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Thread: Authors' Profiles V.2

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    Name: Chris
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male.
    Type of Writing: Non pokemon scifi action, adventure, drama, superhero, romance etc.
    Strong Areas:
    Description, Character depth, action scenes.
    Types of Characters:
    What do you mean? I take on all types. The story does take place on Earth. So, I use characters of any personality.

    Current story:

    Title: Starbolts Chronicles
    Info: When there's a threat that extends beyond the very limits of Earth itself, new heroes must be called upon. On their shoulders rests not only the fate of Earth, but Aquarius's as well. With a team that crosses worlds as well as races, the time has come to prove that when you stop looking at what's different, great things can happen. They are the future of Earth's heroes. They are the Starbolts!
    Genre: Superhero/Scifi action adventure with comedy, romance, action, drama and intrigue.
    Degree of Completion: In progress.
    Type of Fic: Non Pokemon.
    Region: Uhh...try all of Earth and other planets?

    And the fic that started it all:

    Title: Starbolts: New Beginnings
    Info: Tragedy strikes the next generation of Earth's heroes as a new evil looms. How will they face the threat of both Terra Nova and alien forces at the same time? Find out in the tale that changed the Starbolts' lives forever. After this adventure, nothing was ever the same again.
    Genre: Superhero/Scifi action adventure with comedy, romance, action, drama and intrigue.
    Degree of Completion: Completed.
    Type of fic: non Pokemon.
    Region: *blows region up*

    Future story:

    That's classified information.

    Writing tips: When writing, show AND tell.
    I am the author of the webcomic, Starbolts and host of the comic review show, Comic Showcase. Please check out the action here:


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    Age:Nearly 14 (can't wait till November...)
    Types of writing:Adventure and Mystery
    Strong areas:My punctuation and maybe imagination, depends on what you think.
    Types of Characters:Pokemon (so far), Character's personality are imaginary or based on my real life.
    Current story:Pokemon Mystery Dungeon--Gemstone (in my sig)
    Future story:Not so sure...
    Writing tip:Watch out for grammars, don't start writing your story unless you have a good idea of what's going to happen.

    Surfing through the waves, diving deep into the sea,
    playing along the beach, having fun all day long.

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    Name: DarkPersian479, DP479, That Weirdo Who Writes About That Math Nerd

    Age: My profile says I'm 82 XD

    Gender: Classified Data, Level 5 Security Clearance Required

    Types Of Writing: OT, Songfic One-shots, nonfiction reference/information

    Strong Areas: Grammar, Dialogue

    Type Of Characters: Genius girls obsessed with Quality Inns, math, and old 1980' automobiles; female trainers, mysterious and misguided antagonists

    Current Stories: Lurking in the Shadows: My main chaptered OT journey fic, featuring a cast of mostly female protagonists, as well as real-world references and various themes not often found in the fandom, like mathematics. Scheduled to be completed 28 October 2008.

    At the Beginning: A songfic spinoff of 'Lurking in the Shadows' set to the song of the same title from the 'Anastasia' soundtrack. A very touching piece, and IMO my best work.

    The Po-Ke Cen-Ter: A silly little song parody of the Village People's 'YMCA.' "They're ready and waiting for you to enjoy. You can get to know a Nurse Joy..."

    (Links to be added later, forum lag is NOT cooperating)

    Future Stories: None planned for posting at this time. Perhaps a sequel in the distant future. Perhaps derivative drabbles that will never get posted here, like "Lisa Goes Used Car Shopping" or "Lisa Files Her Parents' Income Taxes."

    Writing Tips: Classified Data, Level 5 Security Clearance Required

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    Name: >Entei<, Draknir(My Nickname)
    Age: 14(15 in January)
    Gender: Male
    Types of Writings: Adventure. Pretty much anything based off stuff I like.
    Strong Areas: Namely battles and storylines.
    Type of Characters: Usually based off myself, my friends, my alter-ego(he even has his own series I am going to write!), or some characters in games.
    Current Stories:
    Pokemon: The Platinum Journey!
    Future Stories:
    Digimon: The Dark Times(Estimated time of Release: Sometime before the end of the year.)
    Digimon: The Great War
    Digimon: The Dark Uprising
    Pokemon: The Emerald Journey!
    Pokemon: The Crystal Journey!
    Pokemon: The Fire Red/Leaf Green Journey!
    Pokemon: The Arctic League

    3DS Friend Code: 2535-4249-2325
    PM me if you add me for X and Y so I can add you too! I apparently give Sandile, Nuzleaf, and Liepard in the Friend Safari.

    Fire Emblem Fates Castle Address:

    Battle me for a free win!

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    Might as well post up my profile. So here goes nothing.

    Name: DTG6407, DTG, Brandon B.P.

    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Types Of Writing: I'll try, and have yet to try, anything and everything.

    Strong Areas: Umm, plot maybe? I tend to think of a storyline, plot or series of events, then when I go to write them I end up altering bits and pieces. This can be seen as both good and bad, depending on your POV.

    Type Of Characters: Characters with personality traits similar to mine or others I know of. Basically I like taking real people and putting them in my story then pitting them against my ever-changing plot.

    Current Stories: Believe in Dreams
    Story about how, and who, created Pokemon Rescue Teams. It centers around Wigglytuff's guild being the first ever recognized guild.

