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    Name: Zadros

    Age: Seventeen

    Types Of Writing: Umm, I like writing sci-fi, action, mystery and that sort of thing. Something fast-paced is fun to write. I like mysteries because you can have so much fun with suspense and red herrings, meanwhile still having the action going on.

    Strong Areas: My ideas are pretty random sometimes, but original. I try to concentrate on the flow too, as flow is what keeps people reading in a way.

    Type Of Characters: My favourite characters to write are probably the underdogs and the cynics. People with strong motivations, or maybe motivations that are less common for variety. I try to 'meet' them before writing them, in my head to try and work out how they would react to certain situations.

    Current Stories: None posted, but I'm currently working on a few things.

    Future Stories:


    A series of one-shots on the hidden side of the Pokemon world; the side they'd do anything to get rid of...

    [H]ALF Gone
    H[A]LF Hearted
    HA[L]F Life
    HAL[F] Truth

    The Ripple Effect
    There is no escape
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