After the downfall of the four Harmonious Sovereigns and the rise of the Three Great Dramon, those who remained loyal to the Sovereigns were hunted down and slaughtered. The Dramon Empire put most of the citizens of the Harmonious Republic into chains of slavery and servitude; still others were exiled to wild and dangerous lands. In the new, draconic world of the Three Great Dramon, there was no room for non-dragons.

But there were those not so content with the rule of the Three Great Dramon, and from that discontent, under the rule of Apollo the Apollomon and Artemis the Dianamon, the Rebels of the Harmonious Republic were formed. Under their leadership, the rebellion began to take shape; organizing itself into fighting clusters and teams whose sole purpose was to reclaim their world from the Dramon Empire. However, this task is far more difficult than the rebels ever thought it would be, for the Dramon Empire works constantly to crush the rebellion and wipe the rebels from the face of the Digital World.

It is here in the deepest jungles of the Digital World that we find the rebels now. Nestled high in the mountains of the deepest jungles of the Digital World was the once-abandoned fortress that now serves to house the small group of rebel fighters known to all as the Rebels of the Harmonious Republic. The mountainous fortress made a suitable refuge for the rebels, allowing them to see all around them for miles in any direction. The mountain also gave them the automatic high ground should the Dramon Empire ever attempt to attack, and if things turned dire, the rebels could retreat into the programming layer of the mountain and scatter throughout the jungle, leaving nothing but an empty fortress for the Dramon to find.
However, all good things come to an end, and eventually things get found, no matter how well you hide them...


The two Rapidmon stood guard silently on the first mountainside that served as the gateway to the chain of mountains that acted as the base of operations for the Rebels of the Harmonious Republic. A thick fog had rolled in from the north, whiting out everything beyond twenty feet from where the two guards stood.

Suddenly one of the guards stiffened, the RADAR instruments in his large ears were picking something up...something was coming. Then, without a moment’s notice, a terrifying form burst through the fog and crushed the Rapidmon into the ground. The massive, beastial Dorugoramon grabbed the helpless Digimon and casually ripped him in half.

The other Rapidmon, still in shock over this terrifying turn of events was slow to act, but his senses quickly returned and he fired a warning flare-missile up into the air. The shot let out a deafening explosion, meant to alert the rest of the rebellion that danger was coming. But then he too was torn to shreds by the attacking beast dragon. The great grey dragon roared loudly and others emerged from the fog, flying silently through the air. The first to arrive was a cobalt-armored UlforceVeedramon, a trio of Darkdramon followed close behind him. From the sky descended other powerful dragons; an Examon, several OwRyumon, and a pair of Slayerdramon. The small force of dragons made quick work of whoever remained at the one gateway outpost before a single, black-armored figure dropped from the sky.

It was their mighty Imperialdramon leader, the High Admiral Imego. He commanded the sky forces of the Dramon Empire with skill and power the likes of which few had ever seen, and all within the Empire knew to bow their heads in respect.

"Their stronghold is somewhere within these mountains," Imego roared, his voice cut through the thick fog. "We will find them and destroy them here. For the honor of the Dramon Empire!"

A cry went out from the small force of dragons, and that cry was then answered on thousand times over by the much larger contingent of Dramon Empire soldiers that was swiftly flying through the skies towards them. The Dramon Empire Sky Force, consisted of various dragon digimon; AeroVeedramon, Megadramon, Gigadramon, Wingdramon, and Airdramon.

Below the terrifying fleet of dragons marched the Dramon Empire Army, led by their menacing Chaosdramon leader, the Supreme General Daehak. His forces consisted of a vast army of dragons; Machinedramon, Breakdramon, and Cannondramon; Cyberdramon, Tankdramon, and Volcdramon; Veedramon and Sealsdramon. This great army, numbering over two thousand, thundered through the thick jungle vegetation, tearing down trees and carving a long, barren path through the basin.

Imego lifted up into the sky and his mighty warriors followed. By both land and sky, the Dramon Empire ripped through the mountainous region. What once had been a stealthy infiltration became a full on invasion with the sole purpose of completely neutralizing the rebellion...


The warning flare-missile exploded, alerting the Rebels of the Harmonious Republic of the incoming danger. Several times in the last month, they had beaten back the occasional Dramon Empire scouting party that got too close to their headquarters, but as the horrifying sounds of armies marching reached their ears, those of the rebellion knew that war was upon them.

"All hands to your stations!" the black-armored Alphamon shouted. His name was Arahon Alpha, one of the three Rebel Commanders who served under Apollo and Artemis. His was the greatest tactical mind in the rebellion, which made him the ideal commander of the rebellion’s forces. "Where's the Gargomon unit?"

Braon the Justimon, another one of the three Commanders was quick to answer. "They're still prepping on the mountain's south face. They should be ready soon." The Gargomon unit was the rebellion's powerful missile defense system. It consisted of all evolutions of the Gargomon and BlackGargomon lines.

"Find Cardinal and the Demolition Task Force," Arahon ordered. "Have them commence their attack; target the aerial troops first; the ground forces will take longer to reach us and we need to break their aerial formation before that happens. Prepare all our flyers; we need everyone who can fly up in the air."

"Greymon Corps is ready, Arahon," Braon announced. "They're set to attack at your word."

