Because I have decided it is my duty to spread the love of Team Galactic, I wrote this, a collection of one-shots all revolving around TG.
It was originally posted here and not all the one-shots will make it here, solely because not all of them are shippy.
Some one-shots are connected in some manner, just because. Just think of this as a on-going look of the lives of the TG member that can't exactly decide who they want to be with. :P

For the record, in this one-shot I introduce 5 OCs, (Original Commanders in this case) who will reappear later. My Pluto holds no relation to the canon Pluto. I wrote this before I was aware of his existance.
Pairings in this chapter: Jovian, and an OC pairing.


#1 Introduction

“Welcome. This is Team Galactic Headqu… I mean, Galactic Veilstone Building.”

The Grunt behind the counter attempted to force a convincing smile to cover her slip-up. The red head standing before her was giving a glare with equally fiery eyes. She wasn’t stupid, and was annoyed that the fact the Grunt didn’t realize that she belonged to Team Galactic. She obviously knew it was their Headquarters and not some fake business building. After all, she was a Commander, albeit the newest one.

After a few moments of suffering a scrutinizing gaze from the Grunt, the Commander decided to make her annoyance more apparent.

“Oh, sorry about that!” the female Grunt finally said, “You must be the new recruit. Hold on, let me get Jupiter.”

The “new recruit” was about to correct her, replacing recruit with Commander, but in a flash, she was gone. She returned a moment later with another woman, who the red head presumed was Jupiter. She was a tall woman with magenta-colored hair that resembled a…

The new Commander racked her brain for a moment, trying to remember what Pokemon Jupiter’s hair reminded her of. But her thoughts were interrupted by the veteran Commander stepping forward, a hand outstretched.

“Commander Jupiter,” she stated simply, trying to sound official, but an inflection of boredom seeped through her tone. “You must be… Commander Mars.”

The red head nodded vigorously and took Jupiter’s hand. “Welcome to Team Galactic. Apparently, it’s my job to show you around.”

Without another word, Jupiter turned sharply on her heel and began to walk off briskly, Mars needed to almost jog to keep pace with the older woman’s long strides. Jupiter held her head high; many passing Grunts looked upon her with respect – and sometimes fear. Mars noticed many of them regarded her with curiosity, until a sharp glare from Jupiter set them on their way.

The magenta-haired Commander stopped abruptly in front of a set of metallic, white double-doors, with a sign reading, ‘Commanders Only Lunchroom’ taped to it.

“You will be introduced to your subordinates later,” Jupiter said, “But for now, let’s get you acquainted with the other Commanders.”

She pushed open the doors and entered, with Mars following close behind. Twelve sets of eyes, all ranging in hue, gazed upon the vetern Commander and the one newcomer. Silence blanketed the room, as all were focused intently on Mars.

It was then a man with deep blue hair, shaped like the ears of an…
Mars stared at him for the longest time.

I know this one...

An “aha” nearly escaped her lips as she mentally recalled the Pokemon. It was a Purugly, one of her favorites.

The man with the Purugly-shaped hair stood up rapidly, the grating noise of his chair on linoleum redirected the attention to him. His narrow eyes, cat-like, sweeped the room once before he walked over to the trashcan. Without a word, or even a glance in Mars’s direction, he returned to his seat, his stern gaze set on the untouched lunch tray across from him.

Mars could have sworn she heard Jupiter’s stomach rumble.

An awkward silence settled over the situation, until she felt Jupiter stir beside her and finally spoke up.

“That’s Saturn, Mercury, Neptune, Venus, Pluto, and Uranus,” she pointed out quickly, to the point that Mars had difficulty matching names to faces.

“Now that’s no way to introduce a new Commander,” a voice said to them. The red head had been so busy trying to remember what Jupiter had just told her that she didn’t notice another male Commander approach them. Jupiter merely shrugged her shoulders.

“Hi!” he said cheerfully to Mars, his gray eyes sparkling, making them more like silver. Mars noted there were flecks of blue around his pupils, almost the same hue as his slate-blue hair. “I’m Commander Mercury! You must be the new Commander we’ve been hearing about.”

The red head nodded slowly. “Yes… I’m Commander Mars.” Mercury turned to look at Jupiter, who had a scowl smeared on her face.

“Shouldn’t you tell her a bit about us?” he asked.

She shrugged once again. “You seem more than willing to do that. And more than able, Mr. Nosy.”

Mercury scoffed. “Fine. I’m sure Mars will enjoy my company more anyway.”

By this time, conversation has mostly returned to the lunchroom, though it was obvious to Mars most of the hushed whispers were about her. Meanwhile, Mercury was tapping his chin muttering, “Where to start…”

“How about the blue-haired guy? The one that stood up earlier?”

“Oh him?” Mercury replied, “That’s Commander Saturn.”

Mars gazed up at Jupiter, noticing a slight flush upon her face.

Mercury leaned in close to the red head’s ear and whispered, “Jupiter has a soft spot for him.”

