Hey, I'm making another thread. what'cha gonna do 'bout it?


To the FireRedshipping thread!

What is FireRedshipping you ask? It's:

>>>Zoey x Ash<<<


~Follow all SPPF rules and all shipping rules
~Don't bash. You know it's obnoxious and uncalled for.
~please, please, please, do not to one-liners. If you're posting for the first time, then answer a topic, explain why you like the ship, something! Just don't say "can I join i liek zoey nd ash i thnk they lok good togeter" that bothers me to absolute death.



total shippers: 1 [but there will be more soon!]

topics to start us off:

Why do you like this ship?


What do you like most about this ship?

talk away!