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Thread: The Aura is With Me (Advanceshipping)

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    *stares at last few lines of chappie without expression*.....May......d-d-dr-drew......NYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*falls of chair*...Ok I got it outta my system,I know this wont turn into CS otherwise you wouldnt of put AdvanceShipping at the top...right...RIGHT??!!!Meh,drew cant be with anyone because he evil ^^This is gonna be a jealousy thing aint it....Ah well 'tis a good chappie othwerise.But damnit its been 7 chapters and may and ash havent even met!*sigh* I guess on my level,I need alot more.

    *reads last few lines again*No no NO!*gets chainsaw and stares at drew
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    Calm down, BlazeFusion, violence is not the answer, even if it is Drew.
    Now calm down, relax, more and more relaxed.
    Heh, I forgot, this is not an hypnosis session.
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    Quote Originally Posted by XxMays_flowerxX View Post
    - runs around the room in panic -
    EHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    May.. and....
    - tears hair out -
    Quote Originally Posted by BlazeFusion76 View Post
    *stares at last few lines of chappie without expression*.....May......d-d-dr-drew......NYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*falls of chair*...Ok I got it outta my system,I know this wont turn into CS otherwise you wouldnt of put AdvanceShipping at the top...right...RIGHT??!!!Meh,drew cant be with anyone because he evil ^^This is gonna be a jealousy thing aint it....Ah well 'tis a good chappie othwerise.But damnit its been 7 chapters and may and ash havent even met!*sigh* I guess on my level,I need alot more.

    *reads last few lines again*No no NO!*gets chainsaw and stares at drew
    Um... Wow, are you two ADHD or what (although I can't really say that b/c I have ADHD XD )? Obviously advanceshipping is the main focus of this fic, and D*** is evil. I'm wondering tho, did D*** do that to May, or was it CHarleyton?
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    Hahaha!!! Wow, I'm so so glad that I got everyone here reaching for some kind of bludgening device in response to Drew! Exactly what I wanted! *Always thought he was a arogant little jerk.*

    Quote Originally Posted by XxMays_flowerxX
    - runs around the room in panic -
    EHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    May.. and....
    - tears hair out -
    I'd hate to see video coverage of that...:P

    Quote Originally Posted by BlazeFusion76
    *reads last few lines again*No no NO!*gets chainsaw and stares at drew
    Epic poetry! XD

    Naw, but apart from that, I can't be any happier with the reception that I got! Eon, seeing as how you are obviously a sane person, I can't wait to hear all of the constructive criticism you can give! CyberBlaziken and Sp1derp1g, been here since for ever and short, sweet and to the point! I love it! Mayziken, thanks for backing me up against this new omnipresent horde of Drew detesters. *Shiver*! :P And XxMays_flowerxX, thanks for the kind words! Got to say, you've got a great fanfiction in the making. Excellent excellent work!

    Hopefully the next chap will NOT take another 3-4 months to create. Dangit education...
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    Hellllooooo. I have read a few chapters a long time ago, and see that I have to catch up now. Anyways, I like this story. *attempts to sound professional*Good details and I like your style.

    Now on with the review.
    Congrats you answered my question. Who would win in a fight between Ash and a Beachball?? Well guess beachball won this round. lol

    That ribbon thing was nice. Finally some advanceshipping!! Kidding kidding, but anyways, really nice how the ribbons reminded her of Ash.

    Now here comes the scene that me no likey: May and that Flipping Hair Freak!?!? Although, I will admit I did see this coming and I'm just going to comtrol myself..... I'm perfectly fine *rips head off teddy bear* Great that's my 5th one ever since I read that.

    Just kidding, but seriously, if that No-Good-Stuck-Up-Flipping-Hair-Jerk-Face trys to make one move on our innocent little May, he's gonna- *calm advance4ev drags angry advance4ev away from the computer*

    *cough*Anyways, keep up the awesome work ^^

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    Gah we all feel the same about the green haird evil gremlin....Oh and for the record I do not have adh-Oh look a butterfly

    Anyways just came by to say keep it up...other than the green haired gremlin *sigh* I better go before I go overboard again...
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    Quote Originally Posted by lunarshadow View Post
    Hahaha!!! Wow, I'm so so glad that I got everyone here reaching for some kind of bludgening device in response to Drew! Exactly what I wanted! *Always thought he was a arogant little jerk.*
    My thoughts exactly. The first time I saw drew in the anime, I thought "wow, this guy is more arrogant than... probably everybody :P
    I was so happy when he got crushed by that coordinater (hopefully I spelled that right) with the Medicham. I thought "Ha! Serves you right, ya snob!"
    Can't wait for next chapter!

    Quote Originally Posted by lunarshadow View Post
    Eon, seeing as how you are obviously a sane person, I can't wait to hear all of the constructive criticism you can give!
    Yay! Somebody doesn't think I'm insane! *throws a party to celebrate*
    Are you sure you want to hear my criticisms? *laughs evilly* Just kidding, you're doing an excellent job.
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    Unhappy -_-

    This already seems like its gonna be a 3-4 month thing if you ask me
    Just dont put that green haired....thing in it too much 0.O
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    New reader!

    I have to say I love it so far. I haven't read an Advanceshipping fic in a while, so its nice to read this one. The plot is compelling and its really working up my curiosity. I've never read an aura fic before.

    Keep up the good work, Lunarshadow!

    *~Shiny Clefairy
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    Cant wait for the next chapter, may be my first reply to anything but im glad its advanceshipping since thats what i like...Btw is there a PM list?

    Great fic btw, i want new chapter soon.

    Btw Happy Halloween!
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    Right there :D


    Awesome so far. Keep it up.

    Oh yeah, Please don't put some CS in there, Drew is a ****. D:

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    Great Britain! FTW!

    Thumbs up

    I've been reading this fic for a while but only just got an account so now I can review.

    In chapter 1 I really enjoyed the battle between Flint's Infernape and Ash's Buizel, and the way you had Flint use a strategy that Ash came up with against Gary's Blastiose, against him putting Ash in Gary's place and coming up with a counter strategy was brilliant.

    I wonder what happened to May, I hope that it wasn't too bad and that Drew the stuck-up, arrogant, narcissistic, womanizing, jerk will get what he deserves. I sometimes see Drew as the guy in Britney Spears' Womanizer music video.

    I'm glad I got that out of my system.

    Although the shipping so far seems to be light and May and Ash haven't seen each other so far in this fic, having a well thought out plot is more important. Not much of the further plot has been revealed, but as with the shipping it will come with the next chapters.

    You don't update this fic often but as long as the next chapter is good I don't mind so I won't pester you.

    Keep at it.

    See Ya
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    I love this fic lunar add me to the PM list Im awaitiing next chap eagerly

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    I'm so happy to see that you put this story up on here. Without a doubt, this is one of my favorite stories that I've read from FanFiction.
    What the hell did you do to May, Drew? Drew seriously is one of my favorite characters from Pokemon and I won't be happy if he did anything to May :O
    That part where Ash got hit with a beach ball was hilarious. I seriously couldn't stop laughing. I just found it so funny.
    Great story and I'm looking forward to more. Keep it up

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    Chapter Eight: Neo Discovery

    No matter how many times the trio of Jessie, James, and Meowth magically appeared before the trio of Ash, Dawn, and Brock, the former group of three never got over the urge to collectively strangle something out of sheer annoyance. Team Rocket was just that omnipresent.

    [/b][18:38 P.M.] Sunyshore City (Shoreline Park), Sinnoh Region[/b]

    “Listen, is that a voice of the Sinnoh Champion I hear?” Jessie rang.

    “It's speaking to me loud and clear!” James replied.

    “Sucking out the wind!”

    “Near and far!”

    “Noise in your ears!” Meowth chimed in.

    “Stealing your Pokémon at a breakneck pace!” continued Jessie.

    “Bagging them, napping them, putting fear in their place,” added James.

    “A trainer’s or elite’s Pokémon is just as sweet.”

    “But we have them both so our work is complete!”



    “And Meowth, now dat's a name!”

    “Putting the do-gooders in their place!” spat Jessie.

    “We're Team Rocket!” James triumphantly called.

    “And we’re in your face!” the whole trio exclaimed.


    “GET BACK IN YOUR BALL!” shrieked Jessie. She yanked out the small Poké Ball from her belt, enlarged it, and as quickly as mechanically possible retracted a sulking Wobbuffet back inside.

    “Team Rocket!” the trio of Ash, Brock, and Dawn yelled out again.

    Cynthia, Flint, and Lucian glanced over at the three teens who looked highly agitated and hardly willing to see this new bunch of people.

    “Are these queers friends of yours?” Flint asked, looking up at the comical machine above.