    2:43 A.M.
    This was actually homework, lol. I had to write a short story with 750+ words. A small task, and when I was done I was quite proud of it so I decided to post it up as a Non-Pokemon One Shot. Its about a girl, who basically summarizes her life. From the beginning as a child living with her mother, to her demise after her fathers death in which she plunges head first into a world of illegal narcotics and crime.

    Future Stories: Planning to write a Starwars fan-fic after Believe in Dreams is finished. Also hopefully going to make another Pokemon based story, but this time in the form of an antagonist traveling the entire Pokemon world (All four/five/ regions) and challenging the leagues, gym leaders, fighting criminal organizations, ya know. The classic old Hero story. But I don't want it to be just another Ash Ketchum story knock-off.

    Writing Tips (Optional): Don't give up. Though it may be hard in the beginning, just keep at it and keep putting effort into it and eventually everything will just come together. Music is inspiration, inspiration is power, power = win.
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    Name: CyberBlastoise, CB, or Cyber

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Types Of Writing: Sci-fi and Romance

    Strong Areas: Character development...I always try to know as much of my characters as possible while going through the storyline...

    Type Of Characters: I prefer making the typical brave hero...but i also love making hot-headed people in my fics too

    Current Stories: Bill of the Future - What happens when Team Rocket tries to change the past and someone attempts to stop them? Read and find out...

    Future Stories: Super Smash Bros. University - a Super Smash Bros. Fanfic
    A kirby fanfic
    An Advanced Wars Fanfic

    Writing Tips: Do not underestimate your works before you publish them. And do not just limit yourself to thinking you are bad without any proof that you are.

    Cyber's PC
    Credit to PikaPal_Lyra for the Banner

    3DS Friend Code: 2320-7298-6586

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    Hn, profile stuff. Sure. =D

    Name: I'm Mel-Girl, Mel, Melissa and whatever name you wish to call me be it a new nickname or a completely insulting phrase. Whatever.

    Age (optional): Currently 15. =D

    Gender (optional): Guess.. >>

    Types Of Writing: OMFGLAWLZWTFBBQ Romance, Humour and Drama are my speciality genres but I can write Fantasy, Adventure and Action too. XD

    Strong Areas: Hn, I feel really modest at times like these. Eh, screw it. I apparently have a good sense of humour in my writing, a creative mind and am good at characterisation. Apparently I can write tons of characters in the Pokemon cast in-character, which sounds good to me. So I'm not one of those OOC-shipping fic writers, which should be relieving for some. I also seem to get into the heads of characters well too. I write POV fics, so I have to. I find it easier to write POV though. XDDD

    Type Of Characters: Everyone and anyone, I guess? Teenagers are my speciality though and I love writing different types of teenagers and stuff like that. I will happily write about the rebel student and also be equally fine with writing about the girly girl type. You get it? I like writing about teenagers, partly because I am one and can relate to such characters but yeah.

    Current Stories: Hn, I'll just list my ongoing stories for now.

    Except Me - It's linked in my sig. It's basically about a guy named Kengo who is in his second year of high school (at a boarding school, btw) and he's trying to buidl up the courage to admit his feelings towards a girl named Hikari. The problem is that she keeps going off with other guys and getting into all these other problems and whatnot. So Kengo's watching and letting Hikari's love life be completely haywire just because he can't open up. There's other dramas going on too, of course. =D It's a romance/humour/drama fic which specialises in multi-Hikari shippings but features other non-Hikari shippings as well.

    Meiryoku Curse - It's an Ikari/Advance fic about a boy in the Meiryoku Family who runs away from home to escape the household. The household itself is filled with dark secrets including a curse, which has currently been passed down to Shinji. The boy who ran away from home, Reiji who is Shinji's older brother, wants to free Shinji of the curse and from the Meiryoku Family. So when Hikari and her mother encounter Reiji in the rain, they agree to take him in. And Hikari begins to learn about Reiji, his younger brother Shinji and the curse which has been passed down generation by generation within the Meiryoku family. It's a drama/romance fic and I'll get a link for it soon.

    I'll add my oneshots later. XD

    Future Stories: Hmmm... Haven't given this much thought, as my current stories are pre-occupying me at the moment, but I do intend to update this section also...

    I have pondered something about Shinji being the delinquent and being forced to go on boot camp though... Hn. Shinji or Shigeru. I need a bad boy here. XD

    Writing Tips (Optional):

    - When you have an idea, be sure of it and make tons of plans for it before you write it. I have made the mistake so many times of writing something and then losing interest/ran out ideas for and trust me, it gets tiring.

    - Be original or take a done idea and present it in a completely new way. Aka the trainer fic story. Give some fresh twists than the basic formula. Tweak things, spice it up. Just be fresh and innovative and look to all kinds of cources to get ideas. I take my ideas from watching anime, reading books/fanfiction, listening to music and more. It's funny how ideas can just spring to your mind.

    - Check over your work. Don't rush things, take it easy. Don't submit unless you are satisfied with your work. The excuse of, "I was really busy and didn't have enough time" doesn't cut it, kiddies. Also the "I'm new to fic writing" is a stupid excuse also, imo. Haven't you ever written stories at school and stuff like that? Everyone who has posted a fanfiction has had writing experience prior to posting their fics. The only difference is that fanfiction is read by others, and reviewed.

