” Then Blue said, “I think Sora is worried about you, Kairi. Right,

    Green?” Then Green said cluelessly, “Huh? Oh yeah…” Then Red was giving blue the “I’m watching you” look. Then Red

    said to Green, “So, do you like your Breakfast?” Then she said with a slight angry manner, “Ahem, it’s ok…” Then Red gave

    the Josh the “I know what’s up” look, knowing that they talked about the special event that they were gonna hold for the

    female pokedex holders. Soon they finished their food and Red said, “So…. Aren’t you ladies gonna hang out together or

    something?” Then Katie said in a annoyed manner, “What’re we gonna do?” Then Green said, “You know what? We’ll just

    leave them alone for the rest of the day, they probably don’t even want us in here. Come on girls! We’re outta here!”

    Then she directly looked at Red at a close range and said, “I won’t cook for the rest of the day, and I’m not gonna come

    home until midnight!” Then she swished her hair back and headed towards the exit. Then Platina said, “Wait! Green!

    Where are we going?” Then Green said to her in a babyish manner, “Don’t worry honey! Mommy’s gonna take you

    shopping, so you don’t have to hang out with these (looking at the guys) WRHETCHED PERVERTS!!!!!” Then Crystal said

    with a sweatdrop, “Uhh… ok!” Then Green and Katie flipped Red and Josh off and the girls left the house and Josh

    said, “Let’s get started!”
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    Ch 16 is Ready! We got RATATOUILLE stuff in this chapter. As I promised, there is viridian shipping in this chapter. I haven't added Sora+Kairi stuff yet, but I will pretty soon. So hold on you kingdom hearts fans and shippers!
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    Ch 17 is here! Sora+Kairi stuff! YAY! And basically all I have to say about this chapter is that it is FUNNY in a perverted and kinda cute way.
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    Ch 18 is here! So.... I decided to make a little competition between between Oldrivalryshipping and Luckyshipping and TROUBLE IS BREWING IN THE AIR...

    Ch 18

    As soon as the girls left, Diamond asked Red, “So… what are we doing?” Then Red said, “We’re planning a surprise party

    for the girls.” Then Diamond said, “But do you think they’ll really come back?” Then Red said, “Sure Kid!” Then Emerald

    said, “Wait a minute… it wasn’t all of the guys who put the toothpastes on the girls!” Then Pearl said, “Yeah! I was

    innocent all along and apparently Platina thought it was me and Dia!” Then Ruby said, “Yeah… I have a freaken bruise on

    my stomach! A FREAKEN BRUISE!!!!!”

    Then Josh, getting all nervous and pointed at Gold and said, “He started it.” Then Gold said, “Hey! It was your idea with

    the toothpaste! Pervert!” Then Josh said, “Oh look who’s talking!” Then Red said with a sweatdrop, “Come on you guys…

    we gotta do this together now…. Hehe.” Then everybody stopped fighting and Red said, “Now, we’ll think of the way to

    pay the innocent victims who didn’t use the toothpaste. And second of all, the girls already think that it’s all of us that

    used the toothpaste, which means that we all have to work together to put this event to perfection.” Then Josh

    said, “Well…. let’s do it! Red, should we do the lights first?” Then Red said, “Yeah! We’re gonna set up the light

    decorations by the stairs and by the door.” Gold asked, “Do we have enough?” Then Josh said, “We got more than

    plenty!” Then Ruby said, “How’re we gonna put up the lighting?” Then Red said, “I think we’ll kinda twist it around the

    staircase. There should be a plug nearby the staircase in the hallway.” Then Red, Diamond, and Blue took the huge bundle

    of Christmas lights and began twisting around the staircase. Then Red said, “Since we don’t need all the guys helping with

    the lighting, some of you can work on something else.” Then Josh said to Gold, “Come on! Let’s go practice our music.”

    Then Gold said, “Yeah! Let’s go man!” Then Sora said, “Hey… should we leave?” Then Kairi said to him, “Or…. We can stay

    and help.” Then Red said, “Yeah! It’d be great! Please do!” Kairi said, “I’ll be your cook for the day.” Then Diamond

    said, “Yay! We won’t die of starvation!” Then Ruby asked Red, “What should we do?” Then Red thought for a while and

    asked Josh who was heading to his room to practice with Gold, “So, we have the lights, the music, and what else do we

    need?” Josh hesitated for a while and said, “We gotta work on the backyard for the outside table arrangement, because

    that’s where we’re gonna put the cake for the ladies.” And Gold said to Josh, “I think it would be a good idea if we all

    write cards too.” Then Pearl said, “Isn’t it kinda too early to set the table?” Then Josh said, “Yeah. It’s too early. Then….

    Uhh…. Just make a big colorful sign that says ‘We’re Sorry For Everything We Did This Morning.” Then Red said, “We

    bought a gigantic poster paper to make the sign. It should be in that bag. There’s also markers in the bag.” Then Ruby,

    Emerald, and Pearl started to get busy on writing the sign. While the guys were busily working on the special event for

    the female pokedex holders, the girls were hanging out at Starbucks. Most of the girls were feeling a lot better now, but

    Katie and Green were still deeply angry about Josh and Red. Then Yellow, drinking her coffee, asked Green, “So… are we

    seriously not going home until at midnight?” Then Green said, “Of Course!” Then Katie said, “I can’t believe that Josh

    pulled such a dirty joke on me. He deserves to be punished!” Then Sapphire thought: “Wow… they sure got those sticks

    up their asses. I thought I was mean to Ruby, but… wow!” Then Platina thought: “I sure hope that Dia’s doing ok… he

    must be lonely.” Then Crystal thought: “Why was he being really apologetic to me all of a sudden? He is not a apologetic

    type! Wait…. Does he know? Nah (shaking her head) it can’t be.” Then Crystal silently asked everyone, “Is it me or is

    everybody here going through their period?” Then the girls awkwardly stared at each other and didn’t say anything. Then