    “They do seem somewhat familiar… Have we met before?” Lucian also added.

    “Yeah, they’re the ones who took Buizel after our battle!” Dawn replied in a very frustrated tone.

    “Missed us twerp?” Meowth called out from his own image inspired hot air balloon. “You and dat Pikachu blasted us up pretty far last time, but now we’re back wit our Super Ultra PokéVac Mark Three! Now you get to see it in action as a first time victim!”

    “I’m so honored,” Ash sarcastically jeered.

    “Is he insulting our devious plans and hard work?” James in the balloon basket flailed his arms in response and asked out loud, “The nerve!”

    “You little brat! You don’t know how long we’ve spent on this machine, not to mention the amount of money we spent!” Jessie added.

    “HAHAHAHAHA!!!” Meowth maniacally laughed at the controls, his paw gently caressing the metal frame. “But it’s all woith it. Every penny spent! Let’s see, lift da flap, and hit da button…HEI—YAH!”

    Suspended from the Meowth balloon was a large tank, flashing its lights to signal the engaging mechanisms. A wide tube extended out of the tank like a spring and with it, the nozzle of a vacuum¬, only magnified several times.

    “Oh no, this can’t be good…” Brock forewarned as the machine roared to life. Suddenly Brock realized what was happening. “Guys, they’ve tried this before! Hold onto your Poké—”

    Too late. The little orbs from Ash’s belt, Brock’s backpack, Dawn’s knapsack, Lucian’s coat pocket, Cynthia’s purse, and Flint’s afro hairdo all flew out of their respectable homes like nails drawn to an electromagnet into the vacuum whirlwind of the Super Ultra PokéVac Mark Three.

    —balls…” Brock inclined to finish.

    Leaves and branches tore off of the surrounding public greenery. The water fountains lost the natural water arks as the water vaporized to mist and got sucked in with everything else. Worse still, Pikachu, who was on top of Ash’s shoulder, and all of Ash’s other Pokémon called out for the training session began to rise off of their feet, claws, and paws towards their doom.

    “No! Pikachu, no!” Ash yelled out as Pikachu rose towards the machine much more quickly than anyone else. Ash watched in horror as Staraptor and Gliscor were unable to ride a current against the winds, as Infernape scratched wildly through the air as if trying to swim back down, and as Torterra stared blankly into the air as he was magically lifted skyward.

    “HAHA-HAHAHA!” Grinning in the most comically, devilish, and nonsensical way possible to themselves, the trio of thieves pumped more hot air into the Meowth balloon’s thrusters once all of their victims lay in the bowels of the tank and waved goodbye. “Team Rocket’s blasting off for real!”

    The balloon drifted off swiftly but at the mercy of the air, leaving the grounded trainers some time to prepare.

    “Guys we have to get them back!” Ash urged everyone.

    “But how?” Lucian appeared flabbergasted with his jaw wide open. He’d never been robbed so spectacularly before. “We don’t have any flying Pokémon on us, or any others at all! How do you plan to catch up to them?”

    “You know, it looks like they’re headed towards the Lighthouse straight ahead!” Brock said, looking off into the distance with his squinted eyes. “Maybe we can cut them off if we reach the roof it time!”

    “Well, what are we waiting for then? Let’s go!” Cynthia shouted urgently.

    At that, the whole gang started running at a breakneck pace towards the Sunyshore Lighthouse. Unbeknownst to the celebrating members of the hot air balloon, the ground group ran at a faster rate than the horizontal airspeed of the balloon. Perhaps if the airborne trio noticed that, whatever would transpire next wouldn’t have in quite the same way.

    [b][21:35 P.M.] Cianwood City (Pokémon Center), Johto Region[/i]

    Caroline was fully gripped with her daughter’s story. After all, she loved to recount smitten tales about her personal experiences for anyone with the patience to listen to her. However, she was deeply puzzled.

    “May, this sounds so romantic and wonderful! Your first date with a young man—it reminds me of my first time with your father. He showed up at the restaurant looking so nice and handsome, and when he took my hand, I practically melted on the spot!”

    Caroline seemed to have drifted off into the bliss of her not-long forgotten memory but she noticed May’s eyes seemed to drop to her lap in embarrassment and shame.

    Caroline snapped out of her quick reverie and tenderly asked her daughter, “Honey, what went wrong?”

    “Mom,” May answered in a barely audible whisper, her eyes still toward the ground, “Now that I look back, I know that it all started going downhill right there. He just came at me so fast, I—I didn’t know what to do! I took his hand and followed him into the restaurant, you know, because I just thought he was just being nice! But now…now I think he was just trying to use me. No. He did use me.”

    [17:50 P.M.] Olivine City (Bruno’s Bistro n’ Barbecue), Johto Region — Two Months Ago

    Drew and May walked in through the double doors, hand in hand, and as they approached the seating waitress, the former casually and shamelessly voiced his opinion to his guest.

    “I thought a regular restaurant for commoners would be fine for now.”

    The waitress, busy writing up her newly created seating chart, did not notice the pair of coordinators until she heard Drew’s comment. She looked up rather quickly and began to ask for the party amount, but accidentally knocked over her seating chart, sending it crashing to the checkered floor with an obvious thump. She looked like this was her first night at work.

    Hastily gathering her papers, she opened her mouth again to speak, but Drew cut her short.

    “—Two please, and thank you.”

    “Oh, right…” she nervously responded. “Uh, yes, of course, sir!”

    She clumsily gathered a pair of menus and motioned for May and Drew to follow her.

    May seemed to notice the waitress’ lack of familiarity with the place and decided that she was just getting used to the restaurant. She didn’t mind that her party ended up walking the grand tour of the restaurant. Drew on the other hand was none too pleased with the waitress’ indecisiveness.

    “This will do, thanks,” Drew said, motioning to an empty booth near the back. After the waitress had left and taken up their requests for drinks, the two coordinators began discussing ‘contest strategy’.

    “Drew, that wasn’t very nice of you at all,” May began as she glared disapprovingly at Drew.

    “What? Taking you to dinner? On the contrary, I think it’s high on the list of nice things I can do for you,” Drew replied. He didn’t seem fazed by May’s question or facial expression in the least.

    “Not dinner, I was talking about the waitress!” May sighed at Drew. “Couldn’t you see that this is her first night here?”

    “Well, if that’s true, then she just needs to be trained up a bit more—” Drew cut himself short, lazily kicked back in his booth cushion and rested his head on his folded hands like a hammock. “Not so much unlike yourself, might I add. May, oh May… what are we going to do about you?”

    “I don’t know…” May looked at Drew in an embarrassed and almost hesitant way, letting her head droop slightly. “I tried as hard as I could when I was training by myself and my appeals looked fine and great, better than ever. But why isn’t that helping me win?”

    “Oh, but you already know the answer to that question. You’re just too soft in battle,” Drew almost snorted but quickly managed to turn it into a chuckle. “All I’ve ever seen you do in a contest hall is appeal to the audience like a coordinator, and then battle like a trainer.

    “You really are just like Ash and you haven’t truly learned your lesson. A contest battle is not for a simple Pokémon trainer, it’s a whole level above it. You can’t afford to play games anymore! To win a battle means to take an opponent out with brute skill and no mercy. As you well put it, win the battle by storm.”

    “But… Ash never battled to destroy his opponent!” May fiercely stated, trying to defend him. “He always battled because he enjoyed it—!”

    “—and that’s why he’s never won any of those leagues he’s competed in.”

    Drew sat up a little straighter and flicked his hair again.

    “I could care less about how Ash battles. He is a terrible battler and an even worse coordinator. Don’t follow in his wake.”

    “Drew! Why are you saying that?” May stared, not able to believe what she was hearing. “It all sounds so… so… heartless!”

    “If you ever want to get anything, you have to be heartless,” Drew sighed slightly to himself and a small grin spread across his face.

    May suddenly felt both of Drew’s hands clasp onto her own. Her sparkling sapphire eyes darted up to meet Drew’s unfazed vermilion eyes in reflex, but she did not take her hand away. She felt his fingers slowly run across the palm of her hand.

    “Well… sometimes,” Drew said, smirking slightly as he did.

    Somehow holding his hand seemed to relax May like nothing had before. Completely forgetting Drew’s comment made not seconds ago, and not explicitly knowing that she was doing it, she lightly squeezed Drew’s hand and smiled at him. He returned the favor and sustained it for little longer.

    But then, just as quickly as he had taken hold of May’s hand, he let it go to pull a large glass of iced water toward him. It was then that May noticed her lemonade out of the corner of her eye.

