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Thread: Kiba Begins Run on Toonami Jetstream

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    Default Kiba Begins Run on Toonami Jetstream

    That's right, ladies and gents. It seems that the anime Kiba began airing on Toonami Jetstream a few weeks ago. For the most part, the dub is pretty good. It looks to be for the most part uncut, though I missed the run of the Japanese version, so I could be wrong. You guys have until the 25th to check out the first episode before they take it off rotation. I highly reccomend that you do.

    EDIT: Toonami Jetstream is the video streaming website of Toonami. Most of their stuff is crap, like 4Piece and the early Pokemon. However, they have had some good stuff on there like Hikaru no Go and Prince of Tennis.
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