    Sapphire said, “Do you think that it is…” Then Green retorted, “NO! NO! NO! NOT A CHANCE! Red is the most dim-witted

    boy I know. He would NEVER know that I’m going through it.” Then Katie added, “Also, I’ve never met a guy who is sharp-

    minded about a girl’s actions and Josh doesn’t seem all that different.” Then she said to Green, “You know! I thought Red

    was always a nice and loving guy, but I never thought that he would…” Then Green almost started to crying in funny-

    manga style and said, “I know…. he had never done that to me…” Then Green said to her, “I think Josh should’ve treated

    you better that morning.” Then Katie said, “Urgh! I know! When I was on top of him, he started to joke around with me,

    instead of being intimidated, and I said that I’ll show him rough, but he seemed to enjoy it. Ugh! Why did I even say

    that?” Katie was slightly turning pink. Then Crystal said to Katie, “You’re pink.” Then Katie said, “I… I’m not! Anyways,

    you can use my purple scarf to wipe your tears.” Then Green observed the scarf and asked Katie, “Pretty…. What’s

    luckyshipping?” Then Katie slightly freaked out and said, “Oh… uh…. Hehe, it’s my parent’s store they work in. They sell

    stamps.” They talked about various stuff for three hours and then soon lunchtime came around. Green said joyfully, “Let’s

    go to the mall!” Then Platina said, “Let’s go to the food court there and eat!” Everyone agreed, and started to heading

    towards the Shops At Traverse Town. Platina thought: “Why am I thinking about food all of sudden? Am I…. Agh! What’s

    happening to me?!”

    Back in the mansion, the guys were busy working on their preparations for the special event. Red, who was busily setting

    up the lights, asked blue, “Hey….do you like Green?” Then Blue really freaked out and said, “Wha.. What?!” Then Red

    said, “I see the way you look at her when you’re around her!” Then Blue said, “Yeah right! Are you kidding me? Me falling

    for that pesky child…. Wait a minute, are you asking this question because I just asked her that one question to Green?

    Oh my god, you can’t be serious.” Then Red said, “Well…. I” Then Blue said, “Do you love her that much?” Then Red

    replied reluctantly, “Yeah… we’re pretty close together, but I haven’t confessed my feelings to her, so it’s not really

    official.” Then Blue said, “You two are not pretty close. You guys are a lot more closer together than you think.” Then

    Red asked him silently, “Uh… do you?” Then Blue got a little pink and said, “What?!” Red said, “You know, do you like

    Green?” Then Blue said, “Yeah…. Ever since childhood.” Then Red said, “Hmm…. We have a problem. Let’s make a deal.”

    Then Blue said, “Ok….” Then Red said, “We’re going to write down a proposal in the letter today with our apologies. I’ll be

    in the first room where we slept, and you’ll be in the second room. We’ll tell her to come to our perspective rooms and if

    she comes to my room, I win, and if she goes to your room, you win.” Then Blue was hesitating for a long time and he

    said, “Ok!” Then Red said, “We better let the guys know about this, so they know what’s up.” Then they let the other

    guys know about their plan and after the lighting was finished by the staircase, Red, Blue, and Diamond worked on some

    more lighting by the door. Josh and Gold were practicing their pieces for the special event. Josh said, “Ok… we got

    Moonlight Serenade, I’m Old Fashioned and we got Desfinado. I think that should do it for the list, right?” Then Gold

    said, “Yeah! We just gotta make sure that our timing’s together since there’s no rhythm section this time.” Then there

    was a great scent coming from outside the room. Kairi said, “Hey boys! It’s lunchtime!” Then all the guys came over to

    the lunch table including Sora, who was helping make the gigantic sign. Today for lunch was Jambalaya with fried chicken.

    Kairi said, “I hope you like Cajun.” Then Josh said, “I freaken love Cajun!” Then Diamond said, “ZOMG! Me too! It’s just

    amazing!!!!” Then Josh said to him, “By the way my friend, you have a quite a taste for picking out the restaurants.”

    Then Pearl said, “Dude! It’s his freaken talent! He’s OBSSESSED with food.” They were dining in, then Sora asked the male

    dex holders, “So, what happened? I mean…. The girls seemed to be mad and angry when they left.” Then Josh said, “Oh…

    we….uh pulled a prank on the girls.” Then Gold said, “It was for fun… you know.” Then Josh and Gold said, “But

    apparently…..” Then Red shot a angry look at them and said, “It was too much.” Then Kairi said, “It’s ok. They’ll come

    back. After all, according to the legend, you guys are meant to look out for each other, and it also says that you won’t

    be able to defeat the ultimate evil unless you guys are together.” Then Sora said, “Don’t worry. I’ve had rough times with

    Kairi, and we’re still going strong!” They were keeping on eating and Red asked Josh, “Hey, do you know something about

    Katie’s scarf?” Then Josh said, “Well, what about it?” Then Red asked him, “What’s luckyshipping?” Then Josh giving shifty

    eyes around him said, “Uh…. It’s a one of those….” Then he was very confident that Green was going to accept Red’s

    proposal said, “Uh… you’ll find out soon enough.” Then Red said with s suspicious tone, “Ok…” Then Silver said, “You

    know, all this preparation for the event is really fun, but what if they don’t come back? After all they didn’t take their

    keyblades with them.” Then Diamond freaked out and said, “PLATINA DIDN’T TAKE HER KEYBLADE?!!!” Then Josh kind of

    choked on the food and said, “That’s a big problem.” Then Red grabbed him by his collar and said, “Why didn’t you say it

    earlier?!” Then Silver said, “I…I….I didn’t want to make anybody worried.” Then Josh tried calling all the girls and they

    didn’t answer. Gold said, “We gotta get out of here!” Then Sora said, “I’m coming with you guys!” Then Red said, “No.