“I do not!” the older Commander snapped, overhearing his words. Her flush of embarrassment transformed into a flush of rage.

Mercury shrugged, smirking slightly. “I’m not sure what she see in him though. A major Boss’s boy if you ask me. Always being a stickler for the rules and following the Boss’s commands and enforcing them on us. But I guess his self-disciplinary nature makes him the top Commander of us all. If I was convinced the Boss had the capacity to feel, I’d say he practically loves the man for being an excellent second-in-command.”

Jupiter glared down at the shorter Commander, who laughed nervously and ran a hand through his spiky hair.

“At least I have the courage to talk to someone I might like,” she shot, gazing at Mercury with a knowing expression, who blushed.

“And who would this be?” Mars inquired.

She was met with silence from the seemingly talkative Commander. Upon following his gaze, Mars spotted another person, a female this time, with deep azure hair that cascaded down her back. Her blue-violet eyes appeared to be glowing, and in front of them, a fork levitated with a multicolored aura around it.

“Whoa…” Mars said, awestruck, jaw dropping slightly.

“That’s Commander Neptune,” Jupiter told her, “She’s a psychic. And Mercury is completely enamored with her.”

“I can see that,” Mars replied, staring at the practically drooling man.

“He’s too afraid to talk to her though, except when he’s forced to on business matters.”

“Not true!” Mercury exclaimed, snapping out of his Neptune-induced reverie.

“So true,” Jupiter replied. She then directed her words towards Mars. “She gives off this air that she thinks… ‘I’m too cool for you’, for lack of a better phrase. It’s an illusion really, as she’s actually pretty kind and empathic. She intimidates most males though (“Not unlike yourself,” Mercury added in). The thing is, I’ve heard most of this from others… Her and I don’t communicate that much.”

The newbie Commander nodded slowly, surprised to see Jupiter talk so much about another person. Mars was about to open her mouth when she felt a dangerous presence being emitted from Jupiter, her fists clenched and a scowl forming on her face. Her piercing glare (which Mars was sure could bore through someone) was directed to Saturn, and another female Commander.

This Commander giggled girlishly, golden loose curls bouncing and gleaming with an orange-tint. Mars, looking puzzled, gazed at Mercury who filled her in.

“That’s Commander Venus.”

“****,” Jupiter coughed, although not very discreetly.

“Don’t mind her,” Mercury told the red head, “She’s just jealous Venus is flirting with Saturn.”

Mars continued to stare at the Commander with the seductive, golden eyes, her outfit as skin-tight as Jupiter’s, but much more revealing.

Saturn mumbled something to Venus, causing her to look annoyed, and she huffed and turned away. A satisfied smirk appeared on Jupiter’s face as she saw the so-called “****” get rejected. Venus wandered over to another male Commander, who was sitting alone in a corner of the lunchroom. His appearance was strikingly similar to that of… Cyrus.

Mercury, already knowing the drill, introduced the lonesome Commander to Mars. “His name is Commander Pluto. Personally, I don’t trust him one bit. He admires Cyrus way too much and I’ve heard rumors of his dark past.”

“Yeah, rumors you made up,” Jupiter shot.

“So! There’s solid basis to them!”

“Like what?”

Mercury faltered for a moment, at a loss of words for once.

“My point exactly,” Jupiter concluded, folding her arms triumphantly. Mercury simply huffed and rotated away from the magenta-haired Commander to face Mars.

“Anyway,” he said, “I think that’s everyone.” Mars shook her head and pointed at another Commander (male, she assumed because of his body build), who happened to be wearing a…
Paper bag on his head?

“Um yeah, that’s Your Anus.”

“Excuse me?!”

Jupiter rolled her eyes. “He means Uranus.”

“Right, sorry.” Mercury chuckled.

“So…what’s with the paper bag?” Mars asked.

“Uranus is a bit… how you say, eccentric,” he replied.

“And ugly,” Jupiter stated bluntly. The other two Commanders simply stared at her. After all, no one had seen him without his bag and Jupiter was probably just making assumptions.

“Well anyway, I don’t really know much about him.”

The magenta haired woman scoffed. “You?! Now knowing much about a person? Well that’s a first.”

“You listen here Jupiter,” a now-angry Mercury began, “if I hear one more thing…”

The male Commander was cut off as a crackling noise from the PA could be heard overheard. “Lunch break is over,” an emotionless voice stated, “Back to work.”

Simultaneously, all the chairs in the room scraped across the floor as everyone stood up to dispose of their trash. Every Team Galactic Commander filed out of the lunchroom, most of them brushing past Mars and not even giving her a second glance.

Jupiter began to storm off as well, annoyed that her lunch still remained untouched, following Saturn. She looked back at Mars expectantly.

“Well are you coming or not?”

The red hear gave a quick nod and waved to Mercury half-heartedly. She was beginning to wonder whether or not this whole Team Galactic thing would work out for the better…


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