    - Don't make things too easy for your characters. I hate quickly solved conclusions to dramas. It leaves this feeling of dissatisfactory, similar to how today I didn't get a chance to bat in softball at PE because the people in my team in my class kept getting out. Hn.

    - Have characters called Mel-Girl/Melissa in your fic. *shot*

    - Don't write for reviews, write because you enjoy writing. If people review your fic, that's just a nice bonus. Got it?

    Hn, I'm done for now.

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    Name: Hg-Mike (Mike or Miguel, as you wish)

    Age (optional): 20

    Gender (optional): Male

    Types Of Writing: Fantasy / Original Characters

    Strong Areas: Basically the plot, and the whole background of the story even if it is non-plot related

    Type Of Characters: ...I don't have a favorite character...

    Current Stories: I'm currently writing a Slayers fanfic in spanish called "Slayers Strike" (Not very original but the main enemies in the fic are my creation)

    Future Stories: I have the ideas for several stories, one of them is based in Pokémon Battle Revolution with original trainers. And the other is a completely original story created and constantly changing since two-three years ago XD

    Writing Tips (Optional):

    1. Well, as everyone posted, don't give up and keep on writing.

    2. I recommend writing both the beginning and the final of the story. That way, you'll know more easily how to get to the final set without tracking off the main plot (...Thinking about it, I'm not sure if you understand this...)

    3. Another thing, avoiding clichés is nearly impossible. But keep this on mind, you CAN make a cliché non-cliché depending on how to write/make it.
    Pokémon Diamond FC: 0173 1334 9202 - Mike
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    Name: I'm pokeking325 (Ellery)

    age: 14

    Gender: male

    Types or writing: adventure, action, humor

    Strong areas: that depends on how my story develops, if it has time I probably get better on characters and plot, if it starting, I'm probably not that good at anything

    Types of characters: Personally I like both the goofy kid that always mess up, and the smart guy that always uses logic.

    Current story: Pokemon Red Blue and Green, I was doing another one but that didnt' turned out so good.

    Future stories: I been thinking of doing one of two stories, one is about the trainer that appeared in pokemon chronicles the one that had a typhlosion, well I want to do a story about his journey, the other one is my very own pokemon academy story.

    Writing tips: I'm not really the one to talk I'm still a rookie myself, but guess what I can say it that you shouldn't give up no matter what, and you also need to have a good story to write a fic.

    The image was WAY over the limit so it was removed. Please read the Signature Rules.

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    Name: Cameron Oakley

    Age (optional): -

    Gender (optional): Female

    Types Of Writing: Fantasy, Sci-fi and Adventure are my primary focus.

    Strong Areas: I think coming up with plots has to be my strongest area.

    Type Of Characters: I like the boisterous characters that like to talk a lot of trash, but I'm flexible and like doing any kind really. I enjoy trying out new characters.

    Current Stories: -

    Future Stories: Vindex

    Writing Tips (Optional): As I stated in the RPGer's Cafe thread, patience is the key in my opinion. If I have writer's block I just wait until it goes away. Sometimes it doesn't go away for months and then out the blue I get a new idea that allows me to kill like five chapters or more in a day. I don't fuss or get frustrated when the block comes. Instead I just go on and work on something else until it goes away.

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    Name: Mr. Joker or Adam

    Age (optional): 17

    Gender (optional): Male

    Types Of Writing: First POV

    Strong Areas: Contests and Mystery Dungeon fics

    Type Of Characters: The bad guys or pokemon

    Current Stories: ~Back to Battling~ is a fic about gary oak
    Into the night
    Future Stories: the last two books to Into the Night

    Writing Tips: Dont be to affraid of detail

    ---------- join ever grande city, a fun and new pokemon forum!! // tumblr

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    Name: Just call me Dragon user X. I'm DUX to my friends (They all think I'm quackers!)

    Age: Probably younger than you

    Gender: That would be telling =P...if you know, don't say please!

    Types Of Writing: I'm into adventure fics mostly, though currently I am trying my hand at writing a darkfic.

    Strong Areas: I guess I'm pretty good with description, but I suck at romance and stuff, so don't expect mushy scenes in my fics. That said, I think I'm alright when it comes to emotions.

    Type Of Characters: I don't like writing strong characters. I start off with, I dunno, a nerd, or an introvert, and turn them into something amazing.

    Current Stories: Like I said before, a darkfic. It is the first "book" in a trilogy. The trilogy is called The Edge Chronicles, and this first volume is called Edge of Destiny. FIRST PUBLIC PREVIEW ON THE NET!


    The world of this story is a Pokémon world. But it is not the happy, joy-filled Pokémon world that you may think I am referring to. This is a bitter world, a twisted world, a world that is cold and unforgiving. In the Pokémon world that we are all familiar with, there is darkness, yes. There is evil, yes. But there are places where tiny, cute Pokémon live their lives in blissful ignorance, playing games or drifting lackadaisically across beautiful green fields and vibrant flowerbeds; where Pokémon large and small live in peaceful harmony with humans. In this harsh world, there is no such place.