    After all, we need someone to finish the preparations for the special event.” And Josh added, “And, someone’s gotta

    protect Kairi. You don’t want to leave her alone, right?” Then Sora grinned and said, “All right! You can count on us two

    to finish the preparations for the event. Now go!” All the guys grabbed their keyblades and got out of the mansion. Red

    said, Everyone has each other’s poketechs right? Red and Blue went looking for Green, Josh went looking for Katie, Gold

    went looking for Crystal, Silver went looking for yellow, Ruby and Emerald went looking for Sapphire, and Diamond and

    Pearl went looking for Platina. Red and Blue headed for Scamp’s Pasta to see if Green was there. Red was

    thinking: “Green, please be okay. I’m sorry about my stupidity. Whatever happens just please be safe. I can’t bear to

    think about anything bad happening to you. Because, if you….(thinking about Josh’s story)if you died, then I can’t live,

    because you’re my air.” Then Blue was thinking: “Green please be okay. I won’t call you a pesky child anymore, I just

    don’t want to let you go in my life.” Then Josh was going around the whole city if they had seen a girl with a long black

    hair with a white coat and jeans, and none of them have seen her. Josh was thinking: O God, please let her be safe. I

    won’t treat her bad anymore. I don’t know what I’ll do without her. Katie, I love you, please… please be safe. I promised

    to protect you till I die, and I’m not gonna give up!” Gold who was getting really paranoid about Josh’s story was basically

    sobbing as he was looking for Crystal. He was thinking: “Please don’t die! Please don’t die! I haven’t even said that I love

    you yet! Just where are YOU?!” Silver was looking for her by a lake around the town and he was thinking, “Come on Straw

    Hat! Don’t make me all nervous now!” Ruby and Emerald went to the Disney Store to see if she was there. Ruby was

    thinking: “Sapphire, where are you? I know you can take care of yourself, but I get all fidgety when you’re not with me.

    Please don’t let it be a Tentacruel who attacks her.” Then they got out of the store and just started to go around the

    whole town. Diamond and Pearl also went inside the Disney Store to go and find Platina. Diamond was thinking: “Platina!

    Please be safe! Why’d you turn your poketech off? I mean…. (thinking about Josh’s Story) you can’t be dead…. Right? I… I

    can’t bear to see you dead. Because I…. I love you.” They were looking everywhere around for the girls. Meanwhile, the

    girls were enjoying their shopping in the Shops at Traverse Town. Katie, who bought a purple dress there, immediately

    changed into it, because it was getting hot. They were shopping over there at least for 4 hours there. Platina

    said, “Green, my legs are tired. Can we take a rest please?” Then Green said, “I see a ice cream place! Anybody want a

    break?” All the girls agreed to take a ice cream break at Cold Stone. They all got their ice creams and sat around a table.

    Then they were starting to eat their ice cream. Then Crystal said, “This is kind of awkward. I mean…. We’re licking off

    these sticky creams into our mouths.” Then Yellow said, “Especially if you’re eating Vanilla (looking at Green and Katie), if

    you know what I mean.” Green said, “What?” Then Katie said, “It’s white….” Then Green was choking and said, “That is

    gross!” Then Sapphire said, “Not as dirty as mine. It’s Peaches’n Cream.” Then everybody was laughing so hard, except

    Platina who was nervously giggling with sweatdrops. Then Sapphire said, “Oh! So sorry Platina, I forgot that you were

    only 12.” Then Platina said, “Uh… eh…. Haha, it’s ok!” Then Katie said, “Well, you’re hanging out with the big girls now!”

    Then all the girls were looking at each other and were just laughing. Green said “I guess it’s not only the guys with the

    dirty thoughts.” Then she thought: “Red must be so worried about me. Maybe, I’ve been a little too harsh on him. After all

    he needs someone to lookout for him.” Then Katie was thinking: “I think that I need to go back and give Josh a hug.”

    Then Yellow was thinking: “I’ve got to go back to Silver.” Then Crystal was thinking: I’m sure my pimp misses me. After

    all, I’ve got to hold him down, so he doesn’t go wild.” Then Sapphire thought: “Gotta go back to my honey! Maybe I’ll

    wear the skirt that he bought me.” Then Platina thought: “I was too harsh on Diamond. I’m sure he misses me.” Then

    Green said, “Let’s go home you guys!” Then they started to go back home and they felt someone stalking them. Platina

    said, “Uhh…. Green?!” Then Green said, “It’s ok! Just stay close to Mommy!” Then Green reached for her back and

    said, “SHIT! I think we left our Keyblades at home.” They started to run towards home. Then the shadowy figure swept

    over them and they were knocked down on the ground. Then the man removed his hood and it was Ansem, the villain who

    was destroyed from the face of Kingdom Hearts. At that moment, back in the secret shack, King Mickey felt a sting in his

    heart. Riku said, “Your Majesty!” Then Mickey said, “He’s back!” Then the girls were heavily startled, and Green

    said, “Who are you?” Then Ansem said, “I have come here to take your crystals!” Then Katie said, “NO! It can’t be!” Then

    Ansem said, “The Princess of Kingdom Hearts and you six girls hold a valuable treasure that will lead this world to a new

    beginning.” Then Crystal said, “Well, you’re not gonna get it easily!” Then Ansem diabolically laughed and said, “We’ll see

    about that!” Then Ansem released a volt of black lightning from his hands and begin shocking the girls. “Arrgh! Uh! Oh!

