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Thread: Authors' Profiles V.2

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    I hope I'm not breaking any rule doing this ^__^;;

    Name: Frosted Heavens, but if you want to shorten that please call me 'Heavens' or something like that.
    Age (optional): Sweet 16 :3

    Gender (optional): Female

    Types Of Writing: I'm all for action and adventure, particularily battles and such. I'm a sucker for romance though, I really like it, but I've never tried writing it... Perhaps somewhere in the future.

    Strong Areas: I like to think that's description, but I don't think I really excel at anything. Finding a basic plot is usually the hardest for me and I develop characters as I go on.

    Type Of Characters: The somewhat sarcastic, yet giddy at most times-character. Something called a 'tsundere' in japanese I'd like to try too sometimes.

    Current Stories: Assistance Failure

    A story about the characters from the Diamond/Pearl games but with my own twists and stuff. Since I've just begun with that, there's not really any defined plotline yet, and there aren't really any twists in it yet.

    Chapter 01 up for reading, fi you're interested.

    Future Stories: That's a lot of stuff for me. I want to try a story for every region, with some character from other regions appearing for a short time. I'd also like to try my hand again at Pokemon Mystery Dungeon fics.

    Writing Tips (Optional): I'm a terrible advisor, my first advice for you would be to read someone else's advice ^__^;;

    Uh... first of all, make sure that the story stays interesting and does not become too complicated, your readers are likely to get a headache with way too many plotlines. Don't have conversations that really drag out either. Reveal important stuff as you go on, you need to keep your readers guessing sometimes too...

    Make sure your character is not a Mary-sue/Gary-stu, if you don't know this term, it's basically the perfect person travelling around a region, beating Gym Leaders to apulp with ease, Stop a criminal organisation and still have enough time for a girl/boyfriend. Your character has to be likeable and if your readers have something in common with this character, they'll like her/him more.

    Describe enough!!


    My profile?

    +Frosted Heavens+
    Searching for Inspiration...

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    Name: Dash

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Types Of Writing: I love adventure/OT/Journey fics. I've done a sort of Horror story... not scary though it just had some Pokemon that were fused together. I might try another one later.

    Strong Areas: Coming up with ideas, my description can be pretty good but as the chapter drags on I start forgetting to put it in.

    Type Of Characters: I like writing characters that are total good guys. When I write villains they usually end up being sort of good still, or they're not very interesting when I write them as totally evil. I also like to make my characters extremely cocky and stubborn.

    Current Stories: I'm writing a Johto fic now, it will be called "The Crystal Tales". It deals with the main plot in the G/S/C games with some added things like an anime style Pokemon League, more rivals, and some coordinators. Team Rocket will probably make more appearances too. I'm trying to figure out what to put in it to make it more interesting.

    Future Stories: A fic that will take place after Ash gets through the Sinnoh league. It will take place a few years after it, where Ash has become the Champion of the Kanto region. I might write a sequal to my current fic as well.

    Writing Tips: When trying to write a scene, try to listen to some music that has the same tone as the scene you're trying to write. I personally can't write very well at all without music.
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    Name: Reece works, or my username minus the numbers, Greywolf

    Age (optional): 16

    Gender (optional): Male

    Types Of Writing: Adventure, with dash's of comedy thrown in.

    Strong Areas: I think my strong area's are in Character development and setting a scene, but since I'm new, who knows.

    Type Of Characters: My favorite types of characters to write about are protagonists that while they don't really want to have to be the hero, they do it anyway, with much sarcasm and remarks along the way. I also like writing manical evil characters, cause the dialogue is fun.

    Current Stories: I'm writing an adventure story, its title is subject to change if I find out a better one, but the basis is a group of trainers being "lucky" enough to have to save the world from being wiped out by a group of legendaries.

    Future Stories: My planned out story is a trilogy, but might take a break and start on a PMD story

    Well, I need to do something here sometime. Not now though!

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    Name: PokeAidMissy

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Types Of Writing: Adventure with some simple romance and humor in the mix

    Strong Areas: Plot ideas-I like to think of interesting story lines. Story plots that will make people think is usually my goal.

    Type Of Characters: I love adding an extreme, attractive feminist in the story, I think it adds a lot of humor. I also like usuing Professor Oak because of his intelligent, yet wise personality, with his way of seeing the world. It gives me a lot to write about. Of course, the mindless male in usually apart of my tales too.