    The world of this story is based around the old theme of “Survival of the fittest”. If you are born as a Shinx, you had better become a Luxray quickly, or you’re dead. Pokémon fight to kill, and woe betide the young Pokémon that stumbles across a pack of hungry Mightyena.

    In your sweet little Pokémon universe, humans coexist more or less in harmony with each other. Sure, there are nefarious criminals like Team Rocket, but they pale in comparison with this world. This world is overrun by warring factions, all battling desperately for the right to survive. Nations and empires rise and fall in the blink of an eye, and the land is ravaged by war. There are no Pokémon Trainers. Pokémon are a law unto themselves, and the vast majority of humans simply don’t care.

    Some, however, use Pokémon as servants, or warriors in their armies, but these Pokémon are never treated as well as they are in your little sugar-coated universe.

    However, there are a select few, a very few, who choose to work with humans as equals. These Pokémon-human teams are rare, but usually very skilled and secretive. Some are evil, and plot to turn all nations against each other, to ultimate destruction. Others are soldiers of righteousness, fighting desperately to restore some semblance of order to the world.

    This war-torn world, known as Fulareif, is unknowingly approaching a tipping point. If nothing is done to correct the balance, the world will collapse upon itself.

    I am also working on a reverse MD fic, [url=]Lost and Alone], so check it out!

    Future Stories: Books Two and Three in the Edge Chronicles

    Writing Tips: yourself. If the fic doesn't feel right, try something else. If you are a dark person, write tragedies and darkfics (Duh me, same sorta thing), if you're a happy-go-lucky kinda guy, try comedies, or classic adventure fics.
    It's short for Misheard Whisper. I'm just stuck this way till the next name change thread.

    Chapter 5 is out!

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    Name: Rabi

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Types Of Writing: Drama/tragedy are my strong suits, although I've worked on adventure during my earlier years of life (middle school).

    Strong Areas: I'd say I can come up with a good plot, and my description is pretty well, written out.

    Type Of Characters: I try to avoid cliched characters, although sometimes I might go for those cliche topics simply for lack of other ideas. I like to write about normal people. Actually, my antagonist (in my current fic) is my favorite character thus far.

    Current Stories: I'm still waiting for confirmation from Zephyr, but it's titled "A History of Violence." It does not center around a single character, rather several different characters/groups around a central arc.

    Future Stories: I don't have any plans yet.

    Writing Tips: When writing, just go with the flow. When the inspiration hits just jot it down and then, when you feel like you're ready, elaborate on that idea and apply it to your writing. It works for me (though sometimes I get too lazy to bother to keep writing, which is why I am so slow at writing).

    I am now 18 years old!

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    Name: Here: MayfanxD. My real name: Shannon

    Age: 14

    Types of Writing: Mostly shipping fics and made up shippy stories, but also other kinds of fics and stories

    Strong Areas: As soon as I lay my hand on a pen, The words just come out and without thinking, I have a (often good) storie in a few minutes

    Type of Characters: All kinds of Characters. Depends on the Storie they have. The only thing all of 'em have, is a really devilish reaction on a certain thing

    Current Stories: Journey to Almo. A storie about Ash, two new girls, and Brock in a new Region after Sinnoh.

    Future Stories: As long as you're with me. Another Storie that plays in Almo. May and Drew where travelling with Ash and Co. at first, but soon went on a own Journey.

    Writing tipps: Before you start planning and everything, let you're fantasy flow. Write the idea for the storie on a peace of paper without following any rules. Then you have a storie wich isn't that bad, because the first ideas are often the best
    My very first fanfic: Journey to Almo (Chapter 4 up)
    -A New region
    -New friends
    -New enemies
    -New Pokemon
    and a brand new adventure

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    Name: Estuary. But you can call me Est, Esty, Sexy, or any variation thereo- hey, how'd that last one get there?

    Age (optional): nteen

    Gender (optional): Take a guess~

    Types Of Writing
    : OT, action/adventure.

    Strong Areas: Eh. I'm okay at plot, pretty decent at grammar. Description is my favorite, trying to make people see what's happening, like a movie in their heads. Battles are disturbingly fun to write as well.

    Type Of Characters: All of 'em. I have a soft spot for every character of mine. The easiest for me to write, though, is probably the criminally insane type. This says nothing about me. No.

    Current Stories:

    The Promise of the World
    {Rated PG-15}
    An OT 'fic. [Link in sig]

    : Summary :
    Something terrible has been released from the Hoenn desert.
    It is headed straight for the region of Ariellan. Lein Aster, a mediocre
    trainer, was not chosen to fight this atrocity. He is merely trying
    to survive it. But, what is the promise of the world?

    Future Stories: Eh.. just the one. Once I finish it I'll start another, but I don't have any ideas yet.

    Writing Tips (Optional): Hm... I'd suggest making a detailed outline of a good chunk of the beginning before you actually start posting, if not the whole thing. At least half. It overwhelmingly reduces writer's block, and often makes for better flow, and a better story altogether. Also, read your dialogue aloud. Does it sound natural? Even people with a quirky way of speaking shouldn't sound awkward.

    Glad to join the ranks of the Serebii authors. <3
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    { Click above to see my art thread. }

    I also write.
    { Song of the Small }

    A study of the journey 'fic.

