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Thread: D/P Protagonist "Costume"?

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    Question D/P Protagonist "Costume"?

    This has probably been asked a million times already and I haven't found it in a sticky due to pure stupidity, but I've seen YouTube videos of people battling looking like Dawn and Lucas, the D/P protagonists.

    Is this an unlockable? If so, how do you get it?
    I've scoured Google with every search word combination I could think of, but it came to nothing.

    (This is also my first post, so I feel I have to be atleast a little nooby...)

    Ooh, look. A Munchlax smily.

    There, it's out of the system.
    ~Politoeds and Pikachus

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    They are using their a Nintendo Ds to battle each other, so the protangonist's costume appears.

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