Other Pokémon Games Rules

Welcome to the Official OPG Rules, be sure to read them, or else.

Just to get this clarified; Discussion of Fan Games is FORBIDDEN in this entire forum due to legal issues, and may result in a ban. Be warned.


  • All SPPf Rules apply.
  • No discussion of illegal content.

Your posts and You.

  • Do not make duplicate topics. If there is already an active topic like the one you want to post, just post in it.
  • No spamming, flaming, bashing, or trolling.
  • Double/triple/quadruple posting etc, Don't do it. To prevent double posts due to lag, only press the "Submit Post" button once.
  • Please, don't swear. The forum is for all ages.
  • Stay on topic, don't post something about Pokémon Puzzle League in a My Pokémon Ranch thread.

See a Problem?

  • Use the Report Button We'll get your report and fix the problem.

That is all. Thanks for reading.

Credit to Shuam for helping me out with this.