    'I should like to lie at your feet and die in your arms.'

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    Name: Diddy. Come on, not that hard to write. If not, call me Lemon.

    Age (optional): 18 (as of the 7th of January 2009)

    Gender (optional): whatever you want me to be

    Types Of Writing: I prefer writing one-shots of varying subject matter. But I do enjoy writing about my favourite Pokemon Serial Killer most of all.

    Strong Areas: I can't personally pick out one or a few parts of my writing which I can personally say is my best. But I do enjoy plotting, writing a fic and changing it suddenly as you write it is one thing I always do.

    Type Of Characters: People with secrets or are living with guilt. Showing their reactions in certain situations is fun. But I suppose I like to write anyone, if I enjoy writing them.

    Current Stories: Nothing out currently, unless you count the christmas one-shot I did.

    Future Stories: I am working on an OT fic at the moment, I'm on chapter three at the moment, so it's going good.

    Writing Tips (Optional): Take every chapter as it comes and if your a new writer. Please adhere to the rules and don't post anything if it's altogether rulebreaking.

    Gardenia never liked the Old Chateau, but what if the Old Chateau liked her?

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    Name: Anything from -Unlucky_Wrath- to Bailey, Yoko to BBB, maybe even Syn or Iantha, or anything that pops into your head is fine too.

    Age (optional): 16

    Gender (optional): Female

    Types Of Writing: Fantasy, Tragedy, Horror, Romance, Adventure, Young Adult

    Strong Areas: Descriptions, character development, plot

    Type Of Characters: Happy-go-lucky people, moody people, complex characters are my personal favorite, and crazy/mental/psycho characters are my absolute favorites, basically any type of character that a story calls for

    Current Stories:
    Original Story: Psychotic Snake Killer
    # of Chapters: Undetermined as of yet
    Summary: A deranged killer. A young preteen dared to interview her. He gets a lot more than bargained as he comes to realize her most darkest thoughts and has to put up with people who will do anything to get back at her, including having him killed.
    Rating: Mature
    Genres: Young Adult/Angst/Crime

    Original Story: Sweet Lullaby
    # of Chapters: Undetermined (still in progress, only on the first chapter, though the prologue is complete)
    Summary: Undermined by Fate and Destiny, one person ties seven people together. (actually better than it sounds to be honest)
    Rating: Mature
    Genres: Young adult/Fantasy
    (Side Note: Named this from all of the chapter titles being song titles.)

    Original Story: Just Open Your Eyes
    # of Chapters: One to maybe four (first chapter still in progress)
    Summary: Rejecting herself and pushing her heart to its brink emotionally, it takes only one person to bring her around.
    Rating: Mature
    Genres: Young adult/Fantasy
    (Side Note: Based off of the song Life Is Beautiful by Sixx:A.M.. Side story off of Sweet Lullaby.)

    Original Story: Ocean Sky
    # of Chapters: 6 including the Prologue (going under editing and revisions)
    Summary: When a prank gone wrong ends up with her in a coma, something strange happens. An orphan winds up finding herself, or what there is of herself, in a different world...
    Rating: Teen
    Genres: Spiritual/Fantasy

    Original Story: In Different Ways
    # of Chapters: One, maybe two
    Summary: No one ever told him that meeting his doppelganger would be as strange as his, let alone as forceful.
    Rating: Mature
    Genres: Young adult/Fantasy
    (Side Note: Based off of the song Doppelganger I Love You (RMX) by Zeromancer. Side story off of Sweet Lullaby.)

    Future Stories:
    Original Story: Apuro del Vampiro
    # of Chapters: As many as it takes to be completed
    Summary: (coming soon...)
    Rating: Teen to Mature
    Genres: Fantasy/Romance
    (I need to find where I put the papers I wrote this story on, until then, I can not type it and it will be under this category for now.)

    Animal Crossing: (I haven't thought of a title yet...)
    Genre: General/Romance
    # of Chapters: As many as I can do, hopefully enough to complete it
    Full Summary: Kicked out of her parents' house just before she's sixteen, Maou has to cope with being in a new village with animal neighbors called Helltha. Only concerned with expanding and paying off her house, she has no time for much else; furniture, clothes, friends, or love. Not even when three more humans move into her acre around her house, or does she..? Nah.
    Pairings: Uh... they aren't so much as pairings as they are implications

    Animal Crossing: (Uh... still no idea for a title...)
    Genre: General
    # of Chapters: each chapter is its own, it's just a collection of one-shots with my characters from the story above
    Full Summary: Life was never as enjoyable to Maou or Cohila when they first met, but it gradually got better; especially when the two boys they know are fun to freak out. And we can't forget the other animal neighbors now can we? :Maou-centric/Cohila-centric: A few might center in around Roger or Ingram, also.
    Pairings: Implications change with different one-shots

    Animal Crossing: (Can someone say 'unimaginative thinking'..?)
    Genre: Romance/General
    # of Chapters: As many as it takes to complete it
    Full Summary: It may have took a couple of years, but Ash and Miles have both been booted out of their homes as well! Too bad there are no more houses available in the town of Helltha for them to move into though. It seems that they'll have to move into a whole new town where no one knows them—Spear. (please ignore the Pokemon reference at the end, I couldn't think at the time)
    Pairings: More of implications than anything

    Writing Tips (Optional): Keep writing even if you can't complete a story right off the bat. Chances are that the more you write, the easier it'll be to complete those that you couldn't finish.


