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Thread: Prisoners of Queen Bellatrix (Bellatrix/Hermione and Advanceshipping)

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    Default Prisoners of Queen Bellatrix (Bellatrix/Hermione and Advanceshipping)

    Title: Prisoners of Queen Bellatrix
    Fandom: Harry Potter, Digimon, Pokemon, Beyblade, Naruto, Vampire Princess Miyu and maybe some more.
    Over-all Rating: R
    Main ships: Bellatrix/Hermione, Advanceshipping, Appealshipping and Daikari
    Summary: AU crossover Voldemort rewards Bellatrix with a castle for her
    loyalty. She is also set a task, to make sure the prisoners never escape

    Chapter one

    A murky sky without stars, along with a full moon had seemed to blend with the dark intentions of Bellatrix's mind. She was sitting down on the stair case liking her arm on her skull. The castle was now hers along with everything around inside the palace walls belonged to her for the time being. She had earned a large deal of property in her hands and she knew that this was going to of a great deal of fun. She was the servant of a dark man, who she wouldn't mind being in a relationship with him. However, this man never knew the true feeling of love and friendship and would never be interested in love.

    Beautiful Bellatrix Lestrange cackled in sheer delight. Her dark lord, Voldemort, also known as He-who-must-not-be-named or You-know-who, had gave her a promotion. The empty Castle, which Voldemort had planned to use as his kingdom after defeating his number one target, Harry Potter, that someone had to look after the castle, and he choose one of his few female death eaters, Bellatrix to do that very task. She was dark, insane, immoral and very trustworthy to dark deeds. She was the prefect one to take care of a castle and handle all the prisoners, since she was in Azkabam herself, she had some detailed experience.

    Technically, that would make her the queen of the castle for the time being. The purpose of the castle was to look after the prisoners of the castle and make sure they were unable to escape. They couldn't escape because, they might end up helping Harry Potter, the solution was simple. The prisoners had to remain in the castle, until such a time where Harry died and Voldemort and his death eaters can have their glory. The death eaters were allowed to kidnap random people for the sake of it, unless they don't get off task.

    Bellatrix had absolute power over the castle, who went in, who was out, who lived and who was killed. So she was pretty blessed that the dark lord had given her such a great reward for being so loyal to him. She looked around her new castle and she loved it. She loved the way the patterns and colors would clash on the walls. The complicated patterns on the curtains and the cold shiny black pebble floor. The bright chandeliers were shining above her head, and appeared to be rather exquisite.

    She quite liked the way the castle had been arranged, the bedrooms in the castle were very grand and full of luxury whilst the underground chamber was a perfect place for the prisoners, and there was plenty of room for them as well, which was an extra plus.

    Now, for the prisoners, she already knew that some of the prisoners going to be. She didn't even need to make a list for them, Hermione Granger, a very intelligent friend of Harry Potter, could be very fun to play with as a prisoner. Not to mention Ron Weasley, Ginny Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, Cho Chang and others as well.

    All that Bellatrix could do for the time being was wait for Lucius to arrive with the new prisoners. The cunning blonde was taking a trip and informed her, that he was going to test the plan by kidnapping a few worthless muggles to the collection. He assured her that when the clock stroked twelve, he would be in the castle. She checked the clock on the right hand side of the window; it was almost midnight. She marched over near her balcony and saw when she reached the window, she witnessed a group of dark men, wrapped in cloaks. She giggled as she saw the children shaking against the forced grip of the men in cloaks.

    They were getting closer, closer and closer to the door as she leaned against the window glaring at the thick navy sky. The door quickly swung open as a tall man entered the castle. Just as Lucius promised, he would come at the stroke of twelve with some prisoners to test out on. He took a step aside in front of the clock as the death eaters arrived, each with two or three young people handcuffed together. Bellatrix smiled again as she stomped over to a young female brunette with pink gloves. She watched the girl close her eyes as she was trying hard to resist her kidnapper's grip and escape from her handcuffs. “You've picked up some adorable children.” Bellatrix told Lucius as she played with the girl's hair.

    “You leave Kari alone!” an Auburn haired boy with goggles on his head spat out as he saw the lady take a liking to Kari.
    “SHUT UP YOU GOGGLE HEAD!” Bellatrix roared as she continued playing with Kari's hair. She then faced Kari and stroked her in a very delicate and sincere manner. “So Kari is your name?” she asked as she watched the young girl nod. “A very pretty name isn't it.”
    “You better not hurt us!” the same boy snapped again as was seething with anger.
    “Hurt you!” Bellatrix cackled again as she heard the boy spoke. “Why would I wanna hurt some adorable children like yourself? I haven't got any reason. You'll just be staying here for a while.” She then stared at the death eaters and gave a serious look on her face. “TAKE THEM ALL IN THE PRISON CELLS!” She ordered as she watched all of them were taken out of her sight.

