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    Name: Hi all~! I usually get called either Chibi or Envy.

    Age: 14 years young.

    Gender: Female~

    Types Of Writing: Hm, it would have to be action/comedy with hints of romance in some of them.

    Strong Areas: I'm good at writing in general, but I guess I'm very good at character development and planning the story out. I'm also pretty good at plots.

    Type Of Characters: I like either the goofy or moody characters~ I mainly like anime/manga characters though, and that's the only thing I write.

    Current Stories: Let's see... There's Taste of Destiny, 13th Avenue, Green with Lust, Brother, Rainy Nights and Unexpected Mischief.

    Taste of Destiny is a PG13+ Yaoi Kingdom Hearts fanfic. {Finished}
    Mix of comedy and a hint of romance.

    13th Avenue is a M16+ Yaoi Kingdom Hearts AU fanfic. {Finished}
    Total comedy.

    Green with Lust is a PG13+ Yaoi Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic. {Work in progress}
    Action with hints of comedy and of course, some romance.

    Brother is a PG13+ Matantei Loki Ragnarok One-shot. {Finished}
    Mix of romance and comedy. Mainly comedy.

    Rainy Nights is a PG13+ Yaoi Kingdom Hearts One-shot. {Finished}
    Mix of romance and sorrow.

    Unexpected Mischief is a PG13+ Yaoi Matantei Loki Ragnarok fanfic. {Work in progress}
    Mix of comedy with some romance and action coming up soon.

    Future Stories: Hm, none yet really. I already have two fanfics to finish...

    Writing Tips: Just go with what feels right. Don't be afraid to try new things, don't be afraid to edit over and over and over and last but not least, practice makes perfect. Start out with simple one-shots and then work your way up.
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