As some of you may be aware, I am a blind Pokémon fanatic.
Some of you may doubt the possibility of such a thing, but Pokémon is actually one
of the most accessible video games for blind people.
The diverse sound effects allow for a blind person to competently compeat in all
battles, in game or against other players alike.
Getting through the game can be a little difficult. The grid based movement, along
with the wall-bump sound effect makes navigation possible, but still not fully accessible.
To complete complex areas in Pokémon games, I have in the past had help from family
members and friends.
In order to complete a Pokémon game independently, I require an advanced walkthrough.
I have received 1 such walkthrough for Pokémon Black & White, and I am wanting to
ask if there is anybody who would considder writing such direction for Pokémon Emerald.
If you want to know how this is usually done, take my Black & White walkthrough for
These were mostly written by another blind Pokémon fan.
Since these games were for DS, he did have the help of tools such as PokéSav and
PokéGen. These tools can be used to collect information about one's inventory, which
can help one to determine whether or not the appropriate items were collected. Unfortunately
similar tools do not appear to be available for the advanced generation of games.
If anyone is willing to help write some directions for Pokémon Emerald, I would be
very greatful.
One person wouldn't have to write all of the directions. If just a couple of serebii forum members were to work on it, it would not be such a large task.
Unlike the directions I linked, you do not have to give information on the wild Pokémon
in the area you are writing directions for.
Trainer information is only somewhat necessary. It is necessary to insure that the
player battles the appropriate trainers in order so as to stay on corse. The levels
and moveset aren't required, just the Pokémon's names.
I use a program called Window Eyes to read and respond to forum posts, as well as
navigate most other aspects of the web.
It uses text to speech tecnology to speak text on my screen.