    AHH!” They were crying in distress. Green and Katie thought: “Red, Josh! Please…please help!”

    Then at the spark of the moment Josh and Red stopped where they were going. Josh thought: “HUH?! NO… it can’t be! I

    can’t be too late!!!” Then Red, who was with blue thought: “Oh no! Green!” Then he was running in the opposite direction

    of Blue. Blue said, “What’s wrong?” Then Red said, “I think I found the girls! Call the others!” Blue immediately told the

    others to come to the front of the city hall. The guys quickly came over to the front of the city hall, and found the girls

    sprawled on the floor. Red said, “Green…!” Then she replied weakly, “Oh… hey. I’m fine.” Josh said, “Katie…” then she

    replied, “Don’t worry about me. Just beat him.” Then Silver said, “Just hold on Yellow!” Then she weakly nodded. Gold,

    who was crying, said, “If.. if I knew this was gonna happen.” Then Crystal weakly replied, “Uh… I’ll be fine!” Then Ruby

    said to Sapphire, “This is just like when we were 5 right?” Then Sapphire weakly said, “Hehe…uh! Kill him!” Then Diamond

    was slowly having tears of revenge across his face and said to Platina, “I’ll destroy him for you!” Then Platina weakly

    replied, “I know you will.” Then Red and Josh got their keyblades up and prepared to strike the enemy and yelled, “I’M

    GONNA BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF YOU!!!!!!” As they were rising up for an attack, Josh thought: “Don’t worry Katie! I won’t

    fail twice again. For I am your knight, and I will protect you until I breathe no more.”

    Ch 18

    Josh and Red immediately started attacking Ansem but he blocked all their swipes without effort. Then Ansem said, “So,

    we’re playing a little game here?” Then Josh said, “Just shut up and fight!” Then Ansem sighed and said, “I guess…(his

    keyblade appears out of black smoke) I have no choice, but to kill you all. Then Red said, “What do you want from the

    girls?” Then Ansem said, “Their souls hold a valuable treasure along with the princess of the Kingdom Hearts.” Then Gold

    said, “And you tried to kill them to take their souls?” Then Ansem said, “Sacrifices must be made for greater…” Then Josh

    retorted, “Yeah yeah yeah! For greater good…. ********!!!!!!” Then he immediately began charging at him. Red

    said, “Don’t be so reckless!!” Josh thought: Trust the keyblade as I trust my pokemon…” Then his keyblade started to

    release red lightning and his keyblade was covered in a coat of red lightning. Red thought: “Trust the keyblade… and

    that’s what you get….(clinches his fist)” Then he raised his keyblade and his Keyblade was covered in a brilliant flame.

    Josh yelled, “ARRGH!!!” Then he began slashing away at the enemy. Ansem said, “Do you think this a mere child’s play?”

    Then he placed his palm in Josh’s chest and shocked him with black lightning. He yelled, “AHH!” He fell down fast and ate

    the ground as he fell. Then Red said, “I’m not gonna forgive you for what you did to Green!” Then he jumped up in the air

    and began attacking the enemy. Then Gold said to all the male pokedex holders, “Come on we gotta help!” Gold raised his

    keyblade and it was covered with golden flame, Blue’s was covered with blue lightning, silver’s was covered with silver

    water, Ruby’s was covered with shining red gust, Emerald’s was covered with energy of green beam covering the

    keyblade, Diamond’s was covered in shining white flame, and Pearl’s was covered in a shining white electricity. Josh was

    really shaken up and Gold said to him, “We can’t give up!” Josh than got up with his lightning keyblade and began to

    attack the enemy. Then Josh said to him, “Uh! We gotta come up with a plan to beat this guy.” Then Gold had an idea.

    Then he began to slash Ansem at close range, who was blocking his attacks. While Gold was attacking the front, then

    Silver released a beam of silver water gun at a long range. The attack hit him and Ansem said, “Do you think it’s gonna

    take just that wimpy water to kill me?” Then at that moment, Red slashed across Ansem’s chest in a one direction with

    the blazing blade, and Josh slashed across Ansem’s legs with his lightning blade in a another direction. Then Ansem was

    sent flying and hit the clock of the city hall. Then he said, “Grr… you will pay!!!” Then his keyblade’s black fire began

    growing more bigger and bigger. Then he swung his keyblade around and knocked the guys down to the ground. Then

    everybody was lying on the ground, suffering in pain. Josh said, “Uh…! I can’t fail! Not yet…” Then Red thought: “I can’t

    give up on her… not yet!!” Then they slowly got up and began charging at him. Gold yelled at them, “What are you

    doing?!” Then Ansem said, “They’re wanting their death wishes.” Then as Josh and Red were charging up to him, Ansem

    grabbed them by their necks and began shocking them with maximum voltage of black electricity. Josh and Red were

    crying in terrible pain, “ARRGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” Katie and Green who was watching that, were still to weak to do anything

    along with the rest of the girls. Katie was crying, “Josh!! Why…WHY’D you come here?” Then Green with tears running

    down her face, said, “RED!! (Crying) If I didn’t leave… this would’ve never happened!!” Then Josh thought: “I can’t give

    up! (Raising his keyblade)” Then Josh and Red raised their keyblades with the last of their might and slashed Ansem once

    more. The attack cause a huge explosion and in the midst of that explosion Ansem avoided the explosion in mid-air and

    disappeared. After the explosion was gone, Josh and Red were lying flat on their backs. Katie and Green rushed to their

    side. Josh and Red slowly opened their eyes and Katie slapped Josh on the face and said, “Why’d you have to play hero?”