    “Well, I am glad you approve of them,” Lucius pointed out as he stepped closer to Bellatrix. “Now I would like to introduce to my pen pal, Lawrence Jirarudan.” Lucius was referring to the man, who was quite taller than him, with spiky greenish blonde hair and blue charming eyes. She had to admit, Lucius had a great taste in friends. “Lawrence here, is a collector. He is very advanced in human technology. I assure you, he can easily abduct people with his machinery.”

    “Nice to meet you Lawrence,” she smirked as she gave her arm out, which revealed her dark mark.

    “It's a pleasure to meet you Bellatrix.” Lawrence said as he bowed on one knee and kissed her hand in a polite manner. “I must say that you are looking very beautiful and your hair is interesting.”
    “Thanks,” giggled Bellatrix as Lucius sounded very pleased by the fact they were quickly getting along. “Just wait until you see Voldemort,” Bellatrix told him with a smug expression on her face. “Totally amazing that man!”
    “I'm sure your dark lord is amazing,” Lawrence pointed out as he looked around the walls and had his eyes on the chandelier. “For him to reward you with such a fascinating castle, he must be pretty legendary.”

    “He is after all, ”Lucius said, “the most greatest sorcerer in the world.”

    “The legend of Lord Voldemort, is a very fascinating one.” Lawrence pointed. “I would defiantly like to meet him.”

    “I promise you my friend,” Lucius whispered. “You will.”

    “That's good.” he replied. “I am very proud of my new additions to my collection. Some very unique species, which I've never seen before – even if they're not pokemon. They are all worthy of my collection.” From a collection that had started from an ancient Mew card and was now something much more was a great achievement.

    “There will be much more to add in your collection as well.” Lucius announced. “I can promise you, it will be a huge success, if things go right.”


    Meanwhile, inside the the cold gloomy prison cells where there was no bed to sleep on. Kari was sitting near the corner of the cell, feeling relieved that she was relieved from her prison cells. At the same time, she was hardly relieved about the fact that she was miles away from home and distant from her brother. It was nice that TK, Davis and Ken were also with her because she had no idea who the rest of the other people in the cell are.

    She had a feeling that she recognized a raven haired boy from somewhere before. Maybe on TV, he looked like Ash Ketchum who took part in the pokemon tournaments. She sighed as she rested her back against the wall. She was wondering why she was being kidnapped. She didn't have a clue why she and everyone else were kidnapped for no apparent reason. It was so unfair. Her friend TK, a blonde haired boy with bright blue eyes pulled a brave smile on her face as he sat with Kari.

    “Are you OK Kari?” TK asked as he removed his white hat. “Just been speaking to Ash, May, Dawn and Zoey,” he pointed out as he waved at Dawn. “They're pretty nice people. You should talk to them in a bit.”

    “I'd like to,” Kari replied as she pulled a little smile. “I'm just worried about Gatomon and the other digimon.”
    “I am a little worried for them as well,” TK admitted. “I'm sure they'll be fine, they did say that they wouldn't harm them.”
    “They could be lying you know?”
    “Yeah, let's just hope they're not.”

    A girl with blue hair scurried over to TK and Kari. “So you're Kari!” she said in a cheerful manner as she sat near Kari. “I'm Dawn, it's nice to meet you.”
    “Hiya Dawn,” Kari said as she was quickly comforted by the nice people that seemed to be in her cell. “Things are really crazy aren't they? I mean, I don't really know why we were all kidnapped either. I am pretty scared about the whole ordeal, but we'll get out.”

    “I hope so,” Kari mouthed as was thinking of an escape plan. “First of all, we need to know, where were are? I know we're somewhere in England, but that's all I know.”
    “We have to think of an escape plan first of all.” TK advised as he looked up to the ceiling hoping there would be a route to escape from. He then sighed as faced the floor. “If only they hadn't of taken away the digimon, where are they when we need them?”

    “Good point!” Dawn said. “We still have our pokemon with us, but they said we'd all get killed if we used them at all.”

    “That group is defiantly crazy!” Davis snapped, he was the same person who Bellatrix told to shut up. “I mean, they're.... psychos. Unless we don't think of something, we might end being dead.”
    “Have some hope Davis,” TK suggested to Davis. “We're not going to be in this cell forever.”
    “That lady sure did take an interest in Kari,” Davis pointed out as he looked at Kari. “Hey Kari, you could convince her. When we see her again.”

    There was no certain idea about their fate with Bellatrix. All they could do for the time being, was socialize and think.
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