    Side Note:
    Say 'Hello' to my Alternate Personalities! (And yes, these accounts are all mine and where the stories above came from.)
    Syn Bailey
    Psychtic Snake-Woman
    Re-Decaying HCC
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    The world came crashing down,
    Thunder sounding after lightning flashed,
    Rain poured and pounded the lone person in the meadow,
    Blood at their feet and bodies lain askew,
    Once green-gray eyes now a blood red,
    Her history,
    Her programming,
    Now reborn...


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    Name: Hejin57. Simple as that.

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male(You got it right. I'm male and I like to write romantic fiction. Who knew?)

    Types Of Writing: adventure, romance, science-fiction, action and even a little horror from time to time.

    Strong Areas: Probably mostly with my creativity and character development. My plots could better, as in I might need more work intertwining everything in my stories.

    Type Of Characters: Anyone is fair game for me. I just like writing about characters in general.

    Current Stories:

    Ruby and Sapphire: The Next Chapter

    Overview: Just another frantic shipping story....or is it? It involves the famous Ruby and Sapphire, with a new bet, and a new journey, in the Sinnoh region. What will they encounter there????

    The Coming

    Overview: The epic crossover to end all crossovers! In a world where beings such as Dexter, The Kids Next Door, Jack Skellington and Sonic The Hedgehog co-exist, the Creator tends to it. And when ancient aliens from beyond time and space, the Great Old Ones, threaten to take it over, it's up to these assorted characters to defend it.

    Future Stories:

    Probably a possible Sonic and Amy love story, if I decide to.

    Writing Tips (Optional): Creativity is the key! And for one thing, never split yourselves over 3 or 4 different stories. That is not a good thing to do, in my opinion, unless you're good at multi-tasking that way.

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    In your closet

    Default My Profile

    Name: Stoc15, Stork, Stark, Yumistarka, Starkinstien, the Starkmiester

    Age (optional): Like it matters!

    Gender (optional): Male.

    Types Of Writing: OT, Fantasy, Adventure, Action.

    Strong Areas: I'm good at plot, descripition, and the legendary, originality!

    Type Of Characters: Optimistic wierdos, dudes who were shady sunglasses, petty villians, brave fighters, and noobs. Lots of noobs.

    Current Stories:

    Name: Pokemon: Trainers in Training

    Genre: Action/OT

    Summary: Tom's older brother had a devastating end to his trainer career. Attempting to get his brother's spirits up and bring the training name to his family, Tom and four other teens get chosen by the masters to be trained. With Bidoof action, a jerk of a girl, hillarous scenes, and a villian who wants to kill a certain master, you will want to read this.

    Rating: PG:13. Swearing and blood, with the occasional romantic hint.

    Future Stories: The Blazing Triumph: Taking place in between the events of Trainers in Training, Tom's older brother begins his journey again, and starts out with a less-then-likely-to-be-brave Wooper.

    Writing Tips (Optional): Ok, new recruits in writing. Remember to focus on things that you have seen in previous fics, and to never give up on your dreams and always be on your toes.
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    About time I made one of these, I suppose.

    Name: Verity
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female

    Types Of Writing: Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

    Strong Areas: I'd say my specialty is character development, although on the whole I'd say I'm fairly well-rounded.

    Type Of Characters: I like to have a wide variety of characters! I can't really settle on a type that I like the best. It's fun to have different kinds of people working together. I do like having plenty of strong female characters around, though, just as a matter of personal preference. There aren't enough of them, ever.

    Current Stories:
    What You Wish For: Two teenage trainers get themselves into more trouble than they can handle when they rescue a mysterious girl in the middle of a thunderstorm on Route 45; suddenly, they're on a race against time to get their charge to Mt. Coronet—a quest on which the fate of the world hangs. Can they do it? One would hope so, but one wouldn't generally hope to have the fate of the world in the hands of a pair of sixteen-year-olds...

    Future Stories:
    Rival, a story about a pair of rivals and playing with that dynamic—which one's the hero and which one's the rival, anyway? Same 'verse as WYWF.

    Something untitled, slice-of-life story about a pair of graduate student best friends that work in a pokémon biology research lab somewhere in Johto. One has a checkered past that causes them trouble occasionally, academic politics, paper-writing procrastination, wacky lab hijinks, etc. Also same 'verse as WYWF. No idea if anyone would ever be interested in it, though, since the subject matter is... unusual.

    Another possible future story that currently exists under the filename of "Depressing Story.rtf" (oh, cheerful!) about a powerful trainer who tried to play vigilante hero with disastrous results, and how he deals with his life in the aftermath.

    Writing Tips:
    - Read other stuff. Lots of other stuff. All kinds of other stuff: good, bad, romance, nonfiction, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, optimistic, pessimistic, historical, futuristic, everything. Learning the greats and the terribles of your craft is never a bad thing.
    - Be on the lookout for inspiration! It can come from anywhere.
    - Write often. Practice, brainstorm, exercise that brain. Keep your ideas, even if you don't have a use for them right away.
    - Take time to figure out what you want a story to accomplish.
    - Love writing!

