Name: Bobandbill

Age: 16, last time I checked...

Gender: ALL MALE :P

Types Of Writing: Comedy. With some parody there as well. Although I like dabbling in the other types as well...

Strong Areas: The comedy one. I like to turn even the most dull thing into something funny. Dialogue as well, I suppose.

Type Of Characters: Varying. I do have a soft spot for the downright dumb characters though. Comic ones as well.

Current Stories: I present:

A comedy retake on the game Pokemon Colosseum. Also the various unexplained events and plothole within the game are covered as well. Why did Wes blow up Team Snagem's base? What's with Miror B's hair? That and more in my story!

(And soon a one-shot for the tragedy conest once I've finally polished it up some. )

Future Stories: Above mention story, which is done in essence (save for changes), just not posted. And I do have some other one-shot ideas, mainly comedy... but it's a secret.

Writing Tips: Proofreading for the win. Take constructive crit on board. Be patient, and don't rush your fic writing (emphasis on that). Read other fics as well, and see how the 'pros' do it. Oh, and take enjoyment from your writing. That, and what everyone else said. :P