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Thread: Pokémon: Crystal Team Ideas

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    Default Pokémon: Crystal Team Ideas

    Okay, I'm hoping this kind of thread is allowed and there isn't one I'm missing, but my I just replaced the internal battery on my Crystal and wanted to play through again.

    The main kind of Pokémon I was looking at are five Gen 1 Pokémon who gained a new evolution in Gen 2, and then my starter being the 6th member. Here's my compiled list so far, I think I've gotten everyone:


    I'd like to avoid the harder ones to get, like Porygon2, Blissey, and Hitmontop, and I plan on using Chikorita again, so that'd also cross Bellossom off the list.

    So given the above list, which 4 Pokémon do you think I should use on my team? So far Crobat is the only one I know for sure because of fly, and then either Slowking or Politoed for Surf. I like using Politoed but I just used him on a team on my Gold that reset itself just a few days ago, so I'm not sure if I should go for Slowking instead now. How good is he when it comes to offense?

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    The ingame team rate forum is probably a better place to ask about team advice.
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