Gwargh, I'm falling behind on these things.
Following ancient Japanese tradition, Ash & Friends go to Cram school.

Ah, Mr. Pyramid King, you're not easy to get rid of.

Their backs aren't hunched over..Could they be kneeling before Rowan's presence? Or does his mightiness really stretch to the skies?

Every summer camp did hold the promise of homoerotic encounters. Could this be Ash's time?

Oh it's...a more boyish Maylene.

DP is playing matchmaker—Okay. Cue the fiddler on the roof!

Ash and Raichu sure tango a lot this saga.

A friendly game of Go Magicarp? Anyone up for high stakes? I'm betting my line of the episode here.

Kendall. The End All of names to me.

It is time to address a serious issue. The extinction of giant rocks..

7/10 I cannot woefully deny the interesting ideas this arc is trying. Or that we're trying more arcs! But prerequisites like Jessie absorbing the spotlight, while Meowth and James stick to being annoying in the back, Team division so drab, THE SECOND COMING OF RITCHIE (I pray she is our Holy Lady of One-Shot). All, really stinging pricks.