    Chapter Five up!

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    Name: Jack. Just Jack. I don't mind stuff like PB Jack or PBJ, but every time I see those, I think of a sandwich. >.<

    Age: 16

    Gender: I'm a dude, for all of you wondering.

    Types Of Writing: Action, Tragedy, Romance, and Suspense.

    Strong Areas: I honestly don't know. People like my plot, and I like my characters, so I can't say for certain.

    Type Of Characters: Hmm. I don't use a single type of character. In my fic, my protagonist is a quiet, laid back teen named Jack. Certain attributes were taken from my personality, while others were added to make him his own person. Of my supporting characters, I have quite a few personalities. Megan is a cheerful, slightly shy, imaginative girl. Mike is outgoing, loves attention, and is full of energy. Xavier is a solemn, serious teen with a dark past.

    I also have adapted personalities for many canon characters. I use Flint, portrayed as one of the top ranked trainers in Sinnoh. His personality is fiery and cool, always comical, yet able to become serious in tense situations. Volkner is also one of the top ranked trainers in Sinnoh. He deeply regrets many of his past choices and wishes to make ammends. He appears confident in battle, yet he always doubts himself when dealing with people.

    Current Stories: I came to SPPf to write one story, and I will only write one story for SPPf. My work is titled Pokemon Crusade, and the link is in my sig.

    Pokemon Crusade is dark, with much tragedy and loss. It follows Jack, the nephew of Lt. Surge and son of the Lt's brother Elliot. Jack, age fifteen, runs away from home with his Elekid, Static, in hopes of escaping his father's strict rules. He escapes from Violet, Johto, to Pallet, Kanto. After a startling encounter on the ferry, Jack soon becomes involved with something much bigger than he could have imagined. Things only get worse after he meets a girl his age and receives a Shining Charmander as his starter.

    Jack, Megan, and their pokemon get immersed in a struggle between two unknown powers. What was once a normal journey will soon turn into a plot that not only threatens their lives, but the entire planet.

    Part One, titled, Rebirth of Terror, deals with Jack's entrapment in the epic struggle of good versus evil. Part Two, titled, Scourge of Ragnarok, continues three years after the events of Part One, with Kanto and Johto laying in ruins. The Crusaders, a secret organization formed to combat a team of men bent on world domination, must travel to Sinnoh and put an end to the evil mens' plot once and for all.

    The story relates to the events of Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness and Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. While it isn't necessary to have played the games, it is easier to understand where the plot is going if you know the endings to these games.

    Pokemon Crusade will be thirty chapters long when finished. It is rated PG-13 for violence, language, and a few thematic elements.

    Future Stories: I won't be writing any other full length stories, but I would like to write a few one-shots pertaining to my fic.

    Last edited by Pkmn Breeder Jack; 30th January 2009 at 12:19 AM.

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    Name: Dagzar.

    Age: I'm a teenager.

    Gender: Female.

    Types Of Writing: I like writing character-driven stories that are centered around mystery, suspense, drama and adventure. Unfortunately, I can’t write humor or angst (it comes out wonky if I try) and if those two genres ever crop up in my stories then it was by complete accident. I only write novel-length stories because I can never think of a plot that would be short enough for a one-shot. I can write in third person or first person, but I really prefer third person.

    In the Pokemon fandom, I’m focused on original trainer stories and they’re the only fanfiction I’ll read or write. I’d like to give a try at Pokemon-centric stories, but I just can’t seem to relate to Pokemon at all.

    Strong Areas: Uh, I’m not sure since I don’t really know my own writing very well. I’ll have to come back to this one later.

    Type Of Characters: Any character types; I’m not picky.

    Current Stories:
    Genre: Drama / Mystery / Adventure
    Rating: PG-15
    Summary: After being saddled with two ten-year-old brats and being sent out on her long overdue Pokemon journey, she can’t help but wonder… is it worth it?

    Future Stories: None I’m posting on the internet.
    "Saddled with two ten-year-old brats and sent out on her long overdue Pokemon journey, Leah can't help but wonder... Is it worth it?"

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    Name: Jordan DiPalma, AKA Blademaster Jale

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Types Of Writing: I usually write whatever I feel like writing at the time, though I've found I have a good hand for suspense.

    Strong Areas: Dialogue. I prefer to make characters' dialogue as believable as possible.

    Type Of Characters: I like a character who is believable; strong, but not beyond possibility. Smart, but capable of mistakes. Joel, the main protagonist of my ongoing fic, is a good representative of this.

    Current Stories: The Heart of the Enemy - Situated in the Hoenn region, this story follows the tale of three young trainers as they find themselves pulled into a plot beyond their worst dreams.

    Future Stories: Fading Tendrils - It is medieval Sinnoh. Knights make a living on the slaying of The Faded; Pokemon who's minds have faded into nothingness. However, their numbers are increasing by the day. More and more knights have fallen to the berserk creatures. Fearing for his land's safety, the King of Sinnoh sends an exploration team to seek out the source of The Faded.

    Writing Tips: Take your time. Do not rush yourself because of a deadline; take the time to think over your writing as you go, and don't forget to proofread. It took Christopher Paolini three years to write and publish Eragon; likewise other writers need time to work their art.
    Last edited by Blademaster_Jale; 12th February 2009 at 11:58 PM.