    Then Josh replied weakly and said, “You were calling for me… through your mind.” Then Katie said, “Well… I still didn’t

    want to see you get hurt!” Then Green said to Red, “ I’m sorry for being selfish… if I didn’t leave the house…” Then Red

    said, “No… I was the selfish one… It was because of me… that you were (looking at her injuries) you were badly hurt.”

    Then Green said, “Red…” Then Red said to her, “Green…. Did you have any idea how I was feeling when I found out that

    you left your keyblade? (Looking at her in the eyes) I was worried that I… that I would lose you for eternity.” Then Green

    said, “Red…. I” Then Red said, “I love you.” Then Green blushed really heavily and said, “I… I’m so enthralled.” Then Red

    said, “I can’t live without you. You took my breath away when I saw your body sprawled on the floor. At that moment… I

    just couldn’t breathe.” Then Green said to him, “You idiot!” Then she kissed him with most passion. Blue saw the whole

    thing and thought: “Looks like it’s game over for me.” Everybody saw the whole thing and were dazed at that moment.

    Gold thought: “I just don’t know when to spill it.” Then Crystal mirrored Gold’s thoughts: “Just when… how long do I have

    to wait?” Then everybody gathered in the center. Then Katie said, “Ahem… I think it’s time to release the secret of

    Luckyshipping.” Then everybody was eagerly waiting and she said, “Back in earth, we have a huge fandom of pokemon as

    Josh probably told you about. And you guys know what a shipping is right?” Everybody nodded with a determination. Then

    Katie said, “Luckyshippers want to see Red and Green together as a couple and it looks like (crying) it has been

    achieved.” Then Red said to green, “Cool! We have fans in Earth! How cool is that?” Then Green said, “I know! It’s

    amazing!” Then Red said, “Let’s go home!” Then everybody started heading home. Blue went up to Red and patted on his

    shoulder and said, “Game Over. You win.” Then Red said, “Tch! Whatever man… you’re more badass than I am…” Then

    Blue said, “Whatever.” Then Red said to Green, “Hey… you have any good looking friends that would like to go on a date

    with blue?” Then Green said, “Don’t even get me started! I have so many friends who want to go out with blue..let’s

    see…. We have Sarah, Lexy, Jenny, Lucy, Mary, Baylene, Latisha, Kelly, Kelsey….(goes on about 100 more names)” Then

    Blue said with a sweatdrop, “Hehe…(Slightly intimidated) that…. Is nice to know.” Then they got home and Sora was

    majorly shocked. He asked them, “WHAT… WHAT HAPPENED?!” Then Kairi saw their injuries and collapse to the ground.

    Sora rushed to her side and said, “What’s wrong?” Kairi said, “Ansem’s back.” When she mentioned the name Sora was

    having fearful memories again, especially how he had to nearly sacrifice his soul to save the six princesses and Kairi. Then

    Sora asked the dex holders, “Well, how strong was he?” Then Platina fearfully replied, “He… he nearly killed us. If it wasn’t

    for (looking at injured Diamond) them, we wouldn’t be here right now.” Then Sora said, “We have to destroy him! Or

    else…. Kingdom Hearts will be in…” Kairi replied, “ruins.” Then Red said, “He’s still alive, he escaped the giant explosion of

    our final attack and vanished.” Then Gold said, “Well, at least the place is ready for the event.” Then Josh gave him a

    quick nudge on the side and said, “Shh!” Then Katie noticed it and asked Josh, “What event?” Then Josh nervously

    chuckled and said, “You’ll find out.” Then Crystal looked around the room and read the gigantic poster in front of the

    backyard and said, “We’re sorry for everything… Oh! (hugs Gold) That’s so sweet of you!” Gold said, “Haha, thanks.” Then

    Kairi slowly got up and said, “Well, we still have to get this event started!” Then Sora went up to Josh and Gold and

    said, “Hey! If you needed a rhythm section, you could’ve just told me. I mean, I saw the list of the songs that you were

    gonna play and just thought about it. Because I play piano, and Donald can play the drums and Goofy can play the base.”

    Then Josh said, “WOW! That’s great! Call them over!” Then Sora called them over at the next door in the shack, and they

    came over. Then Goofy said, “Well, what tunes are we playin?” Then Sora showed him the list and Goofy said, “Gwarsh! It

    seems a little bit too short.” Then Josh said, “Don’t worry, I got a number of tunes in my head.” Then Gold said, “Yeah. I

    got some funky ones too. (nudging Josh on the hips) Red Clay? Come on! How about it?” Then Josh said, “Dude! Red Clay

    is funked out to da max!” Then Donald said, “Then let’s make a new list, then we’ll be ready!” Then Josh checked his

    poketech and said, “It’s already 8:23 P.M. It’s already kinda late for dinner..... but….(Stomach grumbles) I’m hungry.”

