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    Okay guys, before you start reading this, I want you to know that all this is something you already know. In fact, the first four chapters will be something you've already seen in the anime, with some added spices. I needed to incorporate them to ensure that my fanfic had a proper flow. I promise you you'll see the reason for that as I post the chapters from Chapter 5 onwards. Till then, please bear with me

    TITLE: Time Only Knows


    It was a sunny day in Pallet Town- a quiet, and little-known-around-the-world township in one of the corners of the Kanto region. While the town itself was little known, the same could not be said of one of its citizens, Professor Samuel Oak- ex-professor at the renown Celadon University, mentor of several prominent scientists spread around the world, and a world renown Pokemon expert himself. He ran the Pokemon Lab in Pallet Town, which was the spot for all beginning trainers of Kanto to receive their starters.

    Pallet Town boasted lush green meadows and hills, with cool winds blowing across all the time. It was also surrounded by quiet, and peaceful woods; a sentiment that was not shared by a little girl wearing a straw hat walking through nervously.

    “Where is everybody?” the girl thought to herself, as she looked around trying to find a way out of the woods.

    She walked a little way further until fear got the better of her and she screamed, “Where is everybody?!”

    It drew no replies from her own kind; although it did succeed in drawing the attention of a wild Poliwag, which proceeded to jump out of the bushes and walk past the terrified girl, startling her and causing her to fall.
    This was the breaking point for her, as she burst into tears- bitterly cursing her misfortune.

    “I didn’t even want to come to this camp” she said to herself silently amid tears. “Mummy!” she screamed at the top of her lungs out of pure desperation and fear, hoping that someone would finally hear her. And the bushes in front of her rustled again.

    “As if what I faced wasn’t enough” she thought, as she curled up, her eyes overflowing with tears. But to her relief, it was a boy stepping out of the bushes this time. He was surprised to see her curled up like that. “What are you doing?” he asked as he walked towards her. While she was relieved that she was finally greeted by a human, she was still too terrified to answer.

    The boy realized this, and said with a smile, “My name is Ash. What’s yours? What’s the matter?”

    The girl choked on her tears and stammered, “My leg. It really hurts”

    To that, Ash knelt down and asked, “Are you alright?” He took his handkerchief from his pocket and said, “Here, this should help” as he tied it around her bruised knee.

    “It’s a good luck charm! Pain, pain go away!” he said, throwing his hands in the air.

    “It’s no use. I cannot stand” said the girl.

    Ash got up, and said with a smile, “Never give up til’ it’s over” as he extended his hand, offering to help her up.

    The girl nervously extended her arm, which Ash grabbed and pulled her up. They then fell into an embrace; and after they broke out of it, he said with a wide grin, “There! You stood up! Anyway, let’s get back to the camp site. C’mon.” he said, as he led her back to the light at the end of the woods, still holding her by the hand.

    Just as they passed the light, Serena opened her eyes to see the light streaming out of her bedroom window, with a dull throbbing in her head. She had fallen out of the bed, and her mother’s Fletchling was the perpetrator. As it had done numerous times before, it used its Peck to wake Serena up. She saw the Tiny Robin perched in front of her, and she attempted to lunge at it in rage. But as always, Fletchling just flew away and dodged her attack. “Oh well” she thought. “Might as well freshen up”.

    This was the umpteenth time she dreamt about that boy, Ash. All it took was that one boy to completely change her mind about the summer camp. She was forced to go to the camp by her mother, and she hated it. But how thankful she was that she did go! She thought of him as she looked into the mirror while brushing her teeth. What did he look like now? Where was he? What was he doing? How she wished, day after day, that she’d finally get to see him again! “Does he still remember me?” was her biggest question. Little did she know what fate had in store for her.

    She went down to have her breakfast, before she had to do the thing she disliked with all her heart- Rhyhorn racing practise. Her mother, Grace, was a champion Rhyhorn racer back in her heydays. And now she was grooming her daughter to do the same. Since she felt that her daughter had no explicit desire to do anything else, she thought she could ease her into Rhyhorn racing. But “ease her” is probably not the right phrase to use, since Rhyhorn racing was anything but easy, especially to someone who disliked it. And there they were, in a meadow in Vaniville Town, a quiet town in the Kalos region. And it wasn’t long before Serena landed face down after the Rhyhorn threw her off its back.

    Meanwhile in the skies, “Attention to all passengers. We are beginning our descent, and will be landing at Lumiose International Terminal in 15 minutes. Please fasten your seatbelts”, said the voice of the pilot in the PA system in the Kalos Air Flight 11. The sound of clicks filled the aircraft, as all passengers began fastening their seatbelts. “Well, we are finally about to land!” said one lady, Alexa to her co-passenger. “Yeah! Finally!” replied the boy. “Pika pika!” said the Pikachu perched on his lap in approval.

    Ash Ketchum was a young trainer, who was one of the trainers who put Pallet Town on the map internationally with his Pokemon battling skills. He was a prominent trainer, reaching the latter stages of all the major competitions he competed in. He was quickly known in each region for his unusual battling style and out of the box ideas which helped him win battle after battle. He was a powerful trainer, beating even legendary Pokemon like Articuno, Darkrai and Latios in various occasions.

    He looked out of the window as the aircraft cut through the clouds. He reminisced about his travels in the different regions, and all his best friends. He remembered Misty and Brock, the Cerulean and Pewter City gym leaders respectively, who travelled with him through Kanto and Johto; giving him much-needed advice, helping him out in various occasions, and being great company. Brock, of course stayed much longer with him, and travelled with him across Hoenn as well, where they also met the children of Norman, the Petalburg City gym leader. He remembered that half of the medallion that he and May split as a mark of their friendship. “Was it really friendship?” he thought to himself. Of course May was now in Johto, participating in contests.

    Brock. Brock was more his brother than a best friend. And what a cook he was! It brought a smile on Ash’s face as he thought of Brock’s famous stews. And how could he forget Sinnoh? Somehow he used to think of her whenever he thought of Sinnoh. She had become synonymous with the region in his mind. Dawn. Such great memories they shared together; such a deep bond. Why did they have to go separate ways?

    Ash sighed and stared above him, looking at the lights and the air-conditioning vents as he thought of home. Although he loved travelling to new places, learning more about Pokemon, there was no place like home. His mother’s cooking, Professor Oak and his lab, and all his Pokemon which lived there. He stroked Pikachu with a smile as he reminisced about the time they first met. They had so many great journeys, battles and memories together. And he was his best friend.

    He then felt the lurch as the aircraft landed on the tarmac; and as it came to a halt, he told Pikachu, “Well Pikachu, here begins another adventure!” “Pika pika-chu!” Pikachu replied.
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    Time Only Knows - An AmourShipping Fanfiction by me.
    UPDATE: Chapter 9 is up. Reminiscence (Memories Arc)

    The Heart Still Cares- A one-off which will be introduced as Chapter 11/12 of Time Only Knows

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    It's good for your first piece, but there could be may refinements. For example, there was no transition between Serena starting breakfast and ending up face-first after a session of Rhyhorn Racing, something which left me quite confused. That's one example I could pick out easily, but you should look for something called a 'Beta Reader' on FanFiction.Net before posting your story. They basically proofread your story to make it better. I'd ask this guy about it, since his story is one of the best Amourshipping stories out there.

    Once again, I'll say that this is good, especially for your first story. I just think it needs some refinement before it's truly ready.

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    Could you please add a rating to the first post? I assume this is an Amourshipping fic, so perhaps you could also include that somewhere in there as well. Thanks.

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