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Thread: The Ruins of Alph

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    Default The Ruins of Alph

    What is your opinion of the Ruins of Alph in G/S/C?
    What was your experience with the Ruins like?
    Did you try to collect all of the Unown?

    For me, the Ruins were always a very mysterious place, and the music played within the ruins was one of my very favorite tunes of the games. The easter egg of hearing the Unown noises when turning on your PokeGear radio was also a treat! Plus, the Ruins were the only place to catch Natu and Smeargle- two of my favorite Pokemon!

    However, I seemed to always struggle with the sliding puzzle games! The only puzzle I could solve was Kabuto, the others were so hard for me to solve because the pieces were so grainy and pixelated. Aerodactyl and Ho-oh were especially hard for me to solve!

    I never managed to catch all of the Unown, because imo the prize of collecting the whole alphabet was never worth it to me.

    Discuss the Ruins below!
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    I didn't care much for the Ruins of Alph if I'm being honest. I mean the puzzles there were cool, but only being able to solve them once was disappointing in my opinion. I collected all 26 Unown from there in Silver version at least, but that was it.

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    I found the location to be mysterious,but I wish there were more puzzles to solve.The treasure chambers in Crystal and the remakes were cool,though.

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    The ruins were a somewhat interesting place, I did personally find it to be one of the very few places of interest in Johto. They felt mysterious to some degree which I liked. My experience with the ruins was nothing out of the ordinary, I solved the puzzles, caught some Unown and picked up items there. Also battled the trainers and caught Natu and Smeargle when I got access to the later area of the ruins. From what I remember, I never tried to collect all of the Unown because I found them rather annoying, they were surprisingly hard to catch and hard to weaken as they were very weak, and the worst thing was when they randomly fled from the battle. As for the puzzles, I remember some of them being rather hard for me to solve as a kid, pretty sure I struggled for a while with some or maybe even most of them.
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