    Then Green got up weakly and said, “I can cook… kinda.” Then Kairi stopped her and said, “Please. Let me do the honors

    tonight. You’re already to hurt to do anything. Then Gold said, “We’re really dirty right now. Let’s take a shower than

    change into our pajamas.” Then Crystal said, “We don’t have any. You do remember what happened right?” Then Gold

    smirked and said, “Josh! Let’s give it to them!” Then Josh agreed. Then they went upstairs to get the Pajamas. Katie was

    wondering: “This better not be another prank… or else.” Then Crystal was thinking: “Gold! I’m watching you!” Then Josh

    and Gold came downstairs with the Pajamas they got for the girls. Then the girls were very zealous about it. They were

    saying: “So cute!” “It matches our names!” “Aww… boys!” Then Katie went up to Josh and said, “So… this is why you

    wanted us to leave for a while.” Then Josh said to her, “Listen Katie… I’m really sorry for being a total ******* this

    morning… and if I knew that (looking at her injuries) you were gonna get hurt badly. I would’ve never…” Then Katie said to

    him, “Let’s find a quiet space” Katie and Josh went upstairs and everybody was wondering what was going on. Red was

    thinking: “Looks like we got two pairs in one day.” Green was thinking: “Go get him grrrll. (growl)” Then Josh and Katie

    went up to the room where the girls slept. Josh said, “So… this is where you guys sleep. It’s soo clean!” Then Katie said

    to him, “Josh… I… I just want you to know that…. When you were getting shocked by Ansem at the last moment, I… I felt

    so painful…” Then Josh said, “Katie… I, I felt the same way too. When I saw your body sprawled on the floor, I felt like as

    if I was reliving my nightmare about Lavender…” Then Katie smiled at him and said, “Thank you for saving me. Not only

    once, but twice.” Then Josh, trying to play cool and said, “Well, (gulps) it was my duty.” Then Katie said, “Josh… saving a

    person twice deserves something. (Gets closer to him)” Then Josh said, “Wait, I… I just really want you to know that I…

    (embraces her) I can’t live without you. You’re everything a guy wants, and I just don’t want to see you get hurt and

    thrown aside as if you were some kind of a rag. (kneels to the ground) You had no idea how scared how I was when I

    heard the girls screaming… I was terrified to death that you might’ve been dead or something. What I’m trying to say is…

    I love you!” Then Katie looked at him fondly in the eyes and said, “I was about to say the same thing. Come here!” Then

    Katie was kissing Josh, nearly pushing him against the wall. Then Josh pushed forward back, and bodies were locked and

    there was a scent of love that moment. Then back in the living room Green said, “Shouldn’t he be working on the music?”

    Then Red said, “Nah! I’m sure it’s a special moment for Josh. We’ll leave’em alone for a couple of minutes.”

    Ch 19

    In the girls’ room Josh was pretty much on Katie as her neck was getting kissed by Josh. Josh was pretty much shirtless

    and Katie just had her bra and thong on. Then Katie pulled Josh to her bed and they were making out and touching each

    other. Then Katie said to him, “Josh, I’ve never been so scared in my life.” Then Josh kissing her on the lips said, “It’s ok.

    I won’t let them harm you. And after all this is done, (Looks at her passionately in the eyes) Maybe we can start our own

    life together as soon as… you know, after everything is worked out… like careers and our moms and dads stuff.” Then

    Katie said, “Josh…. I just want you to know that I really do want to spend the rest of my life with you. Josh… don’t leave

    my side. (talks to right in his ear) Come closer. I’ve never felt so right in my life.” Then Josh said, “So do I. (Making out

    heavily) can’t get enough of you, but, come on let’s go. I gotta practice for the show tonight.” Then Katie said, “Aww…

    come on baby… I know that you’re under my spell…. just a little bit more. (Pouting)” Then Josh said, “Not now. (Kissing

    her on the lips) I’ll find some time for us. Besides…. You do want to hear me play right?” Then Katie stopped pouting and

    said, “Ok…”

    Then Josh and Katie put their clothes on and got out of the room and yelled, “Are you guys official?” Then

    Josh smiled and nodded. Katie was blushing as she came downstairs. Then Red said, “Props to you. Congrats!” Then Josh

    chuckled and said, “Dude! Props to you! You also went through a lot just to protect her.” Then Green said, “(Holding Red)

    It’s because he’s invincible.” Then Josh pouted and said, “What about me?” Then Katie said to Green, “Yeah! What about

    Josh? He also risked his life to save the girls including you!” Then Green said, “(Smiling) Ok, ok. You both went through a

    lot. (Kisses both of them on the cheeks)” Josh blushed heavily and said, “Thanks.” Then Katie said, “Oh yeah! I forgot to

    thank Red, after all,(Gives Green shifty eyes) he saved the girls also including me! (Kisses Red on the cheek)” Then Green

    and Katie gave a pair of angry eyes to each other and Red and Josh stared at each other in a clueless manner. Then Gold

    said to Red and Josh, “It’s still a Be Nice Mode Week. A day hasn’t even passed by.” Then Josh, feeling a little bit

    awkward, said, “Come on. Let’s go practice.”

    Josh and Gold went outside in the backyard to practice. Goofy, Donald, and Sora already brought their stuff for the

    performance. Then Donald said to Josh, “Finally back Loverboy?” Then Josh said, “uh… yeah.” Then Donald said, “Don’t

    sweat it kiddo. Me and Daisy go way back. I remember the first date…(Dozes off) well, let’s start!” Then Josh got out his

    clarinet and Alto Sax, and Gold got out his trumpet. Then Sora said, “Let’s play Moonlight first.” Since the song was a

    Clarinet feature, Josh counted the tempo off. Donald used brush sticks on the drums, since it was a ballad, and Gold was

    playing the harmony to support Josh’s melody. They got through the first song with great success and Josh’s performance

    had a huge remark on the quintet. They played through the original playlist, which was I’m Old Fashioned and Desfinado.