Arahon nodded; the Greymon Corps currently consisted of about two dozen individuals, about an even number of Greymon, GeoGreymon, MetalGreymon, and RizeGreymon led by a ShineGreymon. They were a powerful and cohesive unit of fighters, able to take on much larger forces without much difficulty at all.

"Good, take the Greymon Corps and our ground-based units," Arahon commanded. "You'll have to engage Daehak and his artillery directly to keep them from obliterating us."

"That won't be easy," a rough voice stated. Sitting higher up the mountain on a small outcropping of rock was Ajax the MedievalGallantmon. "Daehak put all the lower-leveled Digimon between us and his artillery troops."

"What a coward," another voice spoke up. Tharor the WarGreymon stepped out of the fortress to stand beside Arahon and Braon. "He sends his unwitting pawns to delay us while he attempts to destroy us from afar. If he had any real honor he'd fight us directly."

"If the Dramon Empire had any real honor, we wouldn't be in this situation," said Jager the MetalGarurumon as he dropped from the sky. "But regardless of honor, we cannot allow Daehak and his artillery freedom to unload on us as they want."

"So what do we do?" Braon asked.

"What would you do?" Arahon asked Ajax. "You’re the 'Ultimate Dragon Slayer' what's your idea for this battle?"

"We need to carve a straight path to Daehak," Ajax answered. "Focus all our firepower in a small area and get our strongest and fastest warriors through his fodder soldiers to engage Daehak and the rest of the Megas. They won't advance without his commands, and he can't give them if he's busy keeping us from breaking his red hide open. Daehak's foot soldiers will instinctually turn around and try to defend him, which is when we send in the rest of our ground forces."

Arahon nodded. "And for Imego and his Sky Force?"

"Same concept," Ajax answered after a moment. He then turned to Jager. "How fast can you fly?" he asked.

"How much room are you giving me to accelerate?"

"You've got from here to Imego and his Megas: what speeds can you hit if you floor it?" Ajax answered.

"Mach 1, Mach 2...maybe," Jager answered. "Why?"

Arahon caught on to Ajax’s plan. "We'll open up with attacks directed right towards Imego to clear a path to him: big, flashy attacks. Then, while their eyes struggle to adjust, you fly through at top speed," Arahon said. "When you get in range, let loose with everything you've got; that'll buy the rest of us flyers time to reach you and engage Imego and his Megas. Then the Gargomon unit can take down the rest of the Sky Force."

"They made a mistake coming here on our own turf," Ajax said. "They've never attacked us so openly; we must be doing something right to get the Three Great Dramon so worked up."


"Concentrate all attacks in a line towards that Chaosdramon," Braon the Justimon ordered. "We'll clear a path towards him." Among Braon's forces were Tala Rune the Valkyrimon, Strom the Spinomon, Beta the Grademon, Karmas the Zudomon, and Shirou the Knightmon.

Then, without warning Ajax began the attack. He leaped down from his perch on the fortress's exterior and landed hard on the mountainside. He slid down the mountain quickly, leaping expertly to avoid rocks and trees that sprung up in his way. Ajax's mad charge ignited the fire that sent the rebels into their attack.

Ajax reached the bottom of the mountain first, and as he closed in on the Dramon Army, he brought his mightly pole axe to bear. He swiftly poured his energy into the weapon, and when he was finally within mere inches of the charging Dramon Army, he released his attack.

"Rage of Wyvern!" he called out. He swung his weapon in an upwards arc and a ferocious dragon-shaped energy blast ripped from it and coursed along the ground, tearing a long gash in the army's ranks. And Ajax refused to slow his charge; he tore into the Dramon's ranks; hacking and slashing with his deadly weapon.

"Attack! Charge!" Braon roared. From somewhere behind Ajax, the rest of the rebel ground forces unleashed their assault, targeting the same line that Ajax had cut in the Dramon's ranks, before charging in after him...


"Get ready," Arahon called out to the assembled flight-capable Digimon under his command. This included Jager and Tharor, Lilian the Lilymon, and Phoenix the Garudamon. Cardinal the Meramon and his Demolition Task Force also accompanied the Alphamon's warriors to keep the flying Dramon from getting too comfortable with fighting only a two-dimensional battle.

"Now!" Arahon ordered. The Digimon assembled unleashed a dazzling display of attacks, focused on Imego and his Mega level elites. Arahon then turned to Tharor and nodded once.

"Terra Force!" Tharor roared out. The tremendous sphere of concentrated energy formed between his hands, and Tharor hurled it into the Dramon with everything he had. The attack struck their ranks, and sent fire spewing across them.

It was then that Jager sprung into action. He fired himself through the air, pushing him to the limits of his ability to accelerate. He ripped right through the fiery blasts of his compatriots and as he emerged on the other side, he let loose with his Ice Wolf Bite. Dozens of missiles jettisoned and crashed into the Mega level Dramon and Jager pushed his speed to the limit as he blew right past them. The sonic boom that followed in his wake knocked the flying Digimon for a loop.

But as they turned their attention towards Jager, Arahon Alpha and the rest of the flight-capable rebels quickly cut their way through the Sky Force's ranks.

"For the Harmonious Republic!" Tharor roared loudly.

This finally caught Imego's attention, and as the Imperialdramon turned, he got a face full of fist courtesy of Arahon as the rest of the rebels crashed into his soldiers...