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Kinda hard to glide when there's no wind. Didn't you see Ash lick his finger and hold it up to check the wind? It wasn't strong enough, so he got Staravia to help. That tells me he's been learning a bit more about what Gliscor can and can't do at any given time. Obviously he has more to learn since the gliding wasn't exactly perfect, but it's just another ongoing subplot. I like that.

I didn't expect Ash to be the one to go all "Chibi-Koduck!!!" when they started hatching. I could see Dawn saying it, but it was a bit of a surprise coming from Ash. Not in a bad way, mind you.
Heh, wonder how long until Gliscor masters gliding? Not too long I hope.

Were those Muk in the Psyducks' lake tampering with the environment? I think that's what happened.