    Then they added some more songs such Red Clay, The Chicken, Waltz For Debby, Cherokee, Oleo, and they added some

    Disney classics such as Someday My Prince Will Come(Which the famous Jazz Pianist Bill Evans did his own transcription

    on it), I Wanna Be Like You, Cruella De Vil, He’s A Tramp, and Under The Sea. And they decided to add the National

    Anthem for Kingdom Hearts: Dearly Beloved. By the time the song Blue Bossa came around, Josh was losing his

    concentration. Gold asked him, “Man! You feeling alright?” Then Josh, trying not to think about Katie said, “I’m fine.” Then

    Goofy said, “If you’re tired, just take a break!” Then Josh said, “I’m fine, let’s just play.” Then they began to play through

    the song. Then by the time Josh’s solo came around, he started to play. Then he couldn’t stop thinking about Katie and

    her sweet seduction that she gave him when she kissed him. He just couldn’t pull himself together, then Donald stopped

    playing. He said, “(Cracking up Donald Duck style) Man! You were like playing the same phrase and you were…” Then

    Goofy said, “You were off the form and you were” Then Gold and Sora said at the same time, “Off by like 5 chords.” Then

    Goofy said, “Oh boy, she’s really got you, huh?” Then Josh blushed and said, “Haha…. Uh..” Then Gold said, “(Singing Ne-

    Yo’s song: Closer) And I just can pull myself away, under her spell I can’t break,” Then Josh said, “Shut up! I bet you feel

    the same way about Crystal.” Then Gold said, “I’m just kidding! And, I … (Blushing) I guess I do feel the same way about

    Crystal.” Then Sora said, “Well, let’s play it again.” They got through the song with success and kairi called the musicians

    for the dinner first because they needed to eat first to get their energy. Then Sora asked Josh, “So… how’d you meet

    Katie?” Then Josh said, “I saw this one girl lying down on the ground one day. She was the poorest soul I’ve ever met. It

    turned out that she was being used as a experiment for the bad guys. But, after getting to know her better, I found out

    that she was the 15th knight of Arceus. And she joined our group. She… she really just drives me crazy. She’s the most

    amazing person I’ve ever met.” Then Sora said, “Wow… that’s quite a story.” Then Josh asked him, “Hey, Sora… who is

    the Princess of Kingdom Hearts?” Then Sora said, “(Munches and swallows food) Princess Of Kingdom Hearts…. I don’t

    know. Why?” Then Gold said, “Ansem said that our six girls and this Princess of Kingdom Hearts hold a valuable treasure

    that is perfect for the (Quotes with fingers) New Beginning.” Then Sora thought for a while and suddenly had a

    troublesome look on his face and said, “No… it can’t be Kairi!” Then Kairi said, “I’m a what?” Then Sora was trying to hide

    the troubled face and said, “I think history is about to repeat itself again. Kairi, I think Ansem is trying to use your soul to

    take over more than Kingdom Hearts this time.” Then Kairi said, “Then we’ll have to stop him!” Then Sora said, “Kairi…”

    Kairi said, “Don’t worry! I’m a lot stronger than last time.” The quintet finished their dinner and Kairi was cooking the main

    meal for the non-musicians. Everything was finally done by 10:00 P.M. and the rest of the gang went outside the

    backyard. Then Kairi went outside the with the dinner meal: Arroz Con Pollo. Everyone took a shower and were cleaned

    and were dressed in their pajamas. Then as everyone was about to eat, Donald said, “Ahem, before we eat, we’d like to

    play the National Anthem first. Then the musicians began to play the national anthem. Blue said, “No way! Dearly

    Beloved!” Josh and Gold played the song so emotionally and everyone was doing their part to make the song better. As

    soon as the song was done, the audience began to eat. They played through a lot of songs and everyone was enjoying

    their time and Crystal recognized one of the songs, “OMG! It’s that one from Lady & Tramp!” Then couple of minutes later

    Platina said, “AHH! Snow White!” Another couple of minutes later, Green exclaimed, “Little Mermaid!” The quintet played

    through Under The Sea, then Gold said, “Now, this next one is called the Chicken, and it’s kinda funny how you guys are

    eating Arroz Con Pollo right now, and we’re about to play this song. Well, anyways, it’s a really funky tune, so get up and

    dance!” Josh begin to play through the Soul intro of the song with such a bluesy manner. Red said, “Yeah Josh!!” Then

    Katie said, “Whoo!” Then the funky part came in and everyone started to get up and dance. Platina asked

    Diamond, “Wanna dance with me?” Then Diamond said, “Uhh… I don’t know.” Then Platina pulled him along and

    said, “Come on! It’ll be fun! Don’t be such a chicken!” Then they started to dance and after that Ruby reluctantly pulled

    Sapphire to the dance stage, and soon the whole party was dancing. Then Red and Green were starting to get freaky on

    each other. They were pretty much freaking on each other. Then Josh yelled, “Half-time!” Then Donald made the beat as

    if it was slow as half the original tempo.

    Then Josh said, “Come on ladies! This is where you get your freak on with da slow motion in the beat!” Then Sapphire was

    pretty much working it on Ruby with the slow motion beat. Few minutes later the song was over. Then after that Josh

    said, “Now, this next is dedicated to luckyshipping, and Katie, my girl. And it’s called Blue Bossa.” Then Josh began to

    count off the song by snapping his fingers in double-time. Then Donald did a double-time Bossa beat with the drumsticks.

    Gold said, “Come on! This is gonna be a fast-latin one! Don’t leave the floor yet!” Then everybody was still on the stage

    getting their groove on. Once again, Platina pulled Diamond along and this time she was going to get a lot more serious on

    Diamond. As Diamond and Platina were on the dance floor, Platina was just basically getting her groove on Diamond.

    Diamond was thinking: “Oh man… OH man… I’m going so crazy right now.” Then Platina was thinking: “Do you like it Dia?

