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Thread: ShootsDownShipping (Kenny x Zoey) Discussion and Such

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    Default ShootsDownShipping (Kenny x Zoey) Discussion and Such

    Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present to you...the ShootsDownShipping thread. Cue the confetti and fireworks.

    In case you missed the title, this is the topic for the pairing between Kengo (also known by his lame dub name, Kenny) and Nozomi (alias Zoey).

    This 'ship already has a number of supporters, so it surprised me that there wasn't a topic for it yet (but I was gone for a few months, so for all I know, one got started and subsequently died). In any case, a discussion is needed, since A) As I've already stated, it's becoming popular B) They make an oddly cute couple and, this is the most important one, C) They've actually met! (That one's a rarity as far as the 'ships I support go)
    Oh, and I failed to mention, it has a Bulbapedia page
    ShootsDownShipping Bulbapedia Page
    It might be short, but I'm still excited since nothing I've named/created has ever gotten an article dedicated (yeah, I'm the one who coined it, so if you want to blame someone for the stupid name that would be me -_-).

    That's it for now, so go forth and discuss! If you come across any good fics, amv's, fanarts, or want to be added to the fan list, please let me know, and I'll be more than happy to add it to this post. =3

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