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    Username: ben_pokemon

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Types of Writing: Mostly adventure and journey fic.Those are mine best areas.

    Current Stories: I am still working on it. Look at future stories.

    Strong Areas: Well my only strong area are ideas because I am not very food in description.

    Type of Characters: Well, I like writing about a lot of different characters who have different personality and they own past is involved in plot.

    Future Stories: Pokemon - A New Era

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    Nice Idea. I'm new here, relatively speaking, have to get up to speed.

    Name: Solovino, also Solovino88 (on

    Age: Twenty-something.

    Gender: Male.

    Types Of Writing: sci-fantasy, thriller, OT (with regards to Pokémon).

    Strong Areas: Plot. Lots and lots of plot. I usually plot more than half of a story before I begin writing the actual document (I write quick-plot sentences and small snippets before). Also character development.

    Type Of Characters: Following the "grid of Alignment" I'd say Lawful Neutral dominates my writing. Also, Chaotic Neutral, and Lawful Evil. My speciality so far is characters who part-time as members of secret or elitist organizations. Then there are the lone or couple travellers, rejected or disowned heroes, and the ocassional happy-go-lucky vigilante.

    In terms of storywise role, I enjoy more creating the supporting characters than the lead ones, which has become sort of a bumo for my writing.

    Current Stories:
    • Final Fantasy VI: Scalar” is the first fic I ever published in English (and under this penname). It's basically a thriller-style story following Shadow fron Final Fantasy VI during the parts of the game we the players don't see him, as he gets closer and closer to his return to Thamasa and his only family (oh, and Armageddon by Kefka: let's never forget Kefka!). Status: in progress, being published in
    • NCIS: Junon” is a story I don't know what was I thinking when I started writing. Basically it is a TV×videogame crossover having the NCIS cast as members of a fictional ShinRA sub-agency and trying to track Sephiroth and AVALANCHE after the former's killing spree in the Junon ferry. Status: on hiatus for an undetermined time.
    • Elusive Goals” is the first Pokémon fic I'm publishing, but not the first I wrote. Actually, it's a spinoff of my "main" OT fic that I took apart to wirte it better and get some experience as I rewrite the parent series too. The story follows a Pokémon Racer and his Rapidash as they are about to compete in the Indigo League. Then, all of a sudden, the protagonist receives a lifetime offer: an invitation to join Team Rocket as an Admin. The only requisite is that he makes to the final rounds and beats a mysterious, resurfaced Trainer who just happens to be a long-lost "kinda friend" of the protagonist. Status: in progress, being published in PokéCommunity.

    Future Stories:

    I have several plots in the planning, but there are some ones which I think are meritory to explain here. All of them have small snippets and plot excercises written already, but I'm focusing now on my top three stories so these listed below will be on hold for quite a while.

    1. "Untitled #1" (for now): The main work is the Pokémon-based parent series I mentioned above, a long story spanning ten years. The first book, which is the part I am currently rewriting, begins as a hurt/comfort type of story following three young Trainers who have just began their journey when BAM! a catasthrophe hits their homeland. The three, just like hundreds of kids, are torn inside and willing to give up their journeys, until a mysterious figure pops out and begins pulling far too many strings to up the morale of young trainers.
    2. "Untitled #2" (so imaginative ): another Final Fantasy story, this time based on Final Fantasy VIII and following the Cid/Edea couple.
    3. "Untitled #3": A PMD (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon) type of story, that is, one "without humans". Following two teams from the same town who are put against each other when a revered voice in town starts predicting (and announcing) the advent of "the Human ruler" and triggers a war.

    Writing Tips: I don't think I am worthy or knowledgeable enough to give advice (that's for readers to judge ), but I can say one thing.

    I write long. Very long.

    And that means I had to get picky with my writing because it's easy to fall into small pitfalls/mistakes such as changing your characters' eye colour, or having them follow impossible timetables, when you're writing very long stories and periodically being distracted from "the big picture" (giving your BetaReader a nightmare in the process).
    Soon enough after I started rechecking Untitled #1, I found that just a word processor and a thesaurus were not enough for large stories, so, as I didn't know of actual storywritting software at the time, I took the task of creating my own "story database" by combining some available (and free) software. It allows me to organize things such as timelines, plot triggers, character bios, and the actual writing and releasing schedule. All that I could do becuase I just had a new idea about how to combine certain programs I had some previous experiences with.

    The bottom line is, you have skills. Actual skills, not just "areas of expertise". And not only about writing, but (many) others. Maybe you have a very good diction. Maybe you have excellent observation skills. Maybe you have it very easy imaginging certain kind of scenes, such as battles, homages, or citylife. Maybe you are good taking care of pets. Or you excel at debates... Lock on that skill, hone it, and try to find a way to integrate into your writing: the "combo" will expand your writing abilities, as well as your skills, in the process enhancing your curriculum, and your cultural baggage, twofold. And your readers win too, because they enjoy a better story.

    Well, I hope to post here in the forums some time soon. And chat with others. And gain experience. Maybe I'll post some of the stories here. At the time of writing this, coincidentally, PC is down and is rejecting my login! So... who knows? Till soon.

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