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    Title: Blossoming desire
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    The majority of trainers, had a goal to be a pokemon master, best coordinator and the best trainer in the world and their pokemon were their tools and companions to help make their dreams come true. Pokemon also had dreams too, including Elizabelle, who was an inherited gift to her trainer, Alexandra. She hatched from the egg, that was given to Alexandra as a simple young oddish.

    To be the most powerful creature on earth, that was Elizabelle's dream. She was just a small green Bellossom who was always referred as cute, although she found it quite flattering, that was the only thing people would say to her. She was cute, so cute, just cute, nothing more. Being simply cute didn't get her anywhere much. Whilst other Bellossoms enjoyed dancing and being cheerful, that was simply not enough for Elizabelle. All those frequent contests, were starting to lose their excitement, and Elizabelle felt that when it came to battle, she was rejected by her trainer, as he always chose someone else to battle, and never her.

    Elizabelle had battled wild pokemon behind her trainer's back and her moves were quite flawed to say the least. She was never really surprised about the fact that her trainer, Alexandra sometimes forgot to heal her. She was so surprised that Alexandra hadn't set her free yet. She only won one contest with Elizabelle, and was hardly ever used in battle. Elizabelle was sick of being used as a soft toy, she wanted to be used and to feel like she actually had a purpose for her trainer. Unfortunately, she did not feel that for Alexandra at all.

    So how did Elizabelle evolve into a gloom? Well, it wasn't for all those private battles, it would have been impossible and that vital sun stone that Alexandra received from her mother, made her evolve for the second time into a beautiful adorable bellossom. Needless to say that Alexandra thought that she was butt ugly when she was a gloom and wanted her to stay as an baby oddish forever. She thought that being turned into a Bellossom would make her happy, it surely did, but it never made Elizabelle happy at all.

    She was never going to achieve her goal, if Alexandra continues to neglect her and only use her for night time hugs. All that Elizabelle could say was 'Bellossom', so she could ever really comprehend her feelings as she was too busy praising her Raichu, Jynx, Steelix, Blastiose and Vaporeon. She even heard Alexandra say right in front her, to her friend Rose, that Bellossoms are only good for hugging and were useless in battles and contests. That certainly dropped Elizabelle's confidence down by miles, and wasn't the start.

    Currently, she was resting on a roof top, crying as she started to think of her desire. The most powerful creature on earth, was nothing but just a childish dream, she knew that power is not handed out like candy and required something special.The essential effort, the plot, the motive and the motivation. Elizabelle was yet to achieve either and had no idea how to achieve her goal. That's why she needed a decent trainer, with a good heart and great skills at battling.

    Why did she need this power? Elizabelle felt that she needed to achieve something, and with great power comes glory, beauty, fame, respect, accomplishment, determination and extra motivation. She required mystery and adventure, she was getting tired of the same thing over and over again. It had to be unpredictable, exciting and amazing.

    Elizabelle had to leave Alexandra, she was sorry, but she had to leave and move on. She no longer wanted to be a toy, she wanted to be a tough pokemon, just like all those legendary pokemon she aspired from, such as Lugia. She departed the silent night scene, and returned to the room, whilst watching the blonde Alexandra asleep in her slumber. Running away was never simple, she was very close to Valerie the Vaporeon, and they were pretty much best friends. It would not have been fair on Valerie to choose between her and Alexandra, and anyway, Valerie was close to Rachel, Stuart, Ben and Susan as well.

    She could almost smell the graceful scent of power that she was always longing for. Out there was one trainer, that was right for her. That trainer was going to be imperial, strong, firm and powerful to the public eye, whilst on the inside and to her team mates, he or she was sweet, kind, gentle and lovingly towards them, exactly like the way a perfect mother would treat her precious child.

    Great friends come and go, and she knew that she would see all of them again, someday. As she tried hard to open the door as quietly as possible, without disturbance and tip toed out of the room without disturbance. There she was, through the corridors she went, getting louder and louder by the minute. As soon as felt her journey was about to start, she felt something drag her tiny arms and saw something blue holding her. The dark blue eyes of the Vaporeon she knew was full of concern. Valerie was always kind and always tried to help her team.

    “Elizabelle, where are you going?” Valerie asked in deep concern. “You're running away?”

    “I'm sorry, Valerie.” Elizabelle nodded as she hugged the blue marine cat. “I have a dream that I wish to fulfill. But I will miss you.” The bellossom stared at Valerie in sadness as she saw that she didn't want to let her go. Unfortunately Elizaelle's instincts were telling her to go and make her own way. “Good bye, my best friend.”

    Elizabelle scurried out of the building as she felt that she couldn't bare to look at Valerie at all. That was one of the most hardest things she ever had to do. She was still going to keep the memories of them, as she still had some good times with her team, now she left and decided to choose her own path and her own way, until that fateful day that the right trainer for her comes along and catches Elizabelle and claims her for his or her team.

    At last, freedom. She had never been part of the wild before, so this was going to be a great experience for her, and she knew it perfectly. In the wild, anything could happen, new friends, new enemies, love, hatred and best of all, potential trainers. She knew whatever it takes, she would find a great adventure and much more spice in her life.
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