    Huh? Just tell me…” Red and Green were watching them get their groove on and Red thought: “That’s my boy!” And Green

    thought: “That’s my girl!” The song went on for many minutes and there was just sound of music in the air, and it was a

    non-stop party. After the party was over, and Donald and Goofy went back to the shack, and all the guys and all the girls

    went back to their respective rooms. All the guys were talking about was how Diamond seemed to be really attracted to

    Platina. “Dude! Did you see him dance with her at the last song?” “He was crying heavily when he saw Platina

    fainted.” “He always looks after her.” Then Josh said, “How bout we bring him and over and ask him a couple of

    questions?” Then Gold said, “Yeah! We should make him talk….. if you know what I mean.” Then in the girls’ room and

    they were talking about Platina. “Did you see her get it on with Dia?” “She’s always got those dreamy eyes when she

    looks at him.” “I kinda feel guilty about Gossiping about her.” Then Katie said, “Then, we’ll just have to bring her over to

    ask some questions.” Then Crystal said, “Maybe we can hook her up!” Then Red and Green got out at the same time.

    Green asked Red, “So…why aren’t you asleep yet? (Gives him a suspicious look)” Then Red said, “Uh…. I need to talk to

    Dia. Wait a minute… where are you going? (Gives her a suspicious look) Then Green said, “I need to talk to Platina about

    something.” Then they stared at each other for a sec and realized something and they both said at the same time, “We’re

    so gonna hook’em up together.” Then Red went to Diamond’s room and said, “Hey, Son! Wake up for a sec! We gotta talk.

    It’s important.” Then Diamond said, “(Rubbing his eyes) What is it?” Then Red dragged Diamond along. Then at the same

    time, Green was dragging Platina to the girls’ room and said, “Mommy and her friends have a lot of question to ask.” Then

    Red brought Diamond to the guys’ room and Josh, Red, Gold, Blue and Silver were staring at the boy. Diamond said with a

    sweatdrop, “Ok… so, what’s going on?” Then Josh said, “You like Platina, don’t you?” Then Diamond nearly jumped and

    said, “How… how did u…” Then Gold said, “Kid, you’re talking to the masters here.” Then Red said, “We have a lot of

    experience.” Then Silver said, “You seem to be really attracted to her.” Then Diamond blushed and said, “Yeah…” Then

    Gold said, “You seem to be a little nervous around that girl.” Then Josh said to Gold, “Duh! His heart pumps 3 times more

    blood when he’s near her! (Looks at Diamond) Right?” Then Diamond said, “Yeah… she just drives me crazy. And at

    dangerous times I feel as if I might…” Then all the guys said at the same time, “Lose her.” Then Diamond was looking at

    his elders in awe. Then Red said, “Son, I know how you feel! I’ve been through a lot of adventures with Green and I’ve

    had a lot of those moments.” Then Josh said, “Not to mention that I lost…” Then Red said to Josh, “For Chrissake! He’s

    only 12!” Then Diamond said, “I already know the story.” Then there was a silent moment in the room. Then Blue

    said, “That’s why we’re gonna help you get her before…. Pearl gets her.” Then Diamond said, “HUH?!” Then Silver

    said, “He kinda likes her too right?” Then Diamond said, “I…. I don’t know! I guess there were times when he was kinda…”

    Then Josh said, “Been there done that. Now, the good news is that from the looks of it, Platina already kind of likes you.”

    Then Gold said, “We just gotta make sure that you clinch her.” Then Diamond said, “Ok….(Sweatdrops)” Then Red

    said, “Tomorrow in the morning, we’re gonna show you how a man should treat a woman. (Shifty eyes) The right way.”

    As they were talking to idea, the girls were asking Platina same questions. Katie asked, “Sup? I saw you dancing with your

    boyfriend…” Then Platina blushed and said, “Oh…we’re just friends.” Then Crystal said, “Oh Please! That’s what everyone

    says! I see those dreamy eyes everytime… I know you like him!” Then Platina freaked out and said, “NO I DON”T!.....

    (facepalms) Ugh! Fine! You win!” Then Green said, “Aww…. our little princess is a shy girl.” Then Yellow said, “Heh! Tell

    that to the last song.” Then Katie said, “Have you ever kissed him?” Then Platina said, “No, I got pretty close when we

    were chasing the guys.” Then Yellow said, “Oh… that. (Grins)” Then Crystal asked her, “What do you like about him so

    much?” Then Platina said, “He… he’s always so selfless. He’s fun to hang around with, and he’s really funny and most of

    all…(Shows the sparkling eyes) he’s really sweet.” Then Green asked her, “Exactly how?” Then Platina said, “When my dad

    was about to die, Diamond held my hand, and he embraced me. And after that when we were at the carnival to get the

    evolutionary items for Silver and Blue, Diamond stayed behind with me to comfort me. He promised that he…(Sobs)” Then

    Green embraced her and said, “Here now…it’s ok.” Then Platina kept going on with the story and said, “he promised to get

    revenge on my father. And after that, we hung around for a while, and he got me a Teddiursa doll from this one game

    shack.” Then Crystal said, “Well, ain’t that somethin?” Then Katie said, “That is SOOOOO CUTE!!!(Faints)” Then Platina

    said, “Katie!” Then Katie said, “I’m fine…. Just being overdramatic. (Everyone laughs) Then Green said, “Platina! We’re

    gonna help you get together with him starting tomorrow!” Then Red sent away Diamond and Green sent away Platina at

    the same time. As Diamond and Platina were going back to their respective rooms, their eyes locked. At the instant they

    were freaked out. Diamond said to her, “Uh… good night.” Then Platina blushed and said, “You too.” They went to sleep

    and the next morning was just too eager to wait to rise up.
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