    [21:53 P.M.] Cianwood City (Pokémon Center), Johto Region

    “Oh no,” Caroline shook her head slowly in disproval. Now all of the handsome thoughts she had for Drew vanished like a fragrance in the wind. “May, that boy is nothing but trouble! Why, oh why didn’t you talk to me before now?”

    “I don’t know, Mom! I didn’t think I’d need to! He seemed so nice that I… I just got caught up with him!” May desperately tried to explain.

    Caroline furrowed her brow and sighed softly. “Honey, you and I both know you didn’t just get ‘caught up’ with him.”

    “W-what? What do you mean?” May asked.

    “You were head over heels for him, May. You loved him.”

    A cold chill shot down through May’s spine. “W-What? Mom, no I… no I didn’t!”

    “Well, you probably didn’t love him quite like I love your father, at least. I think you just liked him very, very much—more or less,” Caroline shot May an apologetic look, trying to express her empathy for her. “It’s natural, May! Liking guys like Drew is what love at your age is all about. You’re so eager to jump into the fray that you don’t notice the shortcomings along the way.”

    May sat still, feeling her chest tensing up and forming a knot somewhere around her heart. She felt constricted, like on the verge of suffocation. She took a breath of air to annul her pains but it only made the feeling worse. She looked back at her mother to try and say something, but her mother saved May the trouble and cut her thoughts short.

    “All I’m trying to say… is that I understand. You know, I was once a young girl myself. There is nothing to be ashamed of, nothing at all,” Caroline continued to gaze at her daughter with utmost care and comfort. She smiled to encourage her, “Go on May, tell me what happened after all of that training.”

    [17:49 P.M.] Olivine City (Pokémon Contest; Main Stage | Third Round, Finals), Johto Region — One Month Ago

    “Beautifly, use String Shot, and follow it up by Silver Wind!” May commanded.

    Beautifly immediately complied and loosed a digit-wide sticky string from its elongated proboscis into the air. She stopped the seemingly endless thread and rapidly flapped her wings at an incredible rate, procuring a whirlwind laced with a strange silver hue. Opposite of May on the contest field stood a frail-appearing boy who looked as though Beautifly’s newly conjured assault will knock him off the battlefield entirely.

    Commanding a large Fearow, he shouted out, “Dodge that whirlwind and use Wing Attack!”

    The Fearow witnessed the combination maelstrom of String Shot and Silver Wind take shape and charge directly towards itself. Obeying his master, the Fearow dove directly toward the ground, easily dodging the cyclone by several yards to spare, and flew directly parallel to the ground causing the field to release dust into the air. Finally, Fearow pulled straight up darting directly towards Beautifly.

    “Use Psychic to direct the String Shot and Silver Wind! Intercept that Fearow!” May yelled out while the Fearow was still flying parallel to the ground.

    Beautifly widened her eyes in concentration as her pupils glowed an eerie aqua marine. Shortly after, a glowing light mirroring the hue in Beautifly’s eyes appeared in the center of the waning cyclone’s winds. The glowing mass slowly started to rotate and dragged the surrounding air into a concentrated vortex. Within seconds, the spinning air accelerated, displacing the glow across the entire cyclone until it narrowed into a funnel. Just as the Fearow pulled out of its horizontal flight and flew directly at Beautifly, the later directed its mental thought and guided its onslaught.

    “This is it ladies and gentlemen!” the Johto Master of Contest Lillian announced to the riled crowd. She gazed at the scoreboard and reported, “There’s only twenty-three more seconds left on the clock, and the scores are almost matched! This last attack will decide it! Who will it be? ”

    The crowd, imitating the MC’s excitement began cheering for their champion and watched the final assault to unfold. Everyone in the contest hall sat on the edge of their seats anxiously waiting, but a certain Drew Blackthorne partook in none of the atmosphere.

    Off to the side in the shadows of the stage entrance hallway and out of sight from the crowd, judges, and contestants, Drew contemplated not of contest strategy but rather of what to make out of May and her recent gestures.

    What has gotten into her anyway? Drew wondered inside his head as he turned toward the contest battle ahead of him. All I wanted was some fun, not a full blown commitment! She must think I’m serious about her or something weird like that…

    [17:44 P.M.] Olivine City (Pokémon Contest; Prep Room), Johto Region — One Month Ago

    May and Drew sat side by side in the changing room on one of the many benches by themselves in anticipation for the final round of battle. The room was void of anyone else because all of the previously eliminated contestants were seated in the crowd. May was lightly tapping her knees together in slight apprehension but Drew kept a straight face with total calm.

    “Attention finalists May and George, please report to the stage in one minute,” A secretarial voice called through the speakers. Upon hearing the announcement, Drew stood up from his place on the bench and turned towards the door leading to the main seats.

    “Just remember what we practiced: no mercy, just power and grace, and you’ll be fine,” he spoke with an afterthought-like tone.

    May nodded absentmindedly at Drew’s advice and looked towards Drew. When she noticed him already walking towards the Prep Room exit she quickly stood on her feet and called out, “Drew, wait!”

    He turned around about to ask what, but no sooner had he even moved his torso, May practically jumped on him and pulled the unsuspecting coordinator in a tight embrace. He was taken quite by surprise.

    “May, what are you doing?” Drew asked uncomfortably.

    “I’m thanking you for all that you’ve done for me!” May looked up at him expecting the answer to be obvious and smiled. “Is that a crime?”

    “It was nothing…” Drew replied, attempting to keep his composure. That was proving to be quite difficult considering how May’s arms weren’t relenting in the very least. “Er—you’ve got a contest battle to get to!”

    “They can wait for me right?” Instead of listening to reason, May began to take in the moment as she murmured, “Mmm… I wish we could stay this way forever…”

    “What? You wish… you wish what?” he asked, almost afraid of the answer.

    The young girl tried to keep her face from showing any sign of weakness, but she still felt a tight knot deep inside her chest and a rosy blush on her cheeks.

    “I… I wish we could stay like this, you know? Me and you?”

    Drew stood in place at a loss of smooth words to say. Instead of groping around for the right words and stuttering, he decided to abruptly pull out of their hug and lightly push her in the direction of the contest hall. May didn’t mind being reminded of the task at hand but as she walked off and waved back, she didn’t catch sight of a return wave, but rather a sight of Drew fixing his vest for wrinkles.

    [17:51 P.M.] Olivine City (Pokémon Contest; Main Stage | Third Round, Finals), Johto Region — One Month Ago

    “Forever,” Drew contemplated. The word kept repeating itself in his head as he tried to visualize the pair of coordinators in each other’s presence for all eternity¬, till death did them apart, in love for all time. His mind floundered.

    “I can’t do that,” Drew decided with a frown on his face. “I have to end this and end this fast, before it gets any worse.”

    Drew looked up towards the sky directly above the winner’s circle to watch the final blow of the contest round. May’s Beautifly perfectly directed the silvery vortex combination attack at the boy’s Fearow. Upon contact, the large bird’s flight path was halted as its body became engulfed by the searing silver winds. The latent String Shot contacted with the Fearow’s feathers and bound its wings together like a rotisserie preparation.

    Once the storm’s winds had exhausted itself, the bound bird fell out of the air and landed on the ground with a resounding thump. The buzzer rang, signaling that time had run out, the battle was over, and the contest winner was to be decided.

    “Time is up, and who’s our winner?” Lillian excitedly asked the crowd. With great enthusiasm she drew her microphone toward her and announced, “It’s May, from Petalburg City! Congratulations, May! Let’s give her a great round of applause!”

    The crowd roared as the winner was announced. Up on the scoreboard the point deductions had made it clear that May had won the contest with a landslide finale. She waved out to her fans in the crowd and ran towards the field. As May embraced her Beautifly and walked over to congratulate the boy and his Fearow, Drew withdrew to the contestant waiting room and walked further to the main lobby. Once he reached the empty entrance room, he eyed around for the videophones and approached the nearest booth.

    He sat before the videophone kiosk, punched in the number that he had memorized, picked up the transceiver and waited for the dial tones. After a short while, the familiar red-haired face of Soledad appeared on the screen and spoke happily when she saw the caller’s video feed.

    “Drew!” Soledad squealed. “Oh my God, where have you been? I’ve been waiting for you to call for days now!”

    “Oh, me too, beautiful. You’re in that Cianwood Hotel I booked for you right?” Drew replied sweetly, leaning in slightly to get a better view of his call recipient.

    “Of course! I can’t wait for you and me to spend some quality time together!” Soledad asked with a sly look on her face. “What’s taking so long?”

    “I was staying in Olivine to help May out with her contest…” Drew said, reclining in his chair, lazily flicking his hair as usual. “Only because I am such a good person.”

    “Did she win?”

    “With my help, naturally yes.”

    “Well that’s good for her, but when will you get here? I can’t stand the anticipation!” Soledad kept questioning, teasing Drew all the while. “A part of me thinks you’re doing this on purpose!”

    “Well maybe I am? Who knows?” Drew smoothly spoke with a wink. “Should be within the next day or so. But read my lips… I’ll show you the best night you’ve ever had if you show me mine.”

    “Hahaha, oh I will!” She giggled with glee at his gestures. Suddenly her tone dropped down into playful suspicion. “Say. You haven’t been doing anything with May have you? If you have, your window of opportunity will close on you… I’m sure it won’t be pleasant.”

    Soledad she tightened her cross-legged pose and gave Drew a threatening snarl to top it off.

    “Oh, I would never dream of it,” Drew’s already wide grin seemed to snake wider at Soledad’s gestures. “Honestly, May doesn’t even come close to as interesting as you. You’re just absolutely perfect.”

    “Aww… Drew you’re so sweet! I’ll be waiting for you then.” Soledad brought her hands towards her mouth and spread them out after blowing him a kiss. “I love you!”

    “You too, Soledad. Bye.”

    At that, Drew hung up the videophone and turned around to see May approaching behind him from the contest participant room. Only one lose end remained.

    [22:12 P.M.] Cianwood City (Pokémon Center), Johto Region

    “May, do you realize just how lucky you are to be rid of this guy?”

    May looked up to her own videophone feed and saw her stunned mother with her eyes wide open as if she were watching open heart surgery.

    “Just listen to yourself! Drew’s just a hormone driven jerk! Be happy that you left him! Speaking of which, how did you leave him?”

    “Mom… h-he left me,” May continued hesitantly. “A month later… I was about to go on stage for the final round and to face off against Soledad. I was doing fine in the Cianwood Contest, but I wanted to go over to her waiting room to wish her luck before we faced each other.

    “I knocked on the door, but there was no response, so I tried to listen if there was anyone inside. I heard sounds so I opened the door up a crack…” May’s voice started to falter slightly as she neared the end.

    “And what dear? What did you see?” Caroline pressed on even though she knew the answer before she had asked.

    “I… I saw them h-hugging real close a-and Drew was moving his hands all over Sol-Soledad, and they—they were kissing like… l-like…”

    “May, don’t let yourself get dragged down by this guy! I understand what you’re going through,” Caroline heaved a heavy sigh when she heard her final words. “You feel betrayed, cheated, and you never even got around to telling him exactly how you felt, and then this came up. I bet you couldn’t concentrate during your contest right? It’s completely fine if you were unfocused. I know that I would be if I were in your place.”

    “The t-thing is…” May continued. “As soon as Drew and I landed in Cianwood, Soledad took up all of Drew’s time. There was a month left for the contest and we both needed to practice… but whenever I would try to find them they were nowhere to be found! I ended up training mostly by m-myself for a whole month until the contest. And then this all happened… I was so stupid…”

    [20:13 P.M.] Cianwood City (Beach), Johto Region

    “I lost…” she mouthed softly to herself. “I lost…”

    The final round of the Cianwood City Pokémon Contest was heartbreaking to watch. Although May sent out Blaziken and Glaceon, her best two Pokémon for the battle against Soledad’s Lapras and Pidgeot, she couldn’t keep focused on the battle at hand. Her mind constantly wandered back to the waiting room where Drew and Soledad were “preparing”.

    Why did Drew suddenly do that to—no… with Soledad? May thought angrily to herself, her mind consumed in a civil war over the evening’s events. They’ve never even been together before! Wait, but the whole time at the hotel… no that can’t be. We spent so much time together…!

    Drew and I went through a whole month of training just for the Olivine ribbon… that can’t have been for nothing! May couldn’t help but feel her eyes sting at the mere memories. We talked, saw places together… we even held hands… we had a great time! Doesn’t he care about me? Why Soledad?

    May walked along the Cianwood coast away from the Pokémon Center, her eyes staring at the moving ground below her. She would’ve loved to have Blaziken, Glaceon, or anybody by her side to cope with the loss and talk, but everyone she knew was taking a well-deserved rest back at the Pokémon Center. May was all alone.

    It wasn’t their fault… They battled as best they could just like always. May thought bitterly. It’s my fault this happened. I… I couldn’t stop thinking about them… I wish Drew wasn’t with Soledad at all. I wish… I wish he was with me…

    The setting sun cast its crimson light all along the coast of Olivine, enveloping it in a sea of brilliant orange and soothing red. Off in the distance, a deep and mellow horn resounded. May looked up in reflex for the source and spotted a large transport ship among a few empty docks on the port.

    All she wanted to do was run away. The inviting freedom of an escape on the seas called to May like the horn off in the distance. The events of the contest jarred in her mind, every mistaken order she called reverberated in her ears, and the image of Drew and Soledad in a passionate liaison only clawed at her from the inside. Those thoughts constricted her chest, preventing her from even breathing normally. It was like a betrayal, a betrayal of trust, emotion, and friendship. All of her mind was focused on the boy whom she thought had eyes only for her, who stuck with her for all of these weeks, who for some reason let her go before she could even see it coming.

    Suddenly May noticed two barely recognizable figures walking towards the boat in the distance, hand in hand. Once she noticed emerald green hair on one of them, she ran towards the cruise ship to try to catch up with them.


    Some distance away from May’s figure, Drew and Soledad were discussing the results of the contest. As they neared the cruiser they focused their discussion on what had happened to their once formidable rival.

    “You know Drew, I didn’t have any fun during the final round. After facing May in the Johto Grand Festival I hoped that she improved. My intuition tells me she did but it looked like she couldn’t concentrate today. She looked distraught! I wonder what happened…” Soledad spoke as she held her left hand in Drew’s right.

    “I’d stop worrying about it, really. You won the contest, and now you can go to the Grand Festival! That’s what really counts right now,” Drew responded reassuringly. He just wanted to get this episode over with as soon as possible.

    “I guess,” Soledad nodded at Drew’s words. “But I hope that the next time I see her we can have a real contest battle.”

    Out of the corner of his eye, Drew noticed a girl with a green and white bandana running down the shoreline of the beach, waving him down. He sighed to himself and decided it was best to really settle things once and for all.

    “Hey Soledad, go ahead and save us a seat on the boat. There’s something I need to take care of before we leave,” Drew requested.

    She shrugged it off as no big deal and complied. “Sure thing Drew! Just make sure you come back, or else the boat will leave with me on it!” She teased with a wink.

    “Don’t worry. I’ll be there,” Drew smiled.

    Drew released Soledad’s hand and watched her run off to the ticket checker, explain the situation, and then walk up the ramp. Just as he was satisfied that Soledad had disappeared from view, Drew turned around to see May running towards him, wearing the most worn and broken expression he had ever seen in his life.

    What used to be a chirpy and positive young coordinator degenerated into a downtrodden and ragged girl who looked like a victim of neglect. As much as he hated to put May in this state, Drew felt that it was best to get this all over with; even at the expense of May’s heart.

    Stifling back her building tears, she began, “Drew, I… I—”

    “—May, I’m really sorry,” Drew cut her off.

    Why Drew? Why did you suddenly go after S-Soledad?” May’s speech faltered even more as she tried to hide her hears. “I thought… I th-thought…”

    “May,” Drew sighed. “You and I are just really good friends.”

    “Then why were you acting so nice to me? You helped me w-win the Olivine contest, told me all of those… sweet things… and we went out to dinner all the time!” May was practically pleading with Drew at this point. “I don’t understand!”

    “May, I was only trying to have a good time with you,” Drew said softly. “I knew that the Grand Festival was fast approaching, and I knew that I had to get you off of that horrible battle style as soon possible. It was nothing more than that.”

    “But… Drew… I th-thought…” May couldn’t take it any longer. She had to say what was on her mind. As fresh tears started to fall down her face, May shouted, “I thought you liked me!”

    The sight was hard to watch. As Drew saw May finally break down in front of him, he realized the magnitude of what he’d done, but he also realized that nothing he could say would really fix the problem, so he stayed the course and kept to his candid, but insensitive honesty..

    “May, I was just flirting with you. I don’t know what else to say. I’ve been with Soledad for a while, long before you even came back from Sinnoh. You just didn’t know it, and I regret not telling you beforehand…”

    Drew sighed to himself and rubbed the back of his neck. “If you knew, I guess it wouldn’t have been as hard on you when you found us in the Prep Room.”

    He waited for a response from May, but received none, only choked back sobs.

    Taking this as his queue to continue he explained, “Look. We couldn’t make it together even if we tried. I’m way too ambitious, I want to take things to the next level, and I know that you’re not like that. Things just wouldn’t work out.”

    May wanted to say something, to do something, to keep whatever feelings Drew may have had her before they were gone forever. Slowly she realized there was nothing that could be done. May felt the boy of her desires slip away right in front of her. All she could muster was to look up at him, and stare into his pine green eyes and plead for another chance.

    Drew wouldn’t have any of it. “May… listen to me. I’m really sorry for what I’ve done to you. I never meant to hurt you, and I don’t know how to begin to say how regretful I am for doing that.”

    He called out his Roserade from its Poké Ball and requested it to provide him with a white rose. Roserade gladly offered the white flower to Drew, who in turn, presented it to the girl in front of him.

    “You’re probably sick and tired of these roses by now, and I can’t say I blame you. I just want you to have one very last rose, as a parting gift.”

    As Drew handed May the white flower, he heard the horn behind him sound off its warning. He recalled his Roserade, and turned his attention back to May once more.

    “I hope one day you’ll forgive me,” Drew spoke solemnly.

    With a heavy heart, he nodded May goodbye and ran off to the ticket manager of the cruise ship, climbed aboard, darted out of May’s sight, and sat alongside Soledad.

    The tears were still slowly edging down May’s face as the resounding horn of the cruise ship merrily announced its farewell to Olivine City. As May wiped her face to more clearly see the boat leave, the brilliant setting sun cast a beautiful display of reds, oranges, and yellows across the sky.

    “Bye, Drew.”

    As the cruise ship parted the Johto waters, she stayed loyal vigil, watching the ship venture out further into the horizon, slowly diminishing in size until it was gone. A gentle sea breeze filled the air and seemed to whisk the melancholy conversation of minutes ago away with it. May, realizing that Drew had finally left her for her archrival Soledad, turned back toward the Pokémon Center, and walked slowly towards her destination. As she walked however, her attention was not focused on the moving ground below her, but on the flower in her hands, emanating the hue of the setting sun.

    She distinctly noticed that even though its petals were naturally white, she saw tones not of pure white, but of red, yellow, and orange. The hue reminded her vaguely of feelings of joy, good memories, and peace. It was a warm, comforting shade of auburn.


    Dear Readers:

    (Needless to say, I am surprised myself. It's been well over a year and I'm still sticking with it. I know that I've disappointed you, in fact, I've disappointed myself. However, this does not mean that I won't keep writing. You may have thought that it was writer's block or hiatus, but no. It was me being lazy or busy with actual work in school. Right now I'm a senior in high school, and college applications are literally the first thing on my mind when I wake up in the morning. But this story is what's on my mind every night when I think before I go to bed. I never gave up on the story, and I am intent on finishing it the way I wanted to when I started two years ago. I can't promise anything, but I will try to continue to write, even if it kills me.)-LOL two years ago

    The scheme of titling these four “May” chapters revolve around the Neo expansion set of the Pokémon TCG. Neo Discovery (Scizor) was the first pack of Pokémon cards I had ever gotten. It was rather odd to receive them at a time when my parents believed that Pokémon was a direct cause of childhood disobedience and satanic idolization. I had no idea what treasures I had stumbled upon. You could say it was a discovery of my Pokémon journey. For May, this is the discovery of something new, a reason to return beyond competing for a contest. The following titles Genesis, Discovery, Revelation, Destiny all follow the flow of May’s conversation. First she begins to open up, then we discover why she’s depressed, then it is revealed that May’s healing is begun, then finally we break off and begin to see how all of this is tied in with Ash (Riolu), Pikachu, and May.

    I had to add in a little bit more sultry into the Soledad/Drew conversations. I feel like they could hit it off quite well. As for the canon-icity of such a pairing, call it my author’s license to write pairings as I see them fit, even if they are rather arbitrary and/or function only as plot devices.

    As always, thanks to you my readers!


    Story Notes:



    Author’s Note:

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    Personally, I think this took too long for me to update. In fact, roughly 75% was done about two weeks after my last update. Only until last week did I complete the chapter.
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    Wow! An update
    All i can say is that you have gotten better in your writing skills!
    You did a pretty good job on literally everything
    Lol! You made Team Rocket a bit too smart.
    The electromagnet was an interesting idea.
    And about Drew.. A plain jerk.

    Good Luck finishing this!
    I knw how you feel.
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    Especially Senior Year.

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    I Kinda Expected drew to do something like that, but I thought it was worse XD not saying what i thought though <_< >_> Story is all in all getting better by the chapter. Keep it going strong!
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    Drew, such a a-hole. so mean. and Team Rocket, they just never learn to give up. rofl. It's nice to see a update from you lunarshadow. i hope we see a update soon. keep up the great work. =3

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    I've read all of the chapters so far and it is really good! Can't wait for the next chapter!
    Credit goes to EzzPeon!!

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    Glad to have you back after a long absence. This new chapter is fantastic! I can't wait to see how Ash and May's paths converge

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    Chapter Nine: Neo Revelation

    [18:48 P.M.] Sunyshore City (Lighthouse), Sinnoh Region

    Don’t worry about a thing, you guys… I’ll make sure that Team Rocket doesn’t get away with our Pokémon. You can count on it!

    Even though the gang of Ash, Dawn, Brock, Lucian, Cynthia, and Flint all arrived at the base of the Lighthouse together, Ash decided to ascend its height through the stairwell rather than the elevator, claiming that it would ‘be faster’. After all, he did have an affinity for spiral stairs.

    This is nothing! I’ve been through those virtual steps back in Professor Hale’s mansion and then in Alamos Town! Ash thought to himself, recalling the crazy adventures he had. Granted none of it was ever easy, but he had plenty of help to make the impossible merely improbable. Come to think of it, Team Rocket actually helped back in that mansion. They saved me from falling down the side of the tower…

    No matter how reluctant he was to admit it, he did feel a great deal of gratitude for their help in the past, even if only for a few fleeting moments—usually when he was about to die. They may not have been the most resourceful bunch on a regular day, but Ash was convinced that Team Rocket had a good side somewhere in there. Right now though, that didn’t matter. Every last Pokémon Ash had on his Sinnoh team was abducted, along with the Pokémon of his friends and respected trainers the world over.

    I should be getting close… Ash thought to himself as he heard the echoes become less intense.

    His legs pained him, pleading him to stop springing up the stairs but he didn’t care. The exit door was close and he could almost feel like his closest friends and partners were just a few more steps away.

    “Don’t worry, Pikachu. I’m coming!”

    [18:50 P.M.] Sunyshore City (Lighthouse), Sinnoh Region

    Lucian was quite perturbed by Ash’s brashness, particularly when he slammed the fire emergency staircase door open and ran up that way, frightening the receptionist and a nearby family of tourists.

    “You know, I’d hate to be such a pessimist in this situation, but Ash is being really foolhardy by taking the stairs. He could be only halfway through the stairwell by the time we reach the top.”

    Dawn chuckled to herself. “No need to worry. Ash has had lots of practice with stairs. Trust me. He’ll get there way before we do.”

    “I’ve been with him for a long time and I will admit that he’s a bit too reckless,” Brock added. “But after all of this time, I’m glad to say that it always paid off in the end. I wouldn’t have him be any other way.”

    “Me neither, but you know what? I just hope that we get our Pokémon back,” Cynthia commented.

    “You know what? I just wish I had elbow room!” Flint laughed out loud. Everyone in the cramped elevator turned around and glared at him.

    “What’re you looking at?”

    [18:51 P.M.] Sunyshore City (Industrial District), Sinnoh Region

    The sun was about to set, so it meant that is was finally time for one particular nocturnal Pokémon to come out and search the city for a leftover bite to eat. It wasn’t like this every night, sometimes he’d scavenge for berries from the surrounding forest when he traveled in between cities, but for some strange reason he could never bring himself to travel too far away from this one. Something about Sunyshore City made him want to linger within its boundaries. It was as if he knew something big was about to happen and that he was an integral part of it. He didn’t mind though; there was always great human food to find, even if the humans who stored it wouldn’t bother to second glance the trash bins where they cast it away.

    Gathering his thoroughly worn cloak off the ground where he was meditating for the day, he stood up to observe his surroundings with his eyes and to visualize the ebb and flow with his mind. As a psychic, he was well versed in the mental arts, and made sure to exercise his talent every day. After all, he needed it to survive.

    Today, home was an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the city. It didn’t matter what place, so long as there weren’t any signs of life nearby, human or Pokémon. The creature raised its right tri-digit hand in the air and mentally probed the walls of the building. More accurately, he probed through the walls of the building to check for anybody’s presence outside. Satisfied when he felt nothing of the kind, he relaxed his arm and relaxed the mental procedure.

    Even though his nightly pre-activity ritual was complete, the strange Pokémon didn’t bring his arm down to the side. Instead, he held it midair and stared at his hand in thought. These days it seemed like thinking was the only useful thing the Pokémon could do. Thinking and hiding until his integral role was completed. At least it was a manageable practice.

    He looked at his hand’s contours, the dull purple hue of his epidermis, the spherical shape of the ends of his fingers, and moreover, the eerie blue glow that emanated from his entire hand. The Pokémon saw more plainly than ever that his hand was not distinctly Pokémon, nor distinctly human—but of course this was the case. No Pokémon or human in recorded history has ever possessed the same traits as he, mental or physical. This was because he was not an accident of nature. He was engineered.

    He was created to become the ultimate biological destructive machine, tailored for control by a human poised for personal gain in mind. Genetically modified from a parent DNA sample of an ancient Mew, geneticists inoculated the strand with modified genes, enhanced abilities, and eventually constructed a body in vitro on New Island. Nonetheless, he functionally only a clone, the first copy of a purposeful creature that evidently roamed the earth. As such, the creature questioned the meaning of his existence. He asked the same question nearly every day of his cognition, even subconsciously as his body grew in the amniotic fluid.

    Once decanted, he learned of his predetermined destiny and rebelled against his creators, destroying the laboratory, its inhabitants, and eventually his benefactor’s mansion in a savage fit of rage. Without a purpose assigned to him, the creature created his own, and amassed an army of clone Pokémon, only to disband it after feeling compassion for the very first time.

    And when he let his created comrades decide for themselves what path of life they wanted to take, he was left alone once more. All of them settled comfortably with some remaining in the Mt. Quena oasis of Clarity Lake and others in the Johto and Kanto regions. On the other hand, the Psychic Pokémon decided to travel the world, city hop like a motley crew of college students on summer vacation, minus the companions. It was this lackthereof that he traveled between cities; it was his attempt to divine a sense of belonging.

    Snapping out of his thoughts, he raised his hand once more, mentally grasped the metal door at the entrance of the warehouse, opened it, and walked outside. His cloak caught the floating breeze and ruffled against his back as he looked to the skyline for his choice high-rise.

    Again using his mental powers, the creature levitated itself slowly and methodically, taking great care not to send out stray psychic disturbances that may be recognized by acute psychic species. He spotted his favorite outpost, the lightening rod needle that jutted out far higher into the sky than any other building in the industrial district, and stood on its point with his high profile bi-pedal.

    As he gazed over the city amidst the nearly setting sun, he watched the glowing light spread itself all over. His panoramic view had all of the skyscrapers of the downtown area, the park contained inside of it, and even the lighthouse along the beach. The creature gazed upon this scene with a sense of connection and belonging, as if he was one with the scenery.

    Suddenly, he noticed a large Meowth hot air balloon, oddly not blending with the rest of its surroundings, floating towards the lighthouse. Then, as if pricked in the side by a needle, he noticed a small band of trainers running madly after the balloon. Among the group, he instantly recognized a young trainer with jet-black hair and auburn eyes. Memories of New Island and Mt. Quena flooded back to him; memories of compassion, dedication, and a sense of belonging.

    “Ash,” quietly thought Mewtwo. “It has been too long.”

    [18:53 P.M.] Sunyshore City (Lighthouse), Sinnoh Region

    “You know, Luxray, it has been too long since the last time we really battled someone worthwhile,” Volkner mused to his partner Pokémon, who growled in agreement. “I just wish someone would challenge me already. I can only cross so many wires, reconfigure so many capacitor-resistor matrices, and attempt to raise array efficiency at the gym so many times before I get bored with it!”

    The Gym Leader of Sunyshore City watched his hometown sunset from the top of the lighthouse tower. It was peaceful and serene. The breeze was soft, and the smell of the sea beckoned him as it always did. He was usually an eccentric character, with yellow hair, passionate brown eyes, sporty navy jacket, and slim cut black jeans. Unfortunately, the past few months have subdued him greatly.

    “I swear. I’d give anything to see something crazy happen right now.”


    Volkner and Luxray immediately jumped as they heard the emergency stairwell door burst open with a violent bang behind them. Luxray directed itself at the noise and growled at the red-capped aggressor.

    As he was running, the same aggressor called out, “Hey! Have you guys seen a big Meowth hot air balloon come past here?”

    Volkner looked at his partner beside him, raised an eyebrow, and turned back to the running boy. As he shook his head he wondered if someone from the Powers-That-Be really listened to his last statement.

    “Are you sure?” An exhausted boy stopped in front of Volkner panting but pressed on, “There are these thieves in that balloon and they have our Pokémon! I just have to find them!”

    “Wait, who’s ‘our’?” Volkner asked.

    “Cynthia, Flint, Lucian, Brock, and Dawn! Team Rocket’s got them!”

    “Hold on, what?” Volkner asked in surprise. “You know Flint and Cynthia? Who’s this Team Rocket?”

    “Volkner!” called a voice behind the Gym Leader. The elevator door behind him opened up with Flint shouting out to his childhood friend.

    Evermore confused, Volkner asked the kid before him, “If you know all of these guys, who are you?”

    “Oh right. I’m—” The young kid stopped short when he spotted the whiskers of Team Rocket’s balloon floating upwards past the lighthouse overpass. “There they are!”

    When the balloon basket reached the eye level of the onlooking group of Pokémon trainers on the lighthouse observation deck, the trio of Jessie, James, and Meowth realized that their flawless plan was in jeopardy yet again and scrambled to get out of the area as soon as possible.

    “Hey! Dat’s da twerp and da whole crew!” Meowth panicked at the sight. “We gotta get outta here guys!”

    “James, use the thruster engines!” Jessie shrieked. “We’ve got to get out of here fast so we can get these Pokémon back to the Boss! James, hurry up!

    James fumbled around trying to look for the balloon booster button. “Okay, okay, hold on! Now let me see, where’s the remote…?”

    “Oh, no! They’re getting away!” Dawn began panicking groundside just like the thieves were. “We have to do something, quick!”

    “This is bad, this is very bad...” Lucian said with a doomsday face. “There’s no way we can catch up with that balloon if they get their thrusters to work!”

    Volkner was about to instruct his partner Pokémon to launch an electric attack but Flint stopped him.

    “No, man! Don’t get your Luxray attack that balloon! It might hit the fuel lines and make the whole balloon explode!”

    There was no time left. The answer to Volkner’s boredom plea made a split second decision.

    “I’m going after our Pokémon, no matter what it takes!” He started running as fast as he could towards the edge of the lighthouse. “Here goes nothing!”

    Just as James found the remote control and activated the rockets, the young trainer jumped off the ledge of the Lighthouse toward the basket hanging from the Meowth balloon. Everyone on the lighthouse observation deck yelled out in fear for the young boy’s life as he fell towards the balloon.

    “ASH! NO!” Dawn yelled out to her friend.

    Just as the thrusters engaged, the young energetic, brash, and objectively stupid trainer managed to reach the basket, but his hand slipped and he fell onto the Supper Ultra PokéVac Mark Three. At least managed to grab hold of it. The hot air balloon sped off from the lighthouse and Ash watched his friends shrink away from him with the wind rushing past his ears.

    “I’ll get them back! NO NEED TO WORRY!” Ash yelled back. He looked down and noticed that the only thing separating him from the ocean waves was a hundred meters of air. He fought back the urge to wretch at the sight.

    “Alright. It’s time to free everyone and get Pikachu back!” Ash muttered to himself as he slowly crawled his way towards the wiggling sack attached to the large vacuum.

    “Oh no you don’t!” James noticed that his steal was about to be stolen so he released his Carnivine to knock Ash off the vacuum. After a violent display of physical affection by Carnivine, James composed himself and ordered, “Enough, enough, Carnivine! Use Bullet Seed!”

    “You nitwit!” Meowth deadpanned just as quickly as James ordered his attack. Meowth’s face turned incredibly pale as he yelled to his partner in shock. “Da bag is only one hundred percent invincible, absolutely completely attack-proof on da inside! You’ll cut it open!”

    It was too late. Ash successfully sidestepped the Bullet Seed attack aimed for him and allowed it to pepper through the bag fabric beneath him. As Team Rocket’s mouths all fell agape in disbelief and horror, Pikachu and the rest of Ash’s Pokémon immediately bounced out of the bag onto the vacuum, hugging Ash in relief.

    “You guys!” Ash smiled as he hugged Pikachu tightly. “I’m so glad you’re okay!”

    The howling wind off to the side brought him back to his senses as he realized that the ordeal wasn’t over yet and that the he and his Pokémon were still one hundred vertical meters from solid ground.

    Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, a shadowy, pitch black ball of energy collided with the rocket engine on the port side of Team Rocket’s balloon and exploded. Once Ash regained his footing, he looked around for the source of the attack.

    “What the heck? That looked like a Shadow Ball!”

    Immediately, another dark sphere hit the other engine on the starboard side of Team Rocket’s balloon. This time, Ash distinctly heard a voice, not audibly, but through his mind saying, I will remember you always.

    “Is that…?” Ash wondered out loud as the balloon started to lose altitude.

    The same voice rang through Ash’s head again. Remember…

    “Guys, you have to get out of here!” Ash spoke as he realized what was about to happen. He needed to get everyone off of the hot air balloon—and fast.

    “Monferno, jump on top of Gliscor and get to safety. Grotle, I want you to use the best Rock Climb you can and jump onto the shoreline. The sand should take care of your fall and you can take it. Staraptor, I want you to take this bag of Poké Balls and Pikachu to the shore.”

    Pikachu’s ears perked up as he heard what his best friend was telling him to do—to leave him on the falling air balloon. Pikachu cried out in protest that he’d never leave Ash’s side, but Ash shook his head and told Pikachu that everything was going to be okay. To trust him. He heard the voice again speaking in his head.

    If someday you hear my voice…

    “Pikachu, you have to leave. Now!” Ash shouted. Pikachu looked at Ash for one last time before finally jumping onto Staraptor’s back. “I’ll be fine! I’ll make it! Take care buddy!”

    Gliscor dutifully carried Monferno on her back away from the vacuum and successfully glided down towards the lighthouse. Grotle did as he was told and launched himself into the air with Rock Climb on a clean trajectory towards the soft sand. Staraptor reluctantly followed suit as he took the remaining sack of Poké Balls in his beak and Pikachu on his back and flapped his wings toward the lighthouse.

    Knowing that his Pokémon were at least alright, Ash heaved a sigh of relief as he watched the final Shadow Ball fly towards the hot air balloon. Before the ball of dark spirited energy collided with the rest of the Meowth balloon, Ash leapt from the vacuum machine into the sea. As he closed his eyes, preparing for impact with the water, he heard the last bit of that familiar voice run through his head.

    If someday you hear my voice… know that it is my spirit, calling across time and space to yours.

    Above him, the Shadow Ball successfully collided with the rest of the balloon and ignited the engine fuel. The great fireball sent the trio of Pokémon thieves on their usual flight path kilometers away while the shock wave sent Ash hurtling faster towards the ocean waves.

    With his eyes closed, he braced for the impact that he was sure would come; the incredibly painful shock of the water followed by its chilling touch… but the sensations never came. Instead, Ash felt incredibly dizzy, as if he was about to throw up. The intense sound of the wind rushing past his ears faded into nothingness, his perception of free fall disappeared, and he couldn’t feel his dark hair whipping around from the gale. His head ached with an intense pain as his vision became blacker and blacker. Just before he was sure he would die from the pain in his head, it all stopped. As soon as it started, the wooziness had abated.

    Then in a flash like an epiphany, he regained all of his senses. Suddenly a sharp feeling jerked him wide awake. He no longer expected the waves of the ocean or the pain that would follow it. The anticipation left his mind entirely. Instead, he watched as the scenes that played before his eyes frightened him even more. He reached out his hand to grab his partner’s as they fell from the sky into a gusting thunderstorm. He knew that he had to hold onto his friends hand as hard as he could, but he felt him slip away as the cyclone’s winds forced them apart.

    "Whoa! Wh-wh-whoa...!"

    "Are... are you okay? No! Don't let go! Just a little longer... Come on! Hang on!”

    It was no use. The storm was too powerful. "N-n-no! I can't... hold on...! Waaaaaaagh!"

    In that moment, Ash knew he had lost his best friend.

    [23:50 P.M.] Cianwood City (Pokémon Center), Johto Region

    “It’s not your fault May. You’ve done nothing wrong, and Drew had other plans in mind. You don’t need to feel sorry about it!” Caroline tried to explain to her daughter. May certainly seemed less hysterical than when she first called, but she was still in a bad state of mind.

    “Thanks, mom…” May replied. After she stopped her sniffing, she tried to put on the best smile that she could for the woman who helped her so much. Still, it was tough to even give her a small token of gratitude like that due to the circumstances.

    “No biggie. I just want you to be happy and help you as much as I can. You’ve grown so much since you left home and you’re thinking about other people like a young woman should. I am so proud of you!”

    Caroline waited a little bit while her daughter wiped the rest of her tears away from her eyes. Now it was time to start moving on.

    “So May, what are you going to do now?”

    “Huh? What are you talking about, mom?”

    “Well, you probably shouldn’t follow that jerk to the Grand Festival, since it’s just not going to do either of you any good,” Caroline sighed a little as she began listing off the possibilities. “You’re always welcome to come home and stay with your mom, dad, and brother for a few weeks… but you’re probably going to want to continue traveling again, don’t you think?”

    “Yeah, you’re right,” May looked from her mother down to her lap. “But mom, I don’t want to go traveling all by myself again. It’s just too much.”

    “I understand. Then maybe you should travel with someone you know! Why don’t you call up Ash and see if you can travel with him again?”

    Almost immediately, May jerked her head up to the video screen and started shaking her head and biting her lip.

    “Why not?” Caroline asked.

    “I don’t know…” May spoke slowly, “The last time we met, he told me that we should follow our own dreams. I… I don’t think he wants us to travel together.”

    [21:39 P.M.] Lake Valor Resort (Ville de l’Amour Restaurant), Sinnoh Region – Six Months Ago

    “Oh, man! I am so stuffed!” Ash said as he patted his fattened belly with gleeful pleasure. “I haven’t had food that awesome since I left Pallet Town!”

    Dawn was not pleased. She chose the slightly fancier restaurant to elegantly celebrate the coming Wallace Cup Festival in the morning, but instead she had to deal with Ash’s rude eating habits.

    “Ash, how many times do I have to tell you that the butter knife is used for butter and not for cutting the baguettes? And put that napkin under the table!”

    “Besides, Ash! There’s a guest with you! You should be more polite,” May also added with a cocked eyebrow and a coy smirk. Nevertheless, she inwardly smiled, taking comfort that Ash didn’t change much from the last time they sat down to eat dinner together.

    Ash nervously scratched the back of his head instinctively, “Hey, hey, I’m sorry! I’m just not used to eating so fancy!”

    Pikachu on the carpet simply shook his head as he cooed in delight with the gourmet dishes in front of him. Glaceon giggled softly next to him and similarly helped herself to some more food. Instead of regular Poké chow which was mostly nutritious, they were delivered full entrées.

    “It can’t be helped then. Since your dinner etiquette is so lacking there’s only one way to make it all better,” Dawn resolutely demanded, patting her mouth free of leftover food. “You cover the bill!”


    “Come on, Brock!” Dawn cheerfully said, not even sparing the poor boy a last glance. “I need to find Zoey to train some more and I need a top notch referee!”

    Brock smiled to himself in full agreement with Dawn and exited the restaurant with her, leaving Ash and May behind to finish up dinner. Ash watched dumbfounded, wide-eyed, and mouth agape while May couldn’t help but cover her mouth to hide her laughter.

    “Ash, you know it’s rude to leave your mouth hanging open like that!”

    “I have to pay the bill? Just because—man…!” He reached into his back pocket for his wallet, peered inside, and realized that he only just cut the tab. “Jeez. There goes the rest of my savings!” Ash lamented.

    “You know, Ash, I’ve still a little hungry. Do you want any desert?” May asked. “You know you don’t get many opportunities to eat food like this!”

    Ash smiled and said, “I’d love some, but I’m all out of money…”

    “Don’t worry! I’ll cover the desert. Contests always have nice prizes for the winners,” May said with a smile. Soon enough, the waiter came back around to ask if there was anything else to order.

    “And will that be all, mademoiselle?”

    “Um, we’d like some desserts if that’s alright?”

    “Certainement. We have the Pear Belle-Hélčne, Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Profiteroles, and the Thin Apple Pie.”

    “How many do the Profiteroles serve?”

    “Serves two, mademoiselle; port vous et le monsieur.”

    “Alright, we’ll take the Chocolate Profiteroles then!”

    “Absolutely. And… le chčque.”

    As the waiter walked away, carrying the expended plates with him, Ash looked over to May and asked, “What just happened?”

    “Oh! We’re getting a dessert for two, something like a vanilla sundae,” May responded. “I hope that’s okay with you?”

    “Definitely!” Ash exclaimed. Almost habitually, he started patting his tummy in preparation.

    "So Ash, how’ve you been? It's been so long since we last talked, just you and me!” May continued.

    "I’ve been great! So far I’ve been going to gym battles, helping out Dawn with her contests as much as possible, and taking everything one step at a time."

    "How is Dawn doing?"

    "She's doing well! Dawn’s already got two ribbons and she’s trying to get this one too. It's been a little rough for her since she's on a two loss streak, but it’s going to get better. We've been working with her nonstop!"

    "I can’t wait to see the results then!" May asked. “It's all in good fun, right?”

    "Yeah, of course!” Ash answered enthusiastically. “Every morning I wake up and I just get pumped for what's up ahead. Really though, enough about me! How’re things going for you?"

    “Well…” May sighed a little, remembering how hard it was for her to keep a positive attitude on her own. While she was among friends she could let her feelings out, but those friends were hard to come by these days.

    “To be honest Ash, it's been really difficult. After I lost my first contest, I started to wonder whether or not it's worth it to keep going."

    “Really?” Ash asked, surprised at May’s implied struggle. "Of course it's worth it! I mean, come on! It's your dream to be a top coordinator, isn't it?"

    "Well it is, but sometimes I wish things were back to the way it was, back when I was competing in Hoenn and Kanto…” May sat back in her chair, looked up, and reminisced about all of the fun she had on her earlier journeys.

    “I remember all those contests you cheered me on, the gym battles I helped you get through, even that time we had to stop Kyogre and Groudon from dueling each other! We’ve always had each other, and every day was exciting!”

    “Yeah. I actually like to remember those times whenever it gets rough,” Ash smiled at the memories. He paused for a bit, thinking how best to word what was on his mind. “You know… we were a good team. A really good team.”

    May looked at Ash once again.

    “I wish I hadn't stopped traveling with you," May said, turning her head towards the napkin in her lap. It wasn’t easy matching Ash’s auburn eyes.

    “May...” Ash said, taking a deep breath. “I think it was for the best that we split up."

    "What?” May asked in shock. Those words pressed down like a large weight on her lungs and she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “What are you talking about?”

    "If you traveled with me... well, you couldn’t compete in the Johto Grand Festival!” Ash spoke as tenderly as he could. “I mean, traveling with me would've slowed you down."

    "Ash! Don't say that! Those were the best times I’ve ever had! I loved traveling with you!"

    "So did I…" Ash said, looking back up at May. He paused for a bit, thought intently about those months past, but after a while his face lit up once again.

    “Hey, we’re not really that far apart, you know!” Ash said eagerly. “You’ll always be with me, and I’ll always be with you, no matter what!”

    “Really?” May asked, anticipating Ash’s unique profoundness. “How so, Ash?”

    At that, Ash dug into his vest pocket and took out his half of the Terracotta Contest ribbon and showed it to May. She in turn grinned happily and brought out her own half to complete the small memento.

    “Tell you what May. You and I are gonna have as much fun as we can and enjoy the time we have! I mean, we’ve only got a few days!” Ash smiled.

    May returned the gesture with her own. “That sounds awesome, Ash!”

    Unbeknownst to the two, the Chocolate Profiteroles rested on the table between them with glistening vanilla ice cream, oozing chocolate syrup, and two identical spoons beckoning the two Pokémon trainers to dig in. Glaceon and Pikachu finished their ‘fancy feast’, pounced into their respective trainers’ laps, and promptly nuzzled in for a comfortable nap.

    When they finally noticed two soft lumps resting in their laps, May and Ash stowed away their respective halves of the ribbon, took a spoon, and slowly ate away at the chocolate dessert, talking about old times, and enjoying their first night together in a long time.

    [00:15 A.M.] Cianwood City (Pokémon Center), Johto Region

    “May, to me it sounds like Ash misses you a lot,” Caroline pressed. “You should call him!”

    “Mom, are you sure?” May asked. “I don’t even know if he’s still the same Ash! What if he’s changed?”

    “May, you know that’s not true,” Caroline smiled, warming her daughter up to the idea. “Think back to all those times that you’ve stuck it out together. You know in your heart Ash wanted more than anything to keep traveling with you, but he didn’t stop you from going to Johto because you were following your dream! He thought that letting you achieve your dream would make you happy. He cares a lot about you, you just don’t realize it!”

    May thought deeply for a few moments, recalling all of the times she and Ash had been together. Memories of Pikachu frying her bicycle on their first meeting, his encouragement to join the contest scene, receiving words of comfort after an embarrassing defeat with her Bulbasaur, watching the boat to Lilycove City drift away with Ash by her side, hopping between Frontier Brains along the Battle Frontier Circuit, all up until her final parting battle with him in Terracotta Town. The memories flooded back into May’s mind like a gale, and with each passing thought, she realized that through it all she never once felt lonely or sad. Angry sure, when Ash complained about her taking too long to fix her hair, but through and through, she was happy.

    That was so much more than she could say about herself right now.

    “I think Ash would like to make more of those memories with you again May,” Caroline reassuringly spoke, pushing May to the right decision. With that, Caroline smiled and let May think further.

    As if drawn by instinct, May pulled out her contest ribbon case, clicked it open, and shifted it around until she found the frazzled half of the ribbon that complimented another half somewhere in the Sinnoh region. In that moment of clarity, May’s path became light as day.

    “Thanks, mom. You’ve been such a big help…” May said gratefully. “I know what I’m going to do.”

    Slowly but surely, the corners of her lips inched upwards into a smile, filled with warmth and hope for tomorrow. Ignoring all of the events that tormented her from just a few hours back, she let all of the memories she shared with Ash in Hoenn and Kanto fill its place.

    “I’m going to travel with Ash again!”

    Caroline gave her daughter the thumbs up, exchanged goodbyes with her, and hung up the phone. When the screen turned itself off, May took a deep breath, wiped her eyes clean of tears, and dialed for the Pokémon Center Operator of the Sinnoh region.

    May was coming home at last.


    Dear Readers:

    Not much to say here, just grammar and time setting mistakes. It turns out I erroneously marked the time an hour later in all of the headings, so I corrected that. Hopefully the conversations are more realistic this time around. It turns out people don’t actually speak so many words at once and they develop colloquialisms, grammatical quirks, and other shortcuts of that nature. It would be unwise to include those.

    I just had a serious revelation which I may or may not embellish later. Pikachu gets the most treatment and the best treatment in all of Ash’s crew, but I don’t think it’s solely because he’s Ash’s first Pokémon, or that they’ve been through thick and thin. I think that it’s because Pikachu has come to symbolize more than just himself-the-electric-mouse; he embodies every Pokémon Ash has ever met or will ever meet. His undying affection for Pikachu is his way of showing Pokémon at large his emotions for them. Those are my thoughts anyway.

    An example of edits:

    "Wait? What?” Those words pressed down on her like a large weight on her lungs. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “What are you talking about?”

    "What?” May asked in shock. Those words pressed down like a large weight on her lungs and she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “What are you talking about?”

    Thanks for reading as always!


    Story Note:



    Author’s Note:

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    I can't wait to see what happens!! I am a Contest Shipper but your story is so incredibly related to the anime! I'm sort of sad that Drew had to go so soon though. Other than that, I appreciate how you didn't let Ash's character fall out of hand! Some others get too carried away by the story and start to let the characters fall apart from the anime, but your story fits perfectly! I am dying to know what Cynthia is hiding! :P
    I cant wait to find out what the next chapter's going to be like! I hope its a long one. I also commend you for your thorough descriptions! I can totally picture this episode in my head!

    P.S. I love how everyone praises Ash! I don't know I just like it when the main character of stories gets praised and they act all humble about it!

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    This story is great! i like the small snippets of Advanceshipping here and there.

    But the CS bits make me want to kick an inanimate object then bring out a large chain of cuss words whilst holding my foot.

    (Ow and by the way, i cant give you advice on writing a fic cause i havent written one myself.... just read alot!)

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    Default Brilliant!

    Aura. The best thing to have ever existed in the Pokémon world. And now, a fanfic that gives Pokémon Alone a run for it's money. How does it get better? By adding Advanceshipping. Suspense is added how? With high school. *facepalm* Good writing style!

    I have only one problem.
    Chapter 8. Yup, it's Drew, that LOUSY ROTTEN STINKING CHEATING EVIL TWO FACED SON OF A GOOMBA! Of course, if he had meant it, well, I might not have said goomba...

    But chapter 9, is a cliffhanger of epic proportions. Mewtwo and... what? It strikes fear into the bravest hearts, diminishes the strongest of souls, and feels like a Harry Potter refrence.

    Look out, world. The Aura Revolution has begun.
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