    Current Stories: My current story is: "Forever young....Maybe" (Rated G)
    -What if you were accidently set back as a child, say around ten years old? After a science experiment gone wrong, Professor Oak is mentally and emotionally a sixty-five year old man, yet trapped inside his ten year old self! Its now up to Beth, Bill, Gary, and Tracey, with some help from Ash, Misty, and Pikachu, (of course) to help the ten year old professor return back to normal. However, everyday is a surprise. The crew finds out quickly that his mental and emotional state is in jepordy in becoming a ten year old as well, which could put the professor in deep trouble and make the crew babysitters! Will the professor ever be turned back to his rightful age, or will Ash, Misty, Gary, Beth, Tracey, and Bill be forced to babysit the pre-teen Oak? Read to find out!

    Future Stories: I'm not a 100% sure about this story idea, but its about Tracey and Professor Oak getting lost in the icy tundra in Sinnoh, unable to get out. They are captured in the Vally of the Legends, where they are forced to stand trial, to defend humanity for desrupting the Pokemon world. Backed up by only a few Legends, including a talking Slowking, will the professor and Tracey ever make it out? Will humanity be destroyed becuase of the human's selfishness? Tune in to find out!

    Writing Tips: Read the rules. ALL the rules. XD
    Also, make sure that your readers can actually feel what you are trying to describe to them. It makes the story way more enjoyable.

    ~my lovely twin is: XxM!styxX~beautiful banner by the talented:Skiyomi~
    I'm currently looking for a mint/near mint Umbreon card from any deck. Contact me if interested.

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    Name: Torpoleon
    Age (optional): 11(12 in April)
    Gender (optional): Male

    Types Of Writing: I like Adventure and Action one's because it is actiony and there is an adventure. I guess any thing as long as it sparks my interest.

    Strong Areas: I'm not really good at a lot of stuff because I just started fic writing not too long ago.

    Type Of Characters: I like writing characters that I think are cool, and are not boring.

    Current Stories: Matt's Kanto Adventure!; (another one is my brother's but I forget the name); The Chimchar, Monerno Infernape Fic: The Fire of Brother's(I pretty much abandoned it)

    Future Stories: Sequels to Matt's Kanto Adventure and my bro will write sequels to his fic.(if we get up to them)
    1-Matt's Johto Adventure!
    2-Matt' Hoenn Adventure!
    3- Matt's Sinnoh Adventure!
    And so forth. Hopefully I will get that far.

    Writing Tips (Optional): I'm a new author but advice is read over the Advice for Aspiring Author's and the rules. It will help. If you aren't too good then get a beta.
    My Pokémon Sun Team:

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    Name: LightingKimba, but also known mainly by my real name, William, or the shorter Kimba.

    Age: 16, turning 17 in about... 8 months.

    Gender: I'm a guy, for Jebus' sake. And I'm not a trap. :/

    Types Of Writing: I often write journey fics, with many original characters. Sorry if I'm cheating the traditional way. ;^^

    Strong Areas: Mmm... Honestly, all I do is put myself down a lot. ;^^ I suppose my skill is in over-all narration, but I don't see how that's really... Well, a good area. :\

    Type Of Characters: Many of the characters that appear in my fanfics are young, with their destinies put way behind their minds. I usually hate talking about old guys, making them silly and hilarious. Yeah, I have a childish flair.

    Current Stories: Let's see, let's see...

    Like a Line Drive!: A general parody of Pokemon, where the main protagonist is reluctant enough to deal with the main thing he hates the most. What are they? Well... Why don't you read and find out?

    When Swans Cry: A slice of life kind of deal dealing with the intellectual principal, his vice principal, and how he runs the school, with the stories of the various students. Of course, this IS a Digimon fanfic, right? Right?!

    Future Stories: I may eventually write a traditional fanfic, telling about some dude's journey that would never exist in the canon universe. Yeah, I fail like that.

    Writing Tips
    : Gawd dang it, don't ever act like an idiot when beginning your fics! Always make sure to use proper grammar, and have a killer style at that. Keep trying, improving, and sadly, acting like a every-day manga artist isn't gonna help.

    Just go with your own stride, like how I do in life, and whatnot.
    3DS FC: 1032 - 1228 - 8506 (Be sure to VM/PM me if you add me)

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    Name: Yonowaru in Chaos. Nicknames include Yono, YiC, Yonowaru, Yiccy, DonKarasuMan, Karasuman etc. You can call me anything you like, even my real name if you know it.

    Age: 15

    Gender: Femme Guy

    Types Of Writing: I have no idea really. I like writing about fantasy, gothic fantasy horror but also calm meditative stories...which are also fantasy. If I write about reality, I do it from a psychological (which usually amounts to some amount of fantasy in the end) perspective.

    Strong Areas: Apparently, I do very well with descriptions, especially with the scenery. I'm good with metaphorical language, I think. I'm also pretty good with occasional humour, I guess. I don't think I have many memorable quotes, or anything that deserves to be quoted, for that matter.

    Oh yeah! And poetry. And delirious songs I write at 2am that turn out to be...pretty good. They're not 'strong' areas, but things that I like to include and it fits in quite well.

    Type Of Characters: Mysterious people xD I'm also pretty inclined to write about (over-) flamboyant characters. Most of them aren't cheerful >__>

    Current Stories:

    The Tower of Scyclical Times: Eight Legends, One Destiny

    Interlocked destinies at its most ruthless,
    Where eight struggle to free themselves
    Of what the fallen angels have installed,
    For History is to repeat like clockwork
    The Disaster to end all of existence.


    Castlevania: Abstract of Atrophy

    A painting of the soul...
    Can tell many a story:
    Of gain and loss,
    Of achievement,
    Of the splendours of life.

    And yet,
    It is that painting,
    That destroys the soul
    From within,
    Spreading over bonds,
    That link our hearts

    We are the victims
    Of whatever we seek
    For forgiveness,
    For retribution,
    For compensation,
    For happiness.

    It is that painting,
    That takes it all away.


    Future Stories: Not many as of now; in fact, there aren't even any >__>;; Any story ideas usually come at the spur of the moment. I'm working on a Chronicles/Origins fic for my main one, 'The Tower', but I've barely written one page o_o;;

    Writing Tips: Eh not much, I should be the one to read these tips, not writing them >__>

    1) Pace out your events well and don't rush your work. It is better to have less happening in a chapter and have more of what's happening, than just a massive list of what happens in one chapter.

    2) Err...coming soon?
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    Name: YankeeFan2. Nickname: Yankee, YF2, Blaze, Fluffy (random)

    Age: 18, whoot! I can vote... lol.

    Types of Writing: Crossover writing, Action/Adventure, sometimes journey fics, romance, humor... nothing like horror or the supernatural... bleh...

    Strong Areas: I'm good with dialogue. I love dialouge to the point of no return because when I write descriptions of stuff, I just want to get straight to the point. I mean my fanfictions on are top-notch compared to what I have over here.

    Types of Characters: Whatever comes to mind.

    Current Stories:

    On here, I am not usually putting any of my fics from on here, because I honestly do not want to touch up any that I completed. However, if you want to show some criticism for my stories, you have every right to check out my Poke Rangers stories:

    Completed Ones:

    - Mighty Morphin Poke Rangers- This is Book 1 of a three-season story. Queen Mariah comes back from her long sleep and plans on destroying the universe. The Dragon Pokemon, Rayquaza, summons five teenagers to become the Poke Rangers to defeat Mariah. My longest fic with a total of 130 Chapters, plus prologue and 4 specials.

    - Poke Rangers Overtech Overdrive Book 2: Season 4. The Machine Empire arrives at Hoenn, two days after Mariah's reign. The rangers try to fight this mechanical army. Luckily, Claydol's new discovery of the Overtech Crystal gives Danny, Jack, Amii, Jenna, and Derik new powers to become the Poke Rangers Overtech Overdrive. This is complete with 50 chapters.

    Current One Right Now:

    Poke Rangers Turbo Book 3: Season 5. The Reckless Riders are riders that plan to destroy planets and use their energy to blow up the universe. Earth is in the way of their road construction plan. Danny, Jack, Amii, Jenna, and a new ranger meet an alien that had his home destroyed and gives them carmagic powers.

    Future Stories:

    Poke Rangers in Space Book 4: Season 6. When a computer program goes berserk, an intergalatic force from the computer dimension decides to spread viruses all over the planet. A girl named Collete and four other trainers were selected to go into the P-NET Shuttle Base in Mossdeep City, where they were told of this threat. Because of their intelligence, they are given the Astro Morphers to fight the Neji Virus, an empire which plans to destroy the world and the galaxy...

    Writing Tips:

    - Don't go overboard with descriptions.
    - Develop the plot. Put plot twists into it. If you read one of my Poke Rangers stories, you'll see what I mean.
    - If you put a plot hole in the story, fix it. I put many plot holes in mine and never fixed one at all, until PROO.
    - Proofread
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    Name: Katfairy. Will respond to reasonable shortenings thereof. May also respond to unreasonable shortenings, but the person responsible may wish I hadn't.

    Age: Don't ask, don't tell.

    Gender: Female.

    Types of Writing: Whatever I feel like at the time, but there will always be some humour mixed in.

    Strong Areas: Other than a slight tendency to overdo the commas, I'm fairly well-balanced. My mother was an English teacher, and I used to have to help her correct tests, so I had a double education. Let's face it, sometimes the best way to learn is by seeing others' mistakes. My weakest area is in coming up with titles for the stories.

    Types of Characters: My main OCs are generally female with a tendency toward stubbornness (wonder where that comes from?), but the fun is in the variations. There's a huge difference in the soft-spoken type who lets everyone rant and rave and does her own thing anyway and the hothead who won't listen to advice even when it's worth hearing. Most of my characters end up being musical, even if that only comes out in a throw-away remark. However, if a different kind of character is needed for a story, then that's what I'll use.

    Current Stories: I'm currently working on several. Starting from the earliest...

    The Sea Does Not Forgive. Set during the Orange Island saga, this is a prophecy fic. It's also not a happy fic. Our Heroes find themselves on an island that does not welcome visitors, and the leader declares that Pikachu is the Great Destroyer described in an ancient prophecy. An old woman who tries to help them tells them that the "prophecy" was actually written by her grandfather as part of a festival pageant, and that the leader is a petty tyrant who doesn't want outsiders interfering in his absolute control over the island. All visitors are killed by throwing them off a cliff into the sea, and the leader claims that this is what the Voice of the Sea has ordered. Unfortunately, he never happened to ask the Voice of the Sea, and it is getting somewhat annoyed...

    Unnamed. Semi-sequel to the last one; a few references are made, but it is not a continuation of that story. Set during the Johto journey in a town of my own creation. They have just arrived when a girl claims that Ash has stolen her Pikachu. Brock recognizes her, and looks ready to commit mayhem. Deputy Diane tries to arrest all three of them, and during the confusion James shows up and helps Misty escape. Brock is badly injured when a wall collapses on him, and Ash's ankle is broken. Deputy Diane throws Ash in a cell with Jessie, who takes care of him. James explains to Misty that the girl who made the accusation is a former TR member who was thrown out for excessive brutality- and that she is responsible for the death of Jessie's cousin. He also tells her that Officer Jenny has gone missing, and that Deputy Diane is not entirely stable. They call Professor Oak to get advice, and he tells them not to let Bonnie anywhere near Brock. The call is interrupted by the arrival of Bonnie and her partner Billy, and Bonnie finds the phone still on. Billy chases after James and Misty while she flirts with Tracey, but they get away after a mischievous Haunter owned by a conveniently clumsy trainer interferes. Everybody runs around like crazy people trying to get plans to come together for a while. Oak, Tracey, and Delia show up and are grabbed by Bonnie and her henchmen. Bonnie takes a special interest in Tracey. And that's when it all goes horribly wrong.

    Unnamed. Set during Sinnoh journey. Another town of my own creation. Ash disappears, and when he is found, his Pokemon are not. Brock and Hunter J discover a connection that neither of them particularly wants.

    Unnamed. Sinnoh again. This is what happens when an otherwise sensible writer comes across one to many self-insertion fics. This one's purely for giggles.

    Unnamed. And another Sinnoh. First person POV. I haven't quite made up my mind whether this is the OC's story and Our Heroes show up for a while or if it's their story and she just happens to be the one telling it.

    I have some others, but I'll wait until I finish these, first.
    Walk a little further off the beaten path
    And we’ll drive on even if we get there last
    Our backs against the wall and we will lunge and bite
    And we’ll rage, rage, rage against the dying of the light
    Here And Now by Great Big Sea

    My shinies-

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    Name: Lifesharker

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Types Of Writing: Fantasy mainly. Not high fantasy, as in epic quests to save the world, but set in worlds where the rules are obviously fundamentally different from ours, allowing magic and the like. I also write the occasional real-worldesque things.

    Strong Areas: I’m a fountain of ideas: my mind races between topics on the most tentative of links and so makes connections between things, which often turn into an idea.

    Type Of Characters: The sympathetic antagonist. He’s the bad guy who isn’t truly bad, just at cross-purposes with the protagonist.

    Current Stories: Take a sneak peak:

    Doorway Unto Night: Horrible, pretentious working title, but the idea hasn’t fallen through yet. Essentially, there’s a multiverse. Sometimes, weak points in this multiverse cause tunnels between worlds to open. The satyr discovered, hundreds of years ago, a way to make permanent tunnels, to connect worlds.

    On Earth (a world that remains unconnected), a tribe of faerie and a satyr have become stranded after escaping a natural disaster on their world through a natural, and non-permanent tunnel, and in order to get back the satyr has to teach some of the secrets of his people to a thirteen year old girl who has talent in order to create a way back (talent at this sort of thing is rare but not unheard of in non-satyr. Satyr have to work in tandem usually to have any chance of opening even a very temporary tunnel between worlds.)

    Future Stories: I have a folder in my documents file that has over 80 word files, ranging from one line ideas to 20 or 30 page attempts at properly writing. Here’s a small selection of ones I intend to get done:

    Memory Magic: No title as of yet. In this world, magic can be obtained by bargaining with djinni, but what they usually want is memories and emotions, and partly due to this people with magic are largely shunned. One man wakes up with virtually no memories at all of any relevance, but massive magical abilities. That’s as far as it goes so far.

    The Undying: Just a working title I will get rid of asap. There’s this guy. He’s dead. Only he’s not anymore, someone’s bought him back. Once, there was a nation of people who made a habit of bringing back their dead, but these days it’s totally taboo. There’s not much more to that either, yet.
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    Age: 20.


    Types Of Writing:
    Action / High Fantasy / Horror.

    Strong Areas:
    Character Development, intricate plot.

    Type Of Characters: Most of my characters have distinct personalities or share similar traits ot their closest friends in the storyline - Generally speaking my characters are a myriad of everything and nothing, even the bit players tend to have some form of characteristic that I use to make them memorable.

    Current Stories:

    Apotheosis is the first fic I posted here on Sppf and finished a little less than a year ago now.

    Apotheosis revolves around a group of mercenaries, known only as 'Reach,' that reside in the less than glamorous underworld of Solar. After a string of events lead Reach into the greatest fight the planet has ever known, mysteries regarding the past of Reach unfold into a climatic finale that culminates in the final fate of the world itself.

    Northern Lights is my current fic, and is the sequel to Apotheosis. Set three years after the events of Apotheosis, and answers many questions left alone in the finale of Apotheosis, as well as expanding on the adventures of Reach further. I've put the plot outline in spoilers, as it is a sequel the plot outline may spoil some of the events of Apotheosis. I've structured the fic however to be able to be read without reading its predecessor - the storyline is a continuation however throwbacks to the previous storyline are rare, and when they do crop up, they are explained.

        Spoiler:- Northern Lights plot outline.:

    Future Stories: Only other story that will be up for reading in the very near future is a far darker take on the Sonic the Hedgehog universe - Titled Sonic the Krunkhog, it takes a satirical look at the truth behind the characters, and Station Square.

    Writing Tips
    : Never underestimate how powerful a good character can be - if your plot isn't as good as you want it to be, your characters can often be the saving grace to it. Spend more time on them than anything else unless you are at a key plot point in the story. Give the reader insight into their deepest fears, and reason to want to learn more about their adventures. An interesting character can make something as bland as going to the store an interesting and worthwhile read.

    Be that as it may however, an evolving storyline that hooks the readers attention is never something toneglect either. Cliffhangers at the end of a chapter, a key plot point being addressed in a chapter, and consistency from the previous chapters are an absolute must in order to avoid plotholes.

    If your plot is extremely intricate so that even you as the writer sometimes find it hard to understand, then that is a sign to dumb things down a little. Flesh out the universe and describe as much as you can, however don't get too carried away like say, J.R.R. Tolkien - find a good middle ground in description and plot and stick with it. There's no need to over complicate a plot when it need not be.
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