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Thread: The Official SPPf Yu-Gi-Oh! Release Dates Thread

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    Default The Official SPPf Yu-Gi-Oh! Release Dates Thread

    Credit to shriek for the information

    Starter/Structure Decks:
    Spellcaster's Command - 2009

    Raging Battle - 2009

    Sneak Peaks:
    Crimson Crisis - 7th February 2009

    Main Sets:
    Crimson Crisis - 15th February 2009

    Other Sets:
    Anniversary Pack - 8th December 2008
    Duelist Pack - Yusei - 27th January 2009
    Retro Pack 2 - February 2009
    Duelist Pack - Yugi - 2009
    Gold Series 2 - 2009
    Duelist Pack Collection - 2009

    Special Editions:
    Crimson Crisis - 2009

    Collector Tins:
    Annual Tins:

    Other Tins:



    Released Since Last Update:
    Anniversary Pack - 08/12/08
    Crossroads of Chaos - Special